It's been a while, so please enjoy this chapter.

A shadowy figure lurked behind a large piece of equipment, that looked like something out of a Frankenstein nightmare. Wires sprouted all over the place and little LED lights flickered on and off in waves, all over the body of the device.

A hand came down on top of a large silver lever and pulled it down towards the torso of the mysterious person. The hum of electricity buzzed through the room and into the apparatus, sparking it all to life. A greenish glow pulsated around the metal bodywork, ebbing with each pulse of the electric current.

"Finally," sneered the figure. "It is working again. Now for the final test subject."

They reach down into a perspex container and drew out a small, timid, white-furred mouse and placed it carefully onto the centre plate of the device.

"Stay there my dear. You are about to get more power than you could ever think is possible."

The figure pushed a button on their control panel and the humming of the electricity got louder and louder, until in a sudden burst of light, it all died down to silence. Leaning in, the shadow looked closely at the small rodent as it lay on its side, its chest rising and falling quickly with each breath it was taking. It began to twitch violently for what seemed like a few minutes, but was actually only around 20 seconds, before settling down and resting on the surface of the plate. It then slowly got to its feet and started to scuttle around the device, looking for a way out.

The figure reached down and pulled the mouse out and took it over to another clear container, this one containing an alligator. The mouse sat at one end, looking at the alligator, through its red eyes. Suddenly the alligator surged forwards, heading for the mouse, but before it could get there, the mouse began to change, growing larger, each part of the body extending outwards, until it was around 20x its original size. The alligator stopped in its path, which wasn't really a good idea, because the super mouse then lunged forward and with its now larger, more powerful mouth, clamped down onto the gator and tore it into two very bloodied pieces.

"Excellent," came the gleeful whisper from the figure.

Unbeknownst to him, right now there were three teenagers rounding the corner of the block, heading their way. They were sticking to the shadows, making sure not to be seen. Agent Greentack had assured them that all CCTV in the local area had been shut down, but that wouldn't stop anyone going for a walk and taking out a phone and filming them. Soon, they were in position in front of the laboratory building.

"Okay, are you ready?" Agent Greentack asked over the walkie talkie.

"Absolutely not," Aimee said. "We are not experienced at this. I have never broken into a building before and tried to stop someone doing a science experiment."

"Well, first things first, don't speak too loudly or you will give the game away," came Agent Greentack's response. "Just find a side entrance that is hidden away and break the lock. Get in, locate the main laboratory and plug the USB I gave you into the main computer. I can do the rest from here. Then you need to find Doctor Sterns and neutralise him with the anaesthetic spray. Be careful not to get yourselves with it. We don't want more than one unconscious body."

"That would be a disaster," Chase muttered. "Come on then, we'd better get going."

The three of them reluctantly moved over the road and to the side of the laboratory. They moved along the rough wall, pressing against it as much as possible so as to reduce the likelihood of being seen, further.

A door soon came into view and this was determined to be their entrance into the building. Kevin tried the handle, but it was locked.

"How do we get this open?" He asked.

"Let me try something," Chase said.

He moved forward and stood in front of the door, bringing his hand up level with his chest. A pause and moment of concentration and Chase's hand began to expand and take on its new green tone. However, instead of continuing up his arm, the transformation stopped there. Chase then used his 'new' hand to grip the handle and snap it off, causing the door to swing open. His hand then returned to normal.

"Wow. Now that was cool," Kevin said in awe of his younger friend.

They proceeded into the buildings. No alarms sounded, so they kept going, deeper into the bowels of the place. Agent Greentack had provided wristbands with a digital map of the building on them. They were able to see exactly where they were on the schematic. Creeping along the corridor, allowed them to see through different windows in the doors leading off of it. Each room held different pieces of equipment, some even held cages of small animals.

"What is going on here?" Aimee asked, caution and suspicion high in her voice.

"I wouldn't want to be one of those animals," Chase replied.

"Come on, let's keep moving," Kevin said in a hurried whisper. "I just want to get this over and done with."

They moved onwards, following the digi-map and headed towards the room they were after, the one that showed a pulsating red dot, revealing the location of a human life sign reading. Kevin waved his hand, motioning the direction in which they had to move.

Their footsteps echoed in the empty hallway, their new sensitive hearing picking up the smallest of sounds. Finally, they reached the door they needed to go through, to find Doctor Sterns. From beyond the steel plates, they heard the sound of gleeful laughter, signalling some success had been achieved in an experiment.

The trio knelt down next to the door and pressed their ears to it. Inside, Doctor Sterns was dancing around his equipment, preparing it for the final experiment of the night. The one experiment that was to outdo all the others and produce his greatest ever result.

"You need to get in there now," Agent Greentack's voice came over their communicators.

"Okay, just wait," Kevin said. "We've never done something like this before, we need a moment to collect ourselves together."

"Just do it quickly, we need to get Sterns into custody before he does anything stupid. We are reading higher levels of gamma radiation in the area. It needs to stop now."

