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Chapter 1: "King" of the New World

"Myne, you poor damsel. Please, could you recount the case?" the old and wise looking king turned to the burgundy haired girl, watching her with a gentle expression. "Of course, if it's not too hard to recount. It must be traumatic."

"Ye-Yes…" the beautiful girl gulped hard, fighting with her tears.

"H-he raped me!" the beautiful lady pointed at the lean and tall guy, standing in the middle of the court. Her tone already quivered, in the middle of breaking down.

"H-He just came into my room that night! He then tried to force himself on me! Saying, 'The night is still young! How about a little fun?' He reeked from alcohol the whole time!" her tears poured onto her cheeks; she was very convincing indeed. So much so, everyone started to glare at the blond adult in the middle of the court.

"I never thought you would go that far!" the one with bow said, sadness filling his heart.

"You monster!" the blonde college student with long hair tightened his grip on his spear, grinding his teeth in rage. He was ready to strike down the man! "But what did I expect? Looks like a brute and acts like a brute!"

"How disappointing…" the third one with sword shook his head, all around, the people had already decided on the man's guilt.

"Man, I want to quit being a hero… I want to go home!"

And when he thought about it, how eventless that day started.

Who would've thought he'd end up in a different world? Who'd expect a shield would get stuck on his forearm? Thinking about it, that day started all too well. He should have expected something will happen. Something always happened to him.

It was the prerequisite of his existence.

"Why me…?"

(A few days earlier...)

"Aw man, I hope I can find some new manga..." a man groaned up, walking on the street.

Among the crowd of people which made up City M, this individual looked quite ordinary. Every-day clothes. Every-day posture, a hood pulled over his head, underneath a baseball hat to hide the three vertical scars running through his left eye.

What made him special was his particular face structure, and his scars, scars that everyone around the world recognized. His characteristic face, the one he wanted to hide at all costs!

"Let's hope it'll work better than last time…"

Though hiding his identity was not always a successful endeavor, he was confident in his skill to bluff his way out from every — and any situation. Yet, despite this confidence, he rather avoided meeting with anyone. He only wanted peace and quiet.

"I want to go home, play games… watch some new anime and read my manga!"

The man mentally complained, continuing his way.

Albeit, his general dislike of crowded places was evident. He couldn't just sit around, stuck at home all the time, just playing games.

Even people like him needed to go out, exercise a little bit, or simply walk around. Unfortunately, not everything could be delivered to his home in this age. All thanks to the ever-present monster threat that this world faced.

In that case, his only choice was to go out and buy the things he wanted by himself.

"I hope that no one recognizes me this time." One can say, he was quite the celebrity. A lucky individual many would consider him. Though from his perspective, it was quite the opposite.

"I don't feel lucky at all…" Yes, his thinking was such. Negative and depressed, mostly.

Every time he'd go out incognito, someone would recognize him. Every time he goes out for a walk, a monster pops up — trying to challenge him. And always, always, whenever his identity was revealed, people rush at him, celebrating his person, asking for an autograph.

"I just want to live a quiet life to play my games! I just want to be left alone! Why can't people ever leave me alone!?"

Though the man complained, since he woke up, he had encountered neither monsters nor fans that recognized him. One can say, his day started suspiciously well.

"I will activate the King Engine! Beware monster!"

"No! Mr King! Please don't! Spare the miserable life of this monster! Aghhhhh…!"

Two children played on the street, one depicting the 'Strongest Man on Earth', King. The other was playing the monster that the hero had just exterminated. Many would find it flattering, but for the man, it just made his life harder and more miserable.

"Why did it ever happen!?"

Ever since that event, his life had changed — for the worse. Ever since that time, people exaggerated everything he did! Ever since that time, he was always in the worst possible place, at the worst possible time!

"Sigh…" sighing deep, the man hissed away his thoughts, entering the store.

It was a busy place, filled with people that were known to the majority as 'otakus.' People who like games, manga, and other "esoteric" items. All browsing relentlessly, trying to find something to their liking before it was snatched away by another otaku.

As the saying goes: "An otaku's worst enemy was another otaku that wanted the same thing." At least, the same thing he as well carved for.

Today was a big-sale day after all. Even with plenty of money in his pocket — the man received for his 'heroic' work — he didn't want to be left out. Today was when you could buy great works for a great price, after all!

"Good… no one has recognized me just yet..."

Pulling his baseball hat deeper, he tried to avoid any suspicion, browsing the line, searching for anime, manga, and games — anything that his sizable collection had missed.

"Eh… Mr…" Yet, he was not a lucky man, for even despite his best attempt yet, someone seemed to recognize his tall form.


Looking to his side, a small child stood, watching him with adoration.

"Co-could you...?" he stood straight, hands extending a magazine that bore King's solid form on the front page. It was a manga, about the legendary 'King' and his adventures. Filled with nonsensical stories, further exaggerating his 'accomplishments.'

He should be feeling glad people think so highly about him. Yet, the only thing he felt when he looked at the heroic figure fighting with a dreadful monster on the front page was the same dread when he encountered a real monster. But above all, he felt shame, lying all the time.

"If you keep quiet about me, I'll give you an autograph…" True, he hated when random strangers walked up to him and bothered him during his free time. Still, he was not heartless; for kids, he usually made an exception.

"Su-sure! Thank you, Mr. King! You're the best!"

"Shh…" motioning to be silent, the child nodded, King signing his magazine.

"Be good…" he waved him away just like that.

"Ye-Yes! Right!" With that, the brat disappeared. Be it fear or adoration that made him keep quiet about this meeting, King cared not; he only cared about his own free time and being left alone.

It was bad enough that random strangers would walk up to him and bother him all the time. The last thing he needed was a whole bunch come asking questions, or even challenge him. He was already strained to his limits; he had no idea how much more he can take.

