The Republic has been close toward the end of the Clone Wars. A short while ago, the wicked Count Dooku has been slain and now, the Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi is on his way to face General Grievous. The most destructive time in the galaxy was nearing its end, but that doesn't mean the war wouldn't end peacefully.

On the planet of Coruscant, not too far from the Jedi Temple, the Rodian Jedi Master, Theep Geenpa, had started meeting with his Padawan, a human named Jena Isa. The moon's shine highlighted Theep's yellow skin and blue eyes while it glistened down Jena's long, red hair. The two of them sat in a diner. Not too far from their table sat two other people; two clones. One was wearing standard white, and the other had green stripes outlining his helmet.

"You wanted to talk, Padawan?" Theep asked. "Is it to do with your visions?"

"Master, they're getting worse." Jena said. "I've been seeing things, even when I'm not trying."

"Sounds like the Force is trying to reach you, Jena." Theep said. "What do you see?"

Jena took a deep breath trying to get the words out. "I see… Something terrible happening at the Chancellor's office. I felt death all around me. The darkness rising. Master Theep, I think things are going to get worse before they get better."

"Jena, you've always been special with your connection to the Force, so if you believe there's something wrong, I'll look into it. In the morning, I'll request to ask the Jedi Council about it. Just remember not to let fear of the visions drive you."

"Hey, well, I'll be darned!" the clone with the green helmet said as he got up with his partner. They both approached the Jedi and his apprentice. "You must be General Geenpa. Commander Xander at your service."

"I'd hardly call myself a general." Theep said. "I never battled in any of the major battles. I mostly do civil service."

"Looking out for the little people, eh?" the standard clone said. "I respect that. Call me Strike."

"I thought most of the clones were helping the other Jedi across the galaxy finish the war." Jena said.

"Some are, but we've still gotta provide security to Coruscant." Xander said. "Besides, I'm forced to oversee Strike here during his sabbatical."

"A sabbatical, huh?" Theep said. "Dare I ask?"

"Well…" Strike said nervously. "I kinda got hurt in battle."

"Strike here was part of a firefight recently during the Battle of Coruscant." Xander explained. The clankers shot an explosive right behind him. Had him sent straight to Kamino for a medical check-up. They're forcing him to steer clear from action until further notice."

"And you're embarrassed by it?" Jena asked.

"I was bred for battle, kid." Strike said. "If I was forced to be inactive for a while, it's rather embarrassing for me."

"Come on, hothead." Xander said as he carried his officer away.

Suddenly, a ring was heard from Xander's belt. He pulled out his holo-disk and held it up. Both clones saw a figure appear on it. It was a shriveled old man wearing a long, hooded cloak. He immediately spoke in an eerie, raspy voice.

"Execute Order 66."

That's when the call ended. Commander Xander immediately went deadlock in the eyes as he turned them toward Theep Geenpa. Strike, however, was confused.

"Was that the chancellor?" he asked. "What was that about? Commander, is something wrong?"

Suddenly, at the table, Jena started to breathe heavily. Her master was getting worried.

"Jena, what's wrong?"

"I feel… something bad." Jena answered.

Suddenly, Xander raised his blaster and pointed it to the master first. Strike tried to stop him, but it was too late. The trigger was pulled and Theep's back felt the full force of the laser blast startling the Padawan. The rodian fell to his side in mortal pain.

"Master, no!" Jena screamed.

"Commander, have you lost your mind?!" Strike asked in shock.

"Good soldiers follow orders." Xander said coldly as he redirected his blaster to Jena.


But it wasn't Xander's gun that was fired; it was Strike's gun when it was aimed at his commanding officer. He fell dead immediately. Strike then approached Jena who was kneeling over her dying master.

"General Geenpa, I'm sorry." Xander said. "I don't know what's going on. I…"

"Don't… Don't worry about it." Theep escaped out of his mouth. "Thank you for saving Jena." He strained himself.

"Master, just hang on." Jena said. "We're going to find help."

"No, don't." Theep said. "This… This wasn't an isolated incident. It's happening across the galaxy. I sense the Jedi dying, dozens at a time. No one is safe. Strike, get Jena out of here. To the far reaches of the galaxy. Be careful who you trust. Make sure they don't get to her. Keep her safe."

"I… I will, sir." Strike said.

"Master, I can't leave you." Jena said trying to hold back her tears. She held on to her master's hand.

"It's okay, child." Theep said. "Remember, the Force will be with you… always." And with that, his eyes closed and his hand slipped out of her grip. At last, tears escaped Jena's eyes while Strike found a jacket. He covered Jena with it and slowly guided her out of the diner and to the nearest space port.

Shortly after their escape, the two of them investigated the matter and figured out why all the clones turned on the Jedi except for Strike. When the clones were bred, Chancellor Palpatine arranged for them to be given bio-chips that, when activated, would start Order 66, a program that forces clones to kill every Jedi in their path. But when Strike was injured during the Battle of Coruscant, there was a bit of internal damage that affected that very bio-chip. That made him immune to Order 66 and it managed to give him and Jena the chance to escape what was now called the Jedi Purge.

During their exile, Chancellor Palpatine had declared the Jedi traitors to the Republic, decommissioned the production of clones, and changed the government into his very own Galactic Empire. What most people didn't know was that the newly named "Emperor" Palpatine was also a Sith Lord, enemy of the Jedi Order, and the Clone Wars was an opportunity for him to deliver a massive blow on the order. And unfortunately, he succeeded.

Ten years has passed since then. Jena and Strike had gone to another part of the galaxy, one that wasn't controlled by the Empire. Instead, it was controlled by a separate government called the UNSC. Of course, they still had to keep moving because Jedi were still declared as traitors. Eventually, they found themselves in an industrial steel mill that was abandoned. Jena had grown into an adult while Strike aged to a middle-aged man. Little did they know that they would come across a group of colorful space marines with unique personalities and their own mission.

Author's Note: Merry Christmas (or Life Day in Star Wars terms). I'd like to commemorate this special season by starting this new story. I didn't come up with this alone. I had help from another author called gabeherndon308. He encouraged me to make a Star Wars crossover and I enjoyed brainstorming this series. This series is going to pick up during Red vs Blue Season 10. Have a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Life Day, or whatever you celebrate. Any and all comments are welcome.