As the entire gang stopped and turned then looked at Kai. She was looking both ways in the Cafe, for Joey. Then Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Ross turned in unison towards Joey.

"What!? Why are you all looking at me like that?",shrugged Joey.

The entire group facepalmed knowing that Joey had probably forgotten what they were all talking about. After their hands slid off their faces, all of them looked over at Joey all the time seeing that Kai was still looking for him.

"Well, since she is here, why don't you go talk to her?",asked Chandler.

Joey then turned around to see the "her" that Chandler was talking about. He soon realized that the he was talking about Kai and that she was looking for him, so Joey quickly had got up from the chair that he was sitting in. He moved carefully to go up to Kai and welcome her.

"Hello Kai, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.", said Joey.

He appeared right next to Kai. That almost made her jump out of her skin. The moment she had turned around and saw him standing by her.

"You scared me.",she said.

"I guess.. I'm sorry for that! Heehee..soooo..welcome to Central Park Cafe." said Joey as Kai observed what is going on around her.

"It is really spaced out in here.",said Kai.

She observed what is going on around her then she spotted Joey's friends, Monica,Ross,Phoebe,Rachel and Chandler

"Who are they?",asked Kai.

She pointed at them. Then, Joey looked at them then looked back at Kai.

"Oh, that's my friends, want to meet them?",asked Joey.

"Uh sure.",agreed Kai.