Harry sat on the medical bench in the medical bay of the USS Flagg, being looked over by Doc. Harry had insisted that he was fine, and that there was no need for him to be looked over by Doc, especially when there were other Joes that needed medical attention more than he did, but Duke and Scarlett were adamant about him being checked on. After hearing about him having two to three close calls with death, they weren't willing to take any chances. As Doc looked over the boy, Harry stared back at his adopted parents.

"I understand that you guys want to be on the safe side," He argued, his voice admittedly giving little resistance, as he was exhausted. "But this really is unnecessary. My magic managed to save and protect me the whole time, while I was fighting with Cobra."

Duke shook his head, while Scarlett was struggling to hold back her tears. Harry couldn't help but look down in shame, as he felt that he caused the sadness that his adopted mother was feeling. Duke and Scarlett saw the look of shame on their son's face, leading Scarlett to wrap her arms around him, while Duke placed his hand on Harry's head, ruffling his hair. These were a few of their ways to show Harry of how much they cared about him, as they tried to put an end to the many beliefs that the Dursleys, or at least Vernon Dursley, had instilled into him. They were able to show Harry that he wasn't a waste of space, nor a burden, and with the help of their friends in G.I. Joe, they were especially able to able to show Harry that he was loved; though they still had a hard time trying to get Harry to realize that he wasn't a waste of space, nor a burden.

"We understand that your magic kept you safe Harry," Scarlet said, as she leaned away to look into her son's emerald green eyes, with her own jade green eyes. "But I want you to understand that we just want to be careful. Not only did you nearly get shot in the face with an entire magazine's worth of bullets from an HK G36 automatic rifle, but you were also stabbed with a sword, and fell out of a helicopter at 1,500 feet in the air! Duke and I are just being cautious."

"When the day comes that you are a parent yourself," Duke said, taking over from Scarlett's conversation. "You will understand why Scarlett and I are acting this way."

Harry nodded his head, as he did understand where his adopted mother was coming from. If their roles were somehow switched, he would probably do the same. Swallowing his pride, Harry waited for Doc to finish up examining him, though thankfully it wasn't long, as the Joe medic stepped away from the boy.

"Well, by all accounts he's all right and good to go." Doc said, as he wrapped his stethoscope around his neck. "Just to be on the safe side though, take it easy for the rest of the day, and try to get some rest. I know that your magic healed the wound you received from Cobra Commander's sword, but I imagine that you're probably still feeling a little bit of pain in that region, so I advise you to rest up as much as you can."

Harry nodded his head, as he did feel a little sharpness in his gut region. Hopping down from the bed, he joined his parents in walking out of the medical bay, walking in between Scarlett and Duke. No matter how old he was, Harry enjoyed being in the middle of his parents, as he felt he was safe there.

"You do realize that General Hawk is going to chew you out something fierce about this right?" Scarlett said with a reluctant smile for her adoptive son.

"Oh yeah..." Harry winced, as he realized just how much trouble he was going to be in with his pseudo grandfather, for disobeying orders.

Several days later, July 5th, 2011; Harry's personal room

Several hours later, Harry was in his room on the USS Flagg. As he had predicted in his head, Hawk spent the better part of half an hour chewing Harry out for disobeying orders, while also reluctantly admitting that he was impressed with Harry for stopping Cobra Commander from escaping with three million dollars in Brazilian Reals, and nearly taking down twenty Cobra soldiers and six Crimson Guards on his own. Harry was sitting reading one of his favorite books titled Eragon by Christopher Paolini, trying to keep his mind off the days events. He was also listening to one of his favorite songs, Sweet Dreams by Beyoncé, as he was doing so; a signed poster of said singer posted on the wall above his head, which he considered himself lucky to have as he had the honor to actually meet her. Eventually Harry put a bookmark in his book, and put it down on the nightstand next to his bed, and opened a drawer, pulling two letters out of it.

The first letter he opened, was the one from his mother, which had revealed the existence of the magic world to him and the G.I. Joe. He had read the letter so many times, he could recite the words from memory, but he didn't care how repetitive it was: the letter was one of the few things he had left of his biological mother, and he would always read it over and over again, feeling close to her.

My dearest Harry,

If you are reading this letter, than it means the worst has happened, and both your father and I are no longer here to take care of you. It could also mean that our Will was violated, and you were placed with your Aunt Petunia, despite the fact that your father and I said very clearly in our Will that you weren't supposed to, under any circumstances. Nevertheless, if you are reading this letter, then it means that perhaps your aunt did surprisingly change, or perhaps she was willing to hold onto the memories of the good times between us, before I discovered the truth of my magic.

