Hello everyone

Anyone who reads this

I hope for anyone to take up a challenge of beastars crossover with the wolf among us

With elements of rwby and other franchises

I even have a plot for you to help start

Plot: Legosi was born a wolf but carries the blood of a kamodo dragon which is resistant to venom.

At a young age after his mother's death, he runs away and bumps into a woman with a dangerous aura named Raven and takes him away to her tribe receiving gruesome training for about 6 years

During the years he still went to meet other kids like jack in secret so it helped himself stay stable for awhile

Afterwards during a training session he decides to vanish after seeing her get occupied with a monster assault

He finds himself at a city alone in the streets, until being found at fabletown by bigby wolfe

At present day he is a teen with a sensitive personality afraid of his feral nature and like his mangaself as a pacifist he could receive a job as an assistant investigator