AN: You will see a massive change in Rika's attitude rather early in the story instead of later, I personally didn't like Rika's attitude at the beginning of the series. I do not own Harry Potter or Digimon.

(Yodobashi Elementary School)

Harry walked down the hall before a voice called out "Hey, Potter-san" he blinked and turned around to see Takato running to catch up to him "Yes?" the boy huffed slightly from his running before holding his hand out "Thanks for the help in class, I'm Matsuki Takato" Harry smiled and shook his hand "Potter Hadrian, you were drawing a Digimon right? I try to keep up with the card game".

Takato grinned as they started walking "Yeah, it's my personal Digimon, Guilmon, it is related to Agumon but with more power" Harry nodded "That makes sense, I always thought that Agumon was overrated, he was powerful all the way through his Digivolution line, I prefer Digimon who start off rather weak then surprise you in their Digivolution lines later on" Takato hummed "Huh? I never thought of it like that, it is interesting".

Harry shrugged "That's just how I see it, not everything is about power, you need Mobility, Power and Durability to make a good fighter" Takato nodded "Yeah, that makes sense, how do you know this stuff?" Harry chuckled "My family is into martial arts, I'm taking Kendo lessons at the moment" Takato nodded in interest, Harry looked off to the side to see Rika staring at him, she made a gesture and he nodded.

He looked at Takato "hey Matsuki-san" Takato looked at him "it's Takato Potter-san" Harry nodded "Then Hadrian, I have to go and speak to the person who helped me this morning, I'll talk to you later?" Takato grinned "yeah, no problem man, see you Hadrian-san" Harry smiled "Bye Takato-san" Takato rushed off and Harry walked over to Rika "hello Nonaka-san, how was your day?" she nodded "A bit boring if I'm honest, yours?".

Harry shrugged "The work seemed easy but I'm sure that is going to change as we get further into the year, I'll just go at it one day at a time for now" he looked at her "Thanks for checking up on me Nonaka-san, I appreciate it" she looked away to hide the slight pink in her cheeks "It was nothing, I just wanted to make sure you were fitting in" Harry nodded before looking at the roof "I think I'll have dinner up there".

She looked at the roof and then looked at him "Fair enough, I'll see you there then" Harry nodded with a slight smile "See you Nonaka-san" she nodded "See you Potter-san" he walked away and she watched him curiously, Harry frowned as he felt eyes on him, he stilled slightly for a second before continuing on, he felt the eyes latch onto him intensely for a moment before vanishing, his eyes furrowed before he shrugged.

(A few hours later)

Harry waved goodbye to Takato and his friends and chuckled, they were a bit weird but they were alright people, he frowned 'Maybe I'm the weird one, I am an 18 year old in the body of a 12 year old' he blinked when he heard a cough and turned and smiled at Rika who was watching him curiously "Hello Nonaka-san, have I kept you waiting?" she shook her head and looked at him "No, I got here a moment ago, what were you thinking about?".

Harry sighed as they started walking "The difference between myself and most of the student body, besides you, I haven't met another student here that is anywhere near my maturity level" he sighed before frowning as he felt those eyes on him again, he continued walking normally and looked at Rika with a small smile as she spoke "I can get annoying, not having anyone like me around, I guess that I why I latched onto this companionship, I'm generally a lot colder to people".

Harry shrugged "I'm generally less trusting" he looked at her as the eyes on him never faltered "Can I walk you home?" she looked at him before nodding "Are you going to be able to find your way home after that?" Harry smiled "I've got an impeccable sense of direction, the only reason I needed help getting to the school was because I hadn't been there and if I do get lost, my uncle will come and pick me up".

She nodded and they continued on their way, ignoring the whispers from the other students, Rika watched Harry's reaction to the whispers and was silently impressed with the seeming ignorance to it from him, he smiled at her and she gave him a slight smile back, she did notice the slight tension in his body and the frowned slightly realising then Renamon might be staring at him, she shrugged, he couldn't feel her, no one could.

