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"Vince, do you have a moment...?"

My attention darted to Yuzu, who was standing by the door with a hand on its frame. Shuzo's faint whistling could be heard coming from downstairs as he was washing some dishes. I copied Yuzu's smile and placed down my cards on the bed, beside my Duel Disk.

"Of course. What's up?"

"I'm grateful you helped us out today," she continued. "To fend off LDS and motivate Yuya with Dad's help... It meant a lot to me."

"Don't sweat it, Yuzu. Friends help each other out, don't they?"


I meant what I said, but guilt still managed to spark inside of me: when we first met, I wanted to become friends with her and Yuya to get a front-row seat at ARC-V, but now I actually want to befriend them. They're very nice people and, above all, know how to Duel; back in my world, I've longed for friends like that. They deserve an honest friend, not a two-face.

"Are you OK, Yuzu?" I inquired, seeing her thoughtful expression.

"You see..." she left me hanging, but a couple of seconds later her smile widened. "I have school tomorrow, but after that, let's meet up."

"Meet up?" I tilted my head to the side. "For what?"

"You'll see!" she chimed and left my room, leaving me to ponder...

Turn 3:

Rising Shadows

Because Yuzu and the others had to go to actual school and were stuck there until the afternoon, I spent some time with Shuzo at our Duel School. After lunch, Shuzo gave me the school's address and I headed out to reunite with the others, curious to see what Yuzu had in store for me.

When I arrived at the school's opened gates, I greeted Ayu, Futoshi, and Tatsuya who were already there and we waited for our Duel Schoolmates. Numerous students walked past us, chatting and laughing among themselves, and eventually, our not-in-love duo came into view.

"Yuzu-oneechan! Yuya-oniichan!" Ayu waved at them.

"Had fun at school?" Futoshi inquired innocently, but I seriously doubted from Yuya's dejected expression. Ouch, a bad mark? I hope so, in my opinion that's the least that could happen to you in actual school.

"Let's hurry up and go to You Show Duel...School...?" Tatsuya noticed the same thing before he could finish his sentence. "What's wrong, Yuya-oniichan?"

"I'm not qualified...for the Junior Youth Championship..." Yuya stated after a long exhale when we started walking towards You Show.

We needed three seconds to process his words.

"...Eh?" the kids and I said in unison. Then we realized the gravity of the situation. "Eeeh!?"

"You aren't qualified!?" Futoshi's eyes widened.

"That's right..." Yuya nodded. I'm all set to go, but the MC isn't!? "To qualify for the championship, you need to have at least fifty matches in a year with a 60% win rate..."

"What's your current record?" I quickly asked. He looks pretty demoralized to me, is it that bad...?

"Forty-six matches with twenty-five wins..." Yuya said.

"So that's twenty-five divided by forty-six..." Tatsuya said. "54,3%. You're right, it's not enough."

"Wow, Tatsuya, you're fast at math!" Futoshi remarked and I couldn't agree more.

"But you still have four matches until fifty, right?" Ayu asked.

"If you win all of them, you'll have thirty wins, putting you to a 60% win ratio." Tatsuya added.

"That's right, but..." Yuzu started. "We searched around school for those last four but nobody accepted a Duel. They said they don't have a chance to win against Yuya who beat Strong Ishijima."

Oh, that's the champion who Yuya defeated in a Duel by using Pendulums for the first time in history! I've read of that in an article the other day.

"That was just an exhibition match!" Yuya wept in frustration. "Everyone's getting the wrong idea. I don't even have pro qualifications yet!"

"In order to be a pro, you have to win the Junior Youth Championship." Tatsuya stated.

"Then pass the Youth Exam and win the Youth Championship." Futoshi continued.

"And then you have to pass the Pro test, right?" Ayu concluded. That's a long process, but becoming a pro is never easy and it takes time and effort.

"To think I can't take that important first step forward...!" Yuya ran his fingers through his hair in anger. "Dammit! If it's come to this, I'll just find four people and Duel them! Wait..." he suddenly stopped walking, prompting us to do the same. "One, two, three, four, five..." he grinned wide.

"You want to Duel us?" I asked the obvious, sweatdropping.

"That's a no!"

"No way!"

"Why!?" Yuya gasped at Ayu's and Futoshi's words.

"Because we're elementary schoolers and we're still in Junior class," Tatsuya explained. "Junior Youth is for middle schoolers."

"Then at least you, Yuzu, Vince!"

"I'm saying no, too." Yuzu declared. "I've already qualified, and besides, we've had plenty of practice matches."

I've already lost to Yuya in a one-on-one Duel, but if it means helping him get qualified... "OK, Yuya, I—"

"No, you won't." Yuzu immediately cut me off. "We got plans, remember?"

"Ah..." I scratched the back of my neck. "Yeah... Sorry, Yuya."

"Yuzu, how could you! Then who else is there!?" Yuya shouted.

"How about Gongenzaka?" she tilted her head. "It's thanks to the Gongenzaka Dojo that you've gotten most of your matches this past year, right?"

Yuya hummed in confirmation. "I'm thankful for that. He's always helped me whenever I needed it. Even the fact that I'm aiming to become a pro now is thanks to Gongenzaka. But that's exactly why I don't want to rely on him anymore." he smiled and raised a fist. "Instead, I have to become someone who Gongenzaka can rely on. With my own strength."

"With your own..." Yuzu muttered.

"Yuya, that's—"

"You're right!" Yuzu grabbed my wrist and ran off, dragging me along before I could comment on Yuya's valiant words.

"Oi, where are you going!?" Yuya wondered.

"Don't worry about us!" Yuzu replied with a smile.

"What about Duel School!?" Tatsuya shouted.

"Tell Dad we won't be going today!"

"What?" I intoned in surprise. What does she plan on doing for the entire afternoon? She even phoned Sora using her Duel Disk, asking about his whereabouts before deciding to rendezvous in front of LDS later...

We eventually stopped at the entrance of a shopping centre, the very one where I met Yuzu and Yuya for the first time.

"Why are we here...?" I pointed at the building with a confused face.

"You said all your stuff was stolen, so to thank what you've done for us so far, I thought it would be a good idea to buy you clothes. Don't worry about money, I got you covered this time."

I lied that, didn't I? New and spare clothes wouldn't hurt, but I can't accept her offer so bluntly.

"But you already let me stay at your house, provide me food and water." I pointed out. "That's more than enough help, Yuzu. Also, I'm not sure if I'll be able to repay you."