"Hmm…" some time had passed, but King managed to browse the store from top to bottom, collecting everything his expansive collection did not have.

"Yo-you are-!?"

"Is something wrong?" he asked the cashier. Once more, he was recognized.

"Mr. Ki-King! You're shopping here!?"

"Can you keep quiet? I am here only to buy these things…" He placed his filled basket on the counter, earning a nod and a gulp. His tone was calm, his words slow. Yet, all of this, combined with his sunken face, made him even more terrifying and menacing.


"Is he really King?"

"I didn't even recognize him…"

He wasn't the most perceptive of people, yet already he heard those accursed whispers. Oh! How he wished people would just leave him alone.

"Tha-thank you for choosing us, Mr. King. May I ask for a photograph? Just so people know you chose our store."

"I am running rather late now. Maybe next time…"

"O-Of course… please forgive me!" the cashier dared not to defy the man, he could only simply oblige, and bow deeply. Fearing that 'The Strongest Man On Earth' would destroy their store with but a brush of his hand.


He had really, really hoped, today would be the day that it would be eventless. He was never a lucky man. In fact, Lady Luck seemed to like tormenting him. Just like it was expected, in the next moment, a shockwave shook the entire store. The rumbling was coming from outside.



"I am the Librarian Owl! My love of books and the library was so profound; I turned into a Librarian Owl! Feel the weight of knowledge! Deny the stench of video games, TV, and Manga!"

Great… another random monster appears, just when he is nearby. King really considered that he was cursed. Every time he goes out, this happened.

"Why me…?!"

He asked himself again and again, never finding the answer. No one was willing to answer. No one could answer. The only thing he could do was cry on the inside every time it happens.

"M-Mr. King! Please save us!"

"Better get out there…" sweating profoundly, he put away his collected "loot" as fast as he can, heading out.

"He-Hey! Mr. King! Will you fight with the monster?"

All the people in the store watched him with hope-filled eyes. This strain was too much! He wanted to get out there!

"I will see what I can do…"

Slowly, but steadily, he left the shop. Maybe if he moved slowly enough, that monster will not recognize him. Perhaps, he can get away without anyone-

"You there! Stop!"

"Nooo…" all hope was lost, for he was noticed by the monster.

It was happening again! Even amidst this chaos, the monster that looked like an owl mixed with a human — wearing an academic dress pointed its wing towards him.

"What are you thinking!? Where are you going!?" throwing a book, it actually crashed into the truck just before him, thrown with such force that it destroyed it completely.

"It almost hit me...!" King was now trembling. He almost died. He felt the wind of the book, thrown with such power it brushed off his hood and hat.

"I am the protector of knowledge! Anyone who reads this trash must be eradicated! You there! Do you love books? Or you carry the stench with you the people call games and manga!"


'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

"This sound…" the people suddenly stopped in their tracks, turning to King's stalwart form. The man just stood, slowly turning towards the monster.

"Me?" he pointed at himself, trying to play the clueless man. Deep inside, he was trembling harder than a storm-tossed puppy on a whaling ship.

"The King Engine!?"

"It is him!"

"The Strongest Man On Earth!"

"Mr. King! Save us!"

"Not again… I was too slow! I should have run!"

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

"Wa-Wait!? You are "that" King!?" the owl man backed away, now looking terrified.

"Yes…" The King Engine intensified, the rumbling of 'battle intent' could be heard all around him as he faced the creature. Like an Adonis, he moved not an inch.

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

"I want to go home. Can you just stop this? Please, just leave." that disinterested, scornful face that looked down anyone who was weaker — keeping one exact expression.

Those blue eyes! Those sunken cheeks everyone recognized all around the world. His very expression conveyed power! Yet, deep inside King trembled; the only reason he didn't run away was that his legs refused to answer his call. He was literally too scared to move!

"Wh-why should I… even if you…"

"Are you deaf?" King's stance was seemingly relentless. Not moving an inch. "I am King. The Strongest Man On Earth." He only hoped that his bluff will work like it usually does. And that this would've be enough to turn away this creature.

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

Now, even the human turned monster started to tremble.

"Give up all hope. Give up on me... Just leave. I ask you, please..."


"Stay away from me and find another hero, that would be a smart thing to do. You only earn disappointment here. Death is an ugly thing. I ask you again, please."

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

His form grew and grew in the eyes of the monster; the pressure this man released was unimaginable. Even the humans around made their distance. They all knew too well what would happen if King started to fight.

"H-He is really The Strongest Man On Earth!"

"The legends are not an exaggeration..."

"He is amazing!"

The people around once again started cheering for him. Why couldn't they understand what he meant? Why did they misinterpret his every word?

"No matter how hard I try. It is not possible! You can't expect anything from me; it's useless… fighting with me only earns you disappointment and shame! Please, just leave…"

"Ah! Ahhhhh!"

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

Now, before the monster, a colossus stood. His form relentless, towering above the insect that the owl was. Unbreakable! Unconquerable! The monster faced not a mere hero, but an invincible being! The Strongest Man!

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

The king engine roared relentlessly, filling dread and terror in every monster around, even those skulking in the darkness.

"Di-Die!" The owl threw his book, yet, because of his fear, the book missed King's head only by an inch. Yet, the man's face changed not, not even trying to dodge. It was like the book thrown at him knew very well; it couldn't hurt a being like King.

"Wha-What!? I never miss! How could this-"


'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

Victory was impossible! The Library Owl already admitted his own mistake. He was not the monster... It was this man in front of him!

"Ah! Ahhh! Please spare me!"

"Useless! Please, just leave!"

In the next moment, the owl started to run, crying in vain. Even if he dies, he will try his luck.

"Please! Spare me!"

Only to have the book which he threw previously came back, forcefully ricocheting from a building, and beheading the creature itself.


