Hi, everyone! ShiningSkies12 here! It's Christmas Eve, and I just thought it would be sweet to come up with a Christmas story. This is a one-shot, and please rate and review after reading. Anyways, let's start this sweet story!

Jake, did you really have to put such music? Why don't you help me practice for the recital instead? Haley asked me, and I sighed. Fine, Hals. I'll help you out, and you're lucky I like going to the dance studio. Alright, go get changed! I bet you 5 dragon scales that Nigel is there! She said happily, and I turned a bright red. I've had a crush on the British exchange student for a while, but I wasn't sure how to express my feelings to him yet. I know a bit of ballet dancing because of my younger sister, and I knew that The Nutcracker was a huge recital everyone could participate in. Alright, I'm changed! I said to Haley, and she smiled as we changed into our dragon forms, and we quickly flew over to the dance studio.

We arrived at the dance studio, and I cursed mentally. Nigel was there, and I handed 5 dragon scales to Haley. She made them vanish, and I sighed. Jake, are you really up for auditioning for the part? I know you love to breakdance, but it doesn't exactly match up with the fantasy that is The Nutcracker story, bro. Haley told me, and I simply brushed it off. Haley, we've been practicing, remember? I know a few steps here and there about ballet now. I told her as we entered, and our stuff went flying(well, I went flying too), and Nigel caught me. I had a bright red look on my face, and he smiled at me. Long, what a pleasure to see you here. Also, it's nice to see you too, Haley. Nigel said as he put me down, and I thanked him as he walked away. Jake, cover your face! You're almost as red as your dragon form. Haley told me, and I told her to quit making fun of me.

We began to practice the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, and I was concentrating carefully as I followed the steps of my little sister. Looking graceful, Long! I heard a voice, and it was Nigel. I blushed a bright red, and I almost fell off the stage. I slipped, and Nigel caught me in his arms once again. You're honestly the cutest thing, Jake Long. He told me, and I told him to put me down. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I blushed a bright red as he put me down. See you on show night, Long. He said to me as he winked, and the director told me I was Clara. "Great. I'm playing a girl's part, and my longtime crush is flirting with me. Aww man…" I thought as I told Haley to wait by the lobby, and I went to go change out of my ballet attire.

Two weeks later, it was already time for the play. I was backstage with my little sister, and we were both dressed for our parts. Good luck out there, Jake! She said to her brother, and the play was about to begin. After a while, the play was running smoothly. The finale was coming up, and I blushed at the attire I was in. The finale started, and it went great. Once the curtain call was over, we headed out. Nigel was holding my hand, and we were under the mistletoe. We blushed, and we kissed. For being in the Nutcracker play on Christmas Eve, it was the best Christmas in my life so far.