"This isn't about money." Yuzu assured me, but I replied with a flat stare, causing her to sigh. "Fine, then let's list what you've done for us so far, shall we? You enrolled in You Show," she raised a finger and continued doing so. "You helped Yuya when he saw your Pendulum Cards, you won against Shijima Hokuto, and you helped Yuya- again- after he saw Akaba Reiji's Pendulum Cards."

"B-But you provide me with shelter and...um...and you teach me Entertainment Dueling!" I quickly raised two fingers. "It's two against four...therefore, I'll let you buy me two garments!"

"Deal!" we shook hands.

We roamed the shopping centre in search of a shirt and trousers, and we found the latter in the first shop we entered; it was an identical copy of the ones I was already wearing. It was my favorite type and we found a cheap pair. I don't want Yuzu to spend too much money on me after all.

"What about...this one!" Yuzu pointed at a t-shirt with an ocean on it.

"Not bad..."

"Or that one!" she gestured at a gray sweater.


"Woah!" Yuzu grasped an elegant sweater dress. "I would look great in this... I don't see the price anywhere... Excuse me!"

She ran to the counter, leaving me alone to search. My eyes landed on a dark gray sweatshirt with a pocket on its chest's left side, which looked identical to one I had back in the real world. I remember my mother bought it for me a long time ago...

"Something caught your eye?" Yuzu said after she returned, still holding the dress.

"Yeah. It reminds me of home...of Mom." who knows what's she doing now. Freaking out because her son vanished (probably having joined some sort of cult or whatever moms think at a moment like that)? Or does time flow differently in the real world? Who sent me here could've specified that!

"How is she?"

"Too energetic for her own good and selfless." I chuckled, recalling all my memories of her. "Heh, back in junior high school, when the other kids gave me a hard time, Mom told me I was extra special and they were just jealous."

"That's very nice." Yuzu smiled.

"And if they still gave me a hard time, she told me to say 'my mother can have you eliminated with one phone call'."

"Oh..." Yuzu sweatdropped. "That's...caring."

"In any case, it's settled." I chuckled at her face and seized the sweatshirt. "We're buying this."

After we met up with Sora at LDS and Yuzu scolded him for trying to stalk Reiji out of interest, she hauled us to a warehouse at Maiami City's pier. Going shopping was a surprise, I can understand why she kept that a secret, but what's on her mind this time? With Sora to boot...

"Why did you bring us to a place like this?" Sora wondered, voicing my exact thoughts.

Yuzu closed the door shut and walked up to us. We watched in silence as she took a deep breath—and bowed with her hands placed together.

"Please! Teach me how to Fusion Summon!"

"Eh?" Sora blinked twice.

"That's it...?" she nodded twice at my question. "But why here...? Do you remember how I explained Xyz Summoning the other day at You Show? Sora and I could've done the same thing but for Fusion Summoning. I'm sure Shuzo-san wouldn't mind."

"I agree, but you would have to focus on too many people at once," Yuzu explained, sounding regretful. "I know it's a selfish excuse, but we haven't got much time until the Championship starts. I have to learn Fusion Summoning before that happens! I want to get stronger! I'm not enough as I am right now!"

"Um...are you still upset that you lost to that lady?" Sora asked, referring to Masumi.

"Akaba Reiji said he gave us the win." Yuzu straightened out. "But I want to become strong enough to protect You Show and win against Kotsu Masumi with my own strength! That's why..."

"You want us to teach you, is that it?" Sora finished for her.

"Yes, I'm begging you!"

So that's what this is all about...she quickly wants to become stronger by learning the same Summoning Method she lost to in order to protect what she holds dear and settle a score. I'm in a Yu-Gi-Oh anime alright...

"I see. Just like with Yuya, I'll gladly help you too, Yuzu." I assured her with a smirk.

"Vince...! Thank you!" she smiled happily.

"It seems you have this covered—"

"Not so fast." I grasped the collar of Sora's jacket, stopping the shorter male from walking off. "Fusion is your area of expertise, Sora. As such, you should lend us a hand to make things easier and faster! Two is better than one, after all."

Sora sighed in defeat and took out his Duel Disk. "All right. First, we'll go over the basics." he extracted Polymerization from his deck and showed it to Yuzu. "This card's Polymerization. It's a Spell Card that allows you to fuse Fusion Materials. This is the bread and butter of Fusion Summoning."

"Got it." Yuzu nodded, paying close attention to his words.

"The Fusion Materials can be on the field or in the hand." I continued, doing the same thing as Sora and revealing Mythorror Lindworm. "In this card's case, you can only fuse Fusion Materials which are on the field. But in Polymerization's case, you can also perform a Hand Fusion."

"That's what Masumi used during our Duel..." Yuzu recalled. "She also had a card that lets her fuse Fusion Materials from the Graveyard, the Trap Card Fragment Fusion."

"There are numerous ways to Fusion Summon." I stated. "There's a type of Fusion Summoning called Contact Fusion that Special Summons a Fusion Monster from the Extra Deck with its own Summoning procedure, but we'll get to that later."

Yuzu and Sora stared at me in shock, prompting me to stop.

"You didn't know?" I addressed more so Sora. Yuzu didn't know Hand Fusion was a thing till yesterday, so her shock is comprehensible, but Sora?

"Ah... No, I know what a Contact Fusion is..." he shook his head and smiled. "Anywho, what's important is that you have all the Fusion Materials for the Monster you're Summoning!"

Yuzu nodded. "When you activate a card like Polymerization, the materials are sent to the Graveyard and the Fusion Monster is Summoned from the Extra Deck."

"That's right." Sora confirmed. He then abruptly glanced to the side and narrowed his eyes—before sprinting forward, chasing an actual person. Somebody was watching us the whole time!? How did he notice, I didn't hear or see a thing!

"W-What!?" Yuzu gasped in shock, a sentiment shared by yours truly.

Their nimble movements proved too fast for us to follow; they ran around, jumped onto walls and containers, and even used their Duel Disks' energy blades as makeshift swords. They stopped at one point, with Sora standing in front of me and Yuzu and the other person on the opposite side from us.

"W-What just happened?" I found myself ask out loud, still shocked.

I was able to get a good look at the person now that they were at a standstill: it was a male with black and light purple hair swept upward and to the right side of his head- with hair like that, he must be an important character- and wore a punk-style outfit with a cape, a mask, and a red scarf.

This is... I thought while placing a hand over my chest. The bizarre feeling of familiarity I get from staring at Yuya, Yuzu, and Reiji's D/D/Ds...

"Who are you?" Sora demanded, but the person didn't answer.

