"This...can't be happening to me..." A certain unlucky boy said disbelievingly. Bringing his hands up to his face to conceal the utterly depressed expression he wore.

"Give it back...Give it back...Oh please give it back!" He whined, tears of desperation gathering at the corners of his eyes as he looked to the source of his frustration.

A single unassuming vending machine in the middle of a park.

You may ask as to why this spiky-haired individual was currently bashing every button on the machine with a crazed fury. The answer to that question is rather simple.

"Give me back my money you hungry hunk of junk!"

The machine who's feelings had no doubt been hurt by this statement, had eaten up the unfortunate boy's money and gave him nothing in return. But it hadn't simply taken a few coins, oh no no. This machine had swallowed a whole 2000 yen from the fuming porcupine.

"I knew that using 2000 yen was a risk, I knew it and yet I fed it my last bit of money like an absolute idiot! If there is a God above I ask for you to smite this idiotic Kamijou! Smite me oh great smiter!" He lamented within his mind, cursing at what little sanity he had left.

He futilely tapped on the unresponsive glass in the hopes that it might at least spit out a drink. A pithy remuneration was better than nothing.

"Such Misfortune." He complained, before letting go of the money within his mind, cutting it away from his soul.

"Sigh… Well, it's not like I need it anyway." He thought to himself, trying to salvage what little pride he had left by convincing himself that it was the truth.

With a deep sigh he walked ahead. Mentally recalculating his budget for the month. Something which happened far more frequently than it should have for no fault of his.

Touma eventually found another vending machine, this time trying his luck with a few coins he had procured from his dwindling bank account.

Having found a seat in the empty park, he sipped on his hard earned beverage, biding his time now that he had a cool drink to soothe his frustration.

He sat there, can of soda in hand.

He definitely wasn't avoiding going home and facing the glutinous nun who would inevitably bite his head off upon hearing that they were restricted to minimum rations for the rest of the month. No, not at all.

"Such Misfortune…" He lamented yet again.

He took another sip of his lemon soda giving a momentary burst of sweetness on his tongue to distract him from his troubles.

However, before he could swallow, a mess of tawny hair suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Oi! You! Have you seen my Onee-Sama?" came the shrill voice from the hair.

Touma scrambled backward over the park bench and onto his back, nearly spitting out his mouthful in the process

"Cough! Cough! Hey! Don't suddenly assault people in the middle of the day. I very nearly spat my drink all over you!" Touma sputtered as he forced the mouthful down past his shock.

The girl peered at him suspiciously.

"Have you seen my Onee-sama?" she asked again, this time with more force.

"I have no idea who this 'Onee-sama' of yours is, and frankly seeing how rude you are I'm not too bothered to find out." Touma replied with clear disinterest in his voice..

The girl sniffed disdainfully. Throwing a dirty look towards the boy.

"You dare treat the brilliant visage of my Onee-sama, the third ranked Level 5 and most powerful electromaster, with such disinterest? You ignoramus, do you even know who she is?"

"Yup. No. No idea who you're talking about." Touma said, finally taking in the details of the girl in front of him past the color of the hair that had been shoved into his face.

She was short, her tawny hair not a mess as he had initially assumed, but tied in an elaborate set of twin-tail braids. She was dressed in white shirt with a brown blazer on top, as well as a skirt that seemed far too short to serve any meaningful purpose.

He also noted the presence of a green band on her left sleeve, which ignited his forgotten frustration of a few minutes prior.

"Hey, you're Judgement!" He said, his mood going up a few notches. "You can help me with my lost money! No, it's more like stolen money. That darn machine..."

The girl's eyebrow twitched as the boy effortlessly derailed her inquiry.

Nonetheless she steeled herself. "Unfortunately, I'm not on duty right now, I'm more preoccupied with finding my friend." She said, turning away in an effort to leave.

"Hey, wait!" He cried out, mildly desperate to regain his lost funds as he grasped her arm with his right hand.

"You have to help me. That is nearly a tenth of my monthly budget! I can't be made to face the beast that dwells in my home if I don't come back with enough money to feed her!" Touma pleaded, not noticing the suspicious look that the girl was giving him, or more accurately his hand on her arm.

"Let go of me!" She said, shoving his hand off. She then quickly disappeared, reappearing a few meters to the left.

"Woah! A teleporter!?" Touma exclaimed, surprised to see the Judgement girl rematerialise before his very eyes.

