Hi! This is a random crossover fic I've begun to write thanks to a roleplay idea of mine. It will focus on Jo from Little Women and Marianne from Sense and Sensibility, though it includes other characters from classic pieces of literature. This is just a prelude to the story, so it won't be too eventful, though it is important and provides a glimpse into some of the lesser characters.

What satisfaction was there in attending an academy for the rich and elite when you were a girl from the countryside of Massachusetts? The DeBourgh Academy for Young Women was not where Jo March could ever see herself. She was shipped off at her Aunt March's request. Her Marmee was with her entirely when she expressed her concerns but her Aunt had overpowered her Marmee quite easily. She was dreading being at the Academy for so long.

Marianne Dashwood went to the Academy as an escape. Her heart had been broken by the impertinent Mr. Willoughby. She by no means wished to remain at the drab cottage of Barton, where she could only be reminded of him. At the Academy, she would be able to work on her skills at the pianoforte, and hopefully move on from her tragic relationship with Mr. Willoughby.

Amy March could not have been happier to be told by her Aunt that she would get the opportunity to go to England and attend a prestigious academy. She was quite disappointed to learn that her sister would have this same opportunity, but Amy obliged with a great smile and excitement.

Cosette was quite nervous when her Papa told her he was sending her off to England. She knew little to no English and had no reason to learn it previously. Cosette didn't know what she'd do there if she'd even do well enough to stay. She did not wish to be away from her dear Marius for long either, but she could not tell her Papa for he might disapprove.

Christine had been shipped off to England by Madame Giry after her terrorizing experience at the Paris Opera. She and Raoul would have to put off their wedding for a few years, which neither had been happy about. But at least she knew a bit of English and would be able to understand the girls. She needed recovery and no reminders of the Phantom's horrors.

Kitty Bennet was only going to the Academy because of their cousin Collins' extreme persuasions. Her mother had easily caved when she heard that THE Lady Catherine DeBourgh was implementing a school. Everyone cared about Lady Catherine but Kitty. Kitty was glad to be noticed, though. She was always overshadowed by her elder and younger sisters (but for Mary, because no one cared about Mary, really).

Every girl had their reasons to be there and not to be there. But upon arrival, there was one thing that was universally agreed upon. The estate was grander than any of them had ever imagined. The gardens were thriving. The classrooms were spacious. The sitting room was luxurious. Even their boarding rooms were of the highest quality.

This was escape of the finest sort.

No one was prepared to enter into the Education and Arts of the DeBourgh Academy.

Stay tuned for the first chapter! Thanks for reading.