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I won't delete the old version from this site. In case someone wants to see the before-and-after effects, you're free to do so. And! At the end of each chapter, there will be a segment reminiscent of Demon Slayer's Taisho Secret (for those who don't know what that is, it's a short scene with fun facts and comedy related to their respective episode/chapter with two characters starring it)!

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[Using Anime/Manga Effects.]

Today's a big day, one of the best days that comes with being a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan: a new Yu-Gi-Oh! series is about to air! To say I was excited would be an understatement. Only two weeks have passed since Zexal ended, and I luckily had animes to catch up to, mangas to finish reading, and school to agitate my life, but boy oh boy time passed slowly.

But the wait is now over. The first episode of ARC-V is about to start! As I waited for the video to finish loading, my mind wondered about the new MC and Summoning Mechanic: apart from the MC's identity- Sakaki Yuya-, I've managed to keep myself spoiler-free! Let's just hope the effort wasn't for nothing.

Alright, the episode's ready to play! I immediately started the video and I was met with white. Will the white fade into the scene?


It sure was taking its sweet time to start... Don't tell me it's lagging! Why does this always happen when it shouldn't? Like when I was watching Season 1 of Gundam 00, Episode 23 and Lockon was—No, calm down, me! I grunted, exasperated. I tried to pause the video and restart it, but I discovered the entire screen froze and the white was getting brighter and brighter, to the point it became a blinding light.

"What the—" I shouted, trying to shield my eyes when the light got too powerful to bear. I felt my body turn to jelly and my mind went blank...

Turn 1:

In a New World!

I came back to with a gasp, my eyes swung open and the first thing they recognized was me standing on a sidewalk. The sun shone brightly in the sky, birds chirped happily in the trees planted along the sidewalk, and people- anime people!- were passing by, minding their own business.

"W-Where am I...!?" I whisper-shouted, not wanting to draw any attention and look like a lost weirdo. I scanned my surrounding in confusion and dread: am I dreaming? Is this real? The people around me are anime people, did I fall into an isekai anime!? Oh god, please help me—

I froze when I saw a guy around my age was staring at me at the side. OK, calm down, calm down! Just play it cool for now, you can panic later, can't you? I gave an embarrassed smile and waved my hand, and the other person did the same. By waving, I noticed some kind of black gauntlet on my left arm. I moved my hand to touch it, but the person mimicked me again.

I raised an eyebrow, he mimicked me, and I gasped. I was staring at my reflection on glass doors: my shoulder-length hair was sand-colored, instead of my home clothes I wore a white shirt, blue denims with holes on its knees, a black belt, and black shoes. What really caught my attention were my eyes: the right one was green, but the left one was red.

I didn't have time to ponder about my appearance as the glass doors slid open, surprising me.

"That's it! I'm not shopping with you anymore, Yuzu!" a boy said, clearly irritated, and too irritated to notice me.

I heard a female shout 'watch out!' right when the boy and I bumped into each other, and we fell to the ground with a loud THUD! Both of us whined loudly, and the girl ran to us.

"Are you two OK!?" the girl, surely named Yuzu, asked in a worried tone. I simply nodded and stood up with a grunt. I had worse happen to me, this is nothing, but it still hurt.

"I'm fine..." Yuya stood up and nodded. He looked at me, and I noticed right away I was a tad bit taller than him and Yuzu. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you in my haste!"

"D-Don't sweat it..." I rubbed the back of my neck, showing an embarrassed smile. I was talking to Yuya. I was really talking to Yuya! That meant I'm in ARC-V! Fudge, I knew nothing of this anime's plot: I have no idea what shenanigans will be thrown at us... Great...

Also... a bizarre feeling burnt inside me as I kept staring at Yuya and Yuzu, as if I knew them already from a distant past. Yuzu was the most abnormal out of the two: I felt some kind of hatred toward her, although we've just met... I immediately shoved those strange feelings away, questioning their existence.

"What was all that about, Yuya?" Yuzu spoke up, glaring at the male. "I was getting ready to buy my clothes when you suddenly stormed out!"

"I've wasted all my afternoon in this one shop!" Yuya glared back. "You pick out a dress, put it back, and walk around for eternity, then choose the very dress you placed down at the beginning! You're a disaster!"

Yuzu gasped as her face turned red in anger, surely prompting me to sweatdrop.

"M-Maybe you should take that back—"


I didn't get the chance to finish as Yuzu slapped Yuya on the head with a paper fan. Where...did that come from...?

"That's what you get!" she added with a huff, Yuya caressing his head with a scowl.

"That escalated rather quickly..." I muttered, catching their attention. "Are you two...a couple, perhaps?"

"No!" they cried out in unison, causing some passerby to stare at us in confusion. Yuzu's face was red, clearly flustered, but Yuya seemed offended.

"Why would I be with a crude, strong—I mean, why would you think that!?" Yuya had to correct himself when he noticed the murderous glare Yuzu sent upon hearing 'strong'. "We're just friends."

"If you say so..." I slowly nodded. They're so in denial, wow. Talk about being in the friendzone.

"I'm Sakaki Yuya." the tomato-haired said, changing the subject.

"And I'm Hiiragi Yuzu." she smiled.

Wait, my introduction has to follow! I am...um... "Vincent." my first name could remain, but I didn't want my surname to be the same. Come on, let me have that privilege if I was in an isekai. OK, I guess I'll use my favorite writer's pen name. "Sakushi Vincent. But Vince is enough."

"A pleasure to meet you, Vince." Yuzu's smile widen. "I never saw you before. Are you new here?"

"Yes..." I lied with a nod, my heart threatening to burst out of my chest from anxiety. "...I just arrived."

"I hope Maiami City will please you, then!" Yuya chuckled. "What brings you here?"

OK, this is a Yu-Gi-Oh anime, why would I want to travel? "I...came to Duel new opponents!" yep, that sounded about right.

"You're a Duelist?" Yuzu asked, curiously glancing at the gauntlet on my arm. Oh, so this must be a Duel Disk. "Are you attending any Duel School?"

Duel School? Ohhh, like the Duel Academia in GX? "...No, I'm self-taught."

"Self-taught?" she blinked. "That's...new." it was my turn to blink. "You don't see many self-taught Duelists nowadays."

"Yeah, this is my first time seeing one in person." Yuya agreed. Wow, self-taughts were this rare? "Actually... Say, Vince, would you mind Dueling me?" he showed his pearly whites. "I'd like to see if I can hold my ground against a self-taught Duelist!"

"Yuya, you can't go around asking people to Duel you." Yuzu scolded him.

"It's fine, Yuzu. I don't mind..." I assured her with a smile. This is the perfect opportunity to discover more of these two, and maybe become friends. Also, it's better to Duel them than god knows what dangerous opponent. "I accept your challenge, Yuya."

"Where are we?" I stared at the large, playground-like building we stopped in front of.

"This," Yuya started with a grin. "Is the Duel School Yuzu and I attend: You Show Duel School. Here, we practice the art of Entertainment Dueling passed on from my father."

"Ent...Ent-what now?"

"Entertainment Dueling," Yuzu said with a smile. "In these Duels, the Duelists make use of flashy presentations, acrobatics, and maybe a bit of humor- in short, we strive to create an entertaining Duel for the crowd."

"Oh..." that's an interesting Dueling style, I never heard anything like it. Well, it does debut in this series, no wonder it's new. "...Cool."

"Would you like to try it out?"

"Uhhh..." I stared at Yuzu, unsure. "I'm not good with acrobatic acts, but if I can skip that, I guess I can give it a try."

"Great!" Yuya beamed. He grabbed my hand and took me inside.

"Are you guys sure we can enter just like that...?" I asked, expecting a teacher to appear and scold us.

"Don't worry, Vince." Yuzu said behind us. "My father is the Principal of this school, and our doors are always open to anybody who wants to give Entertainment Dueling a try."

They guided me to a large room of sorts supervising an arena where, by the looks of things, a Duel was ongoing between four people.

