It was the middle of the night after a rainy day at the Hawaiian Pizzeria. Kai the worker manager was busy selling pizzas and watching customers go in and out of the pizzeria. It was almost close to the closing time.

The pizzeria was half empty. It was time to prepare for closing. While washing dishes in the kitchen, Kai heard the front door open and swingshut. She quickly made it to the counter to see who it was. It was a man sitting in his seat looking tired out. Kai became concerned, "Hello sir is everything okay?"

"Yeah everything is fine...", he responded.

That left Kai silent. The way he responded to her wasn't so great,

"How about I'll make you something so you could tell me what happened?",Kai softly said.

The man looked up at her. To him, she was very beautiful. He took her suggestion and decided to order something,

"How about I'll have a cheese pizza slice.",said the man.

Kai nodded and walked towards the kitchen to make the man a slice of cheese pizza.

A Few Minutes Later~

Kai was finished making the pizza for him and brought it to the counter on a plate so he could eat.

Kai asked, "Who are you? Is everything okay?"

The man looked up. His sorrowful expression turned into a goofy smile in its awkwardness.

"Oh I'm sorry that I didn't introduce myself, my name is Joey.", answered Joey quickly.

"I'm Kai, that means "sea" in Hawaiian.",explained Kai.

"Really your Hawaiian?",guessed Joey curiously.

"Yup,I'm also Indian and Puerto Rican."stated Kai.

"Interesting well. I'm Italian.",said Joey.

Kai's eyes widened,.she came from a mixed family. Her father is Hawaiian while her mother is a mix between Puerto Rican and up in a mixed family felt normal to her.

"Really that's nice."commented Kai.

"Yeah...well, maybe.. I have seven sisters so growing up my house was pretty crazy.",laughed Joey.

That made Kai giggle.

"I guess you feel better. Your mood changed.",said Kai.

"Oh no,no I will tell you what happened.",said Joey.

"Okay I'm now listening.",said Kai.

"I went through another bad breakup. That's why this one was a harasser more than I could have imagined. It almost broke me. I was not feeling correct and that's what ended me up here."expanded Joey.

"Oh, I'm so sorry.",said Kai.

She felt badly for him. Kai reached over to give Joey a hug. Joey's eyes were closed when he hugged her. He felt the comfort in her arms after she was finished hugging.

"Its alright. It wasn't my first break up, you know.",said Joey.

"I see. Well, you can come visit me anytime, you know, I'm going to school online at night to become a therapist.",said Kai.

"Alright, thanks for the offer. I'm not sure I ever heard of that but I'll think about it.",said Joey.

Kai looked over to her side seeing it's almost closing time.

"Well you better get going, I'm closing for tonight.",said Kai.

"Oh ,okay ,I see.",said Joey as he waved Kai goodbye..

Kai waved goodbye back. She closed her pizzeria while closing up she couldn't stop thinking of Joey and hopes one day to see him again.