Yes Harry, I said magic, because no matter what anyone will tell you, magic is in fact true. You are a wizard, just like your father, whereas I am a witch, and once you turn eleven years old, you will start attending school at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, you will learn to better use and control your magic, which is important because the magic world tends to live in secrecy, away from the muggle world (muggle is the word used to describe people who can't perform magic, though to honest I hate that word). I must however, advise caution when you get there Harry, because the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, cannot be fully trusted; the man holds far too much information to the chest, and seems to treat others as if they're nothing more but pawns in a chess match.

Ironically, there would've been a time when I would've defended the man, even looked up to him, but the years, and the war, have opened my eyes, as well as those of your father, to the manipulative old man that Dumbledore truly is; especially after the revelation of the prophecy. You see Harry, there is a war going on in Magical Britain with a man who calls himself Lord Voldemort and his loyal followers, who call themselves the Death Eaters, and about two to three months before you were born, Dumbledore received a prophecy about a child born at the end of July, to parents who defied Voldemort three times, and would posses a power that Voldemort didn't know or understood, and would either defeat him once and for all, or die by his hand. Now technically there was another boy who was born at the end of July, his name is Neville Frank Longbottom, and is the son of dear friends of mine and your father's named Frank and Alice Longbottom, but he was born on July 30th, just a day before you, and now both Dumbledore and Voldemort believe that you are the prophesized child. If your father and I had our way, we would've said sod off to the prophecy, and left England with our retinue of friends, but unfortunately we had to stay in England, since the Potter family and name, are very well respected and looked up to in Magical England.

Dumbledore convinced us to stay, and to go into hiding for our safety and yours, but I never liked the looks he casted in your direction after he was born, and so your father and I decided to take precautions. The first was the list of individuals that would've taken you in, if anything happened to us, which would namely include your godfather Sirius Orion Black (your father's best friend, and brother in all but blood), your godmother Elizabeth Martha Greengrass (my best friend and sister in all but blood), Remus Lupin (another friend of your father and I), Neville's parents Frank and Alice Longbottom, your father's godmother Minerva McGonagall (who also serves as the deputy headmistress at Hogwarts, as well as the Head of Gryffindor House), as well as the Davis, Zabini, and Weasley families. The only person you shouldn't trust, other than Dumbledore, is Peter Pettigrew. When your father and I went into hiding, we did so under a Fidelis Charm, a special magical spell that hides a person or thing, and the only person who can tell you where it is, is the Secret Keeper, who in our case, was Peter Pettigrew (though I personally would've preferred it to be Sirius). So if you're reading this letter Harry, you know who is responsible for our deaths.

When the time comes for you to attend school in Hogwarts Harry, be careful with Dumbledore, and don't believe anything he says. Remember always Harry, that your father and I love you, and always will. Trust your instincts Harry, and surround yourself with only those that you truly trust.

Love, your mother.

P.S.: Keep in mind Harry, that these are families who have been friends with ours for a long time, and so you can trust them: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew (unless he betrayed us, then don't trust him at all), the Greengrass Family, the Davis Family, the Longbottom Family, the Bones Family, the Zabini Family, the Weasley Family, the Lovegood Family, Minerva McGonagall, and Anastasia Nott and her son.

Harry wiped away the tears that still came to his face, as he read his mother's letter. It was clear in the letter that she truly loved him, and he appreciated how she was still looking out for him, even from beyond the grave. He then picked up a picture of his parents, that she had undoubtedly put in the trunk, and smiled at the image of his parents holding him, and smiling at the camera as they waved. Apparently the magic world found a way to make pictures move, so Harry watched as his parents, and the baby him, smiled and waved at the camera.

With the aid of several contacts that G.I. Joe had made in Magical America, Harry and his adopted family were able to find and get in contact with the people that his mother said were trustworthy; with the exceptions of Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. It was discovered that Sirius was sent to prison at a place called Azkaban, for murdering Pettigrew, and thirteen none magical, otherwise called No-Maj's in Magical America. The thing was, the officials of Magical America were concerned about how little, or lack thereof, information they were able to get in regards to Sirius' trial, and were concerned if Magical Britain had mishandled the whole thing, but without proof, they couldn't do anything.

Nevertheless, Harry had managed to get in regular contact with his godmother, and the two traded letters back and forth, along with his godmother's husband, and two daughters. Harry hoped that he would have a chance to officially meet them, as he wanted to see what his godmother looked like, along with Daphne and Astoria, his two godsisters. Perhaps once his Hogwarts letter arrives, he'll be able to get that chance.