"Yuzu, Yuya!" a voice caught our attention. A male with an imposing frame and black hair styled into a large pompadour and restrained by a red band walked up to us. "I, the man Gongenzaka, thought you two will be spending the afternoon shopping."

Why was he talking in third-person? Weird... Does he think high of himself or is it just in his character?

"Well, that was our plan." Yuzu sounded irritated. "However, Yuya decided to behave like an idiot and he accidentally collided into Vince."

"I didn't see him and I apologized!" Yuya remarked. "Don't get angry again, Yuzu."

"I'm Sakushi Vincent! Happy to meet you!" I quickly stated before Yuzu could retort.

"Gongenzaka Noboru." he raised a hand. I took it and I almost fell over by the strength with which he shook it. "I'm also pleased to meet you."

"Oh, Yuzu! Is that y—A new student!?" a new voice exclaimed, surprising us. A man with spiky, brown and orange hair ran up to me with a big smile, causing me to yelp. "I'm very happy you decided to enroll at our school! I'm Hiiragi Shuzo, the Principal of this school and "

"Father stop! You're scaring him!" Yuzu interrupted him. He's Yuzu's father!? They're nothing alike! She must have had taken after her mother... "And he isn't a new student!"

"Oh..." Shuzo muttered. He glanced at me. "I'm very sorry, I had the wrong idea. But! You're always free to enroll at You Show Duel School!"

"I won't forget it." I nervously chuckled.

"Vince is a self-taught Duelist and I challenged him to a Duel," Yuya explained.

"Self-taught?" Gongenzaka parroted with a shocked face. "I, the man Gongenzaka, am intrigued in your Dueling skills as well then, Vince." wow, I never thought being self-taught would make me this popular...

"I want to Duel him myself!" a childish voice shouted. A door to the arena swung open just then, and a short, young boy with light cyan hair entered the room with a lollipop in his mouth. The Duel must have ended and he overheard. "If you're self-taught, you must be as strong as my teacher!"

"Sora, how many times have I told you not to call me your teacher." Yuya sighed in exasperation. "Besides, I'll Duel Vince first!"

"Hey, that's not fair!" Sora pouted.

While the two started arguing with each other, three kids- Sora's opponents- approached me.

"Ayuwaka Ayu," a little girl with red hair smiled at me. "I hope we can become good friends!"

"I'm Harada Futoshi!" a chubby boy shouted after her, grinning.

"I am Yamashiro Tatsuya," the last one, a boy with blue hair, said. "A pleasure to meet you."

"My name is Sakushi Vincent, happy to meet you guys too," I nodded with a smile. You Show Duel School accepts students of various ages it seemed. Entertainment Dueling does require imagination by what Yuzu explained to me, and who have better imagination than children?

"Yuya, Sora, that's enough!" Shuzo separated them. "If you both want to Duel Vince, why don't you have a hot-blooded Tag Duel!? You two can fight him as a team, and Vince could be joined by Gongenzaka."

"Can we Duel by not sharing Graveyards?" Gongenzaka asked, earning a confused glance from us. "It's because of my deck. This is going to be the first time you see my deck in action, except for Yuya; I can assure you'll understand once you see it."

"Of course, Gongenzaka!" Yuya immediately said.

"Then I, the man Gongenzaka, am all in!" Gongenzaka nodded with a smile, and so did Yuya and Sora. They looked at me. "What about you, Vince?"

"I accept." I nodded. I was a little unsure since I don't know what deck I have, but a Tag Duel would be of great help until I figure things out.

"Great!" Sora exclaimed and glanced at Shuzo. "Principal, we can start!"

"That's the spirit!" he nodded. "I'll prepare the Action Field!"

"Action Field?" I asked in confusion. "What's an Action Field...?" was I supposed to know that?

"You don't know what an Action Field is?" Yuzu's eyebrows furrowed. "You never had an Action Duel before?"

"Not that I can recall."

"Oh..." Yuya's mouth formed an 'o', shocked like the others. "From where you come, Action Duels aren't present?"

"N-No..." did I blow my cover?

"Hey, don't sound disheartened!" Yuya quickly added, making me mentally sigh in relief. "It's not hard to master, we can go over it as we Duel."

"Thanks." I smiled again. It's a good thing these guys are kind and understanding, I have no idea how to start a journey such as this.

I followed the three Duelists into the arena, and we all got into position. I could see Shuzo through the glass of a control room situated behind Yuya and Sora, working on a control panel.

"Vince, do you know what Solid Vision is?" Shuzo spoke through a loudspeaker.

"Um... Solid Vision makes the holographic projections that appear during Duels, right?" I said, recalling the things I once read on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.

"That's right." Shuzo said. "An Action Duel occurs with the help of tangible Solid Vision."

"Tangible?" I blinked twice. "Does that mean...I can touch my Monsters and my hand won't phase through them?"

"Exactly!" Yuya grinned. That's amazing... I can literally Duel with my Monsters now! "The Monsters summoned during Action Duels are real enough to let Duelists interact with them. And there's more! During this type of Duel, a Field Spell- commonly referred to as an Action Field- is activated before the Duel starts, modifying the terrain to look exactly the same as the card's picture. Solid Vision surrounds the field and the Duel takes place in the entire area."

"So we can wander around with our Monsters?" I deduced. When Yuya nodded, I felt a sudden rush to give this kind of Duel a try. "I can't way to Duel then!"

"That's the spirit!" Shuzo shouted. "I won't let your fiery passion burn out. Get ready, Vince! Action Field on: Field Spell, Acrobatic Circus, activate!"

The entire arena around us glowed, taking the shape of a giant, colorful circus tent's inside!

"It really changed..." I whispered, astonished. I walked to a small, purple ball decorated with white dots floating around the main stage we stood on and nudged it with a finger. As Yuya confirmed, my finger didn't pass it like a ghost, and the ball slowly floated away. "Cool..."

"I'm happy to see you're enjoying yourself." Yuya told. "After all, that's why Duels exist! Duelists locked in battle!"

"Wait, what?" I asked, completely dumbfounded. What's he chanting for? I was going to ask my Tag Partner about it, but he and the others activated their Duel Disk by pressing a button on it. My eyes widen, but when I saw only one button was on mine- on the screen's right-, I sighed in relief.

"Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their Monsters!" Sora continued with a smile, catching my attention. Right, I have to activate my Duel Disk. After pressing the button, an energy blade with a red border burst to life!

"They storm through this field." Gongenzaka went on.

"This is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling!" I heard the three kids shout from the viewer room. "Action...!"

"DUEL!" Yuya, Sora, and Gongenzaka shouted.

"D-DUEL!" my shout came a little later.

Yuya & Sora: LP 4000


Vince & Gongenzaka: LP 4000

While we drew our starting hands, above us, a sphere suddenly shattered and let cards scatter around the field.

"Cards...?" I asked, completely dumbfounded again.

"Those are Action Cards!" Yuya pointed out. "When an Action Duel begins, Action Cards are scattered throughout the field, which Duelists can search for to aid them. An Action Card is treated as a Spell Card, and when you find one, it is placed in your hand and can be used at any timing. Like this!"

Yuya sprinted forward, passing me and Gongenzaka before jumping off the main stage and onto a trampoline, bouncing up into the air. He then made a 360, landing on a high platform and grabbing a card glued to its railing. W-Wow, so this is an Entertainment Duelist in action... and that's an Action Card, huh? I wasn't too much of a sports guy back in the real world, but now I must step my game up.

"To discourage Duelists from simply hoarding Action Cards, a player may only hold on to one Action Card at a time," Yuya explained. "Action Cards are also made out of tangible Solid Vision, so once the Action Duel ends, they vanish. Let's see, what else...? Ah! Although an Action Field is active in your Field Zone, you can activate a Field Spell on top of it and the Action Field isn't destroyed, so its effect continues to be applied. Pretty easy, right?"


