SS Anne Boleyn, June 6th, 2006

For the first time in as long as he could remember, five year old Harry Potter was enjoying himself. A couple of weeks ago, Vernon Dursley, his uncle, won a free cruise trip in a contest that Grunnings Drilling, the company he worked for, was offering. Whoever made the most deals won the grand prize of a free family cruise and Uncle Vernon, being the company's best deal broker, won the contest by a landslide. When he informed Harry's aunt Petunia of what happened, she was ecstatic, but there was one little hiccup in their joy; in order to get the prize, Vernon had to give the exact number of everyone in his family, including Harry.

This meant that instead of getting three tickets, one for Vernon, Petunia, and their son Dudley, they had to get four, the last one for Harry. While this was something that they weren't going to be happy about, they begrudgingly agreed to take him along, so long as he stayed away from them while they tried to enjoy their time during the cruise. Something that Harry happily agreed to do, as he was able to have fun for himself. Except for when he had to return to the cabin that he and his relatives slept in, because even though his relatives were able to sleep in beds, he had to sleep on the floor with nothing but a blanket. Regardless, Harry was able to find some fun things to do on the deck.

In truth, Harry hated his life with the Dursley's; they were always belittling him, calling him names, treating him more as a servant than a family member, and telling him bad things about his parents. Harry was only a baby when his parents had died, and thus he didn't have any memories of them. Regardless, even though he was only a baby when his parents died, what memories he did have, he knew that the stuff that his aunt and uncle were saying about his parents weren't true, especially his mother. From the few memories that Harry had, he knew that his mother and father loved him. Surprisingly, despite the fact that he was a year old at the time, he was able to vividly remember his mother's appearance: beautiful, heart-shaped face, prominent cheekbones, long flowing auburn red hair, and almond shaped emerald green eyes; eyes that Harry had happily inherited from her.

During the trip, Harry was able to do several things; he had learned the basics of swimming, he was able to watch a movie in the cruise ships theatre, and played shuffleboard. He got to do all of these, and without his relatives telling him no. Of course, that didn't stop his relatives, especially his cousin, from making his time on the cruise as miserable as possible; whenever he crossed paths with Dudley, he would always trip Harry, or if his aunt and uncle saw him, they would glare at him, almost as if they were daring him to make it look like he was with them, or ruin their vacation. So, Harry made it a point to keep his distance from them at all times.

As Harry dwelled on his thoughts, he looked up along the calm waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and spotted something. As he looked harder, he realized that it was another ship, but it was a different kind of ship than the cruise ship that he was on. This ship looked like it was more fitting as a warship, almost like a battleship from World War II, but modern. It had armor plating along the hull, and massive guns along the deck, but it also had several guns sticking out of the sides of the hull, on special platforms.

What really impressed Harry, was the size of the ship. To put it simply, it was massive. It made Harry think of the German World War II battleship, the Bismarck, but ten times bigger and longer. Another thing about the super battleship, as Harry called it in his head, was the warships colors; it was predominantly blue in color, with some red detailing, and a large red symbol in the shape of a cobra head on either side of the hull. What truly concerned Harry, was that the super battleship was sailing straight towards the cruise ship that Harry was on.

He also saw what looked like people manning the guns that stuck out of the ship's hull, and were pointing them towards the cruise ship. Deciding to alert the ship's captain, Harry started to run, but as he saw the captain and started running towards him, the ship rocked heavily as the warship fired upon the cruise ship, causing the passengers and crew to panic and scream. Harry, who had fallen when the ship was hit by the gun rounds from the warship, got up to his feet, and looked back towards the warship. The massive warship was still sailing towards the cruise ship at what he assumed was the appropriate speed for a ship to ram into another, and it was getting closer and closer by the second.

As the warship approached the cruise ship, Harry spotted a group of eight people standing at the ships bow. One was a man with a monocle and goatee, wearing a scientist coat; another man with a goatee, and an eyepatch wearing a brown colored uniform and a dark gray military helmet with what Harry thought was a robotic right arm. The third man was in camouflaged combat fatigues wearing a mask that covered his face; the fourth man had some cargo pants with knee guards and combat boots, a brown shirt with an armor chest plate, and a brown hood, and had black tattoos around his eyes. The fifth man, to Harry's observation, was dressed like a ninja in white clothing, with a white robe, and mask, with two swords on his back, the hilts wrappings in a white color; the sixth man threw Harry off a little cause other than wearing a black trench coat with red linings, with a ruby gemstone attached to his lapels, his head looked like it was made from a metallic substance, rather than regular skin.

