A/N: So this idea came to me after watching the season finale of The Mandalorian. I have had zero intention of writing a fic based on the show but ... this popped into my head and Would Not Leave Me Alone. So ... here it is. I don't know what this will become or how long it will be (especially since we have to wait until next fall for Season 2 and more answers) but I plan on having some fun with it anyway. Let me know what you think. :)

Someone was coming.

She wasn't sure who exactly but … someone.

It was refreshing to be able to feel things in the Force again. For so many years she'd missed its comforting touch. That was how she'd known it was over, that Sidious (or Palpatine as most knew him) was gone. Like a black veil had been lifted, letting in sunlight after a long darkness, the touch and murmur of the Force had suddenly returned. The Dark Side was not completely gone – no, it would never be gone as the Light and the Dark made up the Force – but its influence was gone. How it had all happened she still wasn't clear on, news was hard to come by this far out from the Core, but she could feel the change. If she was completely honest she didn't really care how it all ended, she was just glad it had ended. There was a small feeling that all the fallen Jedi, her family, had finally been avenged. Nothing could bring them back or restore the Order but perhaps those that had survived would now be able to live in peace.

Peace and not having to constantly look over her shoulder would be welcome.

No one sought her out here and the only time she interacted with others was when she made the two day trek into the closest farming village for supplies. The citizens there were accustomed to her by now and didn't ask any questions. Now, however, some one was coming. He – yes, it was a he, that much she could sense – wasn't looking for her specifically but their paths would cross and he had something with him … something …

Her concentration faltered a bit and she opened her eyes.

Surely she was mistaken.

Still, she would be ready for his arrival. The Force had whispered some time ago that her time of isolation was coming to an end and perhaps this approaching person had something to do with it.

A week, maybe two later, the moment had come.

She could sense him before she ever saw the ship dropping from the sky and quickly made her way down the path to wait. Hopefully it would give her a chance to observe him before making her presence known. Her eyes widened a bit as the ship – a Republic era one if she wasn't mistaken – landed in the open field between the forest and her mountains. Whoever this was hadn't been a part of the Empire which was a plus in her mind. Remaining hidden between the boulders that lined the path to her home she watched as the ramp lowered and a figure strode out, seemingly at ease but she could easily feel how tense and on alert he was. If the ship was something unexpected what she was now looking at was even more so. She watched him calmly but cautiously. He was a Mandalorian which was interesting. She had thought they were all dead, either in their continuous clan wars or by the Empire… then again most thought all the Jedi had been killed as well. She wasn't sensing any hostility from him but she still wanted to be careful. Deciding she had observed him long enough she slowly stepped from her hiding spot.

"This is an odd place for a Manalorian to end up."

He spun around, blaster pointed in her direction, but she didn't flinch. That was to be expected. No doubt he had thought he was alone. There was a moment of tense silence as he no doubt sized her up just as she had done to him.

"I am looking for someone."

"Seems you have found someone." She knew under his helmet he rolled his eyes and couldn't keep a grin off her face. "Perhaps with a little more information I can help you in your search."

"How do I know I can trust you?" His blaster was still pointed at her.

"I could say the same. I have lived out here, safe and hidden from the Empire for more than half my life. It's rare to see off-worlders."

"Why would you need to hide from the Empire? Did you comment some crime?"

"They made my life a crime but there was a time when we were the protectors of peace and justice."

His confusion was easily felt but at last the blaster was lowered though he didn't put it back in its holster.

"I was told to find … sorcerers that were our enemy in order to return the Child to them."

There was a subtle nudge from the Force.

"The Jedi. You seek the Jedi."

The slight jerk of his shoulders conveyed his surprise.

"Jedi? I remember rumors of the Jedi when I was very young. There has been no mention of them for a decade at least. Where are they now?"

"Gone. Massacred by the Emperor when he took control of the Republic."

"Then I've wasted my time. Why would I be sent to find them if they're all dead?" Even through the voice modulated helmet his frustration was clear.

She raised an eyebrow. "I thought all the Mandalorians were dead, too." Crossing her arms on her chest she gave him a hard stare. "Why do you need the Jedi? You mentioned a Child?"

"Yes. An … associate of mine said if I can't find his own species then the sorcerers – or Jedi – would be able to take him and care for him."

"What - " Her words froze as the Force shifted around her. Peering around the Mandalorian she sucked in a breath and for a moment it seemed like everything around her had disappeared. "Master Yoda?" she whispered. That couldn't be possible; she had felt when the Jedi Master had become one with the Force several years earlier.

"Are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I think I have."

Blinking again she took a few steps towards his ship and the creature that had appeared at the top of the ramp. She couldn't believe her eyes. It just wasn't possible …

"Where … how did you come to travel with this child?"

"I rescued him from Arvala-7. He was being held in a military facility there."

"For what purpose?"

"That I do not know. He is being hunted by the leader of an Imperial Remnant. I was hoping to be able to return him to his own kind … or these Jedi as he can … do things I can't explain."

She squatted down and held a hand out to the Child. It walked to her with no hesitation. Once it was directly in front of her she couldn't hold back a few tears.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Nodding she gathered the Child into her arms and he nestled in close. "Come. We have much to discuss."