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It was a warm day in May, in the Ohio town of Mt Vernon. Three best friends were walking on their way home from school. Kevin Lee, Aimee Kennedy and Chase Bennett were looking forward to spending their evening around Kevin's house, where they were going to play video games and grab a pizza takeaway. The group had become friends in the after school science club. Kevin and Aimee were both in the same grade (9th); however, Chase was two grades below (7th). They went to a joint Junior and High school.

Kevin is Chinese-American; Aimee is African-American, and Chase is Caucasian. They were a solid group of friends, who supported one another through thick and thin, no matter what was thrown at them.

"I hope your mum is going to order us large pizzas unlike last time," Aimee was saying. "The small ones barely filled the gaping hole in my stomach."

"I've been working on her for weeks," Kevin replied. "She was on a health kick back then, but I know she has cheated a few times, so I'm going to use that as leverage to giving us more."

The three of them laughed at that comment.

"Will they have pineapple on again though?" Chase asked. "I hate pineapple."

"We will definitely get ones without pineapple," Kevin agreed.

They continued along talking to each other about what they were going to do that evening and also about how their days had gone.

Soon, they arrived at Kevin's house. It was a large home, reasonably modern. His dad had had it built shortly before Kevin was born. The house was unusual for the area, as its aesthetics were not like others around. Whereas most homes in the neighbourhood were constructed using a wooden frame and cladding, this house was brick and mortar, with a steel frame in the middle. It had five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, one dining room, one kitchen and a large double garage on the right side. It also contained two offices, a laundry room and a huge attic space. There was also a cellar, but this was strictly off-limits to Kevin, under orders of his dad. The door to the staircase down was locked, and he had never managed to get through it, though that didn't mean he hadn't tried.

Kevin was an only child, so the spare bedrooms had often been used as an extra play area for him when he was younger and areas he could entertain his friends when they came round.

"Hello dear," Kevin's mum said as the group walked through the door. "How was everyone's day?"

"Yeah, good thanks, mum," Kevin replied.

"It was good Mrs Lee," Aimee added, with an agreeing nod from Chase.

"Well, you lot go and play nicely, and I'll get the food in later. There are drinks and snacks in the kitchen if you want them."

Of course, Mrs Lee knew that no sane teenager would resist the offer of drinks and snacks, and she was promptly proven right as the three of them rushed through to the other room. Kevin's mum made some of the best brownies in the world, and there were lots of other sweet treats to appease the taste buds of anyone who tried them.

The trio grabbed what they wanted from the kitchen and rushed up to one of the spare rooms, which was his games room.

"Mmmm, these are so good," Chase said, through a mouthful of brownie. "Are you sure I can't come here and live with you? I'm sure my parents won't mind."

Aimee and Kevin both laughed.

"No, you can't. She's my mum, and I want to keep her to myself," Kevin replied, a broad smile forming on his face.

They went and settled down to their games evening. Fortunately, the house had been soundproofed when it was built, so Kevin's mum, when was sat in her office doing some work, was undisturbed by the cries and shouts that came from the room above her head.

The afternoon whisked by and soon there was a knock at the door, and Kevin's mum entered, carrying three large pizza boxes. This immediately meant the game went on pause and the three teenagers were drooling at the smell that had now filled the area.

"Here we are," mum said. "Hopefully I have got these right. One large pepperoni, one large chicken feast and one large volcano meat feast."

"Sounds perfect. Thanks, mum," Kevin said, putting down his controller and getting up to hug his mother.

"Well enjoy these. I'm off out to go and meet up with your father. He's got an event on at work tonight, so I am going to spend some time with him. Don't be too late to bed and I'll probably see you in the morning."

"Bye, mum. Thanks again," Kevin called after her as she left.

Kevin's father is a senior scientist in a large research laboratory on the edge of town. He had worked on lots of top-secret project for the military and other organisations who could pay for it.

The teens tucked into the pizza and chatted while they ate.