The sixth individual was the only female in the group, and she was wearing a black uniform with a black Kevlar vest, and a Kama that split open down the middle showing her legs that were covered with black pants, and boots. She also had black hair, and wore glasses. The one individual that struck out the most, was the eighth and final man, who Harry assumed was the leader, based on how the others were arrayed behind him. He had a military styled uniform, which was light blue in color with red lining in certain parts, and a Kama that went down to his knees. What gave him an even more intimidating element was that he wore a full-face covered helmet.

The faceplate covered the man's face entirely, showing no indications of what he looked like. It was silver in color, and shone whenever the sunlight reflected off of it. The helmet was similar to a World War II German soldiers' helmet, only it was light blue in color like his uniform, and had a white stripe that ran down the middle. Attached to the belt on his uniform, was a sword that had a ruby stuck into the end of the hilt. Each one of these people had that red cobra head symbol on their clothing in some way, but the symbol on their leaders' uniform was bigger, giving more indication that he was the one in charge.

The ship rocked again as more gun rounds crashed into the hull, blowing it open, and killing more people. Harry ran along the deck as he, like all the other passengers and crew, tried to find or get to a safe place, which were all slowly dwindling. As he ran, he crashed into something big, and fell back onto the deck, only to look up into the angry eyes of his uncle. Uncle Vernon's face was flushed purple, as he looked down at Harry, as if he was accusing him of the massive warship that was firing into the cruise ships hull; Aunt Petunia and Dudley cowered behind Vernon, as they fearfully looked around looking for a safe place, or perhaps a way to get off the ship before it sank below the ocean.

"You! " Vernon sneered, as he looked down at Harry, advancing on him. "You did this, didn't you!?"

Harry stared up at Vernon in shock as his uncle stalked him, his face getting purpler by the second. He couldn't believe that Uncle Vernon was actually willing to blame what was happening, on him. Granted Harry knew that Vernon always hated him, but to go so far as to blame him for the massive warship that was attacking the cruise ship that they were on?

"N-n-no Uncle Vernon, I didn't do this, I swear!" Stuttered Harry, desperate to get his uncle to believe him. "I had just seen the ship and then it started shooting and ..."

"QUIET BOY!" Vernon yelled, as he stomped hard on Harry's ankle, his sneer briefly changing into a smirk as he heard a resounding snap as it broke, resulting in Harry yelling out in pain. "I don't want to hear any of your lies, you had something to do this, I know it! I've had enough of your freakishness, it's high time I did something abo..."

Vernon Dursley wouldn't be able to finish his sentence, as a cannon shell from the warship happened to strike him, blowing away the top half of his body. As the lower half of Vernon's body fell, whatever remains from the top half flew all over the place. Blood, bits of bones, and internal organ matter splattered all over a shocked Harry, and a fear paralyzed Petunia and Dudley. As Harry looked at the bloodied and destroyed remains of his uncle, he looked up as his aunt screamed in terror at what happened, while Dudley cried in fear and confusion. Suddenly he heard two distinct sounds of gunshots, and then Aunt Petunia and Dudley fell, silent and completely still, as they continued to look straight ahead, with a blank look in their eyes that mirrored the fear and confusion they were suffering moments ago.

Harry stared at his relative's bodies in fear and shock, and looked back at the continuously approaching warship, and saw the man dressed in the brown hooded shirt and armor with the black markings on his face, holding a sniper rifle. Even as a five-year-old, he was able to figure out that this man had shot his aunt and cousin to death. What was terrifying was that he was smiling, as if he was amused by what he had done. To add to that fear, the man resumed to open fire on multiple passengers who were running around in fear, non-discriminatory; men, women, and even children fell as each bullet from the hooded armored assassin's gun.

Harry waited until the man had to reload his gun, and then proceeded to get up and try to run, but fell back down in pain since his ankle was broken by his uncle. Even in death, his uncle was trying to get Harry killed. Having no choice but to crawl, Harry proceeded to attempt to escape, but flopped on the deck as the ship buckled and a massive explosion was heard. Underneath his body, Harry felt the ship begin to tip and list, as a huge hole had been blown into the hull just below the waterline, and the massive warship rammed into the cruise ship, its bow pushing into the hull, putting stress on the hole and causing it to grow bigger, letting more water in.

The ship was quickly sinking, and the water soon began to swell over the rail as the cruise ships bow sank into the water, and its stern rose. Harry quickly found himself sliding down the deck towards the water, and he tried desperately to grab ahold of something, but instead he hit his head on something, and then he felt the cold Atlantic Ocean envelope him. He tried to swim back to the water surface, but with his broken ankle, and his disorientation from hitting his head, he was having a difficult time to swim. Eventually he couldn't keep going, and his vision became clouded and blacked out, as he slowly began to drown in the Atlantic.