The girl stared at him with suspicious eyes, a few lines of thought going through her mind before heaving a defeated sigh.

"Where did you lose your money?" She asked begrudgingly, much to Touma's relief.

Neither of them noticed the brown haired clone walk past on the path behind them, her military goggles glinting in the sunlight.

"Onee-Sama….where are you…" Kuroko thought as she followed behind the boy who had interrupted her search, her sense of duty not allowing her to ignore a plea of help, especially when it actually did fall under her jurisdiction.

Kuroko sighed. It had been nearly two days since she had seen Onee-sama and she was worried.

"Why won't you tell me what is happening, Onee-sama!" She raged, scowling at the boy, whose name she hadn't yet bothered to learn, the boy who so obliviously and selfishly interrupted her search.

Just to check, she discreetly teleported once more.

"It works now. Why wasn't it working then?" She wondered, biting on her lip. "Was he blocking it? No…he was surprised to find that I was a teleporter… So he couldn't have been doing it consciously."

"So, what is your name?" She asked, addressing the boy. "Maybe he has some passive power set that blocks mine? Is that even possible? Being able to interrupt my shift through the 11th dimension is too unbelievable. I'll have to check this out later…"

"The name's Kamijou Touma, pleased to meet you!" he replied without turning around.

Kuroko scowled. "How rude."

They continued to walk for a few minutes more before finally reaching their destination.

"Oh, it's this thing..." Kuroko thought, a sense of nostalgia and amusement coming over her at the same time.

"Your money is lost, boy." She said out loud. "That machine is faulty, it swallows everyone's money. Nothing I can do about it." Her amused grin would've told otherwise, but the boy was too focused on her words to take-in anything else at the moment.

"Wait, you knew about this faulty hunk of junk and yet there are no signs to warn people!? Why is it still kept in service?" Touma asked indignantly.

Kuroko opened her mouth to answer with another snide remark, but then she realized that she didn't have a good one to give.

"Since I am the judgement officer who patrols here most often….I am the one who's supposed to report stuff like this." A growing sense of horror washed over the pigtailed teleporter, the image of a certain Konori Mii sending a bone chilling sensation down her spine.

"Uhh…W-well, you see.." She started to stutter out.

"Your patrol route is through this park, right? You at least know of someone who could get my money out of this thing, right? That's why you don't replace this thing, RIGHT!?" The boy started to ask, his desperate hope seeming to intensify at the end of each question.

"I will ensure that this incident is reported to the authorities in question!" Kuroko replied as she desperately tried to salvage the situation and hide her guilt. "Uhh...if that is all, I shall be leaving." She replied before abruptly teleporting away from the scene, leaving the boy to lifelessly gape at the empty space the girl once occupied.

"Such Misfortune!" He shouted, the frustration and disappointment expressed in that one, often repeated phrase of his.

Having escaped her duties and growing concern of her supervisor's wrath, the Tokiwadai teleporter returned to her search for Mikoto. She hadn't had any luck with the usual places, Joseph's was a bust and so was the arcade. Her concern grew with each minute that passed. Soon her curfew would put a stop to her search, but for now she stayed vigilant.

"Maybe I can ask Uiharu to bring up the cameras?" She pondered, before shaking her head, cutting off the thought process.

"I cannot bring attention to Onee-sama that way. Using Judgement resources for personal reasons would get me in trouble with Konori-senpai..."

"Aaaah!" An exasperated shout left her as her head turned towards the sky, eyes settling on the ever-present blimp in the sky, showing the time and weather forecast for the week.

"It's already five in the afternoon." A gloomy expression made its way onto her face. "Best make that report about the machine back at the office, curfew is coming up."

As she teleported her way to the Judgement office, she found a surprising amount of resistance to the idea of reporting the machine in the park.

"So many memories….." She reminisced, the many times she berated Onee-sama for her stubborn insistence on abusing that machine floating to the surface of her mind.

She made the final jump, finding herself at the door to the small office where she worked with Uiharu and Konori-senpai, her hand hesitating for a split second to grasp the door handle.

She dithered for a few more seconds, biting her lip, her hand still raised.

It was stupid… just a plain machine.


"Maybe I can report it tomorrow." She decided. Pulling her hand back as she teleported her way back to the dorm, mind a muddle of worry, dwelling on the growing split between her and Mikoto.