"Ah!" Yuzu gasped, eyes wide. "Y-You're from before...!"

"Eh? Yuzu, you know him?" Sora asked.

"Yes, when I was here with Sawatari before..."

"So he's the culprit who uses Xyz!" I realized, and Yuzu nodded.

"Are you behind the new incident as well?" she addressed the newcomer, who said nothing.

"New incident?" I parroted. Don't tell me the innocent Yuya will be in trouble again...!

"Apparently an LDS teacher was attacked." Yuzu stated.

"From LDS..." Sora muttered. "That explains why there were so many guards... So? Are you the culprit?"

The person in question continued to remain silent.

"He isn't cooperative at all..." I grumbled in a low tone, not knowing what to do. Should we attempt to stop him or make a run for it? He looks pretty dangerous, especially after witnessing his moves. How did Sora mirror them in the first place...? No wonder he joined You Show.

"Just who are you?" Yuzu narrowed her eyes. "Did you Duel Sawatari to save me? Or do you have a grudge against LDS!?"

"That's...incorrect." he finally spoke. His gaze turned cold and angry. "I have a grudge...against the people who aren't from here." And the plot thickens...

"What do you mean 'not from here'?" my eyebrows furrowed in confusion, prompting him to glare at me. I involuntarily gulped under his stare, intimidated; if he attacks me, unlike Sora, I'm toast...

"It's no use, Vince!" Sora chimed in, waving a hand in exasperation. "He isn't the type of person who explains himself. I say we make this quick and Duel him."

"Wait, Sora!" Yuzu stepped forward. "We don't know if he's involved in the new incident yet!"

"Does it matter?" Sora raised an eyebrow. The person's eyes darted to him, making me sigh internally since I wasn't his main attention anymore. "And it's not like he'll answer if you ask him."

He had a point there... Yuzu thought of the same thing judging from her pained expression.

"Were you behind the new incident or not?" he didn't say a word back. Yuzu's voice started to get desperate...not that I could blame her. The guy isn't giving us any feedback. "Please, tell us! Is there a reason why you don't answer our questions!?"

"...If you would know the truth..." he started after a short silence. "You would get hurt."

Yuzu let out a shocked gasp. "Why...do you keep saying...you don't want me to get hurt? I...I don't know you..."

"You're simply a bystander." he stated. "Innocent people shouldn't be swept into this battle."

"Battle? What battle...?"

"I say we beat the information out of him!" Sora suggested with a grin. The person raised his Duel Disk, which stood for 'I am not opposed to the idea.'

"V-Vince, help him!" Yuzu shoved me forward.

I successfully avoided falling face-first on the ground, so yay me. It was easy to notice she was panicked, clearly worried for Sora. Not that I could blame her: this guy apparently hospitalized Sawatari. We can't let the same happen to Sora!

"Help? I don't need help, this masked weirdo's no match for me!" Sora proudly declared.

"We don't want you to get hurt!" I activated my Duel Disk and aligned with Sora. Our opponent gives me the creeps, but I can't just abandon my newly made friends. And it's not like I could outrun the spiky-haired dude... Luckily for me, I'm not alone since Sora will also Duel.

"Suit yourself." Sora rolled his eyes, displeased at me. "We'll go with Battle Royal rules. Each player has a field, we're all treated as opponents but cooperation is possible, and none of us can draw or attack on their first turn."

"Fine." our opponent said, and I nodded in agreement.

"DUEL!" we shouted in unison.

Unknown: LP 4000


Sora: LP 4000

Vince: LP 4000

"The youngest goes first! Boku no turn!" Sora took out a lollipop from his pocket and put it in his mouth. "I activate the Spell Card Fusion Conscription! Through its effect, I target the Fusion Monster Frightfur Penguin in my Extra Deck to add Edge Imp Chain, which is a Fusion Material listed on Penguin, from my Deck to my hand. Then, I activate the Continuous Spell Card Frightfur Factory! Using its effect, I banish Fusion Conscription from my Graveyard to fuse Fluffal Penguin and Edge Imp Chain in my hand!"

As his Monsters turned into red and blue energy that spiraled into a portal, Sora chanted and grasped his hands together.

"Steel chains possessed by demons. Become one with the frigid beast, and show us a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Show yourself, demonic beast that binds angels! Frightfur Penguin!"

A cute penguin plush emerged from the portal, but then chains burst out of its torso and turned it into a grotesque monster. Its body was ripped in various places and held together by chains, which connected to two, spiked wheel-like objects on its flippers, and its eyes were now grossly bulged out.

Frightfur Penguin: Dark / Fiend / Fusion / Effect / ATK: 1800 / DEF: 2500 / LV: 5

"Seriously, who designed your cards...?" I wondered in exasperation.

"Fusion..." our opponent's reaction was different, it seemed to have...angered him?

"The effect of Fluffal Penguin activates." Sora grinned. "Since it was sent to the Graveyard as a Fusion Material for the Fusion Summon of a 'Frightfur' Monster, I can draw two cards before discarding one! Let's go, I draw!"

Following his overdramatic draw, he slid a card into the GY slot.

"I set one card face-down and end my turn." he slid another card into his Duel Disk.

"Ore no turn!" the spiky-haired youth declared. "I set all five cards from my hand face-down!"

"Eh!?" Sora and I gasped simultaneously. He...He didn't draw a single Monster? A bad hand at a time like this?

"He did the same thing when he Dueled Sawatari..." Yuzu muttered. He also won back then, so this must be his play style.

"Because I have no Trap Cards in my Graveyard, I can activate these cards the turn they're set!" our opponent stated as two of his set cards flipped up. "I activate two copies of the Trap Card The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine! Each copy is Special Summoned to my field as a Monster in Defense Position!"

The Traps' namesake appeared on his field, surrounded by blue flames and floating in the air like ghosts.

The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine: Dark / Warrior / ATK: 0 / DEF: 300 / LV: 4 - (x2)

"A Trap that can be used the turn it's set?" that considerably helps his deck be more aggressive on Turn 1, especially if the said Trap has a strong effect. Bad news is this guy's no pushover for sure.

"Heh, now you control two Monsters with the same Level!" Sora chimed in. "Naturally, what comes next is..."

"I overlay the two Level 4 Shade Brigandines!" the two Monsters turned into purple beams that entered a swirling galaxy, from which a pillar of light shot out. "Steadfast determination born on the battlefield. Part the darkness with the fury of a thousand men! Xyz Summon! Appear, Rank 4! The Phantom Knights of Raving Axe!"

