Hi there just a small update for you all.

The beta reading for the Chosen Pair is now complete and the chapters uploaded to the server thank you everyone that is Following and for adding the story to your favourites.
If you are waiting on new content and have time why not re read all the old content you may notice minor changes and will see a definite improvement in the Fic.

Thanks go out to 30KEWNE for all the time we spent making these changes i can promise it was not fast work but we are both proud of the changes.

You will have no doubt just been spammed in your emails this is due to an error on my end that placed certain chapters in the wrong place and for another chapter to be gone completely. I take full credit and have fixed this issue. Sorry to those who read book one and were confused by my mistakes.

Secondly my mental health has taken a dip for the worse and thus my writing has taken a major step back in my life at this time while i cannot seem to find motivation to write. Please know i have no intention of abandoning any of my fics and once i have my health under control new chapters will be wrote i'm sorry for the delay but i feel that to force myself to write would make the fic worse and i do not wish to affect the integrity of the fic which thus far i really enjoy writing.