Later that evening Kuroko was staring at her roommate's back, shock, fear and concern etching her features as she tried to digest the implications of the short yet exceptionally worrying conversation that she had just had.

"W-what was that about? Throwing the city into disarray? What have you gotten into Onee-sama…"

Having returned from her expedition away from the dorm, she was surprised to find the aim of her search standing inside her dorm room. Mikoto stood staring out of the window with a deep scowl, one she hid quickly once Kuroko came into the room.

She wanted to ask what was wrong, but the girl diverted her attention away before she could get a word in.

She paid it no mind, but after taking a shower she sat on the bed brushing her hair, when the chestnut haired girl spoke up.

"What would you do if I sent the city into disarray?"

She may have answered honestly, but seeing the empty look on her Onee-sama's face made her worry she had chosen her words poorly.

Once again she looked on in concern, her desire to help her Onee-sama warring with her desire to respect the friendship that they had, to wait for her to come and ask her for help.

"One more day." She laid her head down in the bed. "One more day, I'll bear with this aching feeling of unease for one more day. But if you're still the same, I will have to force the answer out of you. For your sake Onee-sama."

And so, she closed her eyes. Her psyche filled with thoughts that wouldn't leave her no matter how hard she tried. So much so that a particularly nasty feeling broke her slumber.

Peeking through her blurry gaze she woke to a dark room, barely lit by the pale moon outside yet bright enough to see the empty and tidy bed of Mikoto's. Her heavily patched up and ragged bear staring creepily back at Kuroko.

She lay there, staring at the doll, her mind disengaged, turning over possibilities, waiting.



Too absorbed in her own thoughts and worry. Too absorbed in her need for her Onee-sama to come back and tell her it was all okay.

She was broken out of her vigil by the door slamming open violently.

"Onee-sama?" She thought, hope rising within her as she teleported to stand.

She was however met by the mighty visage of the Dorm Manager, looking uncharacteristically flustered, her eyes briefly registering Kuroko before scanning the entire room with a suspicious amount of precision.

"Shirai-san. Where is Misaka-san?" Came the demanding question, a frisson of fear in her tone that put Kuroko on edge.

"O-Onee-sama? She is in the b-bathr-" She tried to deceive the woman, ready as always to cover for Mikoto if needed. But this time was different.

The dorm manager grabbed the front of Kuroko's collar, her eyes slightly wild.

"This is not the time for games. Where. Is. Misaka-san?" The dorm manager spoke with a domineering tone, instilling absolute terror into the pigtailed girl.

"I-I don't know! She hasn't come back yet!" Kuroko sputtered out as she was forced on her toes from the iron like grip of the woman. "What's the matter? What happened?"

The dorm manager stared into Kuroko's eyes, a mixture of anger, and more worryingly, fear swimming in them.

She let go of Kuroko's collar, causing her to unceremoniously fall on her ass.

"Shit!" The dorm manager cursed uncharacteristically, storming out of the room, not even bothering to close the door behind her.

Kuroko scrambled to her feet, switching on the lights as she did, absently noting that it was close to ten in the evening, worry spiking within her.

"Onee-sama...what have you done?" She dressed herself quickly, teleporting after the dorm manager to find out what exactly was happening.

The only occupant left being the soulless, black eyed bear on the bed.

Mikoto walked into the alleyway which was scheduled to be the battleground for today's experiment, her eyes determined, her mind focused, her chest closing in on her like a vice, and her legs shaking ever so slightly.

The alleyway was narrow, red brick to one side and plain concrete on the other, a not too uncommon site in the city. Numerous pipes ran along the walls, one of which had seemingly ruptured with great force, the wall it was running along pockmarked and chipped.

Further along one side of a dumpster had been blown apart, the debris and waste littering the entire width of the alleyway with a rancid stench.

She eyed the mess in front of her, clear evidence of the fight that had already started. She pulled out her phone, checking the time once more.

"20:35… I'm late." How pathetic. She couldn't even arrive in time to save her sister the pain she was cruelly subject to. Nevertheless, she suppressed the overwhelming feeling of guilt and sorrow already weighing her down, in turn focusing on the trail of destruction left behind by the ensuing battle.


SCame the unbidden, unwelcome thought, whispering at her ever so insidiously as she surveyed the scene.