"So, have you managed to get into the cellar yet?" Aimee asked.

"Nope. It is so secure. I'm sure dad has one of his many inventions protecting it."

"It can't be that hard," Chase said. "Let's go and have a look."

Before Kevin could stop him, Chase had jumped up and run out of the room and was already bounding down the stairs. Aimee and Kevin followed quickly. They found Chase looking all over the door, feeling around the edges and trying to peer through the keyhole.

"Don't bother. There is no way to get through without knowing the proper way," Kevin tried to dissuade Chase from going any further.

"What about this," Aimee said, looking at the bookshelf next to the door. She was pointing at one book in particular.

"It's a book," Kevin said.

"Kevin, you're brilliant, but sometimes you are dumb," Aimee replied. "This is no ordinary book."

She reached forward and pulled the book towards her, and there was an audible click from the door. The book didn't go any further forward and pushed back into place. Chase turned the handle of the door, and it pushed open easily.

"How many years have you been trying to get in there?" asked Aimee, a smirk on her face.

"How many times have you been round and never looked at the bookcase before?" retorted Kevin.

"Because I had never put two and two together. Come on, let's go down and have a look."

Chase and Aimee moved into the stairwell that led to the cellar. They looked at Kevin who was staring at them, rooted to the spot. Should he go down there? Is it right? He had spent so long trying to get into the cellar; he now wondered whether it was going to be worth it. Had he hyped it up so much to himself that the truth would be a letdown? It could just be an ordinary cellar that houses some dangerous equipment that ran the house. It could be the power supply. Maybe it was damp and unsuitable to be down there. All these doubts were filling his mind now.

"Come on," Chase said, bringing Kevin back to reality. "Getting bored now. I want to see what's down there."

"Yeah, it'll be fun," Aimee said.

The lure was overwhelming. So overwhelming that Kevin couldn't resist. He followed his friends down the stairs.

They came out into a corridor that was lit with bright white light. It led down to a large steel door at the end.

"This is interesting. How far does this go?" Chase asked.

"No idea," Kevin murmured.

They moved down the corridor and arrived at the door. There didn't seem to be a lock on it, and there was no code pad, retinal scanner or palm reader next to the door either. Kevin put his hand on the cold steel and then jumped back in surprise as it slid open, revealing a cavernous, circular room beyond.

The trio walked into the new room that had metal walls, and a concrete floor. It was lit in a greenish glow, that was being emitted from the centre. In the very centre of the room, there was a raised platform, surrounded on most sides by a metal railing. Above the platform, there was a strange contraption. It had three arms extending down from the ceiling. Each arm had three disks attached to them and made them look like overgrown fidget spinners. They were evenly spaced around the circular platform.

"What is that?" Aimee asked in awe.

"It's amazing whatever it is," Kevin said.

They walked over to a large console that sat on one side of the platform where there was a myriad of buttons on it. Kevin reached out and pushed the one that said 'ON'. The machine made some whirring noises but didn't seem to do anything else, other than turn some lights on. There was a large red button, which he assumed was the off button, so he pushed it.

"There, I think that's back off," Kevin said.

The three of them moved around a bit more and went up onto the platform, staring up at the machine.

"It looks like it may be a robot that builds other things," Chase said.

"Thanks for that insightful input," Aimee said in a sarcastic tone, smiling at Chase who feigned offence.

Suddenly the machine jerked into action, making the three of them jump out of their skins.

"I thought you had turned it off," Aimee said.

"I thought I had. Clearly, the red button isn't the off button, and it was taking time to warm up," Kevin replied.

The arms began to move around, getting faster and faster. There was no way they were getting off of the platform safely until the device was stopped. The machine was soon spinning around the trio's heads at high speed, green light blazing down on them. The three arms with their turning trio of disks crackled with green electricity. As they got faster, it was harder to see them as individual components. Although it was a large machine, it made very little noise. Just a slight wind blew through the room now.