They came up to a nice looking villa and stopped, Harry looked at it and nodded "It's beautiful" she nodded "it is" she groaned and Harry raised an eyebrow until he saw two women at the door, one of them walking forwards, she looked to be in her late 20's early 30's and had dark blonde hair and Rika's eyes, this was obviously her Mother, he looked at the other woman, she looked to be in her early 50's or 60's and had their eyes, Rika's Grandmother?

He smiled politely as Rika's mother walked over "Rika, how was school?" Rika blinked "Boring mostly" the woman nodded before looking at Harry curiously "And who is this young man? This is the first time you've brought anyone around the house" Rika looked down in embarrassment, Harry smiled and bowed "Hello, Mrs Nonaka-san, I'm Potter Hadrian, your daughter helped me out today so I offered to walk her home".

She looked at Rika who sighed "Potter-san is a transfer student from England, I was helping him settle in" Harry nodded in agreement, the woman smiled regardless "well, it's a pleasure to meet you Potter-san, would you stay for dinner, we'd like to learn about of Rika's friend?" Harry blinked before looking at Rika who looked resigned, he looked back at the woman and saw her hopeful expression and sighed.

"Give me a moment to call home and tell them" she nodded and seemed to beam with happiness, the woman at the door seemed amused and Rika seemed resigned, Harry pulled out his cell phone and called his Mother "Hello? Harry is something wrong?" Harry sighed "No Mum, nothing's wrong, I'm just calling to tell you that I've been invited round a friend's for dinner?" he could practically hear her happiness "I'm so glad you are making friends, bring them around some time".

Harry smiled "I will mum, I'll call Uncle Sirius when I need to be picked up" he heard her giggle "Okay Sweetie, see you later, love you" "Love you too Mum" he hung up and looked at Rika's mum "I'm allowed to stay for dinner" she smiled "Then do come in" Harry nodded and followed them in whilst looking at Rika for help, she shrugged and mouthed at him 'be honest' Harry nodded and smiled at the older woman.

They walked inside and Harry smiled at the older women "You have a lovely home" they smiled "Thank you Potter-san" Harry shrugged "Please, Mrs Nonaka, my name is Hadrian, that extends to you as well, Nakano-san" he looked at Rika and she blinked in surprise before nodding with a slight smile "Then I expect you to call me Rika, Hadrian-san" he nodded with a smile "Of course Rika-san" he continued to look around before being led into a sitting room.

The older woman looked at Harry "What are you partial too, Hadrian-san?" Harry blinked at her "Umm, anything will do Mrs Nonaka, would you like any help? I'm apparently rather good in the kitchen, at least, I've not had any complaints in a few years" the older woman blinked in surprise "First off, Hadrian-san, it is Aiko, and secondly, you know how to cook?" Harry nodded "I've been cooking since I was old enough to reach the stove but that is a story for later, would you like help?".

Aiko nodded with a smile "Thank you Hadrian-san, that would be delightful" Harry nodded and followed her into the kitchen, she watched as he looked around before looking at her "I'm not as versed in traditional eastern food but will an Udon work?" she smiled and nodded "That will be fine" Harry nodded absentmindedly and started moving around in the kitchen, he grabbed the things he needed as Rika, Aiko and Rika's Mother watched him work.

Within half an hour, they were all sat around the table eating, Rika's mother took a bit and hummed in delight "My Hadrian, this is amazing, do you cook often?" Harry shrugged with a slight blush "Not as much as I used to but I do cook on the occasion to keep my skills from fading" they nodded before Aiko nodded "Now, I believe you mentioned a story?" Harry sighed "I did, didn't I? before I was born, there was a major terrorist group in Britain, my parents had fought the leader on three different occasions before my birth and he hated that they had survived him".

