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Chapter 1

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" she chanted, focusing her power through the circle she had drawn in the centre of her room. She had been left alone in the Titans Tower for the weekend, the rest visiting friends or family elsewhere, so she had taken the opportunity to perform a little experiment. She licked her lips in excitement as the circle glowed and pulsed, forming into the form she had chosen for this new spell.

After exploring online at random, she had accidentally wandered into a seedier part of the internet and came across a new fascination. After browsing through a porn site, as horny teens are known to do, she had come across a particular genre that had caught her attention and been her masturbation material for the next few months.

Tentacle porn. Watching women been caught and raped by them had turned into a secret fetish of hers. Specifically, imagining been in their place. Her toys had helped scratch that particular itch to start with, she could still bring herself to release without those particular videos, many lonely nights riding one of her dildos showed that, but when doing it to tentacles it always helped her cum harder.

So one day, she had decided to take the next step, create her own. Which is what lead to the spell before her, as it formed into a mass of tentacles, made from her magic and at her command. Reaching out a hesitant hand, she took on of them in her hand, stroking it and marveling at the feel as it writhed to her touch. They had turned out as she hoped, now to test them…

Pulling it towards her, she paused, taking a deep breath before leaning forwards and slowly running her tongue up the tentacle she held. Taste would be manageable she thought, kissing and stroking it. Now she had dared to actually cast this spell and had it before her, she was getting aroused, the thought of fulfilling her fantasy so was within her grip.

The tentacle she was pleasuring seemed to be getting impatient at that point, the tip flicking around and pressing against her lips, she moaned softly as she willingly opened her mouth to it, bobbing her head up and down and sucking on it as it filled her mouth. Not bad at all…

While she was busy pleasuring one of the limbs, the rest were beginning to move, feeding on her desires and distraction, wrapping her kneeling legs and working her way up her body. She was so focused on sucking the first one, that she didn't realise her increased pleasure was from tentacles stroking the area of her suit between her legs, not just from living out her fantasies.

She was finally snapped out of it when they made it up to her arms, wrapping around them, while pulling them off to the side as she felt herself being lifted into the air. Her attempts to remove the one from her mouth, to cry out the chant to end it, failed when it refused to budge, flowing into her mouth and beginning to deep throat her.

Damn demonic magic, she though. It must have picked up on her intentions and decided to act on them without her command. As much as losing control like this should be terriying her, the way it was fucking her mouth, the other tentacles running over her body, in particular the sensitive part of the front of her suit; the heat she was feeling from her arousal must be felt through her suit surely?

Yes, apparently it did, a number of its tentacles swarming in there now, after some experimental tugging, it simply tore her costume open, exposing her pussy to it's probing. She gasped around the one in her mouth as dozens of smaller ones roamed all over her hot core, a couple playing with her clit in a way that almost felt like tongues, several other merged together to form a thicker one that stroked against her opening as she squirmed in it's grasp.

It was teasing her! She had made it for one thing and now it was at that moment it was teasing her! She tried to press down, force herself on it, but she was held firm, shaking with need at been so close, yet all it would do is that infernal stroking of her entrance! She even spotted them pulling open her drawer and pulling out several bottles of lube, letting her watch as the tentacles lubed themselves up in front of her before covering her in a slippy layer.

It didn't help that was driving her wild, the teasing, gentle probing of her clit and the throat fucking, it was getting close, but she needed more. She did however begin regretting the video she had watched before the summoning, as the tentacles went further. Gripping her suit, it pulled it apart, exposing her breasts to their ravaging, moaning louder as it began pinching and pulling her nippled, while others wrapped around and squeezed her chest rhythmically, the lube helping the sensation feel that much better..

God this felt good, she thought to herself through her pleasure induced haze, as it finally brought her to orgasm, shuddering and bucking in its grasp while her eyes rolled back in satisfaction. It was at that point the tentacle between her legs choose to thrust itself deep inside her having covered them both in lubrication. Filling her pussy as she could feel smaller tentacles inside her breaking off from the main one and probing her insides. Toes curling at the alien feeling, before tightening as it found her g spot and ran several tendrils over it.

She should stop the spell, before this goes too far, she wanted to say, but as the smaller ones had found the best places to play with inside her, the big one began pulsing, giving the sensation of been fucked, while still filling her entirely.

Her second release came quickly, her body stiffening briefly from the violation and surprise when she came that it got her off that quickly. It kept her suspended there, tentacles holding her suspended and limbs spread, as it played with her body, fucking her mouth and pussy as it probed for all the places she got pleasure from been touched.

Some of them she hadn't known she liked, until tentacles found them and sent her writhing with wild desire.

It was better than she even imagined, been help and repeatedly raped by a tentacle monster she had created. She quickly lost count of the number of times she came, losing herself in the pleasure, if not for the one ravaging her mouth she would probably be screaming loud enough to wake the neighbours.

It felt like days later, but was more like several hours, the dawn light peeking in through her curtains, when the spell finally ran out of energy. She felt herself being lowered to the ground, the tentacles dissolving away to nothing as her ravaged body knew peace. She woke up again later the same morning, body stiff from the hours of violation visited upon it, protesting as she stretched her muscles out again sighing as she regarded her ruined suit.

The entire front had been near enough torn apart in her spells desire to ravish her, what was left was soaked in lube. She spat out a wad of it that had been left in her mouth, the tentacles using it to simulate cumming in and on her towards the end.

Shower first, clean up her room, then dispose of the ruined suit before anyone asked what had happened to her.

She would also need to improve the spell, it was the best night of her life, but she thought she could do so much better with practice…

She also suspected, it probably was a good thing she hadn't worn the schoolgirl outfit she bought for this.