Headless, the owl man collapsed, books sprouting from his bag thrown away when his body limply fell on the ground. One of the books directly slid before King's leg.


"It actually worked!? How did it even work!?" King asked himself again and again, yet, gained no answer. Like usual. He was both cursed and blessed. More cursed than blessed, in his opinion.


"King saved us!"

"He is the best!"

"He didn't even move! This is amazing!"

"Please, no… not again…" King wanted to cry, collapsing on his knees.

"Mr. Ki-King, are you alright?"

"Not again..." he muttered, his expression empty, all hope was lost!

"He must be disappointed. Not finding a worthy challenger..."

"Yes, that must be the case."


And just like that, the people decided on this absurd story in their heart, watching their hero still on his knees.

"Not again..." King muttered again, only to recognize the book before his leg.

"This…" The book was labeled: The Four Heroes Weapons Manual.


"Mr. King! You did it again! You are awesome!" the people cheered all around, celebrating their hero.

"Don't worry; I am sure you will find a worthy challenger soon!"

Yet, King was too enamored skimming through the book he just found.

[An apocalyptic catastrophe coming with the wave…]

He turned a page.

[… to save the world from destruction, four cardinal heroes will be summoned from another world.]

What a cliché fantasy opening, an Isekai nonetheless, King thought. Still, he turned one more page. He was no fan of the genre, though he learned early on not to give up on books that easily. There were hidden diamonds in the rough, sometimes.

A myriad of games and manga of those genres became his favorite after he forced himself to read a few chapters at least.

[Every hero carries a weapon. A sword. A spear. A bow and a shield.]

Well, if it's a fantasy novel, he would rather use magic, but it was up to the book. According to his RPG knowledge, classes using shields become pretty invincible in the late game.

"How bland…"

"M-Mr. King!" ignoring the people around, continued to read. No one dared to stop him, or disturb his 'meditation', he was The Strongest Man On Earth, King! Any disturbances might cost the lives of everyone on the street!

"What dull illustration…" Basically, there was no coloring, just a few silhouettes which depicted humans. Among them was a woman who looked like the princess.

"Hmm, a typical-looking princess… I wonder what her personality will be."

Reading a few more pages, the spear, the sword and the bow hero all had quite the detailed description.

"This book seems more like a role player guidebook than a novel? Yes, that's right… it's all filled with description about the playable characters…" he knew them too well, he read too many such books.

"Wonder what the shield cast will be…" Yet, when he turned a page...

"Eh?" it was empty. The page which should contain the information about the shielder was blank. Just like every other page after it.

"What a cheap book. They want the reader to fill in the blanks?" King was about to throw it away when the pages started to glow; the whole book shone in a golden light.

"What the…!?"

"What is this!?"

"Mr. King! What's happening!?"


The King Engine roared its loudest. Perhaps, the last time in this world.

That day, The World's Strongest Man, the Heroes' Hero, The Strongest Man On Earth, King disappeared from City M! Many people watched as their greatest hero was engulfed in a bright light, leaving only the air in his place.

"M-Mr. King!"

"He... he disappeared!"

"Quickly! We need to notify the Hero Association!"

Scene Change:


"Oh! The summoning was a success!"

The voice of a man hit King's ears at the moment he landed.

"I feel like I was hit by a truck…" Not like he'd know how it'd feel. He DID however read many stories where the protagonist was killed by a truck and then sent or reincarnated into another world. It was a really cheap way of sending them to their next destination. Still, it was so cliché and expected that the otaku community started calling them by nicknames like 'Truck-kun'.

"Ugh… Wait, where am I!?" King looked around hastily; he was in a room that looked like a typical summoning chamber, and before him, four robed men stood.

"Heroes! Please, save this world!"

Heroes? What the heck?! This is some kind of bad dream? He wasn't a hero! — Well, his job description was literally hero, but he didn't even have the power to back it up! Not even the courage! How would he even save the world!?

"Who are these guys anyway?" Standing up and looking around, the summoning circles under his feet were still wholly lit.

"Yeah… this must be a bad dream. Right. That, or this is one of those camera shows where people can see my reactions in real life. But where are the cameras? Are they hidden? And who are those three with the weapons?"

King was not sure how they kidnapped him. The last thing he saw was that weird book starting to glow, then he found himself in this room.

Yeah.. yeah! This must be some kind of reality show where people's reactions were recorded under pre-scripted circumstances.

Of course, that was the only logical conclusion, after all. The only problem is… if he exposed himself here, people would beat him up for lying to them; worse, he'd lose his only source of income. Before becoming a hero, he never even had a normal job. What would he do if he loses even that?


No matter how stressful it was to play a hero, he couldn't expose himself here. He would definitely die if he did!

"But considering things. It would be better if they just beat me up once, then leave me alone after…" King thought, but shook it off afterwards. As much as he hated crowds, he wasn't willing to be beaten up and have his only source of income cut from him in order for peace and quiet.

His three other companions that appeared near him were carrying different weapons. All three of them looked quite young compared to him. Heck, they looked like they belonged in high-school.

"Who are these guys anyway…?" King scratched his face, only to recognize the thing stuck on his forearm.

"Eh?" It was a shield. Quite bland in design, a green jewel stuck in the middle of it. "What kind of sick fantasy play it is? And can't even let me choose a class? How rude!"

Although he was an avid gamer who quickly learned every class and gameplay mechanism he ever encountered, he hated it when the system forced a role to him. He played games for the adventure, for the freedom of choice. To push a class to someone? That was just a lousy gameplay design. Now that he thought about it, there weren't any games that he had ever played that forced someone to pick a class, and be simultaneously a good game at the same time.

"Although shields aren't bad… I wanted to play as a magic caster. Either way, there must be a boss around. I just ask about it later. And what did they call me just now? Hero…?"

