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(Shinjuku park-The Next Day)

Harry patted his pocket with his expanded bag inside, he, Catharine, Ryo and Alice had raided the Kitchen, the library and the vault last night and had placed as much as they could in their bottomless bags, their Digimon had been feeling ill all day and they didn't like it, it was making them twitchy, they saw the others and rushed over, ignoring their parents who were shooting them concerned yet relieved looks.

"Are you guys alright?" they looked at each other before looking to the Digi gate in front of them and then back to him "Renamon says she's been feeling off all day" "Guilmon wouldn't eat his bread" "Terriermon's been quiet all day" "Lopmon has a tummy ache" "Impmon's been quiet and won't eat" "Monodramon is the same" "Floramon looks a little wilted" "BlackGabumon didn't eat breakfast" Harry nodded "Kotemon hasn't been able to train properly, I don't like it, what is this Digi Gate doing here?"

The humans gasped in surprise as the Digimon started glowing before they started shrinking and De-Digivolving "What is happening?" Janyu walked over "Dad help us!" "Mr Wong Please? What is happening?" Janyu looked away as did all the other parents and Monster Makers bar James, Lily Sirius, Remus, Rumiko and Aiko" "Henry I…the whole world was in danger and there was only one way out, we had to take it, even if it meant losing the Digimon".

"What do you mean lose? Where are they going?" "They have to return to the Digital Plain or they'll disappear forever, like the D-Reaper, they were never meant for this world" "But Guilmon is meant to be with me, he's a part of me" a booming voice was heard "This I will not allow!" all of the Digimon returned to Rookie form, MarineAngemon was now Penguinmon and Guardromon was now Hagurumon.

"What the?" a bright light flew out of the Digi Gate and landed in front of the children, between them and the adults, the light disappeared to reveal a woman, she was about 5''7 in height, weighing at around 149 Ibs, she had fair skin, purple eyes, short purple hair, and a large bust. She wears glasses with purple hexagonal lens, a white buttoned shirt with long puffy sleeves, and pocket on the left side of the chest, a purple bow tie, a black dress that accentuates her breasts and is open in the back with the straps forming an "X", black stockings, and high white boots with purple shoelaces and black soles.

She frowned at the adults before looking at the children "hello children" Harry's, Henry's and Takato's eyes widened at the voice "Lady Gaiamon?" she smiled "if you like, that is one of my names, otherwise, you can just call me Auntie Mirei, now, do you want to stay with your Digimon? There is a catch if you agree" Harry frowned "What is the catch, Auntie Mirei?" "If you are to stay with your Digimon partners, you will be going back to the Digital World with them for a while".

The adults started to protest and Mirei turned with a thunderous expression "SILENCE! You insolent humans, you have tried to destroy the bond between Human Tamers and their Digimon, I should execute you for your crimes but I will be lenient, this is why only children are allowed to bond because they would never chance destroying their Digimon for the Greater Good, they'd find another way, you didn't".

The adults winced "We only want what's best for our children!" "What's best for your children, the bond between Guilmon and Takato is so strong that they can feel each other's emotions, if you separated them like you were about to, it could have killed him!" the adults froze at that "You don't know anything about the Tamer/Digimon bond, you could have killed them all" Mirei turned back to the children "Now, if you agree, you'll be sent to the Digital World you know, it will be repaired and then I'll connect it to the actual Digital World, the one you know of is in a pocket dimension".

Harry nodded "And it will be linked to the proper one?" Mirei nodded with a smile "My children, I give you a gift" she waved her hand and Rika, Henry, Takato, Kazu, Kenta, Suzie, Ai and Mako glowed "You are all like Hadrian, Alice, Catharine and Ryo now, you are half-magical, half-Digital, I shall let them teach you how to control your new powers but, if you go to the Digital World now, you shall not be able to return for three Earth years".

Harry looked at James, lily, Sirius and Remus who nodded "We'll support you whatever you decide" Harry nodded before looking at Mirei "I needed to return anyways, Ryo, Catharine and me and royalty there, they'll need us at first to sort out the chaos" Mirei nodded "You are correct of course, you three do need to return, I wanted to allow your parents to go with you but adults aren't allowed in the Digital World unless they entered it first during their childhood".

Harry sighed but nodded in understanding "Well then, we three are going" Alice stepped forwards "Where you three go, I go, I don't fit in here, I never have" she looked at Rob who winced but nodded, she stood by the others, Ai and Mako walked over "We aren't leaving Impmon again" "That's right, he's our Digimon partner and we won't let him go without us" Harry saw Ai and Mako's parents looking crazily frightened.

"I'll do everything I can to bring them back to you" their parents looked at him "What can you do?" Harry smirked "More than you would think" Takato took a step towards the group "I'm not leaving Guilmon, he is a part of me" Rika and Henry nodded and walked over to the group with Takato, Rumiko let tears fall but nodded "I understand honey, Hadrian, you look after my little girl?" Harry nodded "I will, I swear on my life" Rumiko nodded tearfully.

Janyu looked at his son "Henry…please…don't do this" Henry looked at him "You were going to take away the most important part of my life, don't ask me to lose it" Suzie looked at Henry then at her Dad, then at Lopmon, she walked over to Henry "I'm going with Hendwy and Hawwy and Lopmon, be good Daddy" Janyu fell to his knees and sobbed into his hands "I'm so sorry" Jeri looked at the others before sighing.

Mirei chuckled "Jeri" Jeri looked at her and gasped at the Digiegg in her hands "Is that?" Mirei nodded "it is, Hadrian managed to save his Data and started compiling it into a Digiegg, I just sped up the process so that Beelzemon had a chance to save you from the D-Reaper but it wasn't to be" Jeri rushed over and grabbed the egg and held it to her chest "Oh Leomon, we'll never be separated again".

Kazu and Kenta glared at their parents "How dare you try to take our Digimon away from us after all the work we put in to find them and all the good we did" they walked over to the group and crossed their arms defiantly, Mirei smiled at them "You are the Digimon Tamers, the only beings in the Digimon universe that can Biomerge with their Digimon partners, this makes you possibly the strongest group as well".

She looked at the adults "Now, the Digi Gates will open again in three Earth years, a lot will have changed by then and these children will be teenagers, you will either accept their changes or lose them all together, remember this warning, do not, I repeat, do not attempt to destroy the Digimon that come out of those gates, they aren't like the ones you have faced before and were not created by humans as a side project of mine, they were made by me".

"They are stronger, faster, smarter and more durable, I shall be making all of the Digimon that you Monster Makers created like that as well, the children will be safe with my…emissary in the Digital World as they get used to it, goodbye, human adults, they'll see you again in three years' time, hopefully by then, they'll have forgiven you for what you tried today" the adults paled as Mirei disappeared with the thirteen Digimon Tamers.

(To be Continued)

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