A warrior whose body was made of blue flames encased in dark armor that had several cracks on it, from which blue flames erupted, particularly from the back of its helmet and thus giving it the appearance of hair, and holding an oversized axe with purple gems on its handle emerged from the portal with a battle cry.

The Phantom Knights of Raving Axe: Dark / Warrior / Xyz / Effect / ATK: 2200 / DEF: 1600 / RK: 4

"It's a different Rank 4 Xyz Monster from last time..." Yuzu noted in worry.

"Due to its effect, while Raving Axe has a 'The Phantom Knights' card attached to it as an Overlay Unit, Level 6 or higher Monsters cannot be Special Summoned!" talk about annoying... "I activate Raving Axe's effect, targeting itself for it. By using an Overlay Unit, the Attack and Defense of the targeted Raving Axe are raised by 500 until my next Standby Phase!"

An Overlay Unit was absorbed into the Monster's namesake, and its gems started glowing.

(Raving Axe: 2→1 OVU, 2200→2700 ATK, 1600→2100 DEF)

"I activate Raving Axe's other effect, converting the Shade Brigandine in my Graveyard to an Overlay Unit for itself." so he essentially used its first effect for free... "I end my turn."

"It's my turn now!" but there's not much I can do since I can't attack and Raving Axe seals my Level 6 or higher Monsters from being Special Summoned. I'll use this turn to prepare for the ones to come. "I summon Mythorror Nokk!"

A humanoid Monster covered from head to toe in wet green and brown seaweed with a tiny, light blue glow radiating from where its eyes should be appeared on my field with a loud moan akin of a zombie.

Mythorror Nokk: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Tuner / Effect / ATK: 1500 / DEF: 0 / LV: 4 / SC: 2

"When this card is Normal Summoned successfully, I can use his effect to add a non-Nokk 'Mythorror' Monster from my Deck to my hand. It will be Mythorror Nekomata. Now I activate the Equip Spell Demon Aegis and equip it to my Monster!" the large shield made of roots with thorns and a skull engraved on its center materialized in front of Nokk. "I set two cards face-down and pass. During my End Phase, I activate Demon Aegis's effect! If the equipped Monster didn't battle this turn, I can change its Battle Position to inflict 400 damage to my opponent!"

Some white roses bloomed on the shield's thorns, which then released black rays of light that struck our opponent who used his arms to shield himself.

Unknown: LP 4000 - 400 = 3600

"Their usual run-of-the-mill kind of strategy." I heard him mutter.

"From this point on, we're free to draw and attack!" Sora pointed out. "Boku no turn, draw! I activate the Trap Card Designer Frightfur! I target Edge Imp Chain in my Graveyard and Special Summon it!"

The said Monster returned to his field through a GY Portal.

"Next, I summon Patchwork Fluffal from my hand!"

A bear plush with two angel wings emerging from its back appeared.

Patchwork Fluffal: Earth / Fairy / Effect / ATK: 0 / DEF: 0 / LV: 1

"I activate the Spell Card Polymerization!" our opponent's eyes narrowed that. "Using its effect, I fuse Patchwork Fluffal and Edge Imp Chain on my field! Through its effect, I'll treat Patchwork Fluffal as Fluffal Sheep during this Fusion Summon!"

As his Monsters turned into red and blue energy that spiraled into a portal, Sora chanted and grasped his hands together.

"Demonic chains! Devil disciple! Become one and reveal a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Reveal yourself, chained beast that binds everything! Frightfur Sheep!"

The sheep plush emerged from the portal, but then two, spiked wheel-like objects erupted from its back, tangled to chains that bound the Monster's body, and its eyes were now grossly bulged out.

Frightfur Sheep: Dark / Fiend / Fusion / Effect / ATK: 2000 / DEF: 2000 / LV: 5

"When this card declares an attack, you can't activate Spell or Trap Cards for the rest of that Battle Phase," Sora explained. He then pointed at our opponent with his lollipop. "So all those set cards you have won't help you escape my attack. I activate the Equip Spell Fusion Weapon and equip it to the Level 5 Frightfur Sheep, increasing its Attack and Defense by 1500!"

(Frightfur Sheep: 2000→3500 ATK, 2000→3500 DEF)

"3500 Attack!" I cheered. I'm amazed how well he got around Raving Axe's effect by relying on a low-Level Monster. "Good job, Sora!"

"But even if he attacks with both Sheep and Penguin, it's not enough to deplete his Life Points..." Yuzu remarked begrudgingly.

"I'll leave Penguin in defense mode and head to the Battle Phase!" Sora pointed forward. "Go, Frightfur Sheep! Destroy his Xyz Monster!"

The Fusion Monster let loose of a red beam from its mouth, which pierced Raving Axe's chest and caused it to explode, filling the warehouse with holographic smoke.

Unknown: LP 3600 - 800 = 2800

"The annoying lock has been disposed of." Sora gloated, and I nodded in agreement. "I end my turn! It's your go, Mr. Xyz user—"

"Torappu hatsudō: Rank-Up Request!" a card, which depicted a 'Rank-Up-Magic' card I didn't recognize flying out of a black and purple swirling portal towards an outstretched human hand, appeared. "Since an Xyz Monster left my field by my opponent this turn, I can add one 'Rank-Up-Magic' card from my Deck to my hand."

"Rank-Up-Magic?" Yuzu and I whispered in unison, she in confusion and I in shock. Rank-Ups also exist in this universe!? But he controls no Xyz Monsters to use it on, so we should be in the clear...

"Ore no turn!" the spiky-haired youth announced. "Draw! From my hand, I activate The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial! From my Graveyard, I Special Summon one 'The Phantom Knights' Xyz Monster! Resurrect, Raving Axe!"

The Rank 4 Xyz Monster returned to his field.

"Then, I Xyz Summon one Monster from my Extra Deck that's two Ranks higher than Raving Axe by using it and Burial as materials!" his Monster turned into a purple beam that entered a swirling galaxy, from which a pillar of light shot out. "Forged to pierce the heart of oppressors, ascend from the depths of darkness! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Come forth, Rank 6! The Phantom Knights of Lethal Crossbow!"

A slim Monster with a skull-head, wearing dark armor decorated with glowing purple runes, a scarf made of blue flames tied around its neck, and holding an ominous crossbow made of bones emerged from the portal.

The Phantom Knights of Lethal Crossbow: Dark / Warrior / Xyz / Effect / ATK: 2200 / DEF: 1300 / RK: 6

"Xyz Change...?" Yuzu whispered in astonishment.

