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I returned to Tatooine without a scratch, even though I had to lose the stormtroopers that were following me. I was thankful for hyperspace and my instincts, because I had never flown a ship like this until today. I landed the ship far away from Obi-Wan's hiding place, and I sprinted until I found it. I saw Obi-Wan emerge from his spot, and he guided me in.

"Welcome back, young Padawan. How did it go?"

"Well, I was able to create my own lightsaber," I said, handing Obi-Wan my weapon, and he ignited it.

"Gold?" I watched Obi-Wan's surprised expression as he examined my weapon. "Unique, indeed."

"What does it mean, exactly?" I asked as he handed my lightsaber back to me.

"In the Jedi Order, it means that you are a Jedi Sentinel. Not only did you hone your combat skills, but you also have some scholarly knowledge. Where did you get yours from?"

"My dad is called the founder of the future," I explained, remembering everything my dad invented, including the time machine. "He's one of the most brilliant inventors in history, and he's the smartest person I know. I'm not as smart as he is, but I'm glad to have obtained a lot of knowledge from him."

"What happened there?" Obi-Wan asked, pointing to my shoulder.

"I ran into Vader along the way," I answered. "We dueled. He tried to tell me to let the dark side of the Force consume me with my feelings, but I knew better." I paused and looked at my master with solemn. "Obi-Wan, Anakin survived the fight. I'm not sure what he had gone through to get this far, but he survived. He's now wearing black armor all over his body, and his fighting style is stiffer. Please, tell me what happened?"

"I didn't kill Anakin, as I told you and Master Yoda," Obi-Wan explained. "The last thing I saw was him burning in flames, and he had difficult crawling back up with only one arm."

"One arm?" I asked, horrified.

"I left his fate up to the Force. I guess the Force gave him another chance to change."

"Vader seems to be consumed by power," I suggested, placing my chin in my right hand.

"So, you made contact with Vader. What was the outcome?"

"I told him that listening to our feelings led to regret and I asked him if he regretted killing his wife, and I blocked his path back to me."

"Did you experience anything before the duel?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Yes, I meditated as I found the crystal, and all of these memories from my childhood became known."

"What kind of memories?"

"One of the karate lessons my mom gave me, my first chargeball lesson, the moment my dad showed me the time machine for the first time, and my first mishap with the time machine. But there were some memories that made me question myself, such as going to the past to bring my dad to the future and then having to hide that he's from the past from my family, which caused me to not exist."

"Why would taking your dad to the future cause you to not exist?"

"My dad had invented another time machine, and that one ended up being stolen by someone who was mad at my dad. Because I had brought my dad to the future and this guy changed the future, I did not exist. But my dad fixed everything, and here I am."

"That must have been a hard lesson to learn," Obi-Wan replied, also with his chin in his right hand.

"Yes, sir, it was. But, I kept moving forward."

"I have guided you with the Force throughout your trials, but it didn't sound like you needed much guidance."

"I take it this means—"

"You have passed the trials. Well done, Jedi Knight Wilbur Robinson."

We shook hands with each other and smiled at each other.

"I wish you were born much earlier," Obi-Wan said. "We could have used you in the Clone Wars."

"I'm flattered, but I'm needed elsewhere: home."

"Then I will let you return there. Hopefully, Vader does not get an idea and track you through time and space to your time."

"He shouldn't. The time machine has been here the entire time." I started to walk away when I heard my name, and I turned around.

"May the Force be with you."

"May the Force be with you, Master Kenobi."

I got into my time machine, and I punched in the coordinates to go home.

October 20, 2043 – Todayland, North Montana, USA

I landed the time machine in the garage, and I took the travel tube to my room. I laid my eyes on my wife, who was sitting on the purple couch, and she turned to look at me as I landed.


We ran towards each other and held each other for the longest time before we closed in for a kiss.

"Hey, Karr. It's good to be home."

"Did you get everything figured out?"

"Yes, I did. You were right, Karr. I'm a Jedi. Specifically, I'm a Jedi Sentinel."

"I take it Obi-Wan trained you?"

"Yes, he did. You picked heck of a time too. Coruscant was in ruins when I got there, and I just managed to meet up with Obi-Wan and Yoda. I almost died because my sword did not work against the troopers."

"Revenge of the Sith?"

"Huh?" I asked her, confused.

"It sounds like you went back to when Revenge of the Sith took place. It's the movie where the Sith emerge and take over the galaxy after planning their revenge on the Jedi."

"So I saw. Obi-Wan and I pretty much had to train in hiding. In fact, I actually faced Darth Vader."

"Not with a sword, did you?" Karena asked with concern in her voice.

"Actually, I had to destroy the sword to make my lightsaber," I replied, handing my wife my lightsaber.

"Wilbur, isn't this the sword you got from that Japanese warrior back in time?"

"It was, but the hilt from that was the only thing I had. Besides, this lightsaber has a new meaning to me now."

I watched as Karena ignited my lightsaber.

"It's yellow?"

"Gold. It means that I have honed my skills in combat and knowledge."

"You truly have, Wilbur. Or should I say, Jedi Master Robinson?"

"Knight, Karr. I'm not a master."

"So, what are you going to do with your lightsaber?" Karena asked as we got close to where we were rubbing our noses.

"Keep it very close to me," I replied, taking it from Karena and placing it on the right side of my belt. "I love you."

"I love you, too, my Jedi Knight in shining armor."