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Tris POV

I open the door to my apartment when I see Christina looking like she's about to break the door down. "Can I help you?" I ask, confused to why she would be here at 11 am. "Uriah is throwing a party and we're going, so we have to go shopping!" she says, way too fast for comprehension. "So how long until the party?" I ask. She thinks for a second before saying, "6:00." I look at her like she has two heads. "The party starts in like 7 hours and you want to go shopping now?" She doesn't respond, she just grabs my hand and pulls me to go shopping.


Chris forced me into a lacy pair of matching black underwear, and a black dress that ends just above mid thigh that has black sheer sleeves and a built in choker, and a pair of combat boots. I had to put up a fight for the combat boots since she wanted me to wear heels. Chris did a smokey eye that she said "Brings out your eyes" and a deep red lipstick for my makeup.

Chris took forever to do her own look, but eventually she had on a two piece 'dress'. The first half stops right under the bust with selves that go to her elbows, and a built in choker. The second half has a slim piece of fabric covering her stomach and an angled skirt that hugs her legs, and goes just about past her knee on one side. The other side stopped upper thigh, with a small connected piece of fabric around her left leg. For makeup she has a light pink eye look, with a red-ish brown lip.

After were done getting ready we head to Uri's apartment and get there around 6:15. Before wee can even knock Uriah opens the door and says, "We can finally start! Get in here!" "Chris took 7 hours to get us ready, I had no say in any of this," I say, defending myself. We quickly walk in and get ourselves situated, Christina sitting next to will and I, and me sitting next to Chris and Marlene. "Ok, I live here so I go first!" Uriah says as he sits back down.

This will be one interesting night.

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