So Rank-Ups can now Summon non-CXyz Monsters...and they have The Seventh One-like effects? No, that doesn't sound right...this guy must be a really important character if he has such a good card.

"I activate Lethal Crossbow's effect! Once per turn, I can target one other Monster on the field whose current Attack is different from its original Attack and have this card gain Attack equal to that difference until the end of this turn. Of course, my target is Frightfur Sheep!"

"That won't happen!" Sora chimed in, grinning. "While Frightfur Penguin is on my field, you can't target other 'Frightfur' Monsters I control for attacks or with card effects!"

"Then I'll activate Lethal Crossbow's other effect!" our opponent pointed forward. "By using one Overlay Unit from Lethal Crossbow, the effects of all face-up Spell and Trap Cards my opponent currently controls are negated and my Monster gains 400 Attack for each affected card. Mana Corrosion!"

Our Equip Spells and Frightfur Factory materialized on the field, and Lethal Crossbow proceeded to fire an arrow of purple energy at each card, causing them to gray out.

(Lethal Crossbow: 2200→3400 ATK; Frightfur Sheep: 3500→2000 ATK, 3500→2000 DEF)

"Demon Aegis was...!" I gritted my teeth in frustration. With 0 DEF, my Monster's easy prey!

"Battle! The Phantom Knights of Lethal Crossbow attacks Mythorror Nokk! Murk Snipe!"

The Xyz Monster fired another arrow of purple energy from its weapon, piercing Nokk's chest and causing it to explode with a pained moan, the shock waves knocking me to the ground with an equally pained moan.

"Vince!" Yuzu gasped and rushed to help me stand up, and I thanked her. "Like last time, we can feel the shock waves despite the absence of an Action Field..."

What is he, a Psychic Duelist? I thought as I stared at our opponent in surprise. If CXyz Monsters aren't a thing, then why would Psychic Duelists? His Duel Disk is different from ours, maybe it's equipped with a special function.

"Sorry, Nokk." I said before adding my Monster to the Extra Deck. The Psychic Duelist or whatnot heard me and narrowed his eyes, but I paid it no mind. "If Demon Aegis is sent from the field to the Graveyard, its effect activates and my opponent takes 400 damage!"

Two, purple lightning bolt holograms shot down from the ceiling, striking the spiky-haired youth.

Unknown: LP 2800 - 400 = 2400

"And since my Mythorror was destroyed, I can activate the Trap Card Book of Myths!" I exclaimed, gesturing to the said card. "I add up to two different 'Mythorror' Monsters from my Deck to my hand!"

"But I activate the Trap Card Phantom Knights' Grit!" a card, which depicted Raving Axe enveloped in raging blue and purple flames and standing on a magic circle carved with eerie symbols, appeared. "Through its effect, I target Lethal Crossbow and send The Phantom Knights of Tomb Shield and Shadow Veil from my Deck to the Graveyard. Thanks to that, Lethal Crossbow can now declare two additional attacks this Battle Phase! Go, Lethal Crossbow! Attack the player directly with Murk Snipe!"

"It isn't over yet!" I abruptly smirked. "Kauntā Torappu hatsudō: Divine Mercy! This turn, all battle damage I would take involving direct attacks becomes 0! Good try though!"

"A Counter Trap?" our opponent parroted in surprise.

Lethal Crossbow pointed its weapon at me, but when my card, which depicted the emissaries in Waboku but standing in a circle and praying as divine light illuminated them from above, appeared, it lowered it.

"That was close..." Yuzu wiped her brow with a relieved sigh.

"In that case, I use Lethal Crossbow's remaining attack to destroy Frightfur Penguin!"

"I activate Penguin's other effect! Once per turn, this Monster can't be destroyed by battle or leave the field by a card effect!" the objects on Penguin's flippers started spinning, conjuring a transparent blue barrier around itself which deflected the Xyz Monster's arrow. "And because it participated in battle, I can activate Penguin's third and last effect, making it gain 400 Attack!"

(Frightfur Penguin: 1800→2200 ATK)

"...I end my turn." the spiky-haired youth frowned. "At this moment, Lethal Crossbow's Mana Corrosion ends, restoring your cards' effects and returning Crossbow's Attack to normal."

(Lethal Crossbow: 3400→2200 ATK; Frightfur Sheep: 2000→3500 ATK, 2000→3500 DEF)

"It's my turn again!" I've gathered all the cards I need to make a comeback. This turn, I'll show everyone present what my deck's capable of! "Dra—"

"Found you!"

Following those words, the door to the warehouse swung open by a doubtlessly angered youth.

"Kotsu Masumi!?" Yuzu and I gasped upon seeing who it was.

"What did you do to Marco-sensei!?" Masumi's whole attention was drawn to our opponent. "Answer me!"

"What are you doing here?" Yuzu asked her.

"I thought I mind fight something if I went to the scene of the first incident," she explained, glancing at us. "But it seems you beat me at it. At least you've saved me the trouble of searching."

How convenient... She's lucky this warehouse was the only place Yuzu knew where we could teach her Fusion Summoning, or else this entire scene/meeting wouldn't have happened.

"Masumi, wait!" Yuzu stepped in front of her. "We're still trying to understand if he's the culprit!"

"Are you blind!?" Masumi exclaimed and pointed at Lethal Crossbow. "That's an Xyz Monster! It's obvious he's the culprit!" she then glared at the Phantom Knights user, who did the same. "I'll ask you again: what did you do to Marco-sensei!?"

"..." yup, just as I expected, our opponent still refused to make things easy and answer.

"You won't get away this time." she hissed. "Even if you defeat these two, you'll have to Duel me and win in order to leave!"

"Don't be so condescending..." Sora sighed in exasperation. "What makes you think we won't win? For your information, we currently have the upper hand."

"Mine was just a hypothesis. Since Sakushi's Dueling, there should be no cause for concern."

"Eh?" I blinked twice. Where did that come from?

"Isn't it obvious? You're the only one who won fair and square against a member of LDS yesterday." ah, true...but did she have to touch Yuzu's sore spot, she's right here. "I believe in your strength as a Duelist, but if you lose, you'll also pay for disappointing me."

"A-Ah, I see..." I sweatdropped at her threat. Was it really necessary...? In any case, time to continue where I left off. "I won't disappoint you, Masumi. Boku no turn, draw! I, using the Scale 2 Mythorror Lindworm and the Scale 6 Mythorror Tindalos, set the Pendulum Scales!"