"Vince!" I glanced at my Tag Partner. "Can I, the man Gongenzaka, start this Duel? I can see you're uncertain. It's understandable since it is your first time Action Dueling."

"I would appreciate it." I nodded, feeling uncertain as he said.

"Very well. Ore no turn!" Gongenzaka announced. "I set a Monster in face-down position and end my turn."

Fitting of his sturdy appearance, he went for a defensive play. Someone wasn't so happy about it, though.

"That's all? Don't be a bore, Gongenzaka!" Sora pouted. He then smirked. "I'll show you a real turn. Boku no turn, draw! From my hand, I summon Fluffal Sheep!"

Like Gongenzaka, Sora placed a card onto his energy blade, and he summoned a cute sheep with amber wool and two angel wings emerging from its back.

Fluffal Sheep: Earth / Fairy / Effect / ATK: 400 / DEF: 800 / LV: 2

"OK... That's cute, I guess." I'm sure I sweatdropped. I think this Monster suited Sora's childish and innocent appearance, even if he's surely as old as Yuya, maybe one year younger?

"Why, thank you!" Sora chuckled. "My Monsters are always cute, just like me. Continuing with my turn, I activate the Continuous Spell Toy Vendor from my hand!"

He inserted the card into his Duel Disk, causing a giant toy vending machine to appear behind his side of the field. At the same time, Sora mimicked Yuya by jumping onto a trampoline and he went flying, landing on a large ball in the air where he grabbed an Action Card.

"I activate Toy Vendor's effect." Sora stated, inserting the Action Card into his Duel Disk. A coin materialized before his machine, and it fell into its slot. "Once per turn, by discarding a card from my hand, I can draw one card and reveal it. If it is a Level 4 or lower Monster, it's Special Summoned. Anything else is sent to the Graveyard. I draw!"

He drew dramatically, grinning when he revealed his new card.

"It's a Monster! Edge Imp Sabres, appear!" a ball rolled out of the machine's mouth, opening to reveal a pair of scissors with two, demonic red eyes inside.

Edge Imp Sabres: Dark / Fiend / Effect / ATK: 1200 / DEF: 800 / LV: 3

So Action Cards can be even discarded to pay a cost? I'll have to keep that in mind.

"When Edge Imp Sabres is Normal or Special Summoned, I can return one "Fluffal" Monster I control to my hand to Special Summon one Fluffal from my hand in its place," Sora explained. "Bye-bye Sheep, and hellooo Fluffal Bear!"

Sabres sheared Sheep, but instead of revealing Sheep without its wool, a pink bear with two angel wings emerging from its back was revealed.

Fluffal Bear: Earth / Fairy / Effect / ATK: 1200 / DEF: 800 / LV: 3

"I activate Fluffal Sheep's effect! If this card is returned from the field or Graveyard to my hand, I can add this card from my Deck to my hand: Polymerization!"

"Polymerization? You're a Fusion user!?" my eyes widen in surprise.

"That's right!" Sora laughed. "Be amazed! I activate the Spell Card Polymerization, and the Monsters I'll fuse are Fluffal Bear and Edge Imp Sabres!"

His Monsters turned into red and blue energy respectively, which then spiraled into a portal as Sora chanted and grasped his hands together.

"Claws of the demon! Fangs of the beast! Become one and reveal a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Appear, horrifying beast that shreds everything! Frightfur Bear!"

Fluffal Bear seemed to emerge from the portal, but then scissors burst out of its arms and stomach and its mouth opened to reveal two, demonic red eyes inside. The Fusion Monster gave a crazy laugh as it landed under the ball Sora stood on.

Frightfur Bear: Dark / Fiend / Fusion / Effect / ATK: 2200 / DEF: 1800 / LV: 6

"What the—What happened to all that cuteness from earlier!?" I shouted, shocked by the Monster's maniac features.

"What do you mean? It's still cute—No, it's even cuter than before!" Sora laughed again, seemingly not bothered by his Monster. OK, this kid may have some problems... "Moving on, I activate a second Continuous Spell Card: Frightfur Needlework!"

A card, which depicted a person creating a Frightfur Bear, appeared.

"With this card, I can target one "Frightfur" Monster I control and send one "Fluffal" or "Edge Imp" card from my hand to the Graveyard. Obviously, I'm going to target Frightfur Bear and send Fluffal Sheep from my hand to the Graveyard." Sora stated as his Bear was surrounded by a purple aura. "Since I did that, this turn, if Bear attacks a Monster, that Monster's effects are negated until the end of the damage calculation!"

"Any Monster it battles has its effects negated...!?" I muttered in concern. And who knows what effect it has up its sleeve.

"Battle!" Sora exclaimed, pointing at us. "Frightfur Bear attacks your face-down Monster!"

The face-down card was replaced by a blue, humanoid machine with cone-shaped contraptions attached to its arms.

Superheavy Samurai Blue Brawler: Earth / Machine / Effect / ATK: 0 / DEF: 2000 / LV: 4

"Alright!" Yuya cheered from the side, and I turned at him. "The Monster Sora attacked is Blue Brawler, which can't be destroyed by battle thanks to its effect. However, due to Needlework's effect, Blue Brawler's effect is negated!"

"And it can be destroyed by battle!" I realized.

Frightfur Bear laughed hysterically as it punched Blue Brawler with its paw, causing it to explode in a shower of particles. I sighed when I remembered it was in defense, so we won't take any damage.

"I activate Frightfur Bear's effect!" Sora suddenly stated, making me gasp. "When this Monster destroys an opponent's Monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, I can equip that Monster to my Bear and have it gain Attack equal to the equipped Monster's Attack!"

"But, Blue Brawler has 0 Attack. Frightfur Bear's Attack won't increase." I admired how calmly Gongenzaka was able to say that, despite the odds not being in our favor. I should take an example from him instead of gasping at every little thing.

"In that case, I activate Frightfur Needlework's other effect." Sora declared. "I target Fluffal Sheep in my Graveyard, and by sending one other face-up card I control to the Graveyard, I add it back to my hand. I choose to sacrifice the equipped Blue Brawler for Sheep! I activate its effect again, adding my second Polymerization from the Deck to my hand. With that, I end my turn."

"Th-Then it's my turn!" I announced, thrilled again. "Boku no turn, draw!"

I stared at the six cards in my hand: one Monster, three Spells, two Traps. Knowing my luck, it could've been worse. However, what type of Monster was this? It was half green and it had a blue and red arrow with text written in an additional rectangle area above its usual one. Could this be ARC-V's new Summoning Mechanic? I guess I'll have to learn about it as I go.

But these cards... I knew these cards! I was working on a custom deck in the real world but didn't get the chance to create its Extra Deck, also, I gave it a different archetype-name and didn't implement the new Summoning Mechanic. Maybe I won't be a total drag after all.

"From my hand, I summon Mythorror Orthrus!" I stated, placed the card on my own energy blade.

A twin-headed wolf with fur as black as night, gold appendages structured to resemble bones adorning its back and necks, and scarlet eyes appeared in front of me with a howl.

Mythorror Orthrus: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 1800 / DEF: 1500 / LV: 4 / SC: 3

"Mythorror?" I heard Yuzu ask. "I've never heard of it before."

"Its name is a mix of myth and horror." Tatsuya noted.

"It certainly gives me the shivers!" Futoshi shouted. OK...shivers...that's a thing now.

"I activate the Equip Spell Demon Halberd and equip it to my Monster." I inserted the card into my Duel Disk like Sora. "The Fiend-Type Monster equipped with this card gains 700 Attack!"

A menacing halberd with a black handle and a skull attached to its tip that had a crimson blade emerging from its opened mouth materialized in one of Orthrus's jaws.

(Orthrus: 1800→2500 ATK)

"Now that pooch's Attack is higher than Sora's Monster!" Ayu cheered, prompting me to smile.

"Now my Orthrus is going to attack Frightfur Bear, Sora!" I announced.

"Let's see if we can change that!" Sora smirked and jumped onto other balls.

