Summary: He never expected to open his eyes again after what the gods did so he was surprised to awaken once more, this time he would take his destiny and fate into his own hands.

Harry is Enkidu reborn! I've been waiting to do this one for a while now.

Okay, here are some details to cover a few things.

One, Harry/Enkidu will be born not long after Lily and James leave Hogwarts. Lily got pregnant after she and James forgot to use protection during a party, Harry/Enkidu is a young child when the war starts and his little brother is born.

WARNINGS: Bashing of Dumbledore, Potters, Ron, might do Hermione, Ginny, sexual themes, slash, yaoi, blood, swearing.

And the pairing is, of course, Gilgamesh/Enkidu-Harry.

I do NOT own Harry Potter, or the Fate Series, just my Oc's and story idea!

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Chapter 1: Reflection and Secrets

It was a quiet night at Hogwarts, the castle was quiet apart from the ghosts and the wind moving through the castle as the staircases moved. Some teachers were up late doing some grading while others slept away, the students were in bed as the first years settled in for their first night.

However, one thing was out of place, or rather someone.

Sitting in the Astronomy tower on a windowsill edge was a young man, he was 18-years-old with fair skin and long green hair reaching his hips. His body build was that of a runner with toned but slim muscles showing he was built for speed and flexibility. His clothing was a pair of simple black pants and top, he had nothing on his feet as he gazed out the window with emerald green eyes tinged blue around his pupils.

The young male gazed outside as footsteps were heard before a voice spoke up.

"Restless night again?" The voice of one Severus Snape said as he came into view.

The young man looks over a small smile tugging at his lips as he said "Yes, I dreamed of him again,"

"You miss him," Snape said as he moved and stood by the window.

"Yes," The young man said as he looked back outside.

"I still find it hard to believe that you are that man's son, when you first came here I thought you were turning your hair green to get back at him," Snape said with a faint chuckle as he remembered the day.

"Yes, while he is the one who sired me I don't need to claim him as my father, considering that I am all but forgotten by them, I'm quite happy to slip away," The young man said as he smiled.

"This is your last year, do you still plan on traveling the world?" Snape asked as the young man hums before looking up at the sky.

"I need to see how much has changed, staying here will only drive me mad," The lad said as he sighs.

"Very true, Hogwarts and the Elfs will be sad to see you go, I hope you find what you seek though," Snape said as he moved away from the window and went over to the door.

He paused looking over his shoulder saying "Goodnight, Enkidu,"

The young male, Enkidu, smiled as he said "Goodnight, professor,"

Enkidu heard the door open and close as he looked at the moon, he smiled as he held up his hand and summoned a single chain of heaven. He chuckles moving the chain around before dismissing it.

"Even if I have been rebirthed, it is not the same without you, Gilgamesh," Enkidu said as he leans back and spent the night watching the moon until he had to retire for the night.


When morning arrived at Hogwarts the students slowly started to fill the Great hall, Enkidu sat at the Ravenclaw table eating his chosen meal and reading the Daily Prophet. His hair was in a simple ponytail as he had on the Ravenclaw uniform for seventh years, he looked up from his newspaper and saw the first years coming in.

'I still find it amazing that out of everyone here, only professor Snape remembers who I am or rather who I was since starting Hogwarts' Enkidu thought as he glanced around.

You see, Enkidu was, in fact, Harry James Potter, the older brother to Arnold Potter the supposed 'Boy-Who-Lived'. The reason why he is called that? Well, a few years ago the Dark Lord Voldemort terrorized Britain only to be stopped when he tried to get rid of Arnold via the Killing curse. Enkidu knew this because he was in the room when it happened, he had been between Voldemort and his little brother when he fired the curse and he remembered blacking out and waking in pain as Dumbledore named Arnold the 'Boy-who-lived' for defeating Voldemort.

This lead to him being forgotten about, Enkidu didn't mind, they let him slip away and regain his old powers and abilities right under their noses.

The only ones who remembered him were Sirius, Remus, Snape, Tonks, and Madam Pomfrey. Enkidu sighs as he took a sip of his drink, he could still remember how he came to be here in this time and place.

When he first closed his eyes it had been in his friend's arms, Gilgamesh, when the gods took him away. So, to his shock he then opened his eyes to the world he was now in! In the body of a newborn, he had been shocked mostly because of how it felt to have a flesh and blood body and all the emotions it had but mostly shocked at being rebirthed! It took a few days but Enkidu accepted it, though he disliked being called 'Harry', and as soon as he could speak requested to be called by his real name.

