The bad guys all slithered and snuck with vile smiles most unpleasant

Around the entire den and living room, they took all the Possible presents

Ann's jewelry set and new brain surgeon tools, Kim's new Kimmunicator
The Tweebs' drone with a flamethrower nicknamed "The Incinerator"
James' rocket set, Joss's mechanical horse went amiss
And his latest version of "Fortress"!
She even took Larry's Bernalus Senator action doll as seen
To her, it would look even better soaked in gasoline
But that's not all, no...
For she had more gifts to steal, though.
Bonnie wanted to inflict more damage to them.
To that point, she had Junior steal Ron's PSX720 and "Zombie Mayhem"!

Once the den was taken care of, there was the next phase of the plan.
The kitchen was the next victim room, if one can understand.
Junior and the henchmen seemed invincible like the Terminator
They then began to raid the refridgerator
They took the Possible's feast
This included Nana's lemon-squares and even the Christmas Turkey Beast.
They cleaned out the fridge quickly like The Flash
They even took the last can of Slim Possible's Montana potato hash.

They took all the toys and food out the open door, not too far.
To the 'borrowed' trailer hitched on Cruella's 'borrowed' car
Bonnie giggled with glee
"Now..." the Queen grinned, "Junior, take the tree!"

Just as Junior did so, she almost made a fatal mistake
One of the members heard the sound, turned on the light, suddenly awake
Bonnie gasped and quickly instructed the henchmen to hide.
Leaving only Junior without a hiding place inside.
She feared that this would be Kim
Whom would not be afraid to use all 16 styles of Kung Fu against her and him.
To her amazement, she saw that it wasn't a Possible who got out of bed.
But it was a STOPPABLE instead.

Hana Stoppable had heard the sound and came to.
She, at time, was no more than two.
She was adopted by the Stoppable parents, not a few months sooner
Ron once even called her "The Intruder"

But her big brother loves her so much
If one enemy harmed a hair on her, they would DEFINITELY regret that touch

Coming out of bed
Hana stared at Junior and said:
Santy Claus? Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?
It almost makes me wanna cry...

Junior, learning from his lessons with Shego
Knew a perfect lie
It was to boost his ego
And to keep their plan alive

"Why, my sweet dear..." the fake Santa fibbed
"There's a burnt-out light on the tree..if you can see..
Bonnie smiled, for she taught him to ad-lib
For it is so
Junior gave out a big Ho-Ho-Ho
"I'm taking it back to my workshop up the North Pole
My elves will work on the tree that also has a huge trunk hole."

Hana did indeed observe the hole in the trunk
So that her fears would be quickly debunked
He instructed one of his 'elves' to put the tree in a very large sack.
"Don't worry, I'll bring the tree right back."

The fib easily fooled the child
And Junior patted her head.
He gave her a warm glass of milk, not too mild
And sent her to bed.

Once Hana left the living room space
The henchmen, and Bonnie, came out of their hiding place
She exclaimed "That was extremely close. Now let's finish up the job, you dog

Take the last thing in their house! The yule log!"

Junior took the Possible's log for their fire.
The HenchCo henchmen left nothing but hooks and bare wire.

It was now quarter to 6.
Bonnie and Junior were doing their final tricks.
They had stuffed every last bag and tied it with ties.
Bonnie gasped, looking at the sunrise.
"Junior, start the car!
"We have to make sure the Possible's Christmas will not go far!

And to his intuition
Junior went into the car, followed by Bonnie, and started the ignition
The DeVille vehicle sped off from sight
From the theft of the Possible house that occurred during the night.
The henchmen's HenchCo automobiles followed as well
To make sure that everything Possible-related burns in the flames of Hell

About 4,000 feet up outside the city limits of Middleton
The car came to a stop at such precision.
Bonnie asked "Junior, do you have the two tanks of gasoline?"
Junior took out the tanks from the trunk, so that they could be seen
"They are right here, my love, for it will be brighter
Once we set the gifts and food on fire."
The henchmen also got out of the cars too
To unload the trailer filled with the gifts and food
They moved the trailer from the DeVil car 1500 feet away
So that no fatalities or injuries would result that day.

"Wait..." Bonnie paused, stopped and stared,
"The Britinia CD! That is the only gift to be spared
If the disc doesn't skip or hinder."

"But the rest of it? Burn it to a single cinder!"

One of the henchmen gave her the gift she wanted the most.
They have now received their intructions to reduce everything to toast.

"Before you can do that, I must hear...
...The sound that the Possibles most fear"
Bonnie insisted with, again, her sexy grin
"I want to relish my victory, my triumph, my win!"

She was constantly humming

"As we speak, the Possibles are finding out now
Including Kim, the big, fat redheaded pig-cow
Their Christmas is not coming.
That will definitely make up for me being sad
For all the crappy Christmases I had!"

Junior added, "They're waking up, and their mouth with drop for a minute or two.
Then all the Possibles in the Possible house will cry boo-hoo!"


"This is a glorious noise..." grinned Bonnie, "...that we simply must hear.
Both Bonnie and Junior paused and put a hand to her pierced ear.

The evil couple did hear a sound rising over that heavy snow.
It indeed started low, then...it started to grow!

To the Evil Couple's shock, the sound from the Possibles wasn't sad.
This sound was more in the area of...glad!

Every Possible down in the Possible-house
The tall and the small
Was singing their carols without any presents at all.

