Eve and a Human

Chapter 2

I apparently dozed off by the lake because when I opened my eyes It was late evening. Even though the ground was cold and hard I still slept well. I stretched out my arms and yawned.

"Ow my neck," I said sleepily while rubbing my neck and getting up as my joints cracked as they were stretched. I walked around the lake thinking about the events of yesterday. I still can't grasp what happened. I was dragged to I still don't know where and asked to help a wolf pack and got kissed on the cheek by one. I blushed a little thinking about that. I left the lake looking for Ava to tell me how I could get home. I walked around for a bit and watched what a bunch of females with their eyes glued to me so I gave them a wink and turned their head and blushed slightly and I gave out a small chuckle. I really can't figure out why they would stare at me I'm not even a wolf but whatever. I went to seek Ava once more. I went to her den and saw she was in there

"Hey Ava I got a question for you," I asked starting Ava a little she quickly turned around.

"Oh Jeez Scared me a little there but what's up" Ava replied looking at me

"Do you know how to get back to my house from here?" I asked Ava waiting for an answer

"Yes I do but it's late and it is dark by the time you get home" Ava said gnawing on a bone

"So, please stay with us tonight," Ava asked me

"Umm, where will I sleep," I said looking down at the ground knowing what the answer is.

"On the ground" Ava replied giving me are you stupid look

"Oh ok" I said lying down on the ground

"You want any food still have some " Ava said showing me the leftover deer.

"No, I'm good thanks," I told Ava

I lied on the ground for about two hours unable to sleep because of the cold hard ground I looked over at Ava who was sleeping peacefully and snoring lightly. I decided to go for a walk. I got up very slowly trying not to disturb Ava. I successfully got out of her den and went back to the lake with the moon reflecting in the water and lay down and listened to the running water.

Eves P.O.V

After I left David I went to my den to relax and think about things. For some reason David kept popping in my mind. He may be a human but he was well equipped and kinda cute, to be honest. He seems very sweet and nice he clearly cares because why on earth would he help me when I was clearly upset whoever must be his mate must be extremely lucky. I ended up getting lost in my mind thinking about David before my best friend Emma.

"Hey Eve Who is the lucky guy," Emma said teasing me snapping me back to reality for some reason my knees felt weak and heavy.

"What," I said looking away giving a small blush.

"Don't play dumb with me Eve I saw you so who are you thinking about" Emma asked sitting down next to me.

"Nobody Emma," I said setting my head down on the den floor.

"Even I know that face you can tell me anything," Emma said patting my back

"Ok fine Promise not to tell," I asked Emma which she nodded yes

"The new Human David " I sheepishly admitted to her looking away

"Eve you sly wolf having a crush on a human eh" Emma said nudging me winking

"I don't have a crush on him" I replied, " I think he is very sweet and caring and cute" I added blushing at that last part.

"Yeah sure," Emma said narrowing her eyes at me

"Have you ever seen him before?" I said back to Emma.

"No, I heard about him" Emma said

"Why don't we go see if we can find them" I said getting up and standing at the entrance of the den.

" uhh sure," Emma said walking next to eve.

I walked around trying to find David. After a while they found him chilling by the lake trying to sleep. I walked over to him pawing at Emma to come over to me. She walked over to me and we are standing only a few feet away from David without him knowing

"Your not wrong about the cute part eve" Emma whispered to me and I chuckled.

I went and lied down next to David and made a motion for Emma to lie down to next to which she did. I was surprised when David put his arm around me and pulled me to him the look on Emma's face was shocked and jealous. For some reason, I didn't mind if I don't know why I soon fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up first and saw he didn't have his arms around me they were around Emma instead. I crept around to Emma and nuzzled her and woke her up and whispered " we need to go " which she slowly worked her way out of Davids's arms and got up and walked with me. Emma didn't say anything for a while then I nudged her

"Emma what you think you are not saying anything," I asked Emma looking at her

"I have to agree with you he may be a human but he's so dreamy and so warm," Emma said with a big warm smile.

"See I told you," I told Emma like I was mocking her.

We both went our separate ways as I went back to my den to catch more sleep.

Davids P.O.V

After Emma and Eve left I got up and went back to Ava's den to find my way home. For some reason I kept thinking about Emma and Eve I just shook it off and kept walking at a steady speed. I go to Ava's Den and we talked for a second

"I'll guide you there alright," Ava said

"Sure that's fine" I replied

She walked out of her den and was directly in front of me at a slow pace we didn't exchange words for a good portion of the walk. I noticed Ava was swaying her hips a little I glanced at it quickly but she saw me and I was soon tackled

"What you staring at David," Ava said with her teeth showing. I thought this was it I'm dead as I braced for my throat to ripped out. I felt something very warm on my lips I opened my eyes And saw Ava was kissing me. She broke away smiling happily. I was completely speechless for a minute until I could find words.

"A...Ava" Was I could say

"I'm sorry I had to know how it was to kiss a human" Ava said looking away clearly embarrassed.

"I….its ok let's go," I said getting up.

We walked side by side giving each glance at each other then quickly looking away. I finally reached home sweet home I took the key from under the doormat and unlocking with a soft metal clank of the lock disengaging.

"Alright I'll see you tomorrow to help us hunt,? " Ava asked me.

"Yep I'll see you tomorrow Ava," I said before shutting my door closed and locking and collapsing on my bed which felt like heaven compared to my time outside I closed my eyes and once again fell asleep.