I placed them on the ends of my energy blade, causing the word [PENDULUM] to flash between my cards and two pillars of blue light to appear on my left and right, one containing Lindworm and the other a large dog's skeleton with a red glow radiating from inside its empty eye sockets, a pair of bat wings with dark red membranes sprouting from its back, and a long blue tongue.

"Pendulum...?" the Phantom Knights user's eyebrows furrowed.

"This is my power! I can now simultaneously Summon Monsters from Levels 3 to 5!" I declared with a smirk. "Battalion of mythical creatures and gods! With our souls on the line, our power becomes the hammer which crushes despair! Pendulum Summon! Be reborn, Mythorror Nokk!"

A portal opened between my two pillars, and a single beam shot out of it before landing on my field, revealing Nokk and its 1500 ATK.

"The Monster I destroyed was resurrected...?" this time, his eyes widened in surprise.

"That's right! And there's much to come! I activate Nokk's effect!" the said Monster was surrounded by a purple aura. "When this card is Special Summoned successfully, I can declare a number from 1 to 7, and until the End Phase, his Level becomes that number. I declare 5. Next, I summon Mythorror Nekomata!"

Joining me in the battle was a female youth with fair skin, orange cat eyes, shoulder-length black fluffy hair, cat ears adorning the top of its head, two long tails, wearing a red and white dress reminiscent of a shrine maiden's outfit with detached sleeves, thus leaving its shoulders uncovered, and a purple neckerchief.

Mythorror Nekomata: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 0 / DEF: 0 / LV: 2 / SC: 7

"I tune the Level 2 Nekomata to the now Level 5 Nokk!" my smirk turned into a grin as I was about to perform my first Synchro Summon! Nokk's body glowed as it morphed into five green rings that surrounded Nekomata, which turned into two stars. "Queen of the Great Below, heed my call! Ascend from your kingdom and pass judgment upon the unjust earthlings! Synchro Summon! Be free, Level 7! Mythorror Goddess Ereshkigal!"

A bright beam shot through the rings, from which my goddess emerged. It was a giant, white human skeleton which lacked its pelvis, legs, and feet, had a lengthened backbone, crimson energy glowing in its skull, rib cage, and joints, wore a white veil and an obsidian crown, and held a deformed spear of energy in its right hand.

Mythorror Goddess Ereshkigal: Dark / Fiend / Synchro / Effect / ATK: 2700 / DEF: 1800 / LV: 7

"No way, he had a Synchro Monster...!?" Masumi gasped.

"I activate Ereshkigal's effect! When she's Synchro Summoned successfully, I can Special Summon one face-up 'Mythorror' Monster from my Extra Deck that was used as a Synchro Material to summon her, in Defense Position and with its effects negated. Be reborn, Nekomata!"

Ereshkigal stabbed the ground with its spear, conjuring a portal from which my Monster emerged.

"Lastly, I activate Tindalos's Pendulum Effect!" I gestured at the said Monster. "Since I summoned a Monster from my Extra Deck by only using my 'Mythorror' Monsters as materials, I can Special Summon it from my Pendulum Zone!"

Tindalos leaped down and joined my array of Monsters.

"Now I activate Lindworm's Pendulum Effect! By using Monsters in my hand or on my field as materials, I can Fusion Summon one 'Mythorror' Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck!"

"Fusion, you say?" Sora's eyes widened in interest and excitement.

"Nekomata, Tindalos, let's go!" my Monsters turned into red and blue energy respectively, which then spiraled into a portal as I chanted and clasped my hands together. "Shapeshifter who controls the dead! Relentless pursuer of time travelers! Let your desires awaken the canine deity of heavenly fire! Fusion Summon! Level 6! Mythorror God Xolotl!"

The Monster with a muscular human body, a canine head, empty eye-sockets, wearing a sleeveless ichcahuipilli that covered its torso down to its hips, golden bands on its neck, biceps, wrists, thighs and ankles, a necklace with a conch-like object strapped to it, and holding two broadswords of stone with flames and lightning bolts carved on it revealed itself.

Mythorror God Xolotl: ATK 2200 / DEF 1300 / LV: 6

"Heeh, so you also had a Fusion Monster!? That's awesome!" Sora cheered.

"From this Pendulum came...Synchro...and Fusion." our opponent said in astonishment.

"Thanks to Nekomata's and Tindalos's effects, Xolotl who was summoned by using them as materials gains new effects. With the effect gained from Tindalos, upon summon, Xolotl allows me to draw a card and he gains 300 Attack!" I explained as my Fusion Monster's ATK rose to 2500. "My field is ready! Battle! Ereshkigal, attack Lethal Crossbow!"

"Kauntā Torappu hatsudō: Negate Attack! I target your Monster to negate its attack and end the Battle Phase!"

"What!?" and my badass moment was over with. Yaaay... "I set one card face-down and pass..."

"You're different from the Duelists I've faced so far." the spiky-haired youth abruptly said, prompting me to blink in surprise. "I'm sure you're not from here, but not from there either."


"It's not important." he avoided the subject, gesturing at Sora with his head. "It's your turn."

Sora, who was staring at me with an intense expression, scoffed and turned his gaze away. "Boku no turn, draw! I switch Penguin to attack mode and enter the Battle Phase! Frightfur Sheep will destroy that Xyz Monster of yours for starters! I also activate its effect, making it so you can't activate Spell or Trap Cards for the rest of the Battle Phase!"

Sheep released a red beam from its mouth, which pierced Lethal Crossbow's chest and caused it to explode.

Unknown: LP 2400 - 1300 = 1100

"Now you're wide open!" Sora grinned wide. "End him, Frightfur Penguin! Direct attack!"

"If this attack hits..."

"They win." Yuzu finished for Masumi. "But..."

"When an opponent's Monster declares a direct attack, I can activate the effect of The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil in my Graveyard!" our opponent exclaimed. "I Special Summon it to my field as a Normal Monster, but it will be banished when it is sent to the Graveyard!"

A warrior whose body was made of blue flames, held a sword in its right hand, and rode a horse with a flaming mane appeared to intercept Penguin's attack, but it was ultimately defeated.

The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil: Dark / Warrior / ATK: 0 / DEF: 300 / LV: 4

"But I thought Sheep prevented him from using Spells..." I muttered in confusion.

"Sheep's effect prevents the activation of Spell and Trap Cards, but you can still activate their effects." Masumi stated. Aaah, so it had to state [your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards or their effects] to prevent Shadow Veil's effect. I learned a valuable lesson today.

"Jeez! I was so close, too!" Sora whined through a pout. "Since it participated in battle, I activate Penguin's effect to make it gain 400 Attack."

