Eve and a Human

Chapter 1

There was a man named David who was an outdoors person for sure. He has loved wolves his whole life so he moved to Jasper park to be around nothing but woods and wolves. Sadly David has never seen one yet. He always wondered what being in a wolf pack was like.

David woke to hear the buzzing of the same old alarm clock that was on his nightstand. He slowly moved his hand like a turtle to reach and push the snooze button he finally hit it after a 4 failed attempts he got out of bed and stretched and yawned and rubbed his eyes walking towards his bedroom door. When he opened the door, he was greeted by the unforgiving sun through his window making him groan at being blinded by a bright light. David walked over and made a cup of coffee with sugar and milk and sat down on the couch and turned the T.V on which was playing the 6 o'clock news.

"I really need a woman I'm all alone and by myself, " David thought to himself while taking a loud sip from coffee

"I wonder why I can't I'm fit well taken care of I can't figure it out," David thought again putting the coffee cup down turning the t.v off getting off the couch letting out a small yawn raising his arms up

"I should go for a run take my mind off things," David said out loud walking to his big closet full of clothes. David puts on black sweatpants with a grey hoodie with Nike running shoes. He opened his door with a small creek from the old hinges. When the door was open a nice perfect breeze hit his face.

"Feels so nice out today," David said putting on a nice warm smile. He started to stretch and get ready for a run. Soo he started to jog down a worn path from him walking and running down it. The run was nice It was the perfect temperature and time of day. David ran for about 20 minutes before he saw something move out of the corner of his eye which made him halt. He looked around a bit to see if he can see the object that moved after a bit of scanning he saw it again

"What is that " David quietly murmured to himself still trying to find out what he is seeing. All of a sudden a brown wolf jumped out at him making David fall backing up into a tree.

"Uh Oh No, " David said trying to get up and run away for his life

The brown wolf looked confused and turned around looking back

"What is it what do you see," the brown wolf said looking back at David

All David did was drop his jaw because he just saw a wolf talk

"Y-You c-can talk," David said looking around in shock thinking this is a funny prank

"Uhh Yes so can you what's the problem," The wolf said chuckling a bit

"That's not a normal thing in my world," David said slowly trying to move and getaway

"Now what are you doing here on my packs territory " The brown wolf yelled at David which startled him

"I was minding my own business" David replied

"Come with me right now" The brown wolf barked at David

"Uhh No," David said getting up and be tackled in knocked out by the Brown wolf

The Wolf dragged David off To a den somewhere in the woods. It was about two hours before David came to

Davids P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes with loud groans. When my vision came back I was in a den With the brown wolf from earlier

"Good your awake, " The wolf said turning towards David

"Uhh, where am I," I said rubbing my throbbing head.

"You're in my den Human " The Brown wolf from earlier replied

"What is your name, " The brown wolf asked me

"It-its Da-David " I stuttered from being confronted by a wolf

"My name is Ava," Ava said while circling me

"There is a reason why I brought you here," Ava said. Sitting down looking at me

"Could you please tell me?" I said looking at the wolf when I heard a noise from the entire of the den

"H-hi I'm E-Eve," A golden wolf said looking down from being shy

"Eve what are you doing here," Ava asked Eve a little annoyed

Eve looked a little young like around 8 to 10 months old with a golden fur a thick build and definitely had muscles she was an Alpha for sure and she had a very soothing voice. The males must be lining up for her.

"I just wanted to say Hi to the human that's all," Eve said still looking down from being shy and it was kinda cute seeing her shy

"I need to talk with David please Eve," Ava asked eve kindly just like that Eve turned around and walked away and Ava turned her head turn me and looked at me

"What I was trying to say is that Our pack needs your help badly," Ava said in a pleading voice looking at me

"With what, " I asked really confused with what they need a human for

"We saw you hunt caribou and deer with ease with that gun thing of yours and Protection from enemies," Ava told me pacing around me nervous of my answer

"I would be happy to try to assist your pack in aid with food," I said using my eyes to follow ava as she stopped and looked at me.

"Thanks so much, we will have to repay you so much tomorrow can you hunt, " Ava said bowing her head at me.

"You are free to walk around the pack I'll let them know," Ava said walking past me out the den

I was very confused as to what just happened to me. I went for a walk got kidnapped by a wolf and was asked to help them. I walked out of the den and walked out towards the woods and found a lake with clearing. So I went and lied down on the spot and chilled listening to the wind rustling the leaves and water moving put me at a relaxed state. I heard something walking so I opened my eyes and saw Eve from earlier walking towards me.

"Uhh Hi, David right " Ever said sitting around 15 feet away from me staring at herself in the water.

"Hi Eve that is your name right," I asked looking at Eve staring at herself in the water

"Oh yeah, " Eve said still looking at her self in the water.

I could clearly tell there was something on Eve's mind and was bothering her. I could see it in her eyes which were very easy to get lost in

"Eve what's wrong I can see there is something bothering you," I asked Eve she sat there in silence for a few seconds, which felt like a few moments. Eve walked over to me and collapsed on my chest sobbing uncontrollably. I had no idea what to do so I just wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back

"Hey It's ok it's ok," I said in a soothing voice trying to calm the upset Eve after a few minutes she looked up at me and stared into my eyes

"Thank you," Eve said giving me a tight hug which hurt a little but I didn't mind she was upset

"Your welcome," I said rubbing the top of Eves's head which she smiled

"I'm tired of being bothered by all the male wolves they do nothing but harass me," Eve said in a somewhat angry tone. It's not right for her to go through that she should be allowed to chose who she likes the best out of anyone here.

"I'm sorry that you have to go through that," I said calmly trying to ease her nerves when I heard a twig snap making our heads snap towards the sound of a twig

"David what is going on here," Ava said with a deep growl sound to her voice walking toward me before Eve stopped her

"Mom he didn't hurt me he helped me, " Eve said getting in front of me to protect me from her mother.

"Wait he didn't upset you," Ava said backing down and got out her stance.

"Yes he saw that something was bothering me and he let me cry on him, " Eve said looking back at me then back at her mom.

"I was just doing what was right," I said looking at Ava which she looked back

"You have my respect David thank you for doing that " Ava said giving me a nod "oh remember tomorrow we need your help to hunt " Ava added turning around and walking away. I was soon caught off guard by Eve giving me a really tight hug. I blushed a little because I love getting hugs but never got a lot growing up. I have no idea how long Eve had me trapped but when she let go she looked into my eyes. It felt like she could see everything and can read my mind. When she broke the stair she gave me a small kiss on the cheek. I started to blush madly from her kiss

"Thank you," Eve said walking away swaying her tail.

I put a hand on my cheek and sat there for a minute and thought about what happened I looked into the lake and smiled warmly.