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Lily Evans was trying to get Harry and his twin Heather to go to sleep, a task that was proving rather difficult. Just when Lily believed she was winning there was a resounding crash as the front door flew off its hinges.

James could be heard shouting for Lily to grab the kids and run. Before Lily could process this thought however a bright green light flooded the hallway.

"Stand aside silly woman." A calm but cold voice rang through the hallway.

Lily was now trying to block the way into the twin's room.

"I'm not here for you, stand aside and I will show mercy." The voice remained calm and cold. It was the type of voice that sent shivers up your spine.

Lily, however, was not about to let anyone murder her children spoke up.

"Not the twins, please no, take me, kill me instead." Lily pleaded as the cloaked figure walked closer to her.

"This is my last warning." The man was close enough now that Lily knew without a doubt this was Voldemort. He had found them, she silently cursed Pettigrew.

"No please, have mercy, not Harry, not Heather! I'll do anything." Lily pleaded. The cloaked man ignored Lily's pleading and raised his wand. A flash of green light lit up the hallway and Lily's body fell to the floor.

Showing no remorse for his actions Voldemort approached the cot. He looked at the two children who were staring up at him. He allowed himself a little laugh. It was shrill and horrible to hear.

He pointed his wand at Heather first and with a voice that was far to calm for the action he was about to commit said slowly. "Avada Kedavra."

As the man spoke the killing curse for a third time that night Harry grabbed the wand in an attempt to block the spell aimed at his sister.

It was a few hours later that Hagrid arrived and found half the building destroyed. Wondering if he was too late the giant of a man started pulling aside rubble so that he could enter the Potter family home. It took some time to get to the twin's room and when he did he saw Lily lying on the floor dead.

As he approached the half-closed bedroom door Hagrid could see a brilliant gold light. This puzzled him and he pushed open the door. With the door open Hagrid could see the Potter twins wrapped in a blanket of warm soft gold light.

It took Hagrid a moment to collect his thoughts. The light was beautiful and somehow soothed some of the loss that he felt for Lily and James. Hagrid approached the cot slowly wondering if it was safe to remove the children.

Hagrid need not be afraid his big hands passed through the light and he was able to pick up the babies and see the lightning bolt scar that now resided on Harry's head. The sight of the scar saddened Hagrid and he had to put down the child to wipe his eyes.

Meanwhile in Surrey, Vernon Dursley was having a terrible day. Everywhere he went he saw people acting very strangely and that was before he heard mention of the Potters. He wondered just how common the last name Potter was. Quickly, he decided it was a common enough name and forced himself to forget about it.

That was until he got home and was watching the news. The reporter had just finished going on about flocks of owls and his mind was sharply returned to the Potters. He decided to speak to Petunia.

"Weird stuff don't you think owls in broad daylight, don't think it's got anything to do with your sister's lot do you?" Immediately after asking Vernon regretted it. His wife tensed and a cold look appeared on her face.

"Vernon I don't care if it is we will not mention her in this house!" The way Petunia had said this left him well aware this discussion was over and the married couple headed to bed. Petunia still had not calmed down from her husband's comment and sleep did not come easy for her that night.

The Chosen Pair

It was nearly midnight when an oddly dressed man stepped into Privet Drive seemingly from nowhere. The man reached into his robes and removed a lighter. After flicking it several times the street was dark. It was then the old man moved further into the street. As he got to number four he looked down at the cat sitting on the wall and chuckled lightly.

"Fancy seeing you here Minerva. Why are you not out partying with the rest of the wizarding world?"

As the old man asked the cat this question the cat jumped from the wall and where the cat should have stood was a stern-looking woman. Her hair was in a tight bun and she was looking at the old man questioningly.

"How did you know it was me Albus?" The man did not acknowledge the question at first because he was currently unsticking a sweet he had just removed from a paper bag. He placed one in his mouth and offered the other to the woman named Minerva.

Minerva shook her head and gave the man named Albus Dumbledore a look that suggested this was not the time for sweets. Dumbledore smiled and popped the sweet back in the bag before answering her question.

"I have never seen a cat sit so stiffly." Minerva's expression changed to one of exasperation as she looked at Dumbledore.

"You would be stiff too if you had been sitting here all day. Dumbledore is it true?"

Dumbledore looked at Minerva with sad eyes and she knew the answer to her question. Before she could ask any more, however, a loud motorcycle could be heard getting closer. Both Dumbledore and Minerva looked up the street searching for the source of the noise.

They did not need to look long as the bike that had been flying toward them landed with a thud. A giant of a man named Hagrid stepped off of the bike. If he was surprised to see Minerva it didnt show.

Dumbledore walked up to the bike and took one of the blankets Hagrid had been protecting. He looked down at Heather sleeping so peacefully. He wished there was somewhere better for them but here they would be protected. He handed Minerva the girl and collected Harry from Hagrid.

