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I have only played Candor or Dauntless once, but I really don't want to play it again. "Ok, I live here so I go first!" Uriah says. He is way too excited, and the only thing I can hope is that they all don't target me again. I watch Uri carefully but make sure not to make eye contact. I think he notices this because he quickly calls my name.

"Tris! Candor or Dauntless?"

"Dauntless," I sigh. He seems to already have the perfect dare because he smirks and says,

"Throw knives at Four."

Now I'm the one with a smirk. "Easy," I tell him. Four, Uriah, and I walk to the training room, and Four stands in front of the very target I stood in front of. I make a show of flipping the knife the way Four did when he threw them at me before throwing them. The first one landed a few inches away from his right leg, the second knife landed a few inches above his head and the last one landed right next to his right ear, nipping it at the same spot he hit mine.

Four reached up to touch his ear, then chuckled. I gave him my most innocent smile, then we turned around and walked back to Uri's place. On the way, I am planning out my next dare. I've only played once before, but I can come up with some decent dares.

I looked around the room before deciding on Marlene. "Candor or dauntless, Mar?" I ask her. "Dauntless," She says like it's the most obvious thing in the world. Her and Uriah flirt all the time and they clearly like each other. Having that in mind I say, "Play 7 minutes in heaven with Uri."

AN: So it's short… this entire series is probably gonna be short chapters so I hope you enjoy it. - Rose