Albus Dumbledore was a persistent man. He was used to being the leader, the manipulator, the one in charge. Thus, he felt slightly panicked when he wasn't.

When Harry was kidnapped, he stood frozen in place for at least two minutes before he was able to gather the attention of the rest of the school. Well, more than that. For at least another five minutes, he'd watched five seventh years from assorted Houses forcibly restrain Professor McGonagall on the very sensible grounds that she'd just 'get herself killed if she went after them now.'

A similar scene was happening at the Gryffindor table, except Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were being restrained by the Weasley twins, Neville Longbottom, Susan Bones of Hufflepuff, and Sue Li of Ravenclaw. Hermione and Ron were putting up a good fight, and almost managed to escape. Almost.

Most of the Slytherin table just watched, letting it happen, though curiously Draco Malfoy looked shocked and appalled. Ravenclaw And Beauxbatons looked distastefully at Dumbledore, accusatory looks boring through him. Hufflepuff was mostly restraining Gryffindor, which was basically trying to lead a raid on the Forbidden Forest. And Durmstrang sat back, being surly and just watching it all happen.

Finally, Dumbledore spoke.

"Friends and Students, stop this at once. We will not attack! Instead, we shall do as the centaurs said, finding this-this hidden world! We may conquer it if we like!"

Draco Malfoy started yelling, "No, we won't! The centaurs are right, but it would be better to let that world alone! You saw what Fox did to that thing! They have wings, swords, magic, and can Speak! It would be the death of us! Also, what's the point in conquering? We did keep Fox at this school against her will. Why conquer a world that has done nothing wrong to us? We would be no better than our ancestors, who conquered other continents and enslaved their people! Is this who we want to be? Who we want to become?"

Ravenclaw, Beauxbatons, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, part of Gryffindor, and surprisingly Durmstrang clapped and cheered to the youngest Malfoy, who was standing on the table.

"So what is your plan my dear boy? We sit and do nothing?" argued Dumbledore.

"No! We wait, form a competent plan, spy on broomsticks, and generally be smart instead of acting like a predictable nuisance whose first instinct is to conquer!"

The cheering got louder. So, dear readers, what we have here, (besides our author breaking the fourth wall), is three schools turned against the so-called Leader of Light in favor of Death Eater spawn.

When Dumbledore pointed it out, Professor Flitwick of all people sneered. "This boy has made good points, and has a cunning plan of how to move forward and rescue Mr. Potter. You, on the other hand, have a plan that would get us killed, declare war on an unknown foe, possibly get Mr. Potter killed in retribution, and basically is very stupid!"

More cheering erupted.

Professors Snape and Sprout set up groups. There was the 'Finders' group, made of Hufflepuffs. They were to spy in the forest, and find Harry. There was the 'Spies from the Skies' group, made from the Quidditch Teams from various Houses and a few foreigners, including Viktor Krum. There was the 'Rescuers' group, (made primarily of Gryffindors), which would rescue any member who got in a situation in the forest. There was the 'Pathfinders' group, which would create a path from the grounds to the spot where Harry was. There was the 'Helping Healers' group, which were field healers. At least one of them would go on every trip in the forest, just in case. There would also be another group. The 'Go, Go, Go!' group, which would be the ones to rescue Harry. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were mostly backups. Teachers would go with each group. Snape and Pomphrey for 'Helping Healers,' Sinistra and Hooch of 'Spies from the Skies,' McGonagall and Dumbldore for "Go, Go, Go!', Sprout for 'Finders,' Vector for 'Pathfinders,' and Flitwick for 'Rescuers.'

A plan was made, a good plan, and Dumbledore wasn't happy at all.