Well, here we are again, at the end of the story.

Dark Crimson Messiah is a different type of story from the others I have on here. There's no romance, very little happiness, and a lot more violence. That said, it may be my proudest work I've ever written. My introduction mentioned how my father recommended changing my style to this more novel-like writing, and I've found I love it. It has a tendency to inspire these random bits of prose that just spring into my mind while I'm writing. I think it will overall be more of how I write moving forward.

Adam Taurus is not my usual character to write. I would like to thank youtube user EruptionFang for encouraging me to take a closer look at him and overall sparking this story. Adam is a dark person. Maybe a psychotic terrorist, maybe a tragic hero. It was sometimes a challenge to write these horrible things he was doing from the point of view that it was completely justified. I'm not sure where I stand on Adam overall. I think he went too far in pursuit of justice, but I'm not sure he was entirely wrong. I guess we'll never really find out from RWBY.

I started this story by asking where the readers stopped liking Adam. So far, no responses to that question. I'm not going to state my own opinion on it, I don't want to skew the results.

Thank you so much to all of the readers on this story. Despite only being up for a short time, this story has over 700 views at the time of this upload. Considering the number of chapters in this one as compared to my other stories, I think that's incredible. This was a risk for me, switching my writing style and tone for this story, and I cannot express how much it means to me to have the support of this community. Truly, thank you all.

So, what's next? I'm working on a few projects at the moment, not sure what's going to stick and what's going to fizzle. My sequel to A Flickering Light is still in the works, but no clue when that will be ready. I have about half of a Borderlands 2 story that I might finish sometime. Primarily, though, what's coming next is Star Wars. I've been playing a lot of SWTOR recently, and the class storylines for each of the classes meant that I ended up developing actual characters with personalities to play the story more accurately. And a lot of them started inspiring me to write. Most likely, the first one you see will be my Sith Warrior character. His story is the most developed at this point, and probably my favorite of the ones I'm working on. I also think it's funny that I can very clearly tell reading it which chapters were written before I wrote Dark Crimson Messiah, and which came afterwards. That'll probably be the next one up here.

As a final note, this is actually my second RWBY story. The first never made it onto this site, and was focused on Fox of Team CFVY. It was originally a challenge to see if I could write a blind character well. It's not the same quality as this one, but if you're interested in reading Quick Blind Fox, let me know and I'll post it.

I think that's about it. Feel free to leave me comments or PM me if you have more to say or critiques on the story, I am constantly seeking to improve.

Until next time.