Ch 4: Constellation Conversations

David: 12

Nani: Age 12




Nani and David laid on their backs, tops of their heads nearly touching, staring up at the sparkling night sky that gleamed and glittered.

Nani wasn't sure the reason she felt so at ease -so peaceful- just staring up at them like this with David. Maybe it reminded her of the times when she was younger and mom would take her to look at constellations? Yea, that had to be it.

"Hey, Nani," David's whispered voice called out. "What do you see?"

What does she see? Hmm, truthfully she didn't see much of anything. Oh, wait, she could just make something up like her mom did! And David wouldn't even realize it.

"I see a dinosaur," she whispered back after a moment, a small, mischievous smile going unseen in the darkness.

"A what?"

A what, he asks. Nani rolled her eyes and repeated, "A dinosaur, David. The giant lizards that were wasted by the asteroid? Roarrr. Ring any bells?"

"Ooh yea, dinosaurs. Like the T-Rex."

"Exactly or the Triceratops."

"Try Sarah's tops? Why would I want to do that? I'm like double her size-Oooooh you meant the dinosaur with the horns."

"With the horns, David. Actually, I think the dinosaur is on the surfboard."

"Pfft, a dinosaur on a surfboard?"

"Yeah, you don't believe me?"

"No, Nani because everyone knows dinosaurs can't swim so why would they try to surf?"

"I don't know, David, why would you want to try on Sarah's tops?"

A pause.

"Touche, Nani."

For a few peaceful moments, there was silence as the two friends lie beneath the soft light of the stars and think about dinosaurs on surfboards or how David would look trying on Sarah's tops.

Nani couldn't hold her giggles in as an image of David in a bra popped up in her mind.

David, knowing how his best friend was, sighed dramatically at her poorly covered up giggling. He knew exactly where her mind went.

"You're thinking about me in a bra, aren't you?"

That was the catalyst she needed to burst out in heavy laughter. Nani was laughing so hard she rolled around slightly and held her stomach.

"Y-you in a bra?!" She cackled out and continued to laugh some more. "I just - I just think it's hilarious if you were to put on a bra, David. You'd look ridiculous in it!" She explained in between laughs but then descended into even heavier laughter.

David frowned at the laughter being had at his expense. He couldn't let her get away with it. His brain quickly found a sufficient enough comeback and he spit it out.

"Yea? Well, at least I don't look like a dinosaur when on a surfboard," He shot back childishly. Her laughter died out immediately and David smirked smugly in the dark. Ha, think she could just get away with laughing at me like? Ha!

He heard her move around and get closer to him, but he didn't pay it any mind. No, he was riding a high after getting her to stop laughing at the thought of him in a bra. He wouldn't be caught dead in one of those. He'd look ridiculou-

Okay. He could see why she was laughing so hard.

"David," Nani spoke up right next to his ear. Her airy tone made him worried. She only got like this when she was planning immediate retribution. It was usually against Sarah, but right now David was the only target. But, he didn't do anything wrong, right? They were friends, right?

"Yes, Nani," He replied warily. It was so dark he could barely see her. The light from the stars was not helping much of anything.

"Those are fighting words, I hope you know," She said casually to him.

David whirled around to try and see her, but all he heard was a feral scream of vengeance and then an arm around his neck with knuckles digging into his skull.

"I'll show you a dinosaur mister!" Nani growled through clenched teeth as she ground her knuckles into David's head.

"Ah, mercy! I didn't mean it!"

"No mercy!"





Mr. Pelekai softly closed his back door with a soft smile on his face. He shook his head and chuckled to himself. Those kids are always getting into something. He softly padded his way back to the couch where his beautiful wife was lounging and struggling to stay awake.

She looked at him through tired eyes. "Are the kids, okay?" She asked sleepily.

Mr. Pelekai sank into the sofa and threw an arm over his wife's shoulders. He couldn't stop the smile from spreading on his face as she leaned in cuddled into his chest. He idly rubbed her arm and shoulder as he answered.

"They're doing just fine, honey. Something about dinosaurs and surfboards and David in a bra," He told her softly.

She hummed with her eyes closed and her shoulders shook with a little giggle. "He'd look ridiculous in one," She noted before snuggling more into him.

Mr. Pelakai ran his hands through her hair eliciting a pleasant hum from his wife.

"I know, right?" He replied softly.

AN: Short chapter, I know, but I felt it fit perfectly. Hope you enjoy! Till next time!