The Queen hadn't stopped the Possible Christmas from arriving, it came.
Somehow, in the mystery of life, it came all the same.
And the Queen and Junior, with their boots cold stuck in the snow, stood puzzling
Puzzling and wondering and mustering

It came without her mother's jewelry case! It came without the wannabe's Kimmunicator!
It came wihout her dad's rocket set! It came without the Tweeb's Drone Incinerator!

Junior suddenly thought of something his tiny mind hadn't before.
"Maybe the Possible Christmas...means a little bit...more!"

Bonnie gasped. She hadn't thought of this.
Of Junior having a change of heart on her evil list.
"Junior, what the Hell have you been smoking?"

"You really must be truly joking!"
But Junior gave Bonnie a treasonous reply.
With a bit of a small sigh

"No, my beautiful brunette! It's the Possible family coming together that is the primary reason
To celebrate their Christmas season."
Bonnie growled. She didn't know what to do at this junction.
Her family, with all of its gossip and intrigue, erred on the side of dysfunction.
What happened then?
In an instant and not when?

Through the TRUE meaning of Christmas, Junior's heart grew three sizes that day.
In a sort of a miraculous way.

But then, from the city, came a loud holler
The Queen gasped in horror after recognizing that voice:

This left her no choice.

Bonnie sneered, thinking for herself,
"If you don't have the gumption
To do a lot of destruction.
Then I will do the evil deed myself."

She swiped the gas cans away from Junior's hands
And was about to accomplish her own dastardly evil plans.
Bonnie, now running, gave an evil cackle
What she didn't expect was a hard-charging tackle
From the 'redheaded pig-cow' she had called Kim moments ago
The gasoline went onto the DeVille car to and fro.
"Now, Tweebs!" the world-saver yelled, tackling her rival in the attack
Both Jim and Tim freed the drone from its prison sack.
With the flamethrower as its primary weapon, its target in sight.
It breathed fire on the gas-covered DeVille car, ready to ignite.
The DeVille Car blew up in a blaze of glory
Of twisted Detroit (actually UK) metal and steel (and thankfully, things that are not gory)
The HenchCo henchmen, seeing this destruction
Tried to get out of here, wishing they had jobs in construction.
But almost all of their vans stalled out and didn't move, to their dismay.
Ron and Rufus has loosened their air from their tires, and Rufus said OK!

"Bonnie...you should know better than that in this sitch!"
" Of all the evil things you have done and all the dirty pranks that you have set,
This is the most wrongsick of all, you evil witch!"
Growled Kim, wresting with the brunette.

"K, it's no fair of what you and your fam are doing.

Living next door to me, and enjoying Christmas while I stare out of the window, losing!"
Kim then replied, "Then why don't you move out?

Before I force you on me my puppy-dog pout!"
And she did make the PDP

Bonnie covered her eyes, not wanting to see.

Not literally, Kim gave Bonnie a black eye.
Thankfully, Hana told Ron about Junior's flat-faced lie.
As if the Christmas Day started off worse on Bonnie, for sure
She then tripped and fell into a pigsty filled with manure.

What Bonnie didn't know was that Junior, finding the meaning of Christmas came through.
He now has the strength of 50 henchmen, plus two.
With his heart hadn't felt quite so tight.
Junior, Ron, and Rufus. all loaded up the only active HenchCo van in the morning light.
The one minivan whose tires were not slashed
Bonnie screamed as Kim cuffed her rival behind her back, the former's reputation now gashed.

Junior descended down toward Middleton eating crumpets
And Ron blew out a charging tune on the top of the van from his shofar trumpet.

Everyone went back into Middleton
And went back to the Possible abode and released the toys.
To Joss, Cousin Larry, and the Twin Possible Boys
Junior brought back Ann's jewelry box and Kim's new model Kimmunicator.
The drone carried toys to the den with its' now-closed incinerator.
Larry was especially delighted a lot
When he received his versions of Fortress and Everlot
He even jumped through the hall on a football
That Junior gave him back both his Bernalus Senator action doll

Everyone, except for Bonnie, brought everything back, including the food and feast.
And to the youngest Rockwaller's shock and disgrace
Adding a banana-cream pie to her face.
Junior even...carved the Christmas Turkey Beast.

Though Kim interrupted the festivities and said,
"You know, Junior, both you and Bonnie will be serving time in prison instead.

"The police are still going to arrest you for the robbery that you two performed last night
And of course, they are going to read you the Miranda Right
You still did the crime
You still are going to have to do the time.
As for Bon-Bon, the School Board will decide your fate, you stupid clod
And also for your position on the MHS Cheer Squad.

So, Bonnie and Junior were led away in the wagon, facing their stupid decision
Of doing this crime that would defintely lead them to prison
"Now..." the driver said in a familar voice. "...you two have done well as so
You especially, Miss Rockwaller, have obeyed "The Villain Code"
Both Junior and Bonnie smiled with delight, for they recogized his evil demenanor
The driver took off his mask, revealing to be Senor Senior Senior

For Bonnie's relationship with Junior, everything was forgiven.
When Junior gave her a wad of $500,000 rolled up in fresh crisp Benjamins
"You have chosen your mate wisely, young lady,
Except for the fact that my son suffered a good gaffe
But no matter, when the weather is sunny or shady
We shall all practice our evil laughs!"

And they all laughed in the wagon for sport
While Senior took them on helicopter to the island from the airport.