Authors note : gonna change some things of what really happened in real life and adding some stuff into as well so yeah . Gonna make this of one where Tommy had met him before and their friends but not in a band yet .

Vince was living in Los Angeles and was in the school called Royal Oak but he had got himself in trouble then went home but then for some reason his parents had kicked him out so he took all of his albums he'd ever bought and packed them and packed his clothes as well. He went to Tommy's house to live with him for a few days until he could find a place to live since his parents had kicked him out . On his way there he had walked down the streets with his backpack over his shoulder as he was just upset . " Messed up didn't ya Neil?." He asked himself but of course maybe he did or didn't do anything wrong so first before going to Tommy's he went to go transfer himself into a different high school which he started tomorrow then he made his way to Tommy's place he then went inside after he knocked and when Tommy opened the door . "Tommy we need to talk ." Vince said as he looked down at the floor . " Yeah what is it Vinnie what's wrong ? " Tommy asked curiously as he was concerned what had been going on ."I ...I screwed up I think I didn't do anything wrong but I don't know for sure but I did get in trouble at the school so I transferred to Charter Oak High and I Uh ... I got kicked out of my parent's house . Is it okay if I live here with you for a while until I find somewhere else to live ?" He had said looking up at him ." Yes of course you can just until you have a place to go to live and I'm glad your my friend Vinnie and one day you and I will be in a band together what band you in now ?" He asked . "Rock Candy but I think it's pronounced RockCandi and you too I also agree to that ." He answered . "Dude that's cool ." He replied ." Yeah " he smiled a bit which made Tommy smile as well .

Tommy's parents then came home . " Hey mom hey dad you remember Vince right he needs a place to stay for a while he got kicked out of his family's house is that okay if he stays with us ?" He asked . " Yes of course he can and yes we do . " his parents replied . "Thank you guys so much ." Vince thanked them for letting him stay with Tommy and his parents for a while . "You're welcome ." They smiled .