As for the letter from his late Aunt Petunia, it had reinforced what his mother had said about the existence of magic, as well as an apology for he he had been forced to live with her and Uncle Vernon and Dudley. She had explained how she had been jealous of her sister when they were younger, because his mother was able to use magic and she couldn't. She also explained in the letter of how she had sought to reconcile with his mother, but lost the chance after learning of her death, and was willing to take him in, as a means to hold onto her memory. She went into detail of how Uncle Vernon tried to get rid of the blanket that his mother had personally sewn for him, but managed to save it for him.

Aunt Petunia explained that she wanted to treat him properly like family, but Vernon, out of hatred towards magic, wouldn't allow it, regardless, she had revealed how she would tend to his injuries without Vernon knowing, or took pictures of him through the years. Harry kept every picture that his aunt left behind, and smiled at how she had tried her best to keep him safe, despite his uncle making it difficult.

Suddenly General Hawk's voice came on over the PA System.

"Attention, G.I. Joe senior staff, and Bolt, report to the command room!"

Harry raised an eyebrow. If something was going on, he could understand the senior staff being called into the command room, but why would he be required?

He didn't waste to much time thinking about it though, as he sprung off the bed and rushed out of his room headed though the halls, past other Joe's and the crew of the Flagg to the command room. By the time he got there, the whole senior staff had assembled and when he entered the large room, all of their heads turned towards him. He pretty much knew everyone in the room. Hell, half of them had taught him his skills.

There was Snake-Eyes, the silent black clad ninja who had taught Harry all of his Ninja and commando skills. Stalker, the teams field medic and interpreter, who had taught Harry many of the languages he could speak and how to treat injuries in the field. There was Ripcord who had taught him how to fly planes and parachute, then there was Tunnel Rat who had taught Harry about demolitions. Flint and Wild-Bill who taught him to fly helicopters and jets, Lady Jaye who taught him how to disguise himself, as well as maintaining and repairing weapons.

Roadblock and Heavy-Duty who taught him about heavy weapons, Breaker and Dial-Tone, both of whom taught him about communications, Covergirl who taught him to use a sniper rifle and to drive the plethora of G.I. Joe vehicles, and Spirit who had taught him to track. Also there were obviously Duke, Scarlett and Hawk. Duke and Scarlett had taught him most of his basic skills, such as hand to hand combat, marksmanship, trade craft, athletics, and the like. Duke also taught him languages. Hawk had not taught him any skills but considered Harry to be like a grandson; the old soldier had been field commander of the unit, until a Cobra attack led by Zartan almost paralyzed him.

He did recover, but he was no longer able to take part in combat missions, due to his back and legs being weakened by the injury (for which Harry had gotten considerable justice for , on his recent mission in the Amazon). Harry walked over to Hawk, and saluted. He was ranked as a Private, so he was the lowest ranking Joe, since all of the others in the room were ranked as Corporal or higher, so he technically had to salute everyone. In the end though, he only saluted Hawk, since all the others were grunts through and through, and hated being saluted.

"So I take I'm in trouble... again?" He asked as the General returned his salute.

"Not exactly, an owl flew into the control room and dropped this in the middle of the room." Hawk said handing the young soldier an envelope. "I think the time's finally come Harry."

Harry looked at the address on the envelope, and his eyes went wide as saucers, as he read what was on it.

Mister H Potter-Hauser

Atlantic Ocean

USS Flagg

Deck 5

Room 22

Few things shocked Harry, but this did. Despite knowing that magic existed, thanks to the letters from his late mother and aunt, but he was still amazed that the wizards and witches were able to locate his exact position. He was also a little creeped out by how precise the address on the letter was, though then again, he had been exchanging letters with his godmother, and a few times the return address she used for him was extremely precise. It was similarly the same as with Remus Lupin, who he had also been in contact with, and after some help from Hawk, had him moved to America, especially since werewolves in Magical America were treated far more fairly and better, than in Magical Britain. Still, the fact that the magic users were able to figure out where the USS Flagg was, which shouldn't have been possible, was unsettling.

"Well, we knew that eventually I would be going to Hogwarts," He said, staring at the address on the envelope. "But the fact that they managed to figure out where the position of Flagg was, is a bit concerning."

"Agreed Harry, but there's not much we can do about it, so why don't you go ahead and open the letter, and read it?" Scarlett said, as she placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, smiling as she looked at him.