"What is happening?" Chase asked. "I feel strange?"

Kevin looked over at him, and his mouth fell open.

"Um, something is happening to your neck," he said, pointing at Chase.

"It's turning green," Aimee added.

Chase moved his head down to try and look. The others were right. A sizeable green patch was rapidly spreading across his right shoulder and moving down to his fingertips. A strange bubbling sensation began to fill his arm, and he saw the skin pulsating and rippling, growing and expanding outwards.

"What is going on?!" Chase cried.

At the same time, a twitching pain came from Kevin's right hand, and he brought it up to his face. The same green colour was moving down his fingers and up his arm. His hand was getting more significant in size, the fingers thickening, every sinew and tendon tensing under the change. It spread up his arm and into the rest of his body.

Aimee also began to feel different and fell on all fours, her hands gripping tightly onto the edge of the platform, her skin going from her typical pale brown hue to the same green as the boys. Her muscles also began to twitch and bubble, growing at an alarming rate. Her fingers gripped so hard on the metal that it began to deform under the pressure.

More grunting came from Chase as his body continued to alter, now his left arm was also growing, the triceps and biceps becoming toned and clearly defined. His arms look like they belonged on a professional bodybuilder, not a skinny thirteen-year-old. His t-shirt was tightening over the bulging veins and muscles and had begun to tear under the strain of his increasing frame. It soon burst off when Chase's torso got too big to contain. Where he had had some abdominal definition, he now had a distinctive 8-pack.

Aimee's face was scrunched up in discomfort as her body continued to change, her muscles ever appearing and altering. Her long brown hair darkened to black and her clothes too were tearing up. Her body wasn't growing as large as the boy's, but it was certainly more substantial than before. The feeling that was now running through her body was one of freedom and power. It was as though something had been locked up inside of her for many years was now let out and able to flex its muscles.

Kevin had grown larger, and his blue, long sleeve t-shirt was tightening up around his neck, the neckline refusing to give way. He was panicking as he struggled to breathe and comprehend what was going on. He reached up with his now thick fingers and yanked away at the material, managing to break it and release the pressure. His thighs and hamstrings were now expanding outwards, and his feet cracked and crunched as they snapped the strap of his flip-flops, the shoes becoming pancakes under his now increased weight. His hair had also become black, and he let out a mighty roar of rage, almost animalistic in tone and range.

Chase's transformation also was continuing, moving down his legs and into his feet. The elasticated waistband of his shorts helped to keep them in place as he continued to grow. The same could not be said about his trainers and socks. The shoes exploded off of his feet, and his socks went as far as they could before they then became shreds of white material clinging to his thick ankles. His hair had stayed blonde, but with a tinge of green in it.

Almost as fast as it had begun, it all stopped. The machines died down and came to a stop, and the three teenagers were left lying on their backs, breathing deeply from the massive change to their anatomies. Neither of them had yet seen the others in their new state, as they had been too preoccupied with what was going on to themselves.

They had gone from typical, average teens, to massive green bodybuilders in the space of about a minute.

"What has happened?" came a deep voice from what had been Kevin. "What's wrong with my voice?

Kevin tried to lift his now hulking frame from the floor. He struggled to work his new body; it was still shaking from the change.

"Ahhh!" Screamed Aimee as she turned her head to look at her friends and then down at her self. "We're monsters!"

The screw, coupled with her comments gave an adrenaline rush to the boys, and they were soon up on their feet, their hearts beating fast and they also began to panic.

"What is that thing?" Chase cried. "We're mutants!"

"What have you done?!" Aimee shouted in anger at Kevin, jumping over the barrier next to her in one swift jump and she came crashing down next to her friend, the floor cracking beneath her feet.

Her anger levels were rising, as she shoved Kevin into the wall, which also cracked under strain and left an impression of his new form. The angrier she got, the stronger Aimee felt, the strength and freedom coursing through her veins. Her muscles also seemed to grow a fraction more. Kevin noticed her eyes, which had also turned green, seemed to be getting greener by the second as she held him.

