Ch. 1

Surfing Lesson

David Kawena was the new kid on the block. He and his family had moved islands, and so here he was. In a brand new place, on a brand new beach, and amongst brand new faces.

He breathed in the salty air of the beach, felt the pleasant touch of the sun on his skin, and listened to the chatter of families and friends enjoying this nice, sunny day. They were all relaxing, but David was here for another purpose.

Surfing lessons.

He was here, brand new green and yellow swim trunks on, looking for where they were holding them at. He surveyed the scene, looking for anything that screamed 'surfing lessons here'. Luckily enough, he found it. A line of kids his age standing in front of what looked like the lifeguard tower. A man with dark skin and short, curly hair pulled up into a bun wearing red trunks with a white cross on the bottom corner stood in front of a group of kids David's age.

David had to join them.

With no more delay, David hurried over to the group to join. He hopped and skipped around different folks and families. Sooner rather than later, he made it to the group and joined them just as the lifeguard was speaking.

"I'll repeat it once more. We will be starting slow. So, find a buddy and we can get started," the lifeguard told them.

A buddy? Oh, crud.

David looked around frantically as the other kids linked up faster than he could react. He reached out for a boy to his right, but the boy had turned and linked with another. David swiveled left and saw another pair that was already together. Over and over, David was just not fast enough to get a partner. He moved through the chatting kids in their colorful swimsuits trying to find his buddy. There had to be somebody left, right?

He squeezed around two girls with matching dark hair and finally saw her.

His buddy.

She was wearing a red and yellow one-piece with long, dark hair hanging down the sides of her head. She stood there, alone, head turning left and right to find somebody to buddy with.

David was going to be that person.

He stepped forward, confidence rising to the surface, eating up the space between the two of them with single-minded determination to make this girl his buddy.

The girl finally looked straight ahead and her eyes lit up in a way that David had never seen eyes light up before. They shined like the dark rocks he used to find on the other beach he grew up on.

She stepped forward as he did and they met in the middle. David couldn't keep the wide smile from off his face.

"You wanna be buddies?" They both asked at the same time.

David let his giggles overflow and he held out his arm, like how he'd seen those guys in the fancy suits do on TV when they were with girls, and, to his pleasant surprise, she hooked her own right through.

"My name is David. What's your name?" He asked his new buddy. He needed to know! It was rude to not know the name of your buddy, right?

The girl smiled, smiled like the one he saw in the mirror, and replied, "I'm Nani. Nani Pelekai."

Nani. His buddy's name was Nani.

David grinned mischievously. "Well, nice to meet you Nani Nani Peleka," He said, trying to keep from giggling.

Nani giggled, just like he was trying to get her to do, and said through the laughs, "It's just Nani. Not Nani Nani, 'My name is David'," she poked back jokingly.

That set the two into a full fit of laughter. They would've kept at it if not for the sound of a throat being cleared close to them.

The two buddies looked up into the dark eyes of the lifeguard who was looking back at them with a smile and a quirked eyebrow.

David and Nani got the message quick enough and clamped their lips shut and stood at attention.

The lifeguard rolled his eyes playfully before turning to address everyone. "Now that everyone has found their buddy," He eyed David and Nani as he said 'buddy' and they looked everywhere but at him. "We can get started."

As the lifeguard started them all on their first surfing lesson, David couldn't help but glance over at Nani one more time from the corner of his eyes.

She must've felt him looking because she did the same. They meet eyes and even though no joke was said, they had to hold in their giggles.

David felt accomplished and happy. He'd done more than find a buddy. He'd found the best of them.


So, this is my stress reliever kind of fic when I don't feel like writing for anything else or more serious. A series of out of order drabbles and snippets of David and Nani, one of my personal favorite Disney couples. If they are in sequence, I will let you know. This is coming off the high of watching the movies over and over this break and having questions that needed answers. In the first movie, it is obvious that Nani and David know each other well enough for Lilo to know David. For Lilo to know David, and lilo was around 6 in the first movie I believe, he had to have been around for a good while. They're close friends, close enough for Nani to trust David around Lilo. David had to have been around Lilo and Nani long enough to be used to their quirks and have enough trust in them to the point where even aliens weren't enough to drive the guy off or freak him out heavily. Obviously, we don't know how long they've known each other, but my guess is that they've known each other for a long time. So, this is me creating my own take on how they've grown so close. Hope you enjoy them.