"Another Action Card?" I wondered. Wait, don't just stand there! I have to find one, too!

I won't do anything extreme like Yuya and Sora, but I'll give it my best. I climbed down from the main stage, landing on solid ground before sprinting around it, looking in every direction for an Action Card.

"Bingo!" I glanced at Sora, who had an Action Card in hand and stood on a colorful pillar. "I activate the Action Magic Evasion! When a Monster declares an attack, by targeting that Monster, the attack is negated!"

"Dammit!" I muttered as Bear dodged Orthrus's strike by simply stepping to the side. I climbed up a ladder, sighing in relief when an Action Card greeted me on top of a platform. These Action Duels sure are involving. "I activate the Action Magic Failed Stunt!"

A card, which depicted a crowd of silhouettes booing one on a stage, appeared.

"Thanks to its effect..." I quickly read its effect. I then smirked. "When my Monster's attack on a Monster is negated, I can target the attacked Monster and destroy it!"

"Huh!? I found an Action Card for nothing!?" Sora pouted as his Fusion Monster exploded in particles.

"I place two cards face-down and pass!" I concluded. Now, it's Yuya's turn to show us what he's made of!

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Yuya shouted and the spotlights focused on him. "Ladies and gentlemen! You will only be able to enjoy our forthcoming act by paying attention, so please, don't look away just yet! Especially you, Vince! Here's something none of you get to see on a daily basis! I, using the Scale 1 Stargazer Magician and the Scale 8 Timegazer Magician, set the Pendulum Scales!"

Yuya revealed two cards from his hand, and I noted with a gasp they're like Orthrus. He then deposited them on the ends of his energy blade, causing the word [PENDULUM] to flash between his cards. Two pillars of blue light appeared on his left and right, both containing a human Monster; one was clad in white robes with a purple cape and had long hair, the other had black robes with short, spiky brown hair and a red scarf.

Stargazer Magician: Dark / Spellcaster / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 1200 / DEF: 2400 / LV: 5 / SC: 1

Timegazer Magician: Dark / Spellcaster / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 1200 / DEF: 600 / LV: 3 / SC: 8

"It's here!" Ayu cheered.

"Yuya-oniichan's Pendulum!" Tetsuya shouted.

"Shivers!" Futoshi added.

"This is...Pendulum?" I whispered, amazed. This was our newest Summoning Mechanic!

"With this, I can simultaneously Summon Monsters from Levels 2 to 7!" Yuya declared with a smirk. Simultaneously? And he gets to Summon any number of Monsters for free!? Heh, I could already see the Yami Yugi 'wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?' meme intensify. "Swing, pendulum of souls! Draw an arc of light across the ether! Pendulum Summon! Appear now, my Monsters!"

A portal opened between the two pillars, and three beams shot out of it before landing on the field.

"Performapal Whip Snake!"

A purple cobra wearing a hat and a bow tie was revealed.

Performapal Whip Snake: Earth / Reptile / Effect / ATK: 1700 / DEF: 900 / LV: 4

"Performapal Sword Fish in defense mode!"

A weird, light blue fish fused with a sword and a blade on its head styled to resemble a pompadour was revealed.

Performapal Sword Fish: Water / Fish / Effect / ATK: 600 / DEF: 600 / LV: 2

"And our main attraction! Come, dragon with wondrous and beautiful dichromatic eyes! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

Lastly, a bipedal dragon with red scales, mismatched eyes, and horn-shaped appendages on its head and back was revealed, and it gave a resounding roar.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: Dark / Dragon / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 2500 / DEF: 2000 / LV: 7 / SC: 4

So that was...a Pendulum Summon. I honestly wasn't a big fan of those circus-like Monsters, but they do suit Yuya's personality a lot. The Magicians and his dragon too, which I liked way more in terms of appearance.

"I activate Whip Snake's effect!" Yuya shouted, catching my attention. "Once per turn, I can target one face-up Monster my opponent controls to swap its current Attack and Defense until the End Phase. Of course, I target your Orthrus!"

Whip Snake started swinging the charm on its tail, forcing Orthrus down with a growl.

(Orthrus: 2500→1500 ATK)

"What!?" I gasped. Now my Monster's weaker than both Whip Snake and Odd-Eyes! Dammit, I have to look for an Action Card!

"Next, I activate Sword Fish's effect!" Yuya stated. "Once per turn, I can target one face-up Monster my opponent controls to lower its Attack by 600 until the End Phase! I target Orthrus for a second time!"

Six, spectral images of Sword Fish emerged from the original and launched at my Monster, which used its halberd to deflect them with another growl.

(Orthrus: 1500→900 ATK)

"From 2500 to 900... Those Monsters may look ridiculous, but together they're strong." I muttered while I climbed up the ladder again.

"Odd-Eyes has 2500 Attack and Whip Snake has 1700 Attack..." Sora rubbed his chin. "If Yuya attacks with both, he can inflict 3300 points of damage."

"No, it won't be 3300!" Yuya grinned at that. He then raised the Action Card he found at the Duel's start. "I activate the Action Magic High Dive! I target Odd-Eyes and have it gain 1000 Attack until the End Phase!"

His dragon gave another roar.

(Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: 2500→3500 ATK)

"3500 Attack!?" Yuzu inquired.

"I see!" Sora punched his palm. "With this, the damage they'll take is 4300!" an OTK already!?

"Battle!" Yuya called out. "Whip Snake will lead this act! Go, attack Vince's Mythorror Orthrus!"

I reached the top and saw an Action Card glued to the platform's railing.

"I activate..." I grabbed the card and read it. "The Action Magic Miracle! If a Monster on the field battles, I can target it and make it so it can't be destroyed by that battle, also any battle damage is halved! Then, I activate a Trap Card!"

Oh, the Trap didn't activate... do they not work on voice recognition or something? Um... I quickly tapped a face-down on my Duel Disk's screen, causing it to turn around and reveal my Trap. Phew, thank god!

"Book of the Yamimakai!" a card, which depicted a mechanized grimoire fastened with black chains and black pages bound by purple leather held by a clawed hand, appeared. "If my Mythorror is being attacked, I can choose to apply one of two options! I select the second option: this turn, I take no battle damage involving my Mythorrors!"

"Well played, Vince!" Yuya praised me, which caused me to smirk. "However, Odd-Eyes can still attack! Let's attack Orthrus once again! Spiral Strike Burst!"

His dragon let loose of a spiraling, red energy stream from its mouth, which washed over Orthrus and caused it to vanish.

"Sorry, Orthrus..." I whispered, moving its card to my Graveyard. I've always been fond of my belongings, especially if they're my custom cards. My eyebrows furrowed when a notification appeared to tell me Orthrus was sent to my Extra Deck. Why would it go there? I wasn't able to ponder any longer as another notification came, saying I could activate Demon Halberd's effect. I'll ask Yuya about it once the Duel is over. "I activate the other effect of Demon Halberd! If it's sent from the field to the Graveyard, my opponent takes 400 damage!"

Two, purple lightning bolts shot down from the ceiling, striking Yuya and Sora and making them grunt in pain.

Yuya & Sora: LP 4000 - 400 = 3600

"Are you OK!?" I asked in concern. I didn't expect something so over the top like lightning bolts.

"Of course, that was nothing!" Sora scoffed, almost offended. "Damaging your opponent on their turn...cool move, Vince!"

"I still have a move to make!" I declared, and at their surprised faces, I smirked. "If my Mythorror is destroyed by battle or a card effect, I can activate the Trap Card Book of Myths!"

A card, which depicted a large and antique book with three silhouettes around it- one holding a trident, one holding a sword, and one with snakes instead of hair-, appeared.

"I add up to two different "Mythorror" Monsters from my Deck to my hand." I said. But which should I add? I don't have an Extra Deck...which means the cards I need are— "Mythorror Huldra and Mythorror God Yamatochi."

I blinked twice. Why did my voice sound...irritated, like I'm wasting my own time? W-Weird... Two cards ejected from my deck and I took them, noting they're the cards I wanted.