"Umm… excuse me. I think it's some kind of…" but before he could inquire about the situation, he was cut off, just like that!

"Heroes! Please, save this world!" his words were cut immediately, the desperate looking magic caster begged once more, his face filled with terror.

"What do you mean?" the kid with the bow asked, King could only listen. Maybe if he learnt more about all of what was happening, he could come up with something.

"This is a long story… using an ancient ritual, we summoned you."

Now, this really sounds cliché. Summoned them! The heck!?

"Excuse me… I think it is a misunderstanding. Can't I just go home? I have a lot of things to do. I never volunteered for this show."

"Unfortunately, that's impossible, brave hero. Once the four cardinal heroes are summoned, we can't send them back."

"I-I see…" What did he think? When he speaks, it will all end up worse! Just like always, people exaggerated everything. Still, one thing was still strange, the people weren't quivering in their shoes and let him go when he asked. Usually, it always works, people leaving him alone once he asked — stepping away trembling.

"Weird…" But King thought nothing about it; most likely, these guys really want to impress him or cared more about their role than their life. Either was a possibility.

One way or another, all of this started to feel like he is in that book he read before that light kidnapped him — with the four heroes and the princess.

"I hope the princess is cute, at least…" Keeping his cold face, King inwardly blushed, imagining the role play he could do with the 'princess'.

"Our world is on the edge of ruin. Great heroes, please help us. Please, save our world."

The scholar guy in the middle really gave his all, King must admit. He never saw such performance.

"I see… in that case…"

"I refuse."


He right away glanced the guy with the spear.

"You can't just refuse a heroic quest!? That's not how the script should go!"

"I agree… send us back." said the bow bearer.

"Don't you feel guilty kidnapping random strangers without their consent?" Raising his sword, the boy with black hair glared threatening at the scholars.

"Dammit! None of them are playing along? What the heck!?"

"What if you just discard us once the peace restored? What guarantees you don't get rid of us?" once more, the guy with the bow spoke, he had curly blonde hair, quite messy if you asked King. His face was young, maybe in his early teens.

"They even make kids play?" He had to admit, their performance was exceptional.

"What can you offer us in exchange?"

This was too much! The script for this show was awful!

Not only the heroes were unfriendly, but they demanded payment at the beginning of their quest?

Playing many RPGs and many other kinds of games, King was aware; no games allowed you to play like that. You complete the quest, gain XP, then reap the reward. That's it! No forward payment!

Not even aware of the difficulty or the rules and demanding payment? Absurd! He wanted to go home. He wanted his money back!

"Depending on the answer, we can turn against you."

And now this! The blonde with the spear even threatening the quest giver. This was too much.

"Don't you agree?" and now he asked him? Why they couldn't they just leave him alone!?

"Hmm, I think we should listen to what they want to say first, then decide…" King answered, trying to remain neutral. "Anyway… what kind of show is this, if I may ask? I don't remember volunteering. Please, just show me the exit. I have many things to do."

By many things, he meant playing games, reading manga and books, mostly lazing about at home.

"Show?" the scholars before them blinked, looking at each other confused.

"I assure you, Hero of the Shield. This is not a show. All of this is serious! Our world is in grave danger!"

"Right…" he was the one to blame daring to ask. Why did he even ask? It never works! Yet, King was more and more impressed with their performance. They didn't quiver like ordinary people when he urges them to leave him alone. No, their expression even hardened, daring to defy him.

"Is it possible they don't know who I am?"

"Please, everything will be explained. We would like you to meet the king of our country…"

Country? King raised his brow. According to his best knowledge, for a long time, there are no longer any countries in his world. Just humongous cities and the wilderness separating them. Since the appearance of monsters, this was the case.

"And this country name is…"

"Me-Melromarc!" that cold, emotionless look, that "evil" face the shield hero offered honestly scared the summoners out of their wits!


"Me-Melromarc, Shield Hero."

It was strange; he'd never read or heard about this Melromarc. It was rare he couldn't recognize a name from a fantasy or games. Still, he was not all-knowing. The book was unknown to him. However, it was strange that the name was completely foreign to him. It didn't even ring any bells.

"You can ask him about your reward, heroes. I am sure; you can come with an agreement with him."

"Very well…" King hummed, he can't do anything anyway. He asked nicely, and it didn't work. What more a hero can do? He was not strong enough to force anything onto anyone.


"We can consider their offer, after all…"

"Not as our demands will change. No matter who we speak to."

This spear guy really was too demanding. Either his character was written like that, or the actor was just a punk.

Nonetheless, King followed the scholars, walking behind the three guys. Their way led up to a circular stairway, the tower was quite old looking, he only saw similar towers in history books and national landmarks.

"Oh…" looking out, even the buildings were different. Medieval-looking, almost like he was in the Renaissance age. It was as if he was in an entirely different world!

"Must be holograms."

"Hmm, I think it is a different world. Even holograms can't give back this much detail." King hummed after listening to what the bow guy had to say, albeit, he had to disagree. The devices made by Metal Knight and Child Emperor can pretty much copy reality into a hologram. Even the commercially released ones could mimic images to the last hair.

"Or, did they simply built a whole city worth of scenery?" It was a big waste if you asked him. The possibility that he was transported to a different world was never considered in the first place.

"That would be ridiculous…" like those cheap Isekai novels he read when he was younger. Most of them were bland and poorly made. Overpowered self-inserts made up almost all of them.

The wind coming through the metal bars signified the tower was real, as well the cold touch of metal bars and the stone bricks of the walls were all real.

"They really did good work with this." He could only imagine how much all of this cost. Such castles were either inhabited by monsters or destroyed long ago. Not many remained intact... that is, in human hands.

"It's no surprise… against monsters, such primitive defensive structures kinda useless."

