I haven't seen many good SCP Foundation and RWBY crossovers so I aim to throw my hat into the ring. Have fun friends. And don't worry about Anarchy, that's still my primary story, this is a side-project I wanted to see if you guys would like. This is just a sample, and if you like it, I'll do more.

The Foundation was having a collective panic attack. Some godlike being just made its presence known and has decided to start fucking things up for fun. It said it wanted to "play some games" with the Foundation. And by games, it meant taking an SCP, plopping it in a different dimension, then giving the Foundation a portal there and telling them to go find the damn thing. And as an incentive to actually find it, if they didn't find and recontain it within a certain amount of time, which it didn't specify, it was going to take it and drop it in the middle of a random city. Needless to say, the 05 Council wasn't that happy.

They had agreed to play this asshole's games, they didn't really have a choice. On the bright side, it had at least told them which one it took. On the not so bright side, it was SCP-096. Not the worst one it could have been, but still pretty bad.

They had sent a D-Class into the portal with live video equipment. He had popped into some snowy place that looked like a regular forest in the winter. Until about 10 minutes later when he got eaten by some demonic wolf monster. But he had seen a town in the distance, so there was civilization. Now they just had to get the pale fuck back in containment before it did too much damage to the people of this dimension.

The team of Atlas soldiers currently on the way to a village were very much on edge. They were being sent to a village that had been destroyed by Grimm, or at least presumably Grimm, to search for survivors. The drone they had sent earlier did a quick fly-by and didn't see any Grimm there, so at least they didn't have that to worry about. But that didn't mean more wouldn't show up, so they had be in and out as quickly as possible. When they touched down, the town didn't look as destroyed as it should have been if Grimm had arrived. Sure there was plenty of broken shit, but not nearly as much as you'd expect.

They went in and immediately began sweeping houses. Another odd thing, there were no bodies. That's what tipped them off this wasn't Grimm. There was blood, but no actual corpses. They radioed to the pilot of the Bullhead that there was something off, and to leave without them should they not get back in 20 minutes, then continued sweeping the town. It was the same thing throughout the rest of the town, and the team regrouped for the Town Hall.

They opened the door, and it was also empty. Not a soul in sight, but there was a lot of blood, especially in the main gathering area. As they went further in, they could hear something coming from upstairs. It sounded likeā€¦ crying. A survivor. They immediately began to rush up the stairs, hoping to find the poor bastard and get them out of here. But when they got to the top of the stairs and opened the door to the storage area, they were met with something that made their blood run cold. There was something sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room with it's back to them. It resembled a human, but it was all wrong. It's limbs were way too long for its body, it was as white as the snow outside, and was completely naked. It didn't seem to have any muscle either, almost completely skin and bones. It was what was crying.

The leader of the group slowly began to approach it with his gun pointed at it, ordering it to stay there. In response, it began to stand up, almost touching the ceiling. That's when they noticed it's claws. Its blood covered claws. It slowly turned around to look at them with those cold, empty eyes, and they looked at its face, sealing their fates as it began to cry harder.