Together the three walked up to the front door of number four and placed the children on the doorstep with a note.

"This really is the safest place for them. I have explained everything in my letter. There is nothing more we can do for them right now. I suggest we leave and enjoy the festivities."

Minerva looked like she wanted to argue but the look of sadness that was in Dumbledore's normally glinting eyes stopped her.

"I best be getting this bike back to Sirius." Hagrid said though it was hard to hear since he had not stopped crying since Dumbledore took Heather.

Before Minerva left she reached as high as she could to pat Hagrids shoulder. Then she was gone, her cat form could be seen slinking round the corner.

The next morning Petunia, who had gone to get the morning milk, screamed loudly as she opened her front door and saw for the first time her Niece and Nephew.

10 Years later it was now late June and Harry and Heather were both asleep holding onto each other for warmth and comfort. Harry had tried to sleep on the floor in the past so as not to bother his sister but she would not listen.

The pair were enjoying a recurring dream about a flying motorcycle when they were rudely awakened by their cousin who was hammering his way down the stairs making as much noise as he possibly could.

"Wake up Potters today I'm going to the zoo." The Potters could hear him laughing as he walked away into the dining room. Dudley was going to the zoo. Harry and Heather knew what that meant, today was Dudley's 11th Birthday.

The twins were so used to being in each other's company that they thought nothing of changing in the same room. Once dressed they walked into the kitchen where they would be expected to cook breakfast for the three Dursleys.

"Cook the bacon and if I see you steal so much as a crumb you will not be fed today. I want everything perfect for my Dudders birthday."

They knew better than to argue with their aunt Petunia and started on breakfast.

The twins had just started serving the breakfast when Dudley shouted that he had two fewer presents this year. This caused the twins to look at each other. They didn't dare say anything out loud but they didn't need to.

"36 presents and he still isn't satisfied. I wanna punch him sometimes." Heather thought feeling her anger rise.

The first time that Heather had heard Harry's thoughts she almost jumped out of her skin. She thought she was going crazy, so did Harry but growing up in the Dursleys house it was a gift they were thankful for. It allowed the twins to talk about whatever they wanted without being punished.

"He is a spoiled brat one day the lumpy git will get what he deserves." Was Harry's response he was equally annoyed.

During their silent talk Petunia had calmed Dudley by telling him they would get him more presents at the zoo. Dudley smirked and sat down opening his gifts at a startling speed.

A phone call Aunt Petunia just received had her fuming. As she stormed back into the dining room she glanced at Dudley then the Potters before addressing her husband.

"Figg just called because she has had an accident and cannot take them." Aunt Petunia had long since stopped using the twin's names, preferring to address them as freaks or a simple them.

The Dursleys had a loud but quick discussion on how best to handle the situation. Neither of them seemed to be able to come up with one. So they decided the only thing to do would be take the Potters with them.

This statement made Dudley pretend to cry in order to change his parent's mind but it was too late. At that moment Dudley's friend arrived and the fake tears stopped immediately.

Neither Harry or Heather could believe it as they sat in the car on the way to the zoo. They never got to go on outings. They were left with a nice old lady named Mrs Figg. She was nice but she had an obsession with her cats and insisted on showing photo albums whenever they were round.

The day was a lot of fun for the twins and they should have suspected that it wasn't going to last. It wasn't until the mid-afternoon that things took a turn. They were all in the reptile house. Dudley had been trying unsuccessfully to make a snake move. A few moments he slumped away claiming the snake was boring. This left Harry and Heather by the snake.

"Sorry about that you must get that all the time." Harry said, addressing the snake.

The snake lifted its head. For a moment it did nothing. It must have been shocking that someone was talking to it. After a few moments it very clearly nodded.

The twins had a small conversation with the snake. Heather soon realised that she only knew what was being said because she could hear Harry's thoughts.

The snake told them where it was from and that it had not seen anything but the zoo before Dudley came running toward them. He pushed the twins away and they both fell to the floor.

"Quick come look at this snake it's moving now." Dudley exclaimed loudly.

As his friend was holding the glass to get a better look at the snake the glass disappeared and both Dudley and his friend fell through.

The twins had been punished quite severely for this even though Vernon could not prove it was their doing. As soon as the twins got home Vernon had hit the two and thrown them into the cupboard under the stairs hard as he could.

"You won't be coming out of there anytime soon. You freaks just don't learn your lesson. Mark my words, I won't tolerate your freakishness."

The twins did not try to move for a few moments. Harry's ribs felt like they must have broken from the force of Vernon hitting him. Heather didn't look much better.

It was two weeks before the twins were allowed out of their "room" again and they were thankful for it. Both look a lot worse for wear. The Dursley had only fed them little bits during the two weeks and it was showing. Both of the Potters looked unwell.