Chuckling lowly, King followed his guide, passing a courtyard, and soon they reached what looked like a throne room.

"They even bought metal armors that old?" No matter how he looked at them and how closely he scrutinized, those guards were incredibly realistic. Their armor and posture spoke volumes about training. The noble ladies and lords all looked exceptional, dressed in fine clothes that must've cost a fortune.

Moreover, the whole throne room just looked excessively decorated. Too detailed for a simple show. Moment by moment, a bad feeling started to resurface in King. A lousy precognition, that he may have really be transported to an entirely different place, far from his home. Far from the Heroes Association. Far from any credible hero that could save the day for him...

...Far from Saitama.

"No…" And with each moment, this impossible possibility started to gain confirmation. "This can't be happening! This must be a joke! Right! A joke!"

"So, you are the four cardinal heroes." On the throne, an old-looking figure sat, wearing what looked like a crown, and typical fantasy royal attire. "I am the king of Melromarc, Aultcray Melromarc of XXXII."

"What a fancy name…" Though, under fantasy settings, it was quite normal using fancy names.

"Heroes, introduce yourself."

"Ren Amaki, sixteen years old, High-schooler." Introduced the swordsman. He had dark hair and blue eyes.

"I am Motoyasu Kitamura. Twenty-one year old college student." the blonde with ponytail and the spear over his shoulder introduced.

"I am next! Itsuki Kawasumi, seventeen year old high school student." the one with the bow introduced.

"Just seventeen? He looks much younger." King raised his brow in surprise. That guy looked a lot younger, with that baby face like that, and green eyes, he definitely thought he was around 14 or 15. Hell, he was comparable to even Child Emperor in stature.

"Well, it is my turn now. Do I ask permission to leave? How should I introduce myself?"

As he rattled his brain on this, the king had already proceeded, ignoring The Strongest Man completely.

"Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki, right?"

"I can't even introduce myself…" King offered his usual expression. Empty, and threatening for most. But it was his usual face, he couldn't do anything about it. "Maybe I should ask for plastic surgery…"

Ignored so rudely? But what could he do? Speak up? No! That would only raise the attention of others. If this really was a different world, he doesn't want others to recognize him.

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

"What is this… noise?" the king of Melromarc blinked suddenly, as the "King Engine" started.

"No! Not again! Stupid heart! Stop!"

"I-I think it's coming from him." The three heroes distanced themselves from King, as a dark, overbearing feeling was emitted from his direction.

"Wha-what's the meaning of this? Shield hero?" the king asked, never seeing that cold, menacing, pitying expression as the Shield Hero offered just now. Even looking at him filled him with some kind of uneasiness — even as a former adventurer, no monster had ever offered him that scary glare before.

"What's that expression!?"

"Are you threatening the king?" right away, the surrounding guards pointed their weapons against him. Yet, King remained unmoved.

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

It was not out of courage; it was his fright that made him rooted to the ground.

"What do you mean!?"



"Is he preparing a destructive spell?"

"What's this noise!?"

"Shield Hero, what's the meaning of this? Are you trying to offend us?!"

Now, with most of the weapons pointed against The Strongest Man, his heart rate increased marginally.

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

"It is rude… to ignore others." He glanced at the closest guard. All weapons were pointed against him… so close? It was more than unnerving! He was terrified!

"Ah…" and the trained soldier backed, seeing the 'fearless', straight expression the man offered. Not a muscle moved on that face! He looked as if the wasn't threatened by the weapons- nay, bored, even!


He didn't fear them! He pitied the fools that dared to come close! At least, that how most depicted that unmoving, menacing expression of his.

"Ah… please forgive me, Shield Hero. Introduce yourself, then." Aultcray tried to keep a straight face, but nonetheless he was sweating. The pressure this man exerted by his mere stare was enormous. Even as a former adventurer, he was not sure he would dare to make a move against him.

"Hey, don't be so rude, he is a king, after all…" Itsuki tried to scold the Rank 7 S-Class Hero, but this only earned a stare. A stare capable of making any rational Demon-Level threats wet themselves in fear.

"Is that so?"

"Ye-yeah… right." This guy was extremely scary! Once again forcing the heroes around him to back away.

"Then what should I call him? Will 'Your Majesty' do?" Yes, that how kings or queens were called in games and films. That should be right. Right?

"Ki-King is enough, hero…" Aultcray waved to the guards, and they lowered their weapons. Without a doubt, this man looked menacing and highly dangerous. His posture might look like one full of openings. But it can also mean he found them too weak to consider them a threat; he was not afraid at all.

The noble ladies and lords — wearing fancy dresses and clothes — were no better; they as well felt the overbearing pressure this man exerted.

"Whatever… I am King. S-Rank Hero from the Heroes Association."




He messed it up! Again, he messed up! He was so accustomed to introducing himself like this; it came out automatically. But what could he do now? If he tries to change it, he will be mocked and kicked around! He was so scared; he could barely think!

"Cough… Shield Hero, this is a really bad joke. Are you trying to mock me? Please introduce yourself normally."

"I introduced myself already… I am King. Hero, S rank. Number 7." With that, he stepped back. Even if he tried again, people will just repeat weird things! They'd most likely not believe what he said. It always happens like this.

"I don't remember how many times I tried to tell people; I am not strong. That all of this is a misunderstanding!" Yet, due to the mockery of life, people just misunderstood the honest truth he tells them. Thinking he is just humble or joking.

Why should he try then? He will fail anyway. "Please proceed with the explanation. I will decide if it's worth my time or not…"

"I want to go home!"

"Tch! You little! Fine then!" Aultcray gritted his teeth hard. He wanted to throw this menacing man in the prison. Unfortunately, he was the Shield Hero. He couldn't just put him behind bars due to some disrespect. He needed a better reason for that, or his dear wife will pull his ear again.