"My attack helped you more than it did to me." Yuya admitted begrudgingly. "Is this the strength of a self-taught Duelist...? I set a card face-down and end my turn! High Dive's effect expires, and Odd-Eyes's Attack returns to normal."

(Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: 3500→2500 ATK)

"Ore no turn!" Gongenzaka drew his card, creating a current of wind as he did so. "I summon Superheavy Samurai Flutist!"

A purple, humanoid machine with its arms attached to a mechanized flute appeared, playing its instrument as it did so.

Superheavy Samurai Flutist: Earth / Machine / Effect / ATK: 500 / DEF: 1000 / LV: 3

"I activate its effect." Gongenzaka stated as Flutist exploded into particles. "If Flutist was Normal Summoned this turn, I can release it to Special Summon one "Superheavy Samurai" Monster from my hand. Appear, the Monster that embodies my Steadfast Dueling: Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei!"

A giant, humanoid machine with an imposing frame appeared on our field, twirling its weapon to demonstrate its prowess in handling it.

Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei: Earth / Machine / Effect / ATK: 1000 / DEF: 3500 / LV: 8

"3500 Defense Points? Talk about a high defense..." I muttered. "But what's this Steadfast Dueling you mentioned? Is it a style of Dueling like You Show Duel School's?"

"That's correct." Gongenzaka nodded. "It's a Dueling style whose strength relies on the use of a full-Monster Deck and by not chasing Action Cards, Duelists determined to remain stationary no matter what, even if an attack from a Monster is received!"

"Full-Monster Deck!?" I cried out in shock, the others sharing the feeling, except Yuya, who was smiling. That's why he hasn't moved an inch from the Duel's start! But to refuse Spells and Traps like that...it's a risk I don't think I could take... "But if you're a Steadfast Duelist, then why are you here at You Show Duel School?"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, know Yuya since our childhood and we continue to train together up today."

"I see... Well, that's an interesting Dueling style!" I gave a thumbs up.

"Then I, the man Gongenzaka, will try to live up to your expectations!" he declared. "I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Conjuror in my hand, banishing this card as I only control Big Benkei in defense mode to Special Summon two Level 4 or lower "Superheavy Samurai" Monsters, one from my Deck and one from my hand! Appear, Superheavy Samurai Soulshield Wall and Soulhorns!"

Two machines appeared in front of Big Benkei, a large green shield and a chest plate with horns and boosters.

Superheavy Samurai Soulshield Wall: Earth / Machine / Effect / ATK: 1200 / DEF: 1200 / LV: 3

Superheavy Samurai Soulhorns: Earth / Machine / Effect / ATK: 0 / DEF: 300 / LV: 1

"I activate Soulshield Wall's and Soulhorns' effects!" Gongenzaka shouted. "These Monsters can be equipped to a Superheavy Samurai I control, and while they're equipped, that Monster gains 1200 Defense and if I have no Spell and Trap Cards in my Graveyard it can attack twice each Battle Phase thanks to Soulshield Wall's and Soulhorns' effects respectively!"

Both Monsters attached themselves to Big Benkei's body.

(Big Benkei: 3500→4700 DEF)

"So much defense!" Ayu breathed out.

"But, since it is in defense mode, Big Benkei can't attack." Tatsuya pointed out.

"Big Benkei can attack even if it's in defense mode by using its Defense as Attack." Gongenzaka stated.

"Attack in defense mode!?" I gasped.

"With 4700 defense!?" Yuzu asked.

"Shivers!" Futoshi sang.

"Battle! Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei attacks Performapal Whip Snake!"

Whip Snake coiled around Yuya's right arm and he used the Monster like a lasso to swing across the field, grabbing an Action Card on top of a ball as he did so. He landed on the main stage with a smirk.

"Action Magic Battle Close!" a card, which depicted two swords- one of which was shattering- striking each other, appeared. "When my Monster is targeted for an attack, all battle damage I would take is halved!"

Big Benkei punched the ground, creating a tide of energy that washed over Whip Snake and Yuya, prompting the latter to gasp in pain. That gotta hurt, are these Action Duels meant to kill us!?

Yuya & Sora: LP 3600 - 1500 = 2100

"What?" Gongenzaka's eyes widen as he saw Whip Snake on the field. "It wasn't destroyed?"

"Battle Close had another effect." Yuya pointed out. "If my attacked Monster would be destroyed by that battle, I can destroy another Monster I control instead, and if I do, the Battle Phase ends. I chose to sacrifice Sword Fish, that's why Whip Snake is still on the field!"

"Not bad. That means attacking again through Soulhorns' effect isn't an option." I remarked. "And that troublesome Whip Snake remains..."

"Then my turn ends here." Gongenzaka told.

"It's finally my turn again! Draw!" Sora cried out with a smirk. "Since in a Tag Duel the teams share a field, I can use Yuya's Whip Snake as my own. I activate Whip Snake's effect, targeting Big Benkei with it!"

Whip Snake started swinging its tail again, forcing Big Benkei to drop its weapon. Now our defense was reduced to nothing.

(Big Benkei: 4700→1000 DEF)

"I activate the Spell Card Fusion Conscription!" Sora stated. "Through its effect, I target one Fusion Monster in my Extra Deck to add one of the Fusion Materials listed on it from my Deck or Graveyard to my hand. I choose to reveal Frightfur Wolf and return Edge Imp Sabres from the Graveyard to my hand. Next, I activate Polymerization again to fuse Fluffal Sheep and Edge Imp Sabres from my hand!"

As his Monsters turned into red and blue energy that spiraled into a portal, Sora chanted and grasped his hands together.

"Claws of the demon, become one with the devil disciple and reveal a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Appear, demonic hunter that cuts everything to pieces! Frightfur Wolf!"

A dog plush toy seemed to emerge from the portal, but then scissors burst out of its arms and stomach and its mouth opened to reveal two, demonic red eyes inside. The Fusion Monster gave a loud howl as it landed on the main stage.

Frightfur Wolf: Dark / Fiend / Fusion / Effect / ATK: 2000 / DEF: 1500 / LV: 6

"Battle!" Sora pointed forward. "Performapal Whip Snake attacks Big Benkei!"

"If Big Benkei is destroyed, we'll lose for sure!" I shouted.

"I activate Soulshield Wall's effect!" Gongenzaka abruptly stated. "When the Monster equipped with this card is targeted for an attack, I can send Soulshield Wall to the Graveyard to negate that attack, at the cost of changing the equipped Monster's Defense to 0!"

Whip Snake rammed its head into the shield, causing it to explode into particles.

(Big Benkei: 1000→0 DEF)

"In that case, I'll have Yuya's Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon attack Big Benkei!"

"Do it, Odd-Eyes!" Yuya shouted after his Tag Partner. "Spiral Strike Burst!"

His dragon fired the spiraling, red energy stream and pierced Big Benkei's chest, causing it to explode.

"Big Benkei was destroyed." I muttered. "But since it was in defense we take no damage, and we managed to survive! Frightfur Wolf has 2000 Attack, but we still have 4000 Life Points!"

"Don't sell the skin before you've caught the bear, Vince." Sora said, confusing me. "Frightfur Wolf has an effect as well! This card can attack a number of times each Battle Phase up to the number of Fusion Materials used for its Fusion Summon. Since I used Sheep and Sabres as materials..."

"It can attack twice...!" I finished for him, shocked. "2000 times two... that's 4000 damage! Another OTK threat!?"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, won't let that happen!" Gongenzaka declared. "I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Soulbeads in my hand! When one Defense Position Monster I control is destroyed by battle and is sent to the Graveyard, I can send this card from my hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon that Monster in attack mode! Come back, Big Benkei!"

A portal opened on the main stage as the imposing machine emerged from it, revealing its 1000 ATK to us.

"Oh, come on!" Sora stomped the ground three times and fumed. "I was so close, too! Frightfur Wolf attacks Big Benkei!"

