"Hey, where's that furry pair?" Shadow questioned whole looking around for the bear and bird.

"Actually feathers aren't-" Alex Kidd spoke, only to get silenced from the edgy hedgehog pointing a gun at him.

Sonic scratched his nose while he and the others waited at the Ocean Ruin race course of Seaside Hill. "Whatever is taking them long, I hope it doesn't impede on our scheduled race."

Sadly these racers would have to race, for it was clear that there wasn't going to be Tooie much racing for the animals named after a ban of jo and a kazoo.

"It's another day to get some jiggies, eh Kazooie?" Banjo asked.

Kazooie shook her head. "I dunno, Banjo, I just want to rest."

"Since when were you too tired to annoy people or peck them in the rear?"

"All right, you make a good case."

And so, the bear and bird took off from their Spiral Mountain home to go off on yet another adventure, with the feathery furry duo not knowing what they would encounter other than the jigsaw pieces for which they seek.