Anyway, this "King" figure looked quite menacing, and Aultcray wanted not to risk his, and the people's life around by trying his luck.

Taking a big breath, the Aultcray continued.

"Our nation, Melromarc, the whole word edges in extinction…"

Thus, the king explained the situation.

"So, an apocalyptic prophecy, divining the end of the world." King hummed, this, sounded too typical.

"Basically… the enemy will attack in waves, each of these waves ruining the world more and more. Until our world will be no more."

If he transported into a different world, he wanted to go home. He was not ready to play the hero, less, save a whole world! HE WAS NOT HERO AT ALL! Also, could it not be a less ideal fantasy world he was thrown in right now?

"So… even if I run away, it'll accomplish nothing." King wept internally. He wanted to hide, leave all of this to a more qualified person. "Why was Saitama not summoned? He would solve this issue in no time! Me… I can't even walk around without pissing myself in fear." He really wished his friend would be around; without him, he had no chance to survive even a simple monster attack. Hell, he was the reason he was still breathing today!

Continuing, the king also mentioned an ancient Hourglass, each nation owning one. This device could divine the arrival of the waves precisely.

"Great, now I know the date of my death. Isn't this beautiful…?" More and more, despair started to clutch his heart. Only sarcasm kept the man afloat.

The worst part was: the first wave was already finished. Leaving the country in ruins before the knights and adventurers defeated it.

If it was able to ruin a whole country, what did they expect from him? Fighting an army alone? Absurd!

Also, according to the king, the waves would become stronger and stronger each time they come! What did he expect from him!? Fight something a whole army was unable to handle on his own?

He was not as strong as Superalloy Darkshine or Puri Puri Prisoner. He was not as smart as Metal Knight or Child Emperor, he didn't have body modifications like the Demon Cyborg or Drive Knight. Hell, he can't even use weapons like Atomic Samurai. Nor did his body work weird like Pig God's or Zombieman's! The only thing special about him was his strong heartbeats! His only skills were to play games and bluff his way out of trouble!

"Yeah… I'll just hide. Wait things out. I might die, but at least I win a little time before I die." Hopefully, one of the brains of the Heroes Association recognized his disappearance and found a way to bring him back. That's was his only chance. They wouldn't leave behind an S-Rank, would they?

"Yeah… my luck was never that good…"

It was quite unlikely considering the possibility this was another world. Still, a man can hope, no?

Currently, he and the rest of the heroes had one month to prepare. King had one month more to live.

"I don't want to die!" No matter how miserable his life was, he'd rather live than die. He feared death, like everyone else. After all, who wouldn't? Well, Zombieman, maybe, but he wasn't him!

"We underestimated the intensity of the waves. Facing such circumstances, we couldn't handle it anymore. It has escalated to a situation only the four cardinal heroes can handle from now on. Thus, we followed the guidance of the ancient text and summoned you."

"You don't say…" King's eyes widened, remembering the book. "Why did I even pick it up!? Or even opened it!? Who picks up random books dropped from monsters!?"

Then he remembered, everyone in an RPG.

"Nooooo! I should've avoided dangerous situations! Yet, I fall into the most obvious trap!? Why, me!?"

This was too much! He couldn't handle this! This was too much responsibility pushed onto him! Why him!? Why not others!? Other people who could handle it!

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

Even his heart throbbed harder. He can't take this much longer!

"Hmm, I don't know what is this sound you emit, Shield Hero. But if I had to guess, it is your bloodlust pumping. Don't worry; you will have enough time fighting against the monsters… your willingness, however, is appreciated. "

The hell this is his bloodlust! His heart just beat louder than others! That's it!

"Chill down… King, is it?" Motoyasu patted his back, grinning, only earning a death stare. One capable of killing monsters, both literally and figuratively. Many monsters once surrendered themselves to the Heroes Association simply because he was there. He quite literally ended their careers. There was even one time he killed a monster by scaring it to death! The first kill in his entire Hero career.

"There is nothing to 'chill' about. Monsters are not child play… they are dangerous to face."

"Ah... Ahhh!"

"He is right, we need to prepare." the sword hero nodded, agreeing with him.

"Right! When do we start?" Before King could say anything more, all agreed.

"I can't even say no?!" his mouth just refused to move at that moment. He was basically rooted to the place. Anyway, the choice was already made. The only thing he can do was run away.

Saying no would only end up backfiring on him anyway. Whatever he says, he can't get out from this situation unscathed.


"Of course, we do not do this without any reward." the spear hero once more spoke his mind.

"We will not risk our life for free…" the sword hero, if King remembered his name right, Ren Amaki announced.

"How selfless…" these guys were definitely not the textbook heroes — more like mercenaries.

"Naturally…" A villainous-looking scrawny and pale noble — standing on the king's side, nodded. A fox-like smile visible on his face the whole time. "We will amply reward you once the last wave is defeated."

"Hmm, that's sounds fair." Motoyasu nodded.

"We will work together with you, assuming you will not backstab us. But don't think you can control us like simple dolls." this Amaki guy was just suspicious, though not as King would be any different.

"He said it right. We will not allow you to look down on us."

"…" King remained silent; his iron expression showed no emotion.

"Splendid! In that case, heroes, please, check your status."

"Status?" King looked at his side, with the exception of the sword hero; his companions looked confused.


"Didn't you recognize it? You should have recognized at the moment you arrived. A small icon in the bottom right section of your vision?"

"What is this? Am I thrown in an RPG world?" King tried to concentrate on the small icon, and right away, his status appeared.

"Like an augmented reality glass." When he met Bofoi personally — aka Metal Knight — he recognized he had something similar implanted in his eye. It was smaller than Sekingar's bionic eye, but probably a hundred times more advanced.