"I don't know, I swear. I had no idea that this was going to happen. I'm just as shocked as you are and also trying to take this in," Kevin stuttered in fear.

"Aimee, calm down," Chase said, stumbling over to the pair as he tried to get used to his new legs and feet. He reached down and tore away the white material that was once his socks. "Shame, they were my only pair without holes. I needed some new ones anyway."

"How dare you tell me to calm down!" Aimee rounded on Chase, releasing Kevin and letting him drop down to the floor.

She brought up a fist aimed at Chase's head, but he casually raised his hand and lazily blocked the hit, as though he were playing a game of tennis.

"Yeah, I'm scared," Chase said, in a much deeper voice than his usual tones. As a regular teenager, he was still going through the voice breaking stage most boys go through, so this was undoubtedly weird to hear such a deep voice come from his mouth. "However, we shouldn't be blaming Kevin. We both wanted to come down here too, and we egged him on. If he hadn't have pushed the button, I would have done it. I have a strange feeling I've heard about this happening before."

"You what?" Aimee asked. "This has happened already? When? Where? Who too? Did they manage to find a cure?"

Chase thought for a moment. In truth, he didn't remember. He just had a vague memory of reading about a similar thing happening before they were born. He tried and tried to think of the name that was scratching at the back of his head.

"Banner!" He shouted suddenly.

"What?" Kevin asked as he clambered clumsily to his feet, not sure where all his limbs were due to their increased size and weight.

"Not what, who. Doctor Bruce Banner was a famous scientist about 30 years ago, who turned into a large green monster. The Hulk I think they called him. He was exposed to gamma radiation, and it changed him into the monster every time he got angry," Chase explained.

"What happened to him?" Kevin asked.

Chase hoped the answer was in his memories somewhere.

"He… I think he managed to cure himself. No one has seen him in about 20 years. He may be dead."

"A fat lot of good that is!" Aimee exclaimed in frustration, walking rather heavy-footed over to a table, where she brought her hand crashing down on to it. The table didn't last long after that, ad it gained a rather large indentation, due to her increased strength levels. "How are we going to get back to normal?"

"As I said, I think Doctor Banner's transformations were down to him getting angry, so maybe we need to be calm. It must be to do with the adrenaline levels in our body. If we reduce those, we may turn back," explained Chase.

"Okay, I'm willing to give it a go," Kevin said.

"How do you propose I calm down?!" Aimee screeched. "We're monsters. Have you seen yourself?"

Chase glanced over to a large pane of reflective glass, that may lead into an observation room. He did do a double-take when he saw his new form, but actually, he didn't look that bad. Gone were the skinny arms and legs, and there were the bulging muscles. His face still showed clear signs it was him, just it was more squared off and green. He too had green eyes, that shone clearly in the light. He could live with this if needed.

"Just slow your breathing down, and it may help if we sit on the floor," he said, turning back to his friends.

Chase may have been the younger of the three of them, but such was their friendship, the others did trust him. There was a slight moment of hesitation, but they were all soon sat on the floor and regulating their breathing patterns. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then, slowly and surely, the trio began to reverse back into the human form. Skin began to lose its green tinge and muscles shrank back, almost to where they were before. There was a very slight improvement in their anatomies.

Finally, Kevin, Aimee and Chase were sat in their shredded clothing, looking at one another, studying each other's faces and seeing if there was any trace of what they just were.

"Do you think that's it?" Aimee asked. "Will we ever turn green again?"

"I don't know," Chase said, a sincere spread of doubt filling his brain.

"Search me," Kevin said. "All I want to do is go and put some new clothes on. Come on; we had better get out of here before dad gets back. I don't know how I am going to explain this to him."

The three of them got up and moved out of the laboratory, Kevin being the last one. He lingered briefly and stared back at the mess they had made. Really… how was he going to explain this to his father? With that, he turned and rushed after the others.