He finished his drink and set it down when he heard loud talking making him look over to see his little brother, Arnold Potter a Gryffindor, he had chin-length red hair and brown eyes and was 12-years-old and slightly chubby from being spoiled. He was also a spoiled brat and loved attention, during the first year he took the credit for stopping Quirrel from stealing the stone when it was, in fact, Enkidu who took the philosopher's stone and placed it inside Gilgamesh's gates since he still had his connection to the gates he later returned it to the rightful owners.

Now, this year looked to be an easy one but a certain DADA teacher known as Lockheart was here and already Enkidu felt a headache forming, the man was like a peacock all pretty and good to look at but he was rubbish in Enkidu's opinion.

'Good thing seventh years don't have a class with him, we finished DADA early last year' Enkidu thought as the Great hall was soon full of children and teachers.

After breakfast Enkidu went with his fellow ravens to the first classes of the day, he could only hope for a normal year to graduate and slip away to start his adventures.


'Forget what I said about having a normal year' Enkidu thought in annoyance as the news of another student being petrified was spread.

A few days ago Flich's cat, Mrs. Norris, had been found petrified and hung up with a warning written in red. Enkidu instead of standing around helped Filch to get his beloved cat down, unlike most students Enkidu liked Mrs. Norris, she came to him for extra pets and treats, and in return, she would alert him that is was time for bed. Enkidu also helped Filch out with cleaning when he had no classes or just helped the aging caretaker with small tasks like lifting things since Filch was starting to get on in his years.

Enkidu, thankfully, had the potion that could help Mrs. Norris. He had it since he needed it for his homework and extra assignment but he was glad to use it to help his animal friend, Flich thanked him before Enkidu left with his fellow Ravenclaws.


He sighs as he sat at breakfast as he heard about the dueling club Lockheart did yesterday, the man had dueled Snape and lost before the students had a go. Arnold got paired with Draco who took far too much enjoyment in firing spells at Arnold who wasn't as skilled as he boasted at dueling. Then things took a hilarious turn as Draco used a spell to summon a king cobra, the snake not pleased by its new surroundings hissed at Arnold who gave a rather feminine shriek before fainting.

Then Lockheart tried to get rid of the snake only for it to get even more pissed off and chase the man around making everyone laugh, Snape even got a chuckle out of it before he got rid of the snake.

'At least there is a bit of humor in this otherwise dark situation' Enkidu thought as his mind went to the recent petrified students.

Two students had been found petrified after Mrs. Norris, Madam Pomfrey was working on a cure but it was slow going. Though this incident had given Enkidu many clues. One was that the thing attacking the school could make someone freeze like stone, two, it was mostly in warm places and third, those near the attack student's area heard faint hissing before finding the students petrified.

Enkidu smiled as he got up and went to class, looks like he had some hunting to do of a really big reptilian creature.


"So, the youngest Weasley is now in the chamber of secrets? Hm, how did she get in there I wonder?" Enkidu said as he followed the red-haired girl.

He had been on his nightly stargazing when he felt a presence nearby, curious as to who it was Enkidu stayed hidden as he found the youngest Weasly, Ginny, running through the halls until she arrived at the girl's bathroom.

He watched in interest as she seemed to be in a daze and spoke in the language of the reptiles making the sink turn into a staircase. She then went down it and unseen by her, Enkidu was following close behind using mana to walk on the ceiling and magic to hide him from view. He looks around the chamber decorated to honor the snakes, Enkidu tilted his head as he saw Ginny move to the middle before collapsing and going still.

Then a transparent figure appeared, a young male in Hogwarts uniform, Slytherin uniform to be precise. Enkidu felt the dark magic coming from the ghostly male, was this a Horcrux? A thing that even the gods themselves found repulsive and angered by?

'Now I know how Voldemort survived last year, soul splitting, he truly is a coward' Enkidu thought as the figure became more solid.

'So, he is draining the girl of her magic and life force to give himself a new body? This I will not allow' Enkidu thought as he sighs about to jump down and reveal himself when he heard footsteps.

Looking he saw Arnold running into the chamber, he must have come here to play hero again, Enkidu watched in amusement as the specter revealed that he was Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort before summoning the creature that has been attacking the students a Basilisk. This made Arnold pale before giving a girlish shriek as he fainted, Enkidu chuckled as he decided to step in.

"My, my, that is a wonderful creature," Enkidu said as he let himself fall and flip onto the ground, he landed on one knee and looked up with a calm smile as Tom turned to him.

"Ah, the other Potter child, come to play the hero like your spineless brother?" Tom taunted gesturing to Arnold.

Enkidu tilted his head his indigo eyes watched Tom with indifference, Enkidu then gave a small quiet chuckle.

"No, I'm just here to get rid of some eyesores," Enkidu said as he stood up energy gathering around him making bolts of energy around him like electricity sparking.