"That guy is crazy…" not as the other S class would be better, all of them were weirdos. More like monsters than real humans. Long ago they broke their own limits and became something more than a mere mortal.

Name: King, "The World's Strongest Man!"

He wanted to cry; even his status mirrored this lie! No! Reading further, it even mocked him! What kind of RPG is this? Even his status mocks him!?

Age: 29

Hero of Shield


Attack: 11

Magic: 13

Physical resistance: 10

Magical resistance: 15

Skill: Not displayable

Resistances: (basically zero...)

Equipment: a bag filled with manga, video games, and anime: the source of infinite knowledge

Regular clothes: Invincible armor

King's purse: Very dangerous...

Level 1

King was well aware, every normal RPG your character starts at level 1. Yet, it was disappointing. In most Isekai novels, the protagonist always started out overpowered. It would be a lot better if it would be the same in his case too.

Yet, he was not lucky. He could never win!

"I need to learn how much these stats are worth here…" His stats might be looked low now, but he was not sure how this system measured strength here. The worth of each stat varied from game to game. It might be that these few stats are worth great deal here, but also it was possible he was the weakest, he didn't know.

"Hmm, it is concerning..." Itsuki muttered, pondering.

"Yeah, we can't fight like this."

"Is this some kind of game?" King asked next. No matter how he looked it, this seemed like some weird augmented reality game mixed with live role-play.

"This is not a game, I assure you, the Hero of the Shield." the king hummed.

"Then what is this… status?"

"It is status magic, only available for heroes." answered the fox-like man on the king's side, his hair all white. Like the king, he was well past the glory of his life.

"I see…" Yeah, this was an RPG world. Why was he so surprised? He was never the lucky one.

"But at least, hopefully, I can use my knowledge here. If I level up fast, I can avoid danger." King was an avid gamer, even winning many competitions when he was younger. His years spent before his console and PC will finally pay out!

"You will all go on missions, to respectively upgrade and strengthen yourself and your weapons."

Yeah, like an RPG. Or any other kind of game. You complete quests, gain EXP and level up. Upgrade your equipment. King only hoped he could use different weapons too. Sticking with this shield would only hinder him. He was always a man who kept multiple backup weapons in all cases — Maxing them all out.

If it's not a challenge run, he rarely used starting weapons past the first 10 minutes.

"Assuming, I go along with this nonsense and not run away…" Assuming it is like in a game, he should try to level up a little bit. Admittedly, at a higher level, he had more chances to survive this ordeal.

"I have no skill with weapons. Nor skills with martial arts. What to do?" Even when Atomic Samurai challenged him, he couldn't even pull out his katana. The mere attempt to release the sword from its sheath strained his muscles to the limit.

Asking Bang to train him also earned a rejection — saying, he was too advanced the old man to teach. It was all a lie! The only martial art he knew he learned from films and games he watched!

"Then, we need to train ourselves…" the Hero of the Sword said so.

King spaced out for a few moments, not hearing what they spoke about.

"Then, we need to level up as much we can," Itsuki added, smiling friendly.

"Right…" hummed King. Partying up would be beneficial. If so, he should just be the tank, relied on to aggro the enemies while the DPS classes like the archer, spearman and swordsman killed off the rest.

The shield is good for defense, the spear to attack multiple enemies from a relative distance, the sword to strike and eliminate dangerous foes quickly, the bow to support others from far, and remove hazardous enemies from a greater range.

It was a typical RPG group composition. Only a healer — or a magic caster — was what their party missed to be complete.

"Partying up would be beneficial."

"You are right…"

"Unfortunately, that's impossible, heroes."

"Why so?" Ren glared at the noble near the king, earning a sight.

"You all will form parties. Adventuring and gaining experience alone."

"This sounds… not beneficial whatsoever. The party composition is already ready."

King defied this statement, why should they party up with others? Small parties are a lot more effective when it comes to leveling than big mobs. And the number four… that was just the right number for a leveling party, their weapons, armor and skills as well rightly complemented each others weaknesses.

"Unfortunately, the legend says the legendary weapons would cancel each other out, making it impossible to gain experience and upgrade them effectively. Thus, the heroes can't adventure together. Only when the waves come, they can truly work together."

"What kind of a messed up system is this?!" King wanted to shout. In every game, such rules existed not, as it would hinder the adventure. Why would it exist here? It made no sense!

"This world is getting more and more messed up…"

"The sun is setting soon. Retire for today. Rest well, and collect your strength for tomorrow. In the meantime, we will collect those who you can form a party with. The best people our kingdom can offer." Aultcray nodded towards a lady, who stepped closer.

"We already prepared your rooms. Please, follow me."

As they proceeded at the upper levels, King heard the murmurs of the guards, speaking about how surprising it was all four heroes were summoned in their country. Their tone implying his presence was not entirely desirable.

"That's my luck…" he sweated, despite all of this pomp, he'd sooner return to his home than spend another day here.

"Unfortunately, I don't know where I am, or where should I go…" He tried his mobile phone multiple times. The phone was said to be able to connect directly to any provider — even the private satellite network of the Hero Association.

Yet, strangely, he can't reach anyone. That phone should be able to call anyone from anywhere. Metal Knight made it after all. Yet, it found no service provider here, neither any were there signals to connect to.

"That means…" 'Gulp!' that means he really was not on Earth anymore. A completely different world!

"Why me…!?"

Even if he escapes, his money not likely accepted here, nor he was strong enough to fight alone or survive long enough. "I am in big trouble…" indeed, he was just a simple human. Why would anyone want to summon him? Why would anyone want to party with him? He was useless in a real fight!

Soon after their respective rooms were introduced to them, the maids called them to a late supper. As it was expected, King was too nervous to eat anything. He felt that if he tried to stuff those delicious looking meals down, he would throw them up right away.