She followed the trail of debris to where she assumed the fight was still happening, panting past the inexplicable tightness in her chest the best she could. She kept running through her plan again and again, trying to iron out any semblance of doubt it may bring. To squash this undeserving fear of death.

"I need to go all out… but I need to leave holes. I need to have some easily exploitable hole for him to take advantage of…"

She was well aware that this was unnecessary. He'd simply blow through everything she'd throw at him with indifference. Yet this small semblance of control made her think she had some form of influence on her fate. It brought nothing but reassurance to her terrified mind. And even then, not much of it.

"This is the only way. The only thing left for me."

The trail of debris continued, Mikoto slowly following along. The alley opened to a wide street, the entrance of a railway yard standing opposite to the alley's exit. The road was deserted, oddly so given the time of the night. Once again hammering it home that this city was run by the worst scum on earth.

As she walked towards the entrance of the noticeably damaged yard, her attention was stolen by the loud thud of metal coming from her right. More concerningly, the anguished shout which was very familiar to her by now.

"Is that the best you can do, Puppet?" Spoke a voice. The voice that narrated her nightmares of death and agony, the voice of the monster that made a game of murdering her sisters.

Her face twisted, scowling heavily as the rage and fear of the past few weeks came to the forefront of her mind. Her hands clenched into shaking fists, her anger warring with her dread at what was to come.

"This is the only way." Her anchor to sanity seemed less and less stable the more steps she took towards her demise.

She took another step, this time a crack of lightning sounding out from within the yard followed by a pained female grunt and distinct laughter.

She froze for a second, suddenly hesitant to take the next step.

Her face then twisted in disgust at her hesitation.

"This is the price for my crimes, for what I have done. The price for all the pain I have caused and the people I have killed. This is what my life is. A bargaining chip for all their lives."

"This is the only way." She reiterated this mantra again, strangling that weak, unnecessary hope she held for a better solution for thempteenth time.

She walked forward into the maze of containers, into the forefront of this hell that plagued her sisters, towards the monster that cackled maniacally at the pain and suffering he was causing to innocent lives.

She walked ahead, step by step towards the end of this nightmare.

Accelerator glared at the wheezing clone as it slowly pulled itself back onto its feet.

They stood in a clearing at the middle of the yard, hidden from the rest of it by the tall stacks of containers overhead, all placed in such a way to allow the centre point to house the intersection of all the paths in the yard. It left a wide opening, one he found much less annoying than the cramped little alleyways he was forced to fight in.

"Not that it will make any difference" Accelerator grumbled absentmindedly, eyeing the panting, bleeding clone disdainfully.

"Tch," He spat, "I thought all of you were connected or something. Ten thousand tries, and you don't even last more than ten minutes when I allow you to do whatever you want."

He ambled towards the clone, ignoring the bolt of energy that it threw towards him. The attack reflected back to its source, causing the clone to fall, convulsing, as its own attack hit it.

He stared down at the clone as it tried to get to its feet again.

"Is this really going to get me to level 6?" he thought, the ever present doubt in his mind rising to the surface yet again, as it did with nearly every pathetic attempt the clones made to defeat him. The constant reassurance of the calculations behind the experiment grew more dull by each passing day. The fact he had gone through half of these pests with nothing to show ticked him off.

Ten thousand lab rats and not a smidget of progress.

"Fucking lab junkies…"

"Get away from her." He was broken out of his disdainful musings by a girlish voice. A familiar voice. One without the droning monotone he came to tune out. One that was so clearly filled with a certain emotion. Anger.

"Onee...sama?" The clone below him questioned in a weak whisper, as both of them turned to the source of the intrusion.

Emerging from one of the pathways between the containers was a girl wearing a familiar face.

"Another clone?" Accelerator thought confused, as his eyes fell on the familiar brown hair and brown eyes.

His interest grew sharper when he noted the pure radiant anger of this girl. This was no clone.

Which meant...

"Oh?" A smirk formed on his lips, his foot planting itself on the cheek of the clone below him, firmly pushing it's face down into the gravel. Causing the clone to let out a soft whimper, one which caused a resentful growl to escape the intruder. "Come for another round, Original?"

"I said get away from her!" The girl nearly snarled, her face a rictus of anger.

"Or what?" Accelerator taunted, grinding the clones face deeper into the gravel with the heel of his foot. "We both know that you have nothing to threaten me with, Original. You're as threatening to me as this pest beneath my shoe. So go on, give me your best shot."

