I got to see Waitress in November and I was AMAZING! I could rant about it for ages. I hadn't really listened to it before seeing it, so it was a different expereience for me. I got this idea from the preformence and I just haven't typed it up for a while.

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Mermaid Marshmallow Pie

The kitchen carried the welcoming scent of Mama's pie crust. Jenna seemed to float as she walked into the room. She had one thought on her mind: It's baking time.

Flour. Butter. Sugar. All laid out on the counter. Mama was in her apron, a bit of white powder in her hair. Jenna giggled, making Mama looked up. Even through her smile, Jenna noticed the lines under her eyes. She had heard her parents arguing deep into the night. Jenna had fallen asleep before she could hear the end of it. Mama helped her tie up her apron. The one with the mermaid on the pocket.

"What kind of pie do you wanna make today, baby?" asked Mama, giving her daughter a kiss.

"Mermaid pie!" Jenna exclaimed.

Mama ducked into the pantry. "Let's see, sweetie, we must have something. . ." She pulled out a bag of unopened marshmallows. "Let's see what we can do with these."

"Marshmallows in a pie?" She wrinkled her nose.

"Jenna, you can tell the whole story with a taste."

The two girls seemed to dance as they mixed the pie up. Mama got the crust out of the oven. Jenna was bursting. Even her hands seemed happy. They cracked eggs and whisked.

"When you bake, Jenna, you can pour everything into it," said Mama, "Your worries." She dumped in a cup of marshmallows. "Each and every one of your sorrows." The graham crackers went in. She stirred it all together. "Now make a wish."

What to wish for? There were too many things. To meet a real mermaid. Or, better yet, become a mermaid. Jenna took another glance at her mother. Mama tried her hardest to hide her stresses. She knew what to wish for now.

I wish for Mama to be happy.

After giving Mama a nod, Jenna helped put it in the fridge. The door opened and slammed. Daddy was home. He stomped around in the other room. Jenna heard him say a naughty word. She gasped. Her parents never cussed around her. Mama's hands shook as she put the ingredients away. She excused herself.

"I'll be right back, sweetie," said her mother, "How about you name the pie while I'm gone?"

She nodded. In the other room, Jenna could hear something fall. And her parents shouting at each other. She stole another glance at the beautiful pie. There was another crash, making her fall. Jenna closed the fridge door, looking down at her mermaid apron. Mermaid. Marshmallows.

Mermaid marshmallow pie.

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