(Frightfur Penguin: 2200→2600 ATK)

"I activate The Phantom Knights of Fragile Armor's effect from my hand!" he revealed the card. "If my 'The Phantom Knights' Monster is destroyed by battle or a card effect, I can Special Summon this card from my hand! Appear, Fragile Armor!"

A headless warrior whose body was made of blue flames encased in dark armor decorated with bones appeared on his field.

The Phantom Knights of Fragile Armor: Dark / Warrior / Effect / ATK: 1000 / DEF: 2000 / LV: 4

"I end my turn."

"Ore no turn!" our opponent announced. "Draw! I activate the Spell Card Card of Demise, whose effect enables me to draw until I have five cards in my hand. As I currently hold none, I draw five new cards! Then, I summon The Phantom Knights of Cloven Helm!"

A medieval helmet that had several cracks on it and was inhabited by blue flames materialized beside Fragile Armor.

The Phantom Knights of Cloven Helm: Dark / Warrior / Effect / ATK: 1500 / DEF: 500 / LV: 4

"Two Level 4 Monsters..." Yuzu narrowed her eyes in worry. "Is he going to Xyz Summon his dragon...?"

"I overlay the Level 4 Fragile Armor and Cloven Helm!" the two Monsters turned into purple beams that entered a swirling galaxy, from which a pillar of light shot out. "Formed from pitch-black darkness, to fight those foolish enough to oppose it with its treacherous fangs! Now, descend! Xyz S—"

Pink light suddenly glowed behind us, interrupting the chant. The light was coming from Yuzu's bracelet, which turned brighter, to the point it became a blinding light. This phenomenon earned a collective gasp from everyone present, and when the radiance died out, we gasped again.


"Gone?" Sora and I mumbled respectively. The Duel ended with a No Result!?

OK, this is getting too confusing to bare: why would he leave? He was in the middle of an Xyz Summon! Did he use the light as a diversion to escape because he didn't draw good cards...? Or...did Yuzu's bracelet magically send him away? That sounds so stupid it might be true. "Um, Yuzu, why does your bracelet have the function to glow...?"

"I...I don't know..." she wheezed out. Don't tell me it's alive!? "It's just like back then—"

"Yuzuuu! Vinceee!" a familiar voice shouted from the outside. "If you're there, answer me!"

"Yuya!" Yuzu exclaimed as the tomato-haired youth ran into the warehouse.

"Thank goodness!" Yuya said in relief. "Principal was worried and sent me out to find you! What are you doing out here to begin with!?"

"Sakaki Yuya!?" Masumi was still confused, but she gritted her teeth in anger. "So you really are on his side!"

"Huh!? But you're...! And Sora's here, too..." Yuya blinked. "Why are—"

"Where did you hide him!?" Masumi walked up to Yuya and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.


"Don't play dumb!" Masumi shouted. "Hurry up and get him!"

"I'm telling you I don't know who you're talking about!" Yuya remarked.

"Hold on!" Yuzu separated them. She addressed her friend. "You really don't know?"

"You too, Yuzu?" Yuya asked in exasperation. "What are you talking about?"

"Just like before, when he disappeared, Yuya showed up..." Yuzu thought out loud, staring at her bracelet. So she has a magical bracelet...for some reason.

"Give it a rest and just get him already!" Masumi insisted.

"Ah! There he is!" Sora abruptly exclaimed—from outside!? When did he sneak past us!? "I saw him just now! He ran that way! Hurry up and catch him or he's going to get away again!"

"Dammit, you won't escape!" Masumi shoved Yuya to the side and ran off.

"Was someone there?" Yuya asked when she was out of earshot.

"I lied." Sora shrugged with a not-so-innocent smile. I had to give it to him, he put on a good act. I actually fell for it. "If she hung around, she'd get in the way of our training."

"Training? Here?" Yuya glanced at me and Yuzu.

"Yeah, Yuzu said she'll...oh, did you want to keep the Fusion lessons a secret entirely?"

"Yuzu learning Fusion?" Yuya said in surprise at Sora's words. "So this is for the Junior Youth Championship? Ah, that's right! Guys, I found my next four opponents!"

"That's great, Yuya!" I nodded with a smirk. Of course he's still in the game.

Yuzu hummed in agreement as she continued to stare at her bracelet. Sora started talking of the Championship with Yuya and asked if he can join too, but I paid more attention to the visibly disorientated Yuzu and the Phantom Knights user's words.

I'm sure you're not from here, but not from there either.

I'm not from here, he got that right, but what's the other location he referred to? At least I know I'm not part of the people he considers his enemy. Who are his enemies to begin with? I sighed internally: and the plot thickens alright...

Fan-made Cards:


Frightfur Penguin (Dark/Fiend/Fusion/Effect/ATK: 1800/DEF: 2500/LV: 5)

"Fluffal Penguin" + "Edge Imp Chain"

Once per turn, this card cannot be destroyed by battle or leave the field by a card effect. If this card battles, at the end of the Damage Step: You can make it gain 400 ATK. Your opponent cannot target your other "Frightfur" monsters for attacks or with card effects.

Unknown (Yuto):

The Phantom Knights of Raving Axe (Dark/Warrior/Xyz/Effect/ATK: 2200/DEF: 1600/RK: 4)

2 Level 4 Warrior monsters

While this card has a "The Phantom Knights" card as material, Level 6 or higher monsters cannot be Special Summoned. You can target up to 2 "The Phantom Knights" monsters you control: detach 1 material from this card; those targets gain 500 ATK/DEF until your next Standby Phase. You can target 1 DARK Xyz Monster you control and 1 "Phantom Knights" card in your GY or Banish Zone; attach the second target to the first as a material. You can only use each effect of "The Phantom Knights of Raving Axe" once per turn.

Rank-Up Request

Normal Trap

If an Xyz Monster left your field by an opponent's card this turn, add 1 "Rank-Up-Magic" card from your Deck to your hand.

[Trivia: the card "The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Launch" appears in this card's artwork.]

The Phantom Knights of Lethal Crossbow (Dark/Warrior/Xyz/Effect/ATK: 2200/DEF: 1300/RK: 6)

2 Level 6 DARK monsters

You can detach 1 material from this card; until the End Phase, the effects of all face-up Spell/Trap Cards your opponent currently controls are negated and this card gains 400 ATK for each. You can only use this effect of "The Phantom Knights of Lethal Crossbow" once per turn. Once per turn: You can target 1 other monster on the field whose current ATK is different from its original ATK; this card gains ATK equal to that difference until the End Phase.

