In a large apartment building, lived Chandler Bing. He was currently sitting on the chair with his feet up trying to flip through the tv to see what good shows were on to watch. Chandler almost felt like giving up because there was nothing good on expect for cringy comedy shows or boring news stories.

"Only Joey could enjoy those things...", murmured Chandler to himself as he munched on some popcorn that he had made for himself.

He continued to flip through the channels his eyes blinked twice. He did not realize that Joey had just entered the room.

"Seriously Chandler, you're watching tv without me!?",shouted Joey in shock.

Chandler's ears pricked up as soon as he heard Joey's voice. He turned off the tv and turned around to look at Joey.

"Why? We can't always watch tv together.",said Chandler,"Plus why are you home so early?

Joey sighed sadly, "My girlfriend, who I've been seeing, broke up with me. So, I got drunk at a bar and I ended up at a pizzeria.",explained Joey.

"Oh my gosh! Man, I'm so sorry! Who is this girl? Could I hunt her down?",asked Chandler angrily.

The thought that somebody would hurt Joey in a really bad way bothered Chandler.

Joey liked the fact that Chandler cared about him. His sadness started to fade away into a smile of happiness.

"Well, besides the sadness, I met a girl at that pizzeria.",shared Joey.

Chandler's brave determined angry face turned to shock!

"Why didn't you say so ? You have to tell me all about it.",said Chandler.

This made Joey laugh as the two of them sat at the kitchen counter to talk.