"What? Get him!" Tom yelled as every sense and instinct told him to run and hide from the being in front of him, but he ignored that, he would crush this Potter and leave this place to regain his army.

Oh, Tom, you poor fool.

The king of snakes roars as it rushed at Enkidu who smirks holding up his right arm he summoned a single golden portal before thrusting his arm forward making three chains shoot out and strike the beast, it roars in pain as it rears back shaking its head. Enkidu walked closer as he summoned more chains this time the chains shot out and bound the huge creature making it unable to move.

"How did you!? How is this possible!" Tom yelled eyes wide and shocked but also angry that his pet was being held back by chains of all things.

"How can mere chains be holding it back!?" Tom yelled frustrated.

"The chains of Heaven, designed to hold the gods themselves if need be, even without a divine presence my chains can hold a beast such as this back with no effort," Enkidu said as he held up his hand making the chains tighten.

"It is a shame, a beast-like this driven to madness, don't worry your suffering will end now," Enkidu said as he closed his hand making the chains tighten drastically.

The snake roars before its head were sliced from its body by the chains around its neck, the other parts of its body fell in chunks as the chains vanished in golden particles. The body hit the floor making the ground shake a bit, Enkidu walked over to the mouth of the beast and pulled out a single fang with a chain.

"Rest peacefully, king of snakes," Enkidu said giving his respect to the once majestic beast before turning to the ghostly boy riddle.

"What are you! Those chains are not of this earth, how can a mere wizard like you use them! Answer me, Potter!" Tom yelled in both anger and a hint of fear as Enkidu moved and walked over until he was standing in front of him.

"I am not a Potter, nor am I a simple wizard," Enkidu said smiling as with a flick of his wrist his chain holding the fang shot forward and stabbed the diary beside Ginny.

Tom yelled in horror and pain as Enkidu watched him, his smiling never leaving his lips as he spoke to Tom.

"I am Enkidu, the weapon of the gods, goodbye Tom," Enkidu said as Tom looked at him in horror before exploding into particles.

Enkidu sighs dismissing the chain and fang, he placed the fang inside his friend's gate for later use, he walked over to the basilisk dead body and pulled some scales off and put them in the gate as his trophy. Enkidu looked around the chamber as his eyes landed on his 'brother' and Ginny, he huffs before looking forward and leaving the chamber going invisible as he did so.

Unaware of the eyes that watched him, eyes filled with shock and disbelief at what they saw before they darkened with greed and something else as the person sat up and watched Enkidu leave.


With the death of the beast, the rest of the school year went smoothly, Lockheart was discovered to be a fraud and arrested, Arnold claimed that he 'defeated' the monster taking credit once again. Enkidu wondered how he spun the tale this time but he noticed not everyone was buying into his stories, those with a brain just ignored his boasting as him stroking his own ego to make himself feel better after failing the dueling club.

The chamber re-sealed itself and all the attack students returned to normal, Enkidu also saved a house-elf known as Dobby from Lucius Malfoy after witnessing the poor elf about to be hit. Enkidu bought Dobby from Lucius but not before placing a small curse on the man as he left, Dobby was very grateful to Enkidu and bonded to him.

Now, it was the end of the year as Enkidu left the Great Hall for the last time. He greeted Sirius and Remus outside the castle as they congratulate him, not long after the Potters forgot about Enkidu, Sirius and Remus confronted them about it but got into an argument which leads to them cutting ties with James and Lily.

"I guess this is where we part ways for now?" Sirius said with a small pout, he saw Enkidu as his own son.

"For now, yes, there is much I need to see and do, plus," Enkidu said as he looked down and saw the new rings on his godparent's hands.

"You two need to head on on your honeymoon soon," Enkidu said as Remus blushed a bit before elbowing Sirius to stop him from snickering.

"Yes we do, good luck on your travels Enkidu, remember no matter who you are your still our pup, old soul or not," Sirius said as Enkidu smiled nodding.

"I will remember that father," Enkidu said as Sirius smiles pulling Enkidu into a tight hug followed by Remus.

The three soon separate and left Hogwarts, over the next few days Sirius and Remus went on their honeymoon to Spain while Enkidu was registered as the Black Famly hair and officially adopted as Enkidu Black. The son of Sirius and Remus Black.

Enkidu made sure to leave no trace behind as he made his way to the normal world and caught his first flight out of England, he smiled sitting in first-class wearing a white suit and holding a cup of wine that reminded him of his friend's eyes.

"I wonder, have you been reborn as well? My friend," Enkidu said before taking a sip as he looked out the window as he saw Japan below.

His next adventure was about to begin, he just hoped it would be more exciting than his last one.


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