The Fusion Monster leaped onto Big Benkei and bit its shoulder, making it explode. Gongenzaka and I grunted from the shock waves that hit us.

Vince & Gongenzaka: LP 4000 - 1000 = 3000

"Battle!" Sora shouted, this time grinning. "I wanted to finish this Duel with my own Monster, but I guess a direct attack will do just fine! Frightfur Wolf, go!"

I yelped when Frightfur Wolf howled, releasing purple sound waves at us. I stumbled back by it, but Gongenzaka managed to remain standing.

Vince & Gongenzaka: LP 3000 - 2000 = 1000

"I set a card face-down and end my turn!" Sora concluded.

"Boku no turn, draw!" I called out. With my current hand, I had two options: Advance Summon Yamatochi by using Huldra's effect or set what Yuya called the Pendulum Scales. I'd like to conduct my very first Pendulum Summon, but I didn't have any Monsters in my hand to Pendulum Summon...

"...Use Huldra's Pendulum Effect..."

"Eh?" who said that?

"What's the problem, Vince?" Gongenzaka asked upon seeing my confused face.

"S-Someone talked, right?"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, didn't hear a sound."

"Oh... N-Nevermind then..." I told him. Was I imagining things? Somebody spoke to me, but why didn't Gongenzaka hear them? Use Huldra's Pendulum Effect, they said... What's a Pendulum Effect? It couldn't be the Monster Effect; is it the effect in the additional text box?

"Come on, Vince!" Sora fumed, surprising me. "Are you gonna do something or not?"

"Y-Yes, sorry!" I apologized with an embarrassed smile. I then read Huldra's 'Pendulum Effect' and made up my mind: let's give it a try. If anything bad happens, I'll say this is my first time performing a Pendulum Summon- which was not a lie. Time to mimic the MC! "Sorry for the wait, everyone. Now I'm ready to make my move! I, using the Scale 9 Mythorror Huldra, set one of the Pendulum Scales!"

I revealed the card from my hand and deposited it on the right side of my energy blade. A pillar of blue light appeared on my right, containing an incredibly beautiful young woman with pale skin, light blue eyes reminiscent of a clear sky, short blonde hair, and wearing a white Victorian dress with a matching light blue shawl and bonnet and having a cow tail peeking out under its skirt.

Mythorror Huldra: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 1400 / DEF: 1600 / LV: 4 / SC: 9

"What!?" Yuya exclaimed, shocked like the others.

"That's a Pendulum Monster!" Sora added.

"Vince has one, too!?" Gongenzaka inquired.

I smirked at their faces, feeling my pride rising. A notification said I could activate Huldra's Pendulum Effect on my screen; so those additional text boxes are a Pendulum Monster's Pendulum Effect!

"I activate Huldra's Pendulum Effect! When she's activated, I can add one "Mythorror" Monster from my Graveyard or face-up from my Extra Deck to my hand! I add Orthrus back to my hand, then I use him to complete my Scales!"

When I placed Orthrus on the other end of my energy blade, the word [PENDULUM] flashed between my cards and Orthrus appeared on my left inside the blue pillar with a [3] under it.

"No way... Vince can—"

"Pendulum Summon!" the three kids finished Yuzu's sentences.

"With this, I can simultaneously Summon Monsters from Levels 4 to 8!" I declared. Time to yell the summon chant I made for Yamatochi back in the real world! "Pendulum Summon! Appear, the eight heads and tails which shake the Heavens and Earth! Mythorror God Yamatochi!"

A portal opened between my two pillars, and a single beam shot out of it before landing on my field, revealing a tall human with fair skin, a toned body clad in a black and dark red Nanban dou gusoku that left its chest and upper arms bare, long and thick, black hair that faded into blue tips and reached its shoulders, a mask over its face that had a dragon-motif, seven tentacles on its upper back which ended in miniature dragon heads, eight tails thrashing from its lower back, and holding an obsidian sword.

Mythorror God Yamatochi: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 2800 / DEF: 2000 / LV: 7 / SC: 4

"No way... Why... How come you can Pendulum Summon!?" Yuya raised his voice, surprising me. He was beyond shock, devastated even. Crap, my decision to Pendulum Summon backfired...

"I just copied you." I admitted, raising my hands in defense. "This is my first time, actually... It wasn't hard to memorize what you did, also, the notification my Duel Disk gave helped me a big deal. It pointed out Orthrus was sent to my Extra Deck and I could activate Huldra's Pendulum Effect..."

"This is your first time?" Sora asked, wide-eyed and grinning. "Wow—"

"But!" Yuya shouted over him. "Pendulum Cards were something only given to me! They should be unique, so why do you have them as well!?"

"U-Um, you see..." quick, quick, quick, think of something! "This deck... Somebody gave me this deck before I came to Maiami City! Yeah, on the day of my departure I found it before my front door...!"

"Somebody gave them to you...?" Yuya muttered.

Say something cliché that makes it believable! "Y-Yeah! Maybe this person knew I was headed to Maiami City, the city where Sakaki Yuya- the pioneer of Pendulum Summons- resided, and they wanted for our decks to battle...a-and evolve!"

"E-Evolve?" Yuya echoed.

"Well... as the other Summoning Methods evolved throughout time...Pendulum could evolve too if we battle and discover its secrets!" I declared with a fake smirk of confidence. Buy it, buy it, buy it, please!

There was a long pause from Yuya, who clasped his pendant and managed to calm down.

"Battle...and evolve..." he parroted, deep in thoughts. "Like the others... Vince, I'm...sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you when you're the first to not know why you possess that deck. Also, you're right: if this 'chance' was given to us...we should harness it."

"Are you OK, Yuya?" my eyebrows furrowed at his pained expression. Pendulum Summoning must be really important to him...

"Hey, turn that frown upside down!" he quickly shouted, doing it himself for emphasis. "This is an Entertainment Duel! If the Duelists aren't smiling, how could they expect the crowd to enjoy themselves?"

"Y-Yeah." I nodded. He's even avoiding the subject, damn...

"The Monster you Pendulum Summoned has a cool appearance." Yuya commented. "Our crowd and I can't wait to see it in action."

"Monster? This isn't any Monster, Yuya." I proudly declared, gesturing to my Main Deck ace. "Yamatochi is Yamata no Orochi itself!"

"Yamata no Orochi?" Ayu echoed.

"What's that?" Futoshi inquired.

Hoho, you can bet explaining my cards' lores are my favorite thing to do! "You see, Yamata no Orochi is a legendary Japanese dragon that has not one, not two, not three, but EIGHT heads and tails! As you can see for yourself."

I gestured to my ace, who moved its tentacle-heads and tails around for emphasis. Woah, I didn't think it'll do that! They even become sentient beings...

"But it's not cute like my Monster!" Sora pointed out, and his Fusion Monster barked. "Also, it may have 2800 Attack, but it can't defeat us!"

"Don't sell the skin before you've caught the bear, Sora." I told, which made him pout. "And now, it's time for the advent of a primordial deity! I activate the Continuous Spell Upper Sky of Aether!"

A card, which depicted a young man with fair skin, light blue eyes, short and curly white hair reminiscent of clouds, wearing a chiton, a chlamys, sandals, and a scarf made of clouds and flying in a pink-purple hued sky, appeared.

"When this card is activated, I place Aether Counters on it equal to the total sum of Levels on the field," I explained, smiling. "Yamatochi and Odd-Eyes are Level 7, Frightfur Wolf is Level 6, and Whip Snake is Level 4. The total sum is twenty-four, therefore, I place 24 Aether Counters on my card!"

"24 Counters? This many!?" Ayu exclaimed.

(Upper Sky of Aether: 0→24 Aether Counters)

"I activate Upper Sky of Aether's other effect." I stated. "Once per turn, I can remove up to 5 Aether Counters from it to have one Mythorror God I control gain 100 Attack for each removed Counter until the End Phase. Obviously, I'm removing 5 Counters to increase my Monster's power by 500!"