"You must...not...fight. Onee...Sama…." The clone croaked out."The Experiment…"

"Oh, shut it." Accelerator grumbled, kicking the weakened body of the clone away from him, sending her flying through the air past Mikoto.

She looked on in horror as her sister's body impacted a container with a sickening crunch, leaving a stain of red on the metal frame as it fell to the ground. She let out a strangled, incoherent yell of despair, her eyes solely focused on the clone's ravaged form.

She instinctively reached for the poor girl, but quickly pulled her hand down. Remembering that she only had one plan of action. One way to end it all, to save what remained. She slowly turned back towards Accelerator, the sparks around her intensifying, her expression murderous.

The pale monster spread his arms wide, a taunting notion matched only by his cocky grin.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" He jeered.

Then, with a heated growl the ground around her exploded in a torrent of electricity, sending gravel and dirt spiraling toward the albino in a miniature hurricane.

They all impacted his barrier, every particle reflecting away but quickly falling back into the twisting mass of dust and debris.

"Wow, you can throw rocks. Got anything else?" He said, dissipating the storm with a flick of his finger, the fields keeping it in place falling apart as he counteracted them. "We saw this trick last time, this isn't anything new." He drawled, seemingly bored, his face losing its trademark grin.

She glared back at him, her power reforming the cloud. This time, it encased him in a dome of densely packed debris. Throwing him into darkness as the construct violently shaped itself to her will.

And then the assault started.

Multiple blades of vibrating iron sand shot out at him from different angles, each deadly enough to cut through solid concrete, with various bolts of lightning striking at the same time, the pure radiance of which consumed the darkness of night around it.

And every single strike was reflected without trouble.

Accelerator smirked, deflecting one of the bolts at her which didn't even force her to flinch as the strike got cleanly absorbed back. The only result achieved was to make her hair stand a little straighter.

"You disappoint me, third rate" Accelerator said, smirking as yet another blade of sand dissipated on his barrier.

"Where is all that fabled power we Level 5's have? Are you really even one? Show me something fun wouldn't you!?" He demanded, kicking the gravel beneath to send it flying at her.

The piece of gravel shot forward at near supersonic speed, but was ground to dust by a cloud of iron sand that came to meet it. The girl just glared at him, causing his smirk to widen.

"None of those fragile dolls could ever match this amount of power. Frankly I was beginning to get pissed off at the weaklings I'm being forced to slaughter." He said, nearly shouting over the continuous boom of lightning around him.

"Don't you dare talk about my Sisters!" She screamed. The assault intensified further, remaining as ineffective as ever against the stationary monster of Academy City.

"Sisters?" Accelerator asked. , his face showing a hint of confusion. "What do you mean sisters? They're sacks of meat shaped into a pale imitation of you. Windup dolls, created to be destroyed by me."

"DO NOT! CALL THEM! DOLLS!" " She raged, punctuating it with an incoherent scream of wordless anger. She cut off her assault, giving him a moment to breathe as the dome surrounding him expanded outward, leaving him staring curiously.

"Oh ho?" He then exclaimed within his mind as the electric potential above him suddenly spiked, the field bending around him as his reflection came into play.

The air around him broke down as the potential became too high for it to withstand, the energy flowing in a white river around him. The light grew to blinding intensity before he adjusted his calculations to filter it out, leaving him momentarily blinking white afterimages from his eyes. The temperature of the air around him grew, with the ground surrounding him growing red hot and slowly breaking down around him. He started to pant as the air around him rapidly became unbreathable under the incredible heat, catalyzing into ozone at a rate far faster than any of the girl's clones had ever managed.

An attack that could truly make him work.

"Aaaaa…aha...Ahahaha! Kahahahahahahah!"

And in the middle of it all, Accelerator let out a demented laugh of sheer ecstasy. Laughing at the sheer futility of it all.

Mikoto looked on, sweat beading from her forehead at the strain of maintaining the stream of lightning surrounding Accelerator, slightly disbelieving as the lightning continued and nothing came out from within it. The roar drowned out any and all sounds around her and the blinding light threatened to blind her.

"He didn't reflect it?" She thought, frowning slightly at the sight.

She hadn't expected it to last this long.

