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Rachel watched as her fathers' drove down the motorway. She had no idea where they were going. She came home from glee to see that she had three bags in the car and before she even had time to step into the house. She was being directed to the car. Instantly Rachel knew that something wasn't right. Her fathers' seemed skittish. Her parents were good enough to her. She got everything she wanted until the last 2 years in which things had changed drastically. They didn't hurt Rachel; they just spent a bit more time away and gave her less money. She wasn't deprived though. They went away for a few nights but always made sure that someone was around to keep an eye on her.

"Daddy where are we going?" Rachel asked nervously from her seat in the back of the car. She just had a bad feeling about this.

"It is for the best" Hiram said.

"What is for the best?" Rachel asked.

"Stop with the questions" Hiram snapped. Rachel knew that she had pushed her fathers' too far and sat back watching the world go past.

She saw a sign for Akron. She wondered what they would be doing here. They pulled up in front of a high school on the east side of the city. Rachel noticed the sign. It was Carmel High School, the home of Vocal Adrenaline. The best show choir in the country.

"What are we doing here?" Rachel asked. The car stopped and without saying a word. Hiram and Leroy took the suitcase, rucksack and bagpack on the ground in front of the steps at the front of the school.

Leroy went back around and got in the car without a word.

"Rachel, out" he said and Rachel jumped. She did what she was asked without thinking about it.

"It's for the best" Hiram said as he handed Rachel an envelope and got into the car. He drove away neither of them looking back.

Rachel froze. She sat down tears coming down her face. She needed five minutes to prepare herself. She needed to work out why she was here?

Once she had pulled herself together, she realised that she needed to find out who Shelby was. That was the name on the envelope. She hoped that she would be able to find out what was going on. She was scared but she knew that she needed to be strong.

Rachel used her phone to find out information about Vocal Adrenaline. She nearly instantly noticed that the coach was Shelby Corcoran. She hoped that this was who she was looking for.

Rachel stood up and walked into the school. There were signs pointing her to the auditorium. She followed the sign and stood outside the double doors. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

"This is a closed rehearsal" A voice said and Rachel jumped. She didn't even know where the voice had come from. Rachel looked around and saw a woman dressed in black trouser suit and a purple blouse at the desk. She quickly walked over to the desk to speak to the woman.

"I am looking for Shelby. It's kind of important" Rachel said trying not to let her nerves got to her.

"I am she" Shelby said turning around. Rachel handed the woman the envelope and looked at the woman's facial expression to decide what to do next. Was she going to have to run?

"Jesse, I have a family emergency. I have to go. Run the piece two more times and then cool down. I hope it is perfect when I see it tomorrow" Shelby shouted before she put her arm around the girl. Rachel was still struggling with her suitcase and backpack.

Shelby took the rucksack from her and they walked to the car. Rachel kept glancing at Shelby unsure. They got to Shelby's car and Shelby put the rucksack down with her handbag. She only had her handbag, she had left her school work at school but right now that was the smallest of her concerns.

Once in the car with all the baggage. Shelby looked at Rachel.

"So what do you know?" Shelby asked as she put her seatbelt on.

"I don't know anything. I got home from glee and then I came in the car here" Rachel explained and Shelby nodded.

"I am your mother. I was a surrogate for your fathers and they have written to say that they are going on holiday for 4 weeks and I am to look after you" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded still in shock.

She didn't saw anything. She couldn't think of anything to say. It was almost an hours drive to Shelby's apartment and they drove the whole distance in silence.

Shelby's mind was going ten to the dozen. She knew that she needed to speak to her lawyer and get this all sorted. She had a copy of the termination of the contract and papers of custody to Rachel. Shelby stole a glance to Rachel. The poor girl, she had no idea what was going on. She instantly saw the love she had for the girl and didn't know what she was meant to do with this love. Was it always going to be there?

"Do you have any questions? Sorry I don't even know your name?" Shelby said blushing. She was embarrassed by this.

"It's Rachel and no, I need time to comprehend this" Rachel admitted and Shelby nodded. Of course the girl did.

"What school do you go to?" Shelby asked nervously.

"McKinley High School" Rachel stated and Shelby nodded. She looked at the 14 year old in front of her and wanted to pull the girl into her arms.

"What's going to happen to me?" Rachel asked.

"You will stay with me, as long as that's okay with you?" Shelby asked and Rachel nodded nervously. She couldn't say anything else.

"I understand that it is going to be hard but we will get through this together. I have always wanted you" Shelby explained.

"Why didn't you find me then?" Rachel asked.

"The contract. I couldn't contact you until you were 18 unless you contact me first" Shelby explained and Rachel just nodded. She wasn't ready to have this conversation yet. They drifted into an uneasy silence so Shelby put the radio on to help.

They arrived outside Shelby's apartment and Shelby helped the girl to carry all her things up to the room. They arrived and placed everything in the living room.

"Are you hungry?" Shelby asked and Rachel shrugged. The woman took this as a yes and started making them some pasta.

"Let's get your things into your bedroom" Shelby said and instantly Rachel's heart starting to flutter when she heard the words her room. They moved all of the bags.

"So this is your room. We can decorate it however you like. You also have the main bathroom. I have my own ensuite so it will basically be your own. Any issues come into my room. I will always have my door slightly open for you" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded. She hoped that she wasn't going to be a hassle for Shelby.

"Can I have a shower?" Rachel asked nervously and Shelby nodded.

"Of course, dinner will be ready when you come out" Shelby said as she headed back to the kitchen to continue cooking. She was shocked with everything that was going on but she needed to be strong for her daughter. It was her only option.

Shelby was just dishing up when Rachel walked through with her hair in a French braid in her hair. She sat down at the table which was set for the two of them. They both instantly started eating as they were both hungry.

"Do you need anything? We will deal with everything as it happens but I just need to know that you don't need anything" Shelby said worrying that she would fail.

"I've got everything I need thank you" Rachel said and Shelby nodded. That made her feel a bit better.

"Thank you for all the toiletries. I used them" Rachel said blushing.

"No problem. We will make sure that you have your own" Shelby said and Rachel nodded.

"Do you have everything you need for tonight?" Shelby said hovering again as she cleaned their dishes away and Rahcel nodded.

"I'm really tired so I think I will go to bed now" Rachel said and Shelby nodded.

"Of course, do you want me to wake you up?" Shelby asked and Rachel nodded.

"I don't have my alarm clock" She admitted.

"I'll wake you, don't worry" Shelby said.

"I take a long time to get ready. Like at least an hour and a half" Rachel said blushing.

"No problem, I'll make sure that you have more than enough time" Shelby said smiling at her daughter. She wanted to pull the girl into her arms but she couldn't.

"Go up and I'll be up in 15 minutes to tuck you in" Shelby said and Rachel almost had to take a double look. Tucked in, what was she? 10 or something. But again Rachel couldn't complain.

She quickly got ready and jumped into bed before checking her phone. Shelby knocked on the door 10 minutes later.

"Come in" Rachel called and Shelby opened the door and smiled.

"I want that off now" Shelby said "You can read"

Rachel nodded and turned her phone off before placing it on the bedside cabinet.

"Night sweetie, I will wake you up in the morning. Sleep well" Shelby said as she kissed her daughter on the top of the head. She didn't know if it was too much but she had too.

She turned on the night light next to the bed and then walked to the door. Turning off the light and then shutting the door completely. Shelby got into bed and burst into tears. She was so overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. If she felt like this, she was so worried about how her daughter would feel.

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