(Upper Sky of Aether: 24→19 Aether Counters; Yamatochi: 2800→3300 ATK)

"Its Attack is over 3000!" Tatsuya smiled.

"And now, Battle!" I pointed forward. "Yamatochi, attack Performapal Whip Snake! I also activate Upper Sky of Aether's other effect! Once per Damage Step, when my Mythorror attacks an opponent's monster, I can remove up to 5 Aether Counters from Upper Sky to lower the opposing Monster's Attack by 200 for each removed Counter until the End Phase. Aether embodies the pure air the gods breathe, so the penalty for Whip Snake breathing this sacred air are 1000 Attack Points!"

Whip Snake's eyes widen in shock as chain-shaped clouds suddenly tied its body.

(Upper Sky of Aether: 19→14 Aether Counters; Whip Snake: 1700→700 ATK)

"If this attack hits, Yuya and Sora will lose." Gongenzaka noted.

"Dammit...!" I heard Sora mutter. He was staring at one of his face-down cards; does that mean he can't activate it at this moment? "I activate the Trap Card Yuya left me with, Final Performance!" he suddenly shouted, playing his other face-down.

A card, which depicted many Performapals performing on a stage, appeared.

"If a Performapal I control is being attacked," Sora explained. "I can activate this card to negate that attack, and if I do, the Battle Phase ends and I gain 1000 Life Points!"

"Alright!" Yuya cheered. "We'll avoid defeat!"

"Not if I activate Orthrus's Pendulum Effect!" I stated, surprising them. "Once while Orthrus is in the Pendulum Zone, when a card or effect which would negate an attack or battle damage is activated, I can negate that activation, and if I do, all battle damage my opponent takes for the rest of this turn is doubled!"

"What!?" Yuya gasped.

"Doubled!?" Yuzu added.

Sora leaped from the colorful pillar he stood on and landed on the main stage, sprinting to the other side before jumping onto another pillar, clasping an Action Card.

"Action Magic Battle Fairness!" a card, which depicted two swords- one of which was shattered- with an equals sign between them, appeared. "If two Monsters are battling, the Attack of the weaker Monster becomes equal to the Attack of the stronger Monster!"

"Another reversal?" Gongenzaka's eyes widen.

"I activate Upper Sky of Aether's other effect!" I yelled. "During the Battle Phase, when my opponent activates a card or effect, I can remove all Aether Counters from this card to negate that card's or effect's activation!"

"What!?" Sora gritted his teeth.

(Upper Sky of Aether: 14→0 Aether Counters)

Yamatochi's sword glowed purple, and it swung it to the side, releasing a crescent moon-shaped energy slash that bisected Whip Snake and made it explode. Our opponents shielded their faces from the shock waves with their arms.

Yuya & Sora: LP 2100 - 5200 = 0

Winner: Vince & Gongenzaka!

"He did it!" Tatsuya and Ayu shouted. "Vince-san defeated them!"

"Shivers!" Futoshi cried out.

Gongenzaka and I...won. We won! Alright, my first Duel in ARC-V was a success! The Action Field and the remaining cards on the field vanished, and our crowd joined us in the arena, their main attraction being yours truly.

"That was a fantastic, hot-blooded Duel, Vince!" Shuzo exclaimed. "For your first time, you burnt splendidly!"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, agree."

"You're a self-taught Duelist alright." Yuzu chuckled.

"You aren't half bad..." Sora said and licked a lollipop, looking annoyed as he didn't win.

"Th-Thanks, everyone." I chuckled nervously.

"Hey, Vince." we turned to Yuya, who walked up to me with a smile. I could see it was still forced, so I didn't say a thing. "That was a fun Duel! Did you have fun?"

"Me?" I blinked. Running around to find Action Cards, Dueling for real, narrating my cards' lores, winning, and the blood pumping in my veins—I grinned. "Of course!"

"That's great to hear." Shuzo smiled, too. "Say, Vince, what do you think of our Entertainment Dueling so far?"

"It's good." I said. If this Dueling style meant having fun in such ways, then consider me onboard!

"What's your new opinion on my offer, then?" he asked.

"Offer?" oh, the offer to enroll in You Show? Well... "I guess...that's a yes. I'd like to enroll here and learn more, including Pendulums."

"REALLY!?" Shuzo's face lit up like a Christmas tree, happy like the others. Even Yuya looked happier. "Thank you, Vince! We're really happy to hear this! In case there's something you need, I'll gladly help you out as thanks for choosing our Duel School!"

"Really? Well...there would be one thing..."

"I'm all ears!"

"You see...I'm new to Maiami City...do you know a good place where I could stay for the night?"

"Oh? There are lots of hotels here in the city, but all the prices have increased due to the upcoming Championship..." Shuzo rubbed his chin. He then snapped his fingers. "You know what? You can come to live at our house!"

"E-Eh!?" my eyes widen in shock. Why would you say that to a total stranger!? Sure, I hoped he would suggest a free place as I don't have a single penny, but I didn't expect that!

"Yeah!" Yuzu chimed in with a smile. "We have a guest room ready to be used."

"B-B-But!" I stuttered. "Won't I be a burden...?"

"Of course not!" she laughed with a wave of her hand. "Having some guests will at least liven up our place. You can stay for as long as you want."

"A-Are you sure...?" I asked again. She and Shuzo nodded in unison, prompting me to sweatdrop. Like father, like daughter, huh...?

The Duel must've taken a lot to finish: the sun started to set. We decided to call it a day and we bid farewell to each other with Gongenzaka and Yuya escorting the three kids home, Sora wandering off, and me following Shuzo and Yuzu. Along the way, I finally made the question I wanted to make since I Pendulum Summoned.

"What happened to Yuya?" the two glanced at me in confusion. "Why was he angry when I revealed I can Pendulum...?"

"Oh, that..." Shuzo stared at the ground now, clearly depressed. "Yuya...took a great hit in the past, something which time wasn't able to wash away. When Yuya was a kid, his father mysteriously disappeared and hasn't returned yet. His father is Yuya's idol; his disappearing scarred him deeply."

"Oh..." was all I could muster to say.

"If that wasn't enough, other kids started to look down on him," Yuzu continued. "He was bullied a lot... But after he became the pioneer of Pendulum Summons, he thought he could clean his father's name and become a pro fighter."

"I must've hurt his self-confidence a lot, then." I muttered, suddenly feeling ashamed. "I'm really sorry, I didn't know I could..."

"Vince, it's alright." Shuzo assured me, placing a comforting hand over my shoulder. "Yuya just needs some time to get used to this."

Not everything can go smoothly, right? I released a bitter sigh. I'll make it up to Yuya in some way, shape, or form. I glanced at my Duel Disk and thought of doing that through a future Duel, an Entertainment Duel to be exact, using the Mythorrors...which aren't destined for Entertainment Duels, but their lores might be.

Speaking of Mythorrors: when Sora Fusion Summoned, a zone opened on the Duel Disk's left side that was opposite to the Main Deck. This specific zone was stored in the Duel Disk as it was currently deactivated, so I turned it on and it emerged.

"Vince?" Yuzu blinked.

"Um...I never checked if I had an Extra Deck or not." I stated. "...I didn't know where it was."

The three of us stopped walking as I opened the Extra Deck, extracting three cards from there.

"Those are...!" Yuzu gasped at the sight.

"Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz...one of each..." I whispered. I was given an Extra Deck!? No way! So many questions- including the voice which assisted me during the Duel-, so little answers. Overlooking things like these are a really bad idea since they're anime-related, but I don't have any clues whatsoever. Will I answer them before it's too late...?

"An Extra Deck..." Shuzo muttered, reading the effects. "And so powerful, too. But Vince, can you use these?"

"I think so." they stared at me with wide eyes. "Uh... I know how to Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz for starters, but I haven't tried these out in combat yet."

"You know all the Extra Deck summoning methods!?" Yuzu asked, astonished. OK, I'll take it knowing other summoning methods is also a rare sight.