Phantom Knights' Grit

Normal Trap

Target 1 DARK Xyz Monster you control that attacked an opponent's monster this turn: Send up to 2 "The Phantom Knights" cards from your Deck to the GY; that target can declare 1 additional attack this Battle Phase for each card sent to the GY by this card's effect, but only it can attack your opponent directly this turn. You can only activate 1 "Phantom Knights' Grit" per turn.


Mythorror Nokk (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Tuner/Effect/ATK: 1500/DEF: 0/LV: 4/SC: 2)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once per turn: You can target 1 "Mythorror" monster you control; increase or reduce its Level by 1.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as an Aqua monster while on the field. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can add 1 "Mythorror" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Mythorror Nokk". If this card is Special Summoned: You can declare a number from 1 to 7; this card's Level becomes that number until the End Phase, and if you do, this turn, you can only use it as a material for the Summon of a "Mythorror" monster. You can only use each effect of "Mythorror Nokk" once per turn.

[Trivia: the Scandinavian nøkk is a male water spirit who played enchanted songs on the violin, luring women and children to drown in lakes or streams.]

Mythorror Nekomata (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect/ATK: 0/DEF: 0/LV: 2/SC: 7)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once per turn, if your "Mythorror" monster attacks an opponent's monster: You can make it gain 1000 ATK, during damage calculation only.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Beast-Warrior monster while on the field. Once per turn: You can target 1 "Mythorror" monster face-up in your Extra Deck or in your GY; until the end of this turn, this card gains ATK equal to that target's ATK. If this card is Tributed for the Tribute Summon, or used as material for the Summon, of a "Mythorror" monster, you can have that monster gain the following effect.

- If this card attacks an opponent's monster, it gains 1000 ATK during damage calculation only.

You can only use this effect of "Mythorror Nekomata" once per turn.

[Trivia: the Nekomata are a kind of cat yōkai.]

Mythorror Tindalos (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect/ATK: 2400/DEF: 2700/LV: 7/SC: 6)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. If you Summon a monster from the Extra Deck by only using "Mythorror" monsters you controlled as materials: You can Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of "Mythorror Tindalos" once per turn.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Zombie monster while on the field. If you only control a "Mythorror" monster(s) other than "Mythorror Tindalos" and this card is in your hand or GY: You can Special Summon this card, but banish it when it leaves the field if it was Special Summoned from the GY. A "Mythorror" monster that was Summoned using this card on the field as a material gains this effect.

- When this card is Summoned: You can draw 1 card. This card gains 300 ATK.

You can only use each effect of "Mythorror Tindalos" once per turn.

[Trivia: the Hound of Tindalos is a fictional creature. Though the Hounds are sometimes pictured as canine, their appearance is unknown but it's said they have long hollow tongues or proboscises.]

Divine Mercy

Counter Trap

This turn, all battle damage you would take involving direct attacks becomes 0. You can activate this card from your hand by paying half your LP.

[Trivia: the Divine Mercy Sunday is a celebration of the Sunday after Easter, the Octave Day of Easter.]

Mythorror Goddess Ereshkigal (Dark/Fiend/Synchro/Effect/ATK: 2700/DEF: 1800/LV: 7)

(This card is also always treated as a Zombie monster.)

1 "Mythorror" Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters

When this card is Synchro Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 face-up "Mythorror" monster from your Extra Deck that was used as a Synchro Material to summon this card in Defense Position, but its effects are negated. If this card is destroyed: You can add 1 Continuous Spell/Trap from your GY to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Mythorror Goddess Ereshkigal" once per turn.

[Trivia: in Mesopotamian mythology, Ereshkigal was the goddess of Kur, the land of the dead in Sumerian mythology.]

I bet none of you saw Yuto coming! Sadly the Duel concluded with a No Result, right when he was about to Xyz Summon his infamous Dark Rebellion, but I hope you readers liked it nonetheless.

I also hope you like our new Khonsu, aka. the almighty and beautiful to the bone (pun totally intended) Ereshkigal! I've changed the Synchro Monster's appearance because I felt it and Khonsu's character didn't fit with the Mythorror theme. Ereshkigal, on the other, suits the deck and my future plans perfectly. Nokk's Wohnung but with a new name and Nekomata's Nekohime but actually based on a myth (which subsequently snuggles her into the deck's style due to the Nekomata's lore).

The reason why this chapter's so different from before is that I took a look at ARC-V's episodes following LDS's attack and realized it was completely out of place. Yuzu asks Sora to train him but they have an encounter with Yuto, in the meantime, Masumi searches for the culprit who attacked Marco.

So I thought of changing the chapter entirely; postponing the events to the next day wouldn't make sense in my opinion, Masumi wouldn't stop her search to go shopping or Duel Vince and subsequently lose time. Yuzu will ask Vince to train her as well (as he knows Fusion), creating the perfect chance for Yuto vs. Vince/Sora.

I also thought a three-on-one (aka. with Masumi in the mix) would be too much for Yuto, and luckily the Intrusion Penalty wasn't a thing yet. This way, the story feels more connected to the actual plot, doesn't it? A thank you to Erik and scififan599 who helped me with the chapter here and there.

Reviews really make my day and it's a great way to communicate with you readers, and maybe find out errors I can avoid making. Please review, and with that said, here's the chapter's last scene!

Two cards appeared on the screen before turning around, revealing Mythorror Goddess Ereshkigal and Frightfur Sheep. They suddenly glowed, and Vince and Sora emerged from them respectively, both smiling.

"Today was really bizarre." Vince said, now frowning. "That masked Duelist and Yuzu's bracelet's unknown magic powers...but I have to give it to him, those 'Phantom Knights' Monsters were pretty cool! Such a shame we met under these conditions..."

"While I wasn't a big fan of his Xyz Monsters, I'll admit he had skill." Sora shrugged. "I'm more interested in how the Duel would've ended if it wasn't for Yuzu's bracelet!"

"Me, too. I hope we'll get to Duel him again one day, on friendly grounds." Vince chuckled at Sora's sudden fervor. He then turned to the viewer. "It's time for the Secret of the Chapter!"

"Finally!" Sora's lips formed a grin. "I've been waiting for this! Hit me with your best shot!"

"You asked for it! Here's the secret: the episode I've mentioned to Yuzu involving my mother was actually inspired by a scene of the TV show The Golden Girls!"

"Eeeh!? That's all!? But I wanted to hear someone's dark secret!" Sora whined before the screen faded into black, followed by the words [To Be Continued...].