When a local school got targeted, Raven was sent to investigate. She wasn't sure what she's up against, but the creature certainly wasn't expecting it's next victim to smirk at it like that. Raven certainly knows what to do with tentacles by now

Chapter 3

When they had heard there was a monster attacking people at the local school, the team decided they needed to go undercover. She still thought it was an excuse to get her into a school girl uniform, but the life of a superhero.

She met up with their contact, who told her several girls had been attacked under mysterious circumstances, but no one else had seen the creature and they weren't willing to talk about it. The day went by as normally as she assumed a school day should, coming to evening and no sign of trouble. They had agreed to stay after school to look around for any signs, so she went to find her contact. She eventually tracked him down to a classroom at the far end of school, apparently the attacks had happened at the edges of the buildings, but never the same place twice, so he had decided to poke around.

Telling him that no one was even in this block, that without her powers she wouldn't have been able to even find him, he broke into a wide grin. Unsure why that seemingly made him happy, she found out seconds later. His form shifted, his school uniform scattered around the room as he transformed. Within seconds, where a human had once stood, lay a writhing mass of tentacles, which reared up, reaching for its latest victim. It however paused in confusion when said victim was standing there smirking.

"There's a reason I got sent on this mission," she purred, stroking the nearest tentacle and licking her lips, "I love getting fucked by things like you, why not show me how you handle someone who wants what you offer…" The creature shivered, the tentacle she was playing with pulsing in her hand, as others wrapped around her legs while it drew closer. Looking at the centre mass, she pulled the slimy limb up to face height, licking her lips before beginning to kiss and lick it.

Feeling other members probing and soaking her underwear and working their way up her body, she opened her mouth and began sucking the tentacle like she was giving the creature a blowjob. The slime helped it slide down her throat, further than she thought she could take, another coating her hair as it pushed her down, deepthroating her as she moaned. Other tendrils were wrapping around her arms, her hands playing with them as well, while she watched the creature shudder with pleasure.

Spreading her legs invitingly, she was amused when the creature simply tore the purple lingerie off, hearing it hit the floor with a wet slap as she was lifted onto the desk. Her clothes were sticking to her, covered in the monsters trail, while it continued using her mouth and hands for its pleasure; while probing between her spread legs; finding her wet down there drove it wild as she arched her back in response to a pair of tentacles burying themselves in her hot core. Eyes rolling back in her head, it didn't take long for the double penetration of her pussy to bring her to orgasm, writhing in its grip. The ones she had been stroking squirted more slime over her like cum, she swallowed a load and watched as yet more slime dripped down the tentacles giving her her one hell of a pounding down below.

"Good boy," she thought to herself as she felt another rub slime on her asshole, before feeling herself being probed there. Sending out mental encouragement, she came again as it began thrusting a slimy appendage deep inside, vibrating and pulsing so far inside her ass she thought something might give. It looked like the creature wanted to make this last as long as possible, every hole she had was being fucked within an inch of too far, spread over the desk and welcoming the violation she craved.

With a little more urging, her shirt was torn open, the purple lacy bra lasting seconds longer, before she felt suction pads clamp down on her nipples and begin sucking and squeezing hard; all while another small tentacle wrapped around her clit and began playing with it. Her thoughts turned to a mess at that point, the tentacles using her hands as she no longer had control, the shear amount of stimulation triggering climax after climax; stringing them together in such a short space that she swore there would be bruises from muscle spasms while pinned against that desk.

She felt it pulling out of her, leaving her sprawled on the wooden surface, what was left of her tattered clothing drenched in the slime that coated her whole body. Sitting up to see why it had stopped, she saw its erection on display as it exposed it's body to her. From her powers, she got an idea what it now wanted.

Dropping to all fours and sliding towards it on a trail of slime, she smirked as she felt it's excitement as she got nearer. Taking it's hard, throbbing flesh in her hand, she gave it a few strokes as she drew closer, smiling where she thought it's eyes would be, feeling it pulsing as her hot breath caressed it. Running her tongue up the shaft, starting at the base and running up to the head which she then covered in soft kisses, before parting her lips and sliding it into her mouth and beginning to suck it.

The creature made what she assumed were moans, when she bobbed her head up and down it's cock, her suspicions were confirmed when it got louder. She gasped in surprise, her mouth still full, as she felt tentacles wrap around her legs, probing her slick entrances, her back arching as it buried fleshy, pulsing limbs inside her again.