When the post came that morning Vernon made Harry get it. To his surprise, he saw a letter addressed to him and one to his sister. There could be no mistake.

Mr Harry James Potter

The Cupboard under the Stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging

His sister's was identical except for the name. Without thinking Harry went back into the Dining room and handed Vernon his mail. Vernon didn't bother to look up, he was too busy reading his paper. Dudley, however, was looking at Harry and Heather opening their letters with a greedy look in his eyes.

"Daddy Daddy the freaks have both got letters."

This made Vernon look and he looked furious. He grabbed the letters just as the twins were about to open them. His face went from red to magenta in a matter of seconds.

"Out get out right now." He bellowed this not only to the Potters but Dudley as well.

Dudley looked mortified; he had never heard his father talk this way to him. Outside the door he immediately started listening to his father talking to Petunia about the letter.

When Harry and Heather had tried to listen Dudley hit them with a Smelting stick. The stick was something to do with his private school and the twins had been hit by it several times this past month.

What felt like hours later Vernon came to see them in the cupboard. This was something he didn't normally do and it had the Potters instantly on guard.

"Petunia and I have been thinking this cupboard really isn't big enough for both of you anymore. We're putting you in Dudley's second bedroom."

The twins looked at each other shocked by this revelation.

"Why would they move us now? It's not like they cared before today." Harry thought, looking at Heather. His confusion was clear.

"I really don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the letters we received."

Vernon was watching the two not speaking and it made him very angry to be ignored in this way. He grabbed Harry and threw him out of the room.

"We give you Dudley's second room and you don't even thank me. How dare you ignore me. Move all your stuff upstairs now."

Vernon looked ready to kill so they quickly grabbed their stuff and ran upstairs. This only needed one trip since they did not really have much.

In one corner was a mattress on the floor and in the other a bed that looked like it hadn't been used in years.

"You take the bed, I will use the mattress." Harry sent as they looked around the room. Heather looked at him for a moment regarding his request and shook her head.

"Nope, we're sharing the bed. It's not right for anyone to sleep on the floor. Besides, I'm used to having you there now. It would feel weird without you"

Even through mind talk Harry could feel Heather's determination and didn't argue with her.

"Okay sis," He said and hugged her.

Over by the door Dudley watched the interaction with curiosity. He had seen them look at each other like they were talking before when they weren't and it was bugging him. He was even more confused when Heather hugged Harry for no reason and he responded "okay" even though she hadn't said anything.

"Freaks you better not touch any of my stuff or you're in for a pounding."

Dudley who couldn't work out their secret fell back on threatening them. As if to prove a point he hit Harry in the ribs before leaving, laughing as he went.

Life at Privet Drive didn't get better after that day either. For the next week no fewer than 30 letters had found their way into the house despite the Dursleys best efforts to stop them.

Vernon had gotten so mad he barricaded the front and back doors making it impossible to leave. Still more and more letters flooded into the house. It got so bad Vernon yelled at them all to pack a small bag so they could get away.

For the next few hours, Dudley complained about the shows he was missing on TV and Vernon drove like a man possessed. He would randomly change direction and mutter about shaking them off.

Despite the situation, Harry and Heather couldn't help but laugh mentally. Seeing Vernon act so mad was somewhat refreshing after all he had put them through.

"Who wants to send us letters so bad?" Heather asked as she laid on her brother trying to get some sleep.

"I have no idea Sis. I doubt they will find us after today so I don't suppose we will find out."

Just saying this kind of hurt the pair. No matter how they looked at it, it did seem unlikely whoever it was would follow them this far to deliver a letter.

Sometime later Harry gently shook Heather awake. It must have been well after nine PM because everything around her was dark. She looked at Harry who just smiled at her and pointed to a hotel they had just pulled into.

"Sleep well?" Harry asked.

Heather nodded and smiled back at him in response. Vernon must have seen because he yelled at them to get out and grab all the bags and bring them inside.

That morning at breakfast a hotel attendant approached them at the breakfast table. It was clear she didn't want to be landed with the job of telling them about the letters but she had to.

"Are any of you Harry and Heather Potter? I just had around 50 of these delivered to the front desk."

As she spoke she pulled out the heavy parchment letter and showed it to the Dursleys. Vernon looked like he might kill the attendant in front of him. He managed to say he would take them and followed her out.

Following this incident Vernon drove them to a secluded spot in the middle of nowhere. He looked triumphant and pointed at a boat they would be using to get to a shack on the cliff a little ways off. By now Harry and Heather's mood had dropped significantly. It had been a long day of driving and it was freezing.

There were only two beds in this shack and the Dursleys claimed them. This left Harry and Heather to find the softest patch of ground they could. The twins huddled together and held each other close.

They somehow fell asleep. It did not feel like they had been asleep long before they were woken by a loud booming sound. Something had hit the front door.