Chase reached into his belt and pulled out the USB stick that needed to be put into the central computer.

"You two go and get Sterns and I'll put this into the computer. Just keep him busy for a short time."

"How?" Aimee asked.

"I don't know… throw something at him?" replied Chase.

Chase crawled away, following the map on his wrist. He used his senses to make sure he was alone and nothing was keeping track of his movements. The door he needed was soon in front of him and slowly, Chase inched it open, to reveal a large bank of server racks, all with lights blinking on and off and their fans filling the air with a distinctive whirring noise. It was now he needed to locate the master control panel and insert the drive.

Unbeknownst to Chase, he had tripped a silent alarm and in the main laboratory, Doctor Sterns whipped his head around to see a flashing red light above the door.

"Who is in my building?!" He roared.

He dashed over to a panel that showed security feeds throughout the building. He couldn't see anything on them. Fortunately, the CCTV shutdown done by Agent Greentack, included this building.

"Ahhh!" Sterns cried out, thumping his palm down on the panel. "I can't be interrupted now."

The Doctor ran back to his equipment and hurriedly began to alter dials and other switches on it. He didn't want his experiment to be interrupted and needed to finish it as quickly as possible.

Out in the corridor, Kevin and Aimee had heard the doctor cry out in anger and knew that they had to act quickly. Giving each other a look, they counted silently to five and then burst through the door. Sterns jumped up from behind his machinery and looked at the two teenagers standing there.

"Oh my, teenagers are here to stop me. This should be an easy fight," he cackled, bringing out a weapon from under his lab coat.

"What do we do?" Kevin asked Aimee.

"Like I should know, we've never done this before."

"Ooh, you are in it over your heads aren't you," Sterns mocked, moving around the equipment, keeping the weapon trained on them. "Who sent you here and why?"

"Just put the weapon down and we'll talk then," Aimee said. "We don't want to hurt you."

"Hurt me? I am the one holding the weapon and you are two teenagers. I am more than a match for you."

Aimee took a step forward and Sterns raised the weapon higher and jabbed it forward.

"Don't move any more, or I'll shoot," he warned.

"I don't think you want to do that?" Aimee replied. "As you said, I'm only a teenager. You wouldn't want to hurt me now."

"Oh really? You think I'm that tame?"

Sterns didn't leave much of a gap between his last comment and what happened next. In a fraction of a second, he fired the weapon aimed at Aimee, except as the bullet left the chamber and crossed the air between them, an anger built up inside both of the teenagers, revealing their green alter egos. It was Aimee who caught the bullet in her hand.

"Well that wasn't very nice," she said, crossing over to a stunned Sterns and yanked the weapon from his hands and crushed it with one hand.

Sterns yelped and looked horrified at what stood before him now. He backed up towards his machine and began fumbling behind his back.

"What are you doing?" Kevin asked. "Are you going to set something off?

Sterns whipped round and pushed a button on his machine. An alarm sounded and several clanking sounds rang throughout the facility. Feral noises began to rise, heading towards the laboratory.

"What have you done?" Kevin asked, his anger rising.

As it did so, he felt his body bubble some more and he gained a little more height and muscle mass. He charged towards Sterns, who ran behind his machine.

"You might want to deal with this first!" Sterns shouted, pointing at the mass of mutated animals that were coming through the door.

"Are those the animals from earlier? What's happened to them?" Aimee cried.

"They have been enhanced with gamma radiation, which looks like the same has happened to you," Sterns replied.

The animals charged at Kevin and Aimee, biting and scratching at them. They tried to fight them off, throwing various beats against the wall and a few well aimed punches knocked several to the ground. However, there were so many and they began to overwhelm the two of them, untrained as they were. Dr Sterns watched on in glee, laughing at their predicament.

What he didn't know, what that Chase had found the other entrance into the laboratory and was now standing behind the doctor, holding a canister of the spray in his human hand. He crept closer and closer, until the doctor suddenly turned around.

"Who are you?" He managed to cry as Chase squirted the spray right in his face.

Chase barely had time to think, as the spray took effect and Sterns fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Got him," Chase said.

"Excellent," Agent Greentack said. "We're coming in."

A minute later, soldiers had stormed into the room and there was the ratta-tat-tat of gun fire as the mutated animals were subdued. Once they had been disposed of, Agent Greentack sauntered in and over to where the body of Sterns lay.

"Right, get him in the vehicle and ready to be transported."

She looked at the teens.

"Come on then!"

They jumped into action and still in their hulked out form, Kevin and Aimee carried Sterns carefully out of the laboratory. Chase followed after them. Agent Greentack stayed to survey the scene.

"All done sir," she said into her ear piece.

"Good," came the reply of General Braymar. "Pack it up and get it all over here now."

"Right away sir."

Agent Greentack turned to the soldiers.

"Let's get this packed up and back to base," she ordered.

Now it was time to find out what Sterns plans were and what havoc he was going to spread onto the world. She left the soldiers to it and walked back out to the three teens and their prisoner.