Players: Michael Langdon

Mr. Gallant

A week after their arrival at the Sanctuary, Gallant found himself lounging and pouting while sprawled sexily on the black 1,100 thread count sheets of the kingsized bed in Michael's master bedroom.

He was sooo bored. Michael had promised to be back an hour ago, but had undoubtably gotten tied up in meetings and committees and all the other stuff that was required of being a Prince that nobody ever bothers to tell you. He winced and wondered for the 13th time that day what Michael was doing with a needy loser like him. Don't get him wrong, the sex they had both enthusiastically enjoyed was the best he had ever had with all sorts of toys, positions, and scenes that he had never tried before. But before the Apocalype he had definitely had a habit of destroying the things he loved. Nana was always swift to remind him that all of her money had gone to paying for school that he flunked out of and the two salons that he bankrupted with his hard partying ways (read: clubbing, kinky sex and cocaine). It's just that he had been unhappy for so long, and it took even longer for him to realize it. Really, it wasn't until Michael showed up at Outpost 3 telling everyone harsh truths about themselves that he was forced to confront it. It would seem that the road to Hell was not paved with good intentions—like everyone insisted—but instead with really fantastic sex. Sex which had lead him to follow Michael anywhere, even after learning what he really was. Which led him to where he was now, a bored Prince Consort lounging in a sumptuous bed with the Sleeping Beauty song obnoxiously running through his brain.

Someday my prince will come...

The door opened, causing a much approved break from his wholesome Disney thoughts. In came Michael, with a smile on his lips and a secretive look upon his face. Gallant quickly posed himself in the most enticing way he knew how then turned as he pretended lazily like he had only just spotted Michael. He raised an eyebrow.

"You look good enough to eat. Is there something my sexy boy wants?"

Gallant just crooked his finger and gave Michael his best come hither look.

"Ah, ah." Michael said, wagging his finger. "There's something I want to give you first."

"A present?!" Gallant gasped, quickly sitting up.

"Sorry for being late," Michael said as he leaned down for a brief kiss "I had to stop by the jeweler's to pick this up." Then he revealed the slim box he had been hiding behind his back and opened the lid.

Inside the purple velvet lined box there was a black leather collar with the letter "G" dangling from the center made of platinum and diamonds. Gallant's eyes grew wide.

"Always, Michael." he said grinning at his Prince and at the unvoiced question as Michael put the collar on his neck. Once the collar was on, Gallant quickly pulled Michael towards him and it wasn't long before he was pinned to the bed and thoroughly ravished.