Red like bloodied roses

AN: Au of both Hellsing and RWBY will follow including a few changes.

Preferred name: Ruby Rose

Official Name: Ruby Rosaline Dracul

Titles: Red, Little Red riding hood, No-life Queen, Rubes, Bitch, The Beast, Vampire Queen

Hair color: Black and red

Eye color: crimson

Gender: Female? (How would one classify vampire and shadow incarnate when gender means nothing to a shape shifter?) Height: 5.4ft

Semblance: Speed, shadow manipulation, hypnosis (very mild), rapid regeneration, shape shifting, extremely limited flight

Weapon(s): Crescent Rose, Jackal

Specifics Crescent rose: Length : 6.5 Ft expanded (3ft for blade) 2.6ft when compacted to sniper form

Type: High caliber sniper scythe

Ammunition alternative to Dust: Anti freak, Anti material, high explosive yeild, incineratory blessed silver rounds made of melted crucifixes blessed by the pope himself and cured in holy water and blessed ice dust. (AKA overkill bullets)

Clip capacity: Average dust crystal: 27 shots, indeterminate when wielded by Ruby

Live ammunition: 8 shots per clip naturally, indeterminate when wielded by Ruby

Specifics: Jackal Length: 16 inches

Type: High caliber Anti freak hand cannon

Ammunition alternative to dust: 13mm Anti freak high explosive blessed silver rounds made of melted crucifixes blessed by the pope and cured in holy water.

Clip capacity: Dust: 1 shot actual, indeterminate when wielded by Ruby

Live ammunition: 6 shots, indeterminate when wielded by Ruby

Preferred name: Yang Xaio Long

Official Name: Yang Xaio Long

Titles: Yang, Miss Xaio Long, hot-head

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: violet, red when angered

Gender: Female

Height: 6ft

Semblance: Damage increases her power, pyroconesis, can turn into a bird.

Weapons: Ember Celia

Specifics: Length: 20cm roughly

Type: twin shotgun gauntlets

Ammunition alternative to dust:

12 gauge blessed silver rounds made of melted crucifixes blessed by the pope and cured in holy water


Adverage dust chrystal: 30 shots per gauntlet

Live ammunition: 12 shots per gauntlet

Chapter 1: Maybe red's like roses

Remnant was a chaotic world, a broken moon, 4 inhabitable cities, 2 main continents and a crap tonne of creatures known as Grimm. It wasn't always this way. Before Remnant was Earth, 7 continents, multiple inhabited cities, a whole moon and no Grimm. It did however play host to other creatures of darkness, Werewolves, Vampires and Ghouls being chief among them. All it took was a single vampire getting bored to go completely pear shaped. Someone had killed a rather important lady by the name of Sir Integra Hellsing, what followed was several centuries of horror wrought by a very bored pair of vampires by the names of Alucard and Seras.

It was 3495, more than 600 years since the end of the second reign of Dracula and the world has finally started to settle amidst the ruins and grimm. People forgot how things were before but some, they knew the truth about history, none more so than Ruby Rose.

Ruby was a short girl, black hair with red tips, startling red eyes which she hid behind orange glasses and a prechance for wearing red and carrying about a giant scythe sniper hybrid and an overkill hand cannon called Jackal. Currently she was minding her own business in a dust shop called Dust till Dawn. The word play and the irony wasn't lost on her. A dust shot that catered to the nocturnal beings of the world that was run by Jenkins, an elderly man who somehow ran almost all the small businesses in town, many just thought his semblance allowed him to multiply himself. Ruby however knew the truth, he was one of several identical brothers who just liked to troll the residents of Veil.

A tap on her shoulder drew her from her musings as she turned to see a man in all red clothing with a crowbar and pointing at his left ear. She removed her headphones allowing music to be heard for a few moments before she paused the song.

"Hand over your stuff" the goon demanded, pointing a crowbar at her face.

"Are you...robbing me?" Ruby asked, a grin stretched her face in amusement.

"Yes, what else does it look like?" He scoffed, never removing the crowbar.

Ruby grinned wider making the man take a step back as she lifted her hands and held her thumbs at right angles and framed her left eye. Circular runes appeared on the backs of her hands, glowing a faint green as her red eyes glowed through her glasses. "Release Control restriction level 9"

"Level what?" He asked blankly before screaming in fear as he was flung through several shelves and out the window, knocking over two more goons.

"Come on! Fight back, shoot me, stab me! Give me a hug!" Ruby taunted, her arms outstretched as she stalked towards the three standing thugs who were fumbeling with the mechashift functions of their weapons.

"R-really?" One thug asked as he shakily aimed his rifle/crowbar at her.

"Yep!" Ruby grinned before grabbing him and performing a perfect German suplex and slamming him face first into the ground. The other two brought their guns to bare and fired. The shots glanced off her aura shields and she sprung back up and lept at the one of the left, ripping his arm around to fire upon his fellow goon allowing them both to deplete their auras and knock each other out. A slow clap got her attention.

