Merry Christmas! This is a part of my Big Christmas Update. Essentially, I stayed up all night Christmas eve writing this and updates for all my other stories. Umm, no real plot or explanation, I just thought it was funny.

Percy was having a bad day. First, he got randomly teleported with just a bow into something that looked straight out of a sci-fi movie, and then some guys in black and white armor came and started shooting guns at him. He was really annoyed, because one: these guys were shooting laser blasters at him, two: Annabeth was probably going to kill him, three: it was probably all the gods fault.

The only lucky thing was that the Oreo cookie dudes (what, he was hungry.) seemed to be as bad shooters as him. They shot a blast; a long piece of roof exploded. Percy shot an arrow; somehow the big beepy thingy BEHIND him got hit.

Three less walls, one less ceiling, and one less window later: Percy shot an arrow, just as one as the Oreo dudes shot a blast, and they hit together, and the ship exploded.

That is why, there is one less starship then there should be in the star wars movie.

On olympus

The gods looked in shock and horror on the hephestus tv, as the ship exploded. Apollo fainted from the horrible archery, and Artemis looked sick. Ares looked about ready to cry.

"Never," Athena whispered " never again. "

So, yeah, not that good, but I wrote it really quickly. MERRY CHRISTMAS!