"Incredible! To think someone like Vince is now part of You Show Duel School...! My heart is burning from happiness!" Shuzo's eyes burnt in glee, prompting me to sweatdrop.

Good grief, will I survive this adventure? Sadly, there's only one way to find out...

Fan-made Cards:

Action Cards:

Failed Stunt

Action Spell

When a monster attacks an opponent's monster and that attack is negated: Target the attacked monster; destroy it.

Battle Close

Action Spell

When your monster is targeted for an attack: All battle damage you would take from that battle is halved, and if the attacked monster would be destroyed by battle, you can destroy 1 other monster you control instead, and if you do, end the Battle Phase.

Battle Fairness

Action Spell

If 2 monsters are battling: Make the ATK of the monster with the lower ATK become equal to the ATK of the other monster, until the end of the damage calculation.


Frightfur Needlework

Continuous Spell

You can target 1 "Frightfur" monster you control: Send 1 "Fluffal" or "Edge Imp" card from your hand to the GY, and if you do, this turn, if that target attacks a monster, that monster's effects are negated until the end of the damage calculation. You can target 1 "Fluffal", "Edge Imp", "Polymerization", or "Fusion" card in your GY: Send 1 other face-up card you control to the GY; add that target to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Frightfur Needlework" once per turn.


Mythorror Orthrus (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/ATK: 1800/DEF: 1500/LV: 4/SC: 3)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once while this card is in the Pendulum Zone, when a card or effect which would negate an attack or battle damage is activated: You can negate that activation, and if you do, all battle damage your opponent takes for the rest of this turn is doubled.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Beast monster while on the field.

[Trivia: this card's name is a reference to Orthrus, the brother of Cerberus, who was also a multi-headed guard dog.]

Demon Halberd

Equip Spell

Equip only to a Fiend monster. The equipped monster gains 700 ATK, and during the Damage Step, the effects of monsters it attacks are negated. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: Inflict 400 damage to your opponent. You can only control 1 "Demon Halberd".

Book of the Yamimakai

Normal Trap

If your "Mythorror" monster is being attacked, choose 1 of these following effects to apply:

- This turn, "Mythorror" monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects.

- This turn, you take no battle damage involving your "Mythorror" monsters.

[Trivia: "Yamimakai" in this card's name translates to "Dark Demon World". It's a reference to "Dark Contract with the Yamimakai" and "King of Yamimakai".]

Book of Myths

Normal Trap

If your "Mythorror" monster(s) is destroyed by battle or card effect: Add up to 2 different "Mythorror" monsters from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Book of Myths" per turn.

Mythorror Huldra (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect/ATK: 1400/DEF: 1600/LV: 4/SC: 9)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. When this card is activated: You can add 1 "Mythorror" monster from your GY or face-up from your Extra Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Mythorror Huldra" once per turn.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Fairy monster while on the field. If only your opponent controls a monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). You can only Special Summon Fiend monsters the turn you use this effect of "Mythorror Huldra". Can be treated as 2 Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a "Mythorror" monster.

[Trivia: this card's name is a reference to the huldra, a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore.]

Mythorror God Yamatochi (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect/ATK: 2800/DEF: 2000/LV: 7/SC: 4)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. If a "Mythorror" card is activated in your other Pendulum Zone: You can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Mythorror God Yamatochi" once per turn.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Dragon monster while on the field. If this card is Normal Summoned by Tributing only "Mythorror" monsters: You can add 1 Continuous Spell from your Deck to your hand. If you are being attacked directly and this card is in your hand: You can activate this effect; destroy all cards in your Pendulum Zones, and if you do, place this card in your Pendulum Zone and halve all battle damage you would take from that attack.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to Yamata no Orochi, a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon.]

Upper Sky of Aether

Continuous Spell

You can only control 1 "Upper Sky of Aether". When this card is activated: Place Aether Counters on it equal to the total sum of Levels on the field. Once per turn: You can remove up to 5 Aether Counters from this card; 1 "Mythorror God" monster you control gains 100 ATK for each removed Counter until the End Phase. Once per Damage Step, when your "Mythorror" monster attacks an opponent's monster: You can remove up to 5 Aether Counters from this card; that opponent's monster loses 200 ATK for each removed Counter until the End Phase. During the Battle Phase, when your opponent activates a card or effect (Quick Effect): You can remove all Aether Counters from this card; Negate that activation. During the End Phase: Destroy this card.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to Aether, a primordial deity in Greek mythology and the personification of the "upper sky".]


Superheavy Samurai Conjuror (Earth/Machine/Effect/ATK: 1000/DEF: 2000/LV: 5)

If you only control exactly 1 "Superheavy Samurai" monster in face-up Defense Position and this card is in your hand or GY: You can activate this effect and reveal this card (if it is in your hand); banish this card, and if you do, Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower "Superheavy Samurai" monsters (1 from your Deck and 1 from your hand). You can only use this effect of "Superheavy Samurai Conjuror" once per turn.

[Trivia: this card's Japanese name would be "Superheavy Samurai Yobidash-C" (yobidashi, without following the naming pattern), which translates to "Invocation" in Japanese.]


Final Performance

Normal Trap

If your "Performapal" monster is being attacked, negate that attack, and if you do, end the Battle Phase and gain 1000 LP. You can only activate 1 "Final Performance" per turn.

Now this is a good beginning for our beloved story, isn't it?

Let's start from the main OC, Vince: I decided to keep his identity the same and not change his name and/or surname to keep his 'roots' the same- that's why I had him state 'Sakushi' is a pen name. He never thought he'll be sent to an isekai, so to come up with the surname 'Sakushi' just like that doesn't make much sense. His personality is more insecure than before, which makes sense as he was sent to an anime out of the blue and the anxiety of being in a new world is right behind the corner. He has some adaptability with his cards as he created them (Monster Effect and lore wise), but he has to learn how to use Pendulums and his Extra Deck monsters (which will accumulate as the story progresses).

For the Duel, I had to separate the Graveyards if not Gongenzaka's deck would've had trouble functioning. And the big guy knows that, hence why he made such a request. I hope I got Yuya's outburst right this time; in the end, Yuya accepted the fact Vince has Pendulums but begrudgingly, which is evident by how he avoided the matter and forced a smile. A special thanks to scififan599 who helped me with the introduction to Yuya and Yuzu.

Reviews really make my day and it's a great way to communicate with you readers, and maybe find out errors I can avoid making. Please review, and with that said, here's the chapter's last scene!

Two cards appeared on the screen before turning around, revealing Mythorror God Yamatochi and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. They suddenly glowed, and Vince and Yuya emerged from them respectively, both smiling.

"Woah, so this will be each chapter's last segment?" Yuya asked, looking from Vince to yours truly. "I hope this can entertain the readers as much as our Duels do!"

"Me, too." Vince nodded and looked at Yuya, suddenly concerned. "Listen, Yuya, about me having Pendulum Cards..."

"Don't sweat it, Vince." Yuya quickly said. "I was simply shocked, I'm not angry at you or anything. If we're the only Pendulum users on this planet, then we should help each other learn and entertain the crowd with our unique cards and Duels!"

"Y-Yeah, I couldn't have said it better!" Vince chuckled nervously. He then quickly turned to the viewer. "I-It's time for the Secret of the Chapter!"

"I still don't think this is a good idea." Yuya said in concern. "Prying into the secrets of other people..."

"It's fine, Yuya." Vince said. "As long as the person doesn't mind sharing! Here's the secret: unlike many people believe, I'm not the same age as the MC. I'm eighteen to be precise!"

"E-Eighteen!?" Yuya yelled at the top of his lungs, his eyes wide. "But you're just one inch taller than I am!"

"Like Sora, I'm a person of short stature." Vince sweatdropped. "But I'm sure when Sora and I grow up, we'll be the tallest!"

"Tallest? You guys will be giants!" Yuya cried out before the screen faded into black, followed by the words [To Be Continued...]!