"No! Stop chewing on that you imbecile!" Charles glared at the little bird pecking at the pages of his book. For being injured, the little creature seemed pretty content sitting on Charles' desk, adding little holes to the pages of his birdwatcher's guide.

With a sigh Charles leaned back in his chair, "How long could it possibly take that lunatic to find a box? It's not that difficult!"

With the raise of his voice, the bird stopped its chewing and looked up at the Major.

"Thank you! Now please don't think about doing anymore chewing!" He said, gently scooting the bird a few inches away from his book.

He continued to flip through the pages as the bird found something else to occupy himself with. Someone's notebook was about to have a newly decorated cover; a lovely pattern of scratches from the little bird's beak.

"Aha! I've found it!" Charles exclaimed.

The startled bird once again stopped and looked up to Charles, who scooped him up and sat him on top of the book.

"Yes, I do believe that's you," he said, comparing the bird to the illustration. "Agh, look at me! I'm talking to a bird!"

But he was right, they did match. He double checked and chuckled to himself, "And Honoria always thought she was the better bird watcher! Ha!"

"What about bird watching?"

Charles turned in his chair to see his two bunk mates strolling in. Hawkeye was holding a box filled with what looked like gauze and a splint.

The two walked up beside Charles and looked down at the little bird sitting on the book, now chewing at the corner of the page.

"I hate to break it to you Charles, but I don't think you're gonna be able to teach that bird how to read," BJ joked.

"Ha ha. Well it took Pierce long enough to get a box."

Hawkeye huffed, "Well I had to find one that Charles would like."

"Why would Charles care what kind of box you got for the bird?"

Hawkeye glanced over at BJ, "No, not him, I mean Charles, the bird."

BJ raised an eyebrow, "You named the bird Charles?"

"Uh... yup."

"Don't you think that could get a little confusing?"

"Or annoying," Charles groaned.

"Hmm, you're right, we should rename Charles."

Charles sighed in relief. "Thank you!"

"No, not the bird, I meant you. How does Chuckles sound?"

Charles glared at Hawkeye, "You will do no such thing! Besides, there's a solution to this name problem, look here," he said pointing to the pages his book was open to.

Both Hawkeye and BJ leaned in to get a look at the pictures. "Now this is an illustration of a type of small finch; the bramblimg."

BJ looked at the bird and at one of the pictures. "Uhh, Hawk... I think Charles is..."

Charles scooped the bird up in his hands, "A female. Precisely. Looking at these two pictures I can definitely say this bird here is a female brambling."

"Guess we'll have to call her Charline," BJ remarked.

"If you must name the thing, Pierce-"

"Listen, I found her, I get to name her. We're calling her Charles."

Charles stood up with the bird still in his hands, "You're simply doing this to spite me!"

Hawkeye smirked, "Of course."

BJ erupted in a fit of laughter as he walked over to sit down on his cot. "I must say, Hawk, if you ever get married, let your wife name the kids."

Charles sighed as he looked at the box. "Pierce, the box..."

"Oh yeah!" Hawkeye quickly emptied the medical supplies onto the desk and held the box. "Here, put Charles in th-"

"No, Pierce! I mean the box- didn't you get anything to put in it for her?! Any grass, sticks, perhaps food?"

"Uhh... I didn't think to get any of that."

"Listen, why don't you go fill up the box before it gets dark out, huh? I'll stay here and put her wing in a splint."

Hawkeye nodded and turned to BJ. "Care to help out?"

"Aww heck, why not. Anything for Charles," BJ said, standing up.

Charles smiled, "Well, thank you, Hunnicut."

BJ chuckled, "Actually, I was talking about-"

With a frown Charles stopped him, "Let me guess; you meant the bird, not me."

"Took the words right outta my mouth, Chuckles!"

Hawkeye looked over to Charles before leaving for the door, "Hey, what do these... uhh... bramblings eat anyway?"

Charles looked down at his book and scanned over the page. "Says here they mostly eat insects, but will also eat berries and seeds."

Hawkeye nodded, "Great, all we have to do is catch a few bugs and pick a few berries," he opened to door and looked at BJ, "can't be that hard, right Beej?"