Harry sighed "One of my parents friends ratted them out a year and a half after I was born, the terrorist leader came around my house and set off a bomb, my parents were knocked into a coma and the terrorist escaped, wounded by my father, I was sent to my maternal aunt and uncle but they hated my mother and weren't nice people, they had me cooking all of the meals from the age I could reach the stove, my parents woke up two months ago and we moved here".

He shrugged and went back to eating as they looked at him in shock "What happened to the people that you lived with? Were they arrested?" Harry shrugged "My parents never said but I'll just be happy if I never have to see them again" he smiled "know, I'd like to know a bit about you Mrs Nonaka, I want to know about Rika-san's family" the woman smiled "First off, my name is Rumiko, I'm Rika's Mother and I'm a model".

Harry nodded "That's cool, do you enjoy it?" she nodded "Very much" Harry smiled "Good, I always wanted to follow in my parents footsteps but my uncle Sirius told me that I should be my own person, it took me a little while to realise that I didn't like certain aspects of my parents old job so I decided that I'm going to take his advice" Rumiko nodded thoughtfully "That makes sense, what did your parents do?".

Harry smiled "They worked for the government, my father was an officer and my mother was a part-time researcher and a part-time officer" Rumiko nodded and looked at him "How old are you Hadrian-san?" Harry shrugged "Ten, Rumiko-san" she blinked in surprise "You are so matureā€¦then again, given what we've heard of your relatives, that makes sense" Harry squirmed slightly and Rumiko shot him a sympathetic look.

Harry looked at Rika "So, what are your interests? I figured I'd ask given that we're friends" she blinked at him before shrugging "Gaming, Digimon, and a few martial arts" Harry nodded "My family is big on martial arts, I'm doing Kendo training at the moment, Digimon, I know some of it, I've tried to keep up with it but it isn't as common in England and gaming, I've done a bit but my other relatives didn't like me on consoles or computers so I'm still catching up with everything".

Rika nodded as the two adults shared a look "Well, if you like, I can help you get caught up?" Harry smiled "I'd like that, my Mother always said that I need friends my age, I'm glad that I now have a couple" Rika nodded "Goggle head?" Harry chuckled "He obsession with them is a bit odd but Takato is a nice guy" Rika smiled "He probably is, but you have to admit, he's a bit of an airhead" Harry nodded "I won't deny that".

She smiled "And those goggles look goofy" Harry snorted "I won't deny that either but you have to admit, they suit him" Rika nodded "True, on anyone else it would look weird but on him it works" she shrugged and he laughed, she stood "So, let's go and see where you are so we can catch you up" Harry blinked before nodding and standing, he looked at Aiko and Rumiko "Thank you for the meal" they blinked "You cooked it Hadrian-san".

Harry blushed before shrugging "I'm in your house and you were gracious enough to allow me in" he followed Rika through the house and into a bedroom, he looked around and nodded "it's nice" she blushed and looked away "Thank you" he smiled and she sat down and pulled out her Digimon cards, he sat down and pulled his box out of his bag, he opened it and showed her, she looked at the cards in disbelief "How have you got so many good cards?".

Harry shrugged "I didn't know what was good and what wasn't, so I just read over their effects and put them in" Rika nodded "Well, you've done a pretty good job, though I'm confused on your choice of Digimon, Kotemon and Dinohyumon, why only them?" Harry shrugged "I like the weaker Digimon who surprise everyone when they Digivolve into something powerful later on" Rika frowned "Huh? I didn't think of it that way, I just picked a powerful Rookie and didn't even think about what it turned into".

Harry nodded "I've been taught to think about the future, to anticipate what might happen, so I went for a Deck based around a seemingly weaker rookie so that it had the support it needed to out beat even Ultimates" she nodded "Your strategy seems sound in theory, how many games have you played?" Harry shrugged "Like five, as I said, it wasn't as popular outside of Japan" Rika nodded and they had a short game, Rika won and Harry shrugged "I didn't believe that I could beat you, so I just went with stalling you and beating down as much as I could".