*Author's Note*

Welcome, Dear Readers! I hope this story finds you well! This is my very first Covert Affairs fic, so I am really hoping all goes well with it! I know the majority of the story line, but not EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. So, it there's something that seems out of place that is why. Consider this as a slightly alternate universe due to that. As best as I can, I am going to go along with what I remember from the show. However, I can't make that a guarantee because when I write stories they tend to have minds of their own. Anyway, please enjoy! Thank you!


The woman looking back at her gave her chills. She used to believe that the woman staring at her could do and be anything. Now, she wasn't certain. The lack of certainty terrified her.

Turning the light off, she continues to look at her reflection. There's just enough light coming into the bathroom entryway from the hall. The woman looking back at her now was a better representation of the woman she'd become- one surrounded in darkness.


"What the...?!"

Not again. How many times do I have to ask her to not leave crap lying around? She doesn't get it. She never will.

August Anderson, or Auggie, as his inner circle called him, was angry and befuddled. He took a chance with Natasha. They'd traveled through Europe together and detoured in the Philippines. After a few months of traveling, he started to miss D.C. He talked Natasha, (Tash for short), into coming back with him. She begrudgingly did so.

She always whined about how he'd changed. She frequently commented, "Unlike Annie, I refuse to be your guide dog."

Annie was so much more than a guide. She was rain to his dry desert of a soul. Her laughter brought light into his dark world.

But, he ruined that. He ruined it when he caved and let Helen seduce him. He ruined it when he got mad at her for not telling him she was with him on the bus and followed him.

She should have told me she was there. If she had, I wouldn't have done what I did with Hellen.

Stop it, Anderson!

You keep trying to blame that on Annie. You could have said no. You could have waited for her.

She was so broken and scared. What would you have done in her shoes?

You might not have been able to say anything either.

Bending down, he grabbed the random object that had bid his foot "Good Morning." It was an empty serving bowl. It was one of his larger stainless steel ones he used for special occasions. Natasha must have helped herself to it when she made popcorn last night. He rolled his useless eyes at her thoughtlessness.

He brought the bowl back into his kitchen, washed, dried, and put it away. He then decided to go on a hunt through his apartment to find anything that wasn't where it should be.

Unsurprisingly, he found lots of other items randomly placed throughout his home. He knew it wasn't easy living with a blind person. He knew all too well as he had to live with himself.

He was constantly exhausted. He had to meticulously keep track of his belongings, surroundings, and people.

Conversations were the most difficult. He couldn't see a friend's face. It was worse when there were group discussions. Trying to keep up with whose voice was whose or the body language of a person as they shared a joke was miserable. He always made it appear easy though. He never let anything hold him down. Life had dealt him a bloody deck of cards. He dealt the cards back.

A lot of that had gotten much better when he met Annie Walker. When he thought she was going to ask him how he'd lost his sight, she told him all she wanted to know is what he was listening to on his headphones. He knew then that very first day she was someone special.

He was determined to do everything he could to bring the water to his desert and have an oasis once again. The first step of that meant clearing out Tash's belongings.


Annie left the bathroom and walked into her bedroom. She sat atop her bed considering what to do with her life.

Her own family didn't know she was alive. Danielle would really kill her when she found out the truth.

She had pushed Auggie away when she told him: I don't want any emotional attachments.

She doubted there was any chance that she could be with him again after that.

Especially since he was with Natasha now. Natasha was an old flame from before he'd been blinded. Annie knew that being with Natasha, just as when he'd been with Parker, reminded him of different periods in his days of seeing.

The vibrating cellphone on her nightstand caught her attention. It was Joan. Oddly enough, Annie found a friend and confidante in her boss that she used to call the "Ice Queen" in her early CIA days.

She was glad that Joan had made a position for her on her new team.

She dropped the work with McQuaid. She just couldn't work alongside him knowing that he'd fallen for her. It would be torture. She couldn't be with him. Simply, she didn't love him. Her heart only longed for Auggie. If she even still had a heart.

Her cell was on its last ring when she picked it up.

"Hey, Joan."

"Hello, Annie. I am really glad that you accepted my offer. I think that you will be one of the most valuable assets on my team."

"Thanks, Joan."

"A person deserves to know positive things about themselves when they have given something their all." Joan stated.

Annie knew what Joan was referencing and remained silent.

"Annie. I know you're not going to like what I am going to say, but you need to hear it."

Still, Annie didn't reply.

"You need help, Annie. I scheduled an appointment for you tomorrow with a good friend of mine. He happens to be my counselor. You need one too. You have shut yourself off from everyone."

"I'll think about it, Joan." she finally answered.

"There is no thinking about it, Annie. You cannot go out on any missions under my watch until you show massive signs of recovery. Even it if takes six months to a year. You'll still get paid. Annie, I know you are my employee, but you're also my friend. And frankly, I am worried about you. You are scaring me, Annie."

"I'm sorry, Joan. I am not trying to scare you or anyone else. To be frank with you as well, I am scared of myself. What time is that appointment tomorrow?"


"Okay. Let your friend know I'll be there."

"I will."

"And, Joan... thanks."

"My pleasure, Annie."


Auggie's head perked up when he heard his door slide open. The scent of musky vanilla drifted into the room.

"Auggie?! What happened in here?! Where are all of my things?!" her Russian accent always more pronounced when she was surprised or angry. This time it was both.

"Tash, relax. They're all in your suitcases by the door." he coolly replied.

"Auggie?" she asked at a loss for words.

"Tash, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have ever done this." he said with arms outstretched.

"Yeah. I've been thinking about that myself lately. You are impossible to be around. You make so much extra work that is unnecessary. I have things to do with my life, and sitting around to be your guide dog isn't one of them." she jabbed.

"Well, I apologize for having held your life back the last four months. Today, I finally and completely realized that we just don't work. I wish the best of luck to you, but please get out and don't ever contact me."

He heard her angrily slap her hands down on her suitcases, stomp out the door, and slam it shut.

All the tension he'd woken up with departed him as she left. Only for it to be replaced with the distress of how to get Annie back...if he even could.


Joan knew that Auggie had been virtually MIA. He hadn't contacted her, or Arthur, or Barber in the last four months. She had kept tabs on him, though. He was too valuable an asset and too much like a son to just forget about. She had walked alongside him from his very first day in the agency just as she had Annie.

There were many former agents that she and Arthur were able to just write off. Auggie and Annie were the ones that you couldn't even if you tried.

She knew she'd made the right match in pairing them together as handler and operative on Annie's first day. When she had read Annie's file, the decision to bring her in was mostly swayed by her linguistic skills and connection to Mercer. However, there was something that shone brightly in Annie's eyes from her ID picture. Joan knew in her gut that spark that Annie had would be the key to break down Auggie's multiple walls.

She tried calling him again. All she got was voicemail.

She wasn't going to beat around the bush any longer. She left Arthur a note on the kitchen counter letting him know where she'd be. She picked up Mackenzie from his play place, locked the house, and settled her baby and herself into her car.

There was a certain apartment B7 that she was about to invite herself into.