Before she could come to a conclusion however, something rocketed out from the center of the stream of energy, too fast for her blinded eyes to follow. The world turned dim for a moment, unbearable pain striking her chest and robbing her of oxygen before a shot of pain pierced her back once she felt like she hit something solid. Her hips felt numb yet were blanketed in excruciating pain, masking the far greater agony she felt from below her waist.

She felt her body fall and impact with the ground, the pain peaking and causing her to nearly blackout.

Her concept of time grew weird. The agonising sensation she was experiencing felt as if she was in slow motion. A single second felt like forever.

"W-what happened? Where is Accelerator?" Her thoughts grew panicked, eyes flickering about the yard as she tried to push herself up. Yet the slightest movement made her arms recoil in pain.

Her eyes then fell upon a pair of sock clad legs, red rapidly staining the white fabric. They resembled broken twigs, bent in such a way that they faced in opposite directions. The blood stained bone of her tibia was piercing her skin, a sickening sight which welled up a disgusted reaction from the bottom of her gut.

"Are those...my legs?" .

Her head was suddenly forced up, causing her to whimper in pain at the tight hold on her hair. Her eyes focused on the moon for a mere moment, the shine of its surface drawing her slow and nauseous mind.

That single focal point was taken from her as the sadistic face of Accelerator blocked her view of it from above.

"Oh? You're still conscious? Interesting!" His voice chimed so gleefully, making her ears ring for a moment as she tried to regain her bearings against the confusion brought by her pain.

"W-what?.." Her mind barely registered his words.

"I must say, using a controlled stream of lightning was inspired, and not something your worthless clones could have managed, though it's a far cry from being good enough. Level 6 my ass, this project won't get me anywhere if this is what your power is like." With one hand pulling her head up by her hair, the other took her jaw in a forceful grip, strong enough that she could feel the bone creak.

"You nearly suffocated me when all the oxygen started reacting and becoming ozone within the stream, not to mention the sheer heat produced. Had to recalibrate my calculations on the fly, not something I have to do very often."

He then let out another demented giggle, his grip tightening even further, her jaw nearly cracking underneath the force.

Mikoto stared into the deranged face of her would-be killer. Unable to make out any details past the two patches of bright red where his eyes were supposed to be.

"So this is the end then?..." She thought, a veil of calm drowning out the pain and the panic that had earlier gripped her.

"I'll finally be able to right some of the wrongs I have done." A smile nearly coming to her face at the sheer relief that the thought brought to her.

"I don't have to fight anymore." she thought at last, as she stared into the pitiless red eyes of Accelerator

"You must...not...kill….Onee-sama" came a strained, weak voice from her left, breaking her out of her veil of calm. "The...calculations…."

A sense of horror came over Mikoto as the clone stole Accelerator's attention.

"N-no!" she tried to stammer out. "Y-you m-mu-"

"Tch…" As those red eyes turned back to her, she could see the boredom and disinterest that now filled them. And with one hand he simply slammed her head against the container, forcing a darkness to slowly consume her sight before she fell unconscious.

Accelerator looked upon the mangled body of the third rate in front of him, well used to the sight.

After all, he had already destroyed more than ten thousand such bodies.

He then turned to look at the clone of the body in front of him, equally mangled, but conscious.

"Now what?" he spat.

"The...experiment...cannot...afford...any...deviations. You...must...disengage…." It continued to say.

He rolled his eyes.

"She isn't dead, merely unconscious." He grumbled. "Not that it makes any difference." He continued, walking up to the clone.

"You are yet to complete the experiment, says Misaka as she expresses her disapproval." Another intruder, a second clone with that same voice spoke from behind him. A deep scowl plastered his face..

In response, he kicked the broken doll in front of him, causing the head to fly back with disproportionate force, shattering into a bloody pulp as it hit the container.

"There. Satisfied?" He asked sarcastically.

The clone behind him didn't reply, and instead moved to start cleaning up the body, with another few coming up and attending to the unconscious Level 5.

"Tch.." He spat yet again, somehow feeling even more frustrated than he usually did at the end of each experiment. Something he couldn't quite explain but which definitely bugged him a great deal. Though, if he was truthful, it all just felt like-.

"...an utter waste of time."

So there we have another chapter.

So some of you may be disappointed that Mikoto didn't die. But that never was the point of the story anyway. Wanted to explore a darker end of the sisters arc, it's effects on Mikoto and the overall greater plot of Index.

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