It was finally the end of another week, Rachel had just returned home from a rocky week at school and was relieved to hear that Shelby had cancelled VA's rehearsals that night. She wanted to spend some time with her mom and get her advice on everything that was going on at school just now.

Carmel finished after McKinley and Shelby still had to get back to Mansfield so it was decided that Rachel would take the bus home. Shelby wasn't overly happy with the idea but she had to face the facts that her daughter was almost 14 and didn't need to be babied anymore.

Rachel was just walking up the road as Shelby pulled into the drive. She looked at her daughter unable to read her daughter's mood.

"Hey you, how was school?" Shelby asked as she grabbed her bags from the back seat of the car. Rachel shrugged and Shelby gave her an unsure look and pulled the girl into a side hug. Over the last few days, they had gotten a lot closer and Rachel was starting to allow Shelby to mother her more. They still had their moments but what mother and teenage daughter didn't?

"Do you want to speak about it?" Shelby asked cautiously and to her surprise Rachel nodded.

"Okay sweetie" Shelby said "Go and put your bag away first and then we can have a chat"

Shelby squeezed the girl's shoulder before allowing her to go. Shelby was relieved the girl agreed as it allowed her time to change out of her work clothes.

When Shelby returned, she saw that Rachel was already on the sofa.

"What's up?" Shelby asked as she softly sat down on the sofa next to the girl and turned to face her. She put her hand on the girl's leg.

"Well, this boy I like, you know the one I went bowling with. Well, it turns out that he got Quinn pregnant and I was mad to start with but I still really like Finn. I kind of left Glee for a bit as well but I'm back now and we have invitationals tomorrow and I feel like I'm the only person that actually cares and wanted to win" Rachel ranted without actually taking a breath. Shelby tried to grasp what her daughter was saying but to be honest she was lost at the fact that her daughter's boyfriend had gotten another girl pregnant.

"Em Finn, do you really think he is right for you?" Shelby asked softly trying to stay calm.

"I was mad at first but I have to support him and Quinn is having the baby so I will stay by him" Rachel said not really understanding what her mother was getting at. Shelby noticed this and realised that she was going to have to have a good talk to her daughter about sex.

"Okay, well we clearly need to have a serious conversation about sex" Shelby said forcefully. She wasn't hard against the girl but she knew that it was important that Rachel was clear on the implications of sex. Rachel just shrugged wanting her mother to stop talking about that. They then moved onto speaking about glee.

"I'm the only person that cares and I had just had enough this week. Everything was upsetting me and making me angry. They were just taking the lone of me and it got too much. They don't appreciate my talent. They need me. They'd never manage without me. I was wrong to go away and it was childish so I went back" Rachel explained and Shelby nodded. She was glad that Rachel realised it wasn't all about her and made the right decision in the end. Shelby said this to the girl and then continued to speak before Shelby realised that she needed to make a start to dinner.

Shelby was just stirring the pasta when she heard a scream which sounded like it was coming from Rachel's bedroom. She turned the hob off and ran out of the kitchen running straight into the girl.

"What's wrong?" Shelby asked worriedly. Shelby had her hands on the girl's shoulders and noticed how pale she looked. The girl was in shock and clearly upset.

"Hospital now. I'm bleeding, we need to go now. What if I die?" Rachel was rambling on now and Shelby could barely comprehend what she was saying. She put her hands down harder on the girl's shoulders and stepped back slightly to observe her daughter. There wasn't a limb hanging off and Shelby couldn't see any blood. She was confused by what was going on.

"I need you to take a deep breath and tell me what's going on?" Shelby asked as she noticed just how fast her daughter was breathing. Rachel nodded and did as her mother asked. She was scared now and needed her mother to help her.

"I'm bleeding" She admitted as tears slowly escaped her eyes.

"Bleeding?" Shelby said before it clicked.

"Was it when you went to the toilet?" Shelby asked and Rachel nodded.

"Has this ever happened before?" Shelby asked and Rachel shook her head. Shelby nodded and guided her daughter to the sofa. She sat her down and sat down beside her.

"You have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about. I am here and we are going to fix this together" Shelby said comfortingly as she held onto the girl's hands and rubbed them encouragingly.

"Have you heard of a period before?" Shelby asked.

"Some girls speak about it" Rachel admitted.

"Didn't you do sex education in school" Shelby asked and Rachel shook her head.

"No, my dads said they didn't want me learning about it" Rachel said and Shelby nodded. How dare they prevent her daughter from getting this education. She was almost 14 and didn't even know what a period was. No wonder she hadn't reacted when she found out that Finn had gotten Quinn pregnant.

"Well a period means you can now have children. There are eggs in your ovaries. They get realised every month and if sperm mixes with it, it can create a baby. The egg is replaced every month usually every 28 days and that is when women bleed for 3 to 7 days" Shelby said trying to explain it quickly.

"Why did I start now?" Rachel asked.

"Well you can start between the age of 9 to 15. Most of your friends have probably already started. It's called puberty which include growth of hair in different area, hormones and breast growth" Shelby explained.

"What do I do about my panties? They have blood on them" Rachel admitted nervously.

"That's why you wear pads or tampons. Pads go in your panties and you change them every 4 hours or so. Tampons go up your vagina and it is important that you change it every 6 hours" Shelby explained.

"When does it stop?" Rachel asked.

"Usually when you are in your later 40s or early 50s. Unless there is another reason" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded.

"I'm going to nip out and get you some pads" Shelby asked.

"Don't you have any?" Rachel asked. She knew that her mum was only in her 30s.

"No, I don't have periods anymore. After you were born there were some complications, some surgery and that is that. I can't have any more children" Shelby said bluntly and Rachel nodded.

"Sorry" Rachel said blushing. She was embarrassed and was scared her mom would be mad at her for asking.

"Hey, you have nothing to be sorry for. I'm willing to tell you all about it" Shelby explained.

"I'll be as quick as I can. Why don't you go and have a shower while you wait" Shelby suggested and Rachel nodded.

It didn't take Shelby long and she returned. She knocked on the bathroom door and opened it when the girl replied. Rachel was sat on the toilet, she had her panties around her ankles.

"Do you want me to show you what to do?" Shelby asked and Rachel nodded ensuring that her towel was tightly around her. Shelby quickly showed the girl what to do and then placed the pads in the cupboard under the sick.

"Come out when you are ready, and we can have a snuggle on the sofa" Shelby explained softly and Rachel nodded. She quickly finished getting ready and blow dried her hair before finding her mother. She was nervous and Shelby could tell. Shelby was sat on sofa; she opened her arms to her daughter. Rachel fell into them.

"Nothing changes baby girl, I'm here for you. It will probably be helpful for you to tell me each time you're on your period especially to start with. Mark it on the calendar and I will make sure to keep your stock up" Shelby explained. Rachel nodded. Shelby knew that it was time to change the conversation as she sensed that Rachel was embarrassed.

"So tell me about invitationals?" Shelby asked and Rachel went on to explain all about tomorrow from the outfits right down to the harmonies. Shelby laughed, the girl was certainly her daughter.

"Did you finish making dinner?" Rachel asked and Shelby nodded.

"Don't worry I won't let the house burn down. It's all ready. I'll just go and heat it up for us" Shelby said. Rachel set the table and they both sat down to eat. Once they had finished, they snuggled on the sofa and watched a film.

Rachel was very clingy to Shelby as today had been a difficult day for her. She was so relieved to have her mother their for her and to have her help her. Shelby was glad that she had been able to be there for Rachel. She missed so much in the past but she was making up for it now.

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