Harry smiles back at his adopted mother, before he opened the letter, wanting to read what it had to say. The letter had a strange insignia with a lion, a snake, a badger and a raven on the front, and a praise in Latin which Harry translated as "Never tickle a sleeping dragon." Underneath it said:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards) ]

Dear Mister Potter-Hauser

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on the 1st of September. We await your owl by no later than the 31st of July

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Harry looked up at his adopted family, and smiled at them all, as they looked at him. He was looking forward to going to Hogwarts, though he did also want to try and get some justice for his birth parents, by at least wrecking Dumbledore's life. He looked towards Hawk, and was eager to get started on his new journey.

"I'm ready for this Sir," He said, looking at the General straight in the eyes, determined to go to Hogwarts. "I would like to go to Hogwarts, and learn how to properly use my magic. Who knows, with better control over my abilities, I'll be more productive on missions."

Hawk couldn't help but smirk at Harry's words, as he couldn't help but agree.

"I agree Harry," Hawk said, not giving any arguments. "I see no reason for you not to go, corporal."

Harry blinked at Hawk's words, comprehending what he just said.

"Corporal?" He asked.

"That's right, you're getting promoted kid," Hawk replied, a smile growing on his face. "This is going your first long term solo op, and given the unique nature of your mission to learn about your magic, we're gonna equip you with some new equipment, and weapons for the mission."

At that moment, a group of Joe "Greenshirts" brought several pieces of equipment over. The first was a pistol that resembled a US SOCOM.

"This is a SOCOM Mark 2, it can be modified for automatic fire, tracking rounds, short range sniping and a bunch of other goodies." Hawk said, as Harry picked up the pistol and examined it, pulling back the slide and firing only to get a click due to the fact that the pistol had no ammo. "Next, we have the X-11 Touch Phone and Laptop. Looks normal, but its built to the highest military standards. You can access all our systems, and call us from a cave in the middle east if you wanted to. Both are EMP and virus proof, and built to withstand all the rigors of war, and the typical life of a pre teen. Furthermore, with the information on how the magic of Hogwarts tends to affect electronics thanks to Remus, we were able to work with the magical government to make the laptop and phone capable of working with the magical aura of the school, and not short out"

Hawk pointed to a black touch phone and laptop as he said this, allowing the soon-to-be eleven year old examine the electronics.

"Cool, my phone bottoms out every time I go near a tunnel." Harry joked as Hawk moved onto a large combat suit with a helmet.

"Lastly, say hello to the Black Raven Sneaking suit," He said, as the young boy looked at it. "It's a combination of a chameleon cloaking system, and the Ninja class accelerator suit series. It has low level armor that can block most low to medium caliber bullets, and all but the sharpest bladed weapons. Since you've been learning the techniques of the Arashikage, we figured this would be useful for you."

That was certainly true; next to Duke and Scarlett, Snake-Eyes had been his favorite teacher. He had been teaching him the ways of the Arashikage, and had given Harry his codename: Lightening Bolt, or usually Bolt for short, and had made him his apprentice; teaching him the Arashikage mind set that allowed the user to ignore pain, fear, and to resist brain washing. Snake-Eyes also taught him the cloak of the chameleon, which allowed the user to impersonate any persons voice. Other techniques were the ear that sees, which allowed warriors to identify a person by sounds, such as heartbeat and patterns of breathing, and movement. This helped with another technique called the blind sword, which taught warriors to fight without being able to see.

One of the hardest, but most valuable techniques, was the sleeping Phoenix: which allowed the user to fake death by controlling breathing, heartbeat, and other involuntary body processes. It was one of the only techniques Harry had trouble with, as it required extreme discipline, which Harry lacked. Harry examined the suit, and smiled. It was all black aside from the red symbols of the Arashikage on the arm, which Harry hoped that he would one day have tattooed onto his right arm, if his adoptive mother ever let him. The suit also had holsters for all of his weapons, including his new SOCOM M2 and his Arashikage Katana, along with slots for other bladed weapons, and fire arms. It also had a visor on the mask that showed a Heads Up Display, and also acted as special googles that had several settings in it; including night vision, infer-red, X-ray and scan mode as well.

Harry smile widened, before looking back at the General, and asked.

"So did anyone catch that owl?"

Hawk and the others smiled back, as Snake-Eyes came further out of the shadows, revealing an owl sitting on his shoulder. Grabbing a piece of paper, Harry quickly penned a response saying that he was accepting the invitation to Hogwarts, and requested for Minerva McGonagall, to meet with him and his parents, to show them where they could go to get his school supplies.