Her eyes rolled back, moaning around it's cock, the increased noises from the creature made it clear that the extra stimulation was welcome. Continuing to ravage her lower body, while she did her best to swallow as much of it's cock as she could, her moans vibrating around twitched and thrashed through a particularly powerful orgasm, the pounding tentacles getting particularly fierce, right before she felt it twitching and spewing waves of cum in her mouth.

Coughing as she dealt with the load, grinning up at the creature as she swallowed what she could, some of it trickling down her face and mixing with the slime that was coating her liberally by now.

"Looks like you enjoyed that baby…" she smirked, speaking between moans as the tentacles were still buried in her ass and pussy. "Let's see if we can't help you get it up again quickly…" Reaching out to play with the creature more, while it didn't have anything that resembled a mouth, it had plenty of limbs for her to stroke and kiss.

While it continued to ravage her body, it left her mouth free this time, moans of a willing victim were a turn on, or so she thought. It helped the creature get it up again, Raven licking her lips as the glistening member rose to full stance again.

"Bend me over the desk and make me scream senpai…" She growled huskily. She giggled when it picked her up, turned her over and set her in the desired position. She moaned as she felt is whipping her sore ass, her back arching, the creature taking the chance to wrap her tit up; tentacles squeezing while suckers played with her nipples.

Already panting, she looked over her shoulder, pleading as it eased up against her. Silently begging, she could feel it's enjoyment as it wrapped her limbs to the desk, teasing her. When it did bury itself in her once more, it came as such a shock she almost screamed; cock filling her pussy, tentacle up her ass.

It set a hard, fast pace, alternating thrusts into her two holes, her moans already reduced to heated nonsense as it gave her what she wanted. What she needed.

If anyone had walked in at that point, they would have borne witness to her, in the slime soaked remains of a schoolgirl outfit, getting ploughed from behind by a monster, while looking like she was in porn film from the facial expressions she was pulling. The sensation was simply too much and her brain shut down, her body entirely in control of the rough pleasure the creature was giving her.

After her first climax in that position, it pulled her legs up either side of it, raising her into the air and swinging her back and forth as it thrust in and out of her.

She moaned, swore, screamed and more as it let loose on her; even the most incoherent noises she made just spurred it on. It just kept going, using her body like a sex toy, until it dropped her to the floor with a load splat, trails of slime coating the girl and the floor, before a stream of cum squirted all over her back as the creature reached it's climax; making an inhuman series of sounds as it pumped wave after wave of cum and slime over her.

She was exhausted, her clothes destroyed, covered in the monster's bodily fluids and her body barely able to move from the ravaging she had just received. It was also the most satisfying fuck of her life.

"Seems you like willing schoolgirls huh senpai…" She grinned, sitting up and eyeing the creature as it turned back into Beast Boy.

"You looked so hot in it and begging like that, damn…" the changeling trailed off, the illusion her magic had created fading away to reveal her room in the tower. "Might get expensive if you want me to destroy your costume like that each time though."

"Oh don't you worry about that, I will find a way…" she reassured him, giving him a kiss. "Now we had better clean up before the rest get back."

"You sure they didn't hear us?"
"BB, if I sounded as loud as I think I did when you had me suspended, they'd have kicked the door in to stop me being murdered. If you're a good boy I will wear the other outfit you like later. Once the slime is all gone…"

It was only a matter of time really, but eventually the team ended up on a space mission. They also ran into a rampaging tentacle monster.

"Go guys, I've got this, I will calm the beast with my power." She assured the rest, ignoring the funny look from Beast Boy. She ushered them out the room, locking the door behind them and leaving the rest of the mission to them, she turned to regard the advancing creature with a smirk.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" She chanted, pointing at the creature, which paused in confusion, before squealing as it was lifted into the air, black tentacles bursting from the floor and tangling it up.

She had never got this particular spell to work, but the chance to use it on a real tentacle monster was just too tempting. It had kept going until she passed out, science demanded she find out how long it would last. That's what she told herself at least.

"I wonder what BB will make of this…" She said to herself, phone camera on and recording the creatures fate as tentacle fought tentacle. Tugging her leotard aside and touching herself with her free hand, getting off while working was unprofessional, but she was too aroused to care.

End notes

Several months on and the final chapter, plus a small bonus ending, have been posted!