"Pig God would eat them out from their riches though…" That fatty always stuffed his mouth whenever he saw him. Never exchanged more than a few words with him, though.

"Man! That was a plentiful meal! I stuffed!" Motoyasu patted his stomach, his face happy. "Now, this is really the treatment that heroes deserve!"

Now, as their meal was finished, the four inhabited a bedroom each, almost as big as his modest apartment in City M.

"What is this size?" he felt nervous even being in there, it was just too open.

"The girl who led us our room was lovely too…!" Also… this Motoyasu guy. Couldn't he just shut up?! He just went on and on and on, but said absolutely nothing useful. As his situation wasn't bad enough, now he had to listen to this idiot too!

"I agree, our meals were quite good. Although, it was a little bit strange." And the bow guy was another one. Too sweet, like a playboy. A goody-two-shoes guy who wanted to hide something.

"It is quite bad you didn't try any, Mr. King, was it? You missed a great meal."

"Almost like Sweet Mask…" That man! Something was not right with him, hiding something under the sweet surface. King always had goosebumps whenever he was near.

"This is like a damn game… I swear." King muttered, inspecting his stats, again and again, ignoring the statement of the blonde. In truth, the entire time, he was busy reading the guide the status magic offered.

"Well, maybe this really is a game. Like, Emerald Online."

"Never heard of it…" And this was something, considering his favorite hobby and addiction was gaming. One can say he knows about almost every game ever released.

"What? It is super popular!" Motoyasu raised his brow, finding it weird the man didn't hear about it. Even old geezers would know about that game.

"What are you talking about? This is like a console game world! Not a simple online game. Its name is Dimension Web." Itsuki corrected his colleague, smiling like always.

"Never heard of it…"

"You are wrong; this is a VRMMO, just like Brave Star Online."

"Never heard of it…" This was even weirder! His world didn't have VRMMOs released commercially. "Something similar is under development, as I overheard when Metal Knight and Child Emperor's discussion. But for military purposes. These guys are all deluded."

"This is all like a game. Yet, I don't think a VRMMO can be this detailed." King muttered, thinking things through.

"What do you mean?"

"How should an old geezer like you know?"

"Is your name really King?"

These questions again… he already had enough of this. Because of his looks, many think he is older, yet, in truth, he was just 29.

"I just play a lot of games and read quite a few manga." He wasn't willing to answer their stupid questions anymore. He already answered them during their meal — partially.

"A few games and books have similar plot-lines. People summoned from another world and chosen to be heroes. They're really cliché, so I don't like them."

"Yeah… Mr. King is right; I also know a few." Itsuki hummed, caressing his chin.

"Let's compare our general knowledge then." Motoyasu offered.

"Who is on the thousand-yen banknote?" Everyone said their answer, all of them different.





Questions followed questions, none of their answers matched.


"This is bad…!" Sitting on his bed, in his own room, King was sweating tears. None of their answers had matched. All of them came from a different timeline, different worlds. None he could connect to.

"But maybe it's a good thing… at least I don't have to lie anymore." For a moment, his heart eased up. Only for a moment though, as in the next…

'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

"What the hell should I do!? I'm all alone! I have nowhere to go! This thing is all messed up!" They don't even know anything about City M, or any of those colossal metropolises that covered the whole world. Tokyo? What the heck was that? No Heroes Association? What the heck? No monsters!?

King raised his head in the next moment. "I really envy them…"

Yes, one thing he was envious about their world. The lack of monsters and strange beings in each of their realities. Only humans. It sounded pretty peaceful. It was less likely they would jump at you and tear you apart! There was less stress he would be exposed to.

"I find one thing strange though…" They tried to prove at all costs that shield-type classes were the worst. That they were among the weakest. King, however, had to disagree. Anyone who has played at least one RPG was well aware that a steadily built defense-based character can be pretty powerful, if not invincible with the right gear and build!

Such classes could even muster out respectable damage. Hell, if made accordingly with the proper knowledge and balance, every class was just as good as the other.

"It is complete nonsense, saying one class is better than the other…" Every class had their own strengths and weaknesses, and they were made for different purposes. Everything about the character depended on the role, usage and skill of the player.

A game balance where one class is deliberately made weaker is unheard of. In any MMO or online game where balance is continuous, this was even more so.

"It's almost strange how vehemently they tried to prove me wrong…" Of course, being the true master of all types of games — be it MMORPG, Open-World RPG, fighting games, hell, even gacha — he debunked their reasons one after another. Almost going as far to convince them — before that Motoyasu guy had enough, stomping out from the room raging in a tantrum. Muttering something like: "How should this old geezer know?" It was as if all of them hated shield-type classes, or at least had a strange bias against them for some reason.

"Groan... I'm exhausted…" looking up at the ceiling; King was completely fatigued. Too much happened in under a day.

"Let's hope that when I wake up, I will find myself back in my bed. I just want this to be a bad dream…"

King laid down on his bed, trying to sleep, yet, he was unable to do so. All night, he barely slept. Only rolling on his over-sized bed. Thinking back on everything that happened today. First that Owl monster, now this?

"Aw man… I wanna quit being a Hero..." He closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.

"Shield Hero! Shield Hero!" As the sun rose, a female voice called for him.

"Yawn… Just let me sleep…"

"Shield Hero? Shield Hero!" Now, something was nudging him, King awoke hugging his pillow, drooling slightly.

"Huh?" he blinked sleepily, his sight slowly clearing.

"Good morning!" The maid smiled, leaning closer. King just laid back his head before catching up again.

"Isn't this supposed to be a dream or something?"

"Uh... what do you mean, Shield Hero?"

"Just as I suspected…" Yep, he was never lucky. He could only smile as invisible tears were pouring from his eyes — his mood completely depressed. "I just wanna go home... I wanna quit being a Hero!"


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