Standing by the door was a red haired man with a white suit, fedora and cane. "You truly were worth every lien weren't you?" He muttered sarcastically with a soft shake of his head while looking at the defeated goons. He then rolled his eyes and looked at Ruby who was now deploying her favorite weapon, Crescent rose in its scythe form. "Well red. It's been fun. Toodles!" With a deft move, he smashed a dust crystal against the ground making a bright flash as he fled.

"You all good?" Ruby asked Jenkins kindly who only nodded. "Call the police, I'll get him" she ordered as she burst out the door seeing the abandoned street. The sound of a heartbeat got her attention to the fleeing criminal who was using a zipline of all things to get onto the roof as he held onto a large burlap sack.

With a snarl she ran up the wall after him as he rushed for a approaching Bulkhead. She pulled the mechashift lever on the side of her baby causing the blade to split in two and fold up making a sniper rifle. She fired off a single shot, striking the criminal through the back of his knee with a spray of blood, bone and sinue.

"FUCKING BITCH!" He spat as he tumbled over.

"Give up or I might decide to shoot the other." Ruby snarled as her eyes flashed red. Normally friendly and placid Ruby was a very nice girl, that was until you tried to break the law or harm her family or her baby Crescent Rose. Then hell hath no fury like a vampiress scorned. A shot caught her off guard as a dust round tore through her throat, a woman in red robes was holding a smoking gun from the bulkhead as two thugs dragged the red haired crook onboard.

"Miss!" A worried voice called out in shock. Ruby turned, clutching at her mangled throat at the blonde and frankly busty woman who was rushing over, a riding crop in hand.

"Fighn" she gurgled, spitting up blood as the bulkhead pulled away. She brought crescent rose to bare as she removed her hand from how now healed throat, blood stained her fingers and neck. She spat out some blood with a growl. "Girls love snipers"

A shot akin to a small anti air cannon ripped through the air as the round struck the airship, ripping a hole through the cargo hold and right through the head of one of the goons as it pulled away, another shot rang out, the woman from before fired a shot, this time biforcating the barrel rendering the gun useless.

"YOU BISCUIT! NOBODY HURTS MY BABY!" Ruby shouted in anger and she shook her fist at the rapidly disappearing airship. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!"

"Are you alright?" The woman asked. Gaining the attention of Ruby who immediately became chipper and excitable again.

"OhmygohsahuntresscanIhaveanautographplease?" She pelted out with a large fanged smile.

It wasn't long before she found herself sitting in a dark interrogation room, her weapons and music player confiscated as she sat there moping. She could easily break out if she wanted but then she'd be in bigger trouble with Iscariot or whatever was left of Hellsing these days for being a vampire. She just hoped that the huntress she met before would keep it a secret.

Speaking of the blonde woman she just entered the room with a silver haired man with green eyes, glasses and a green suit leaning on a cane as he walked.

"You've caused quite a stir tonight miss rose." The woman started as she walked to stand in front of Ruby. "If it were upto me you'd be sent home with a pat on the back." Ruby smiled. " AND A SLAP ON THE WRIST!" Her point was emphasised by slamming her riding crop down onto the table. Ruby didn't even flinch, she had seen much scarier from her half sister. "However, that isn't upto me."

"Ruby Rosaline Dracul." The man stated simply making Ruby tense. Her true name wasn't public record, it wasn't in any records. "I honestly cannot say I'm surprised you take after your mother. Tell me, what is it you wish to do with immortality? Don't worry nobody but us will hear this."

"I wanna help people, to be a huntress like mum and help people." She grinned cheerfully.

"And your weapon, a Scythe, most impressive. Where'd you learn how to fight?" The man asked calmly.

"Sigil Academy." Ruby replied simply. It was common knowledge and publicly available due to the laws set out by the council that all combat schools had to have student rosters publically available to prevent fraud.

"Ah yes, I'm sure a certain dusty old crow would of helped you there." The man chuckled lightly.

"You know uncle Qrow?" Ruby blurted out as she lent forwards in her chair.

"Indeed I do. Tell me miss Rose do you know who I am." He asked.

"Oh I do alright." Ruby stated a bit more seriously. "You're that Judist priest who can't take the hint and stay dead. Alexander Anderson."

"Hello." He smiled happily. "I go by Ozpin now days. Tell me, how would you like a spot in Beacon academy?"

"More than anything." Ruby replied honestly. Anderson had been excommunicated from Iscariot centuries ago and while he was still a man of god was no longer as insane thanks to therapy he went through just after the end of Dracula's second reign.

"Tell you what, how would you like to join early?" Ozpin asked with a smile.

What?! But sir-" the woman began.

Ozpin just raised his hand. "It's okay Glynda."

"What's the catch?" Ruby asked cautiously.

"The catch is I want the grimm gone." Ozpin stated, dead seriously as he took a sip from a mug that just appeared from nowhere. "So, what do you say?"

Ruby grinned widely, her fangs glinting in the dim light. "When do I start?"