Chapter Six

Ice Plains Confession

Jesse exited the portal to see the night sky and snowy, icy ground all around him. His eyes aimed down at the path that wasn't a stranger to him in the least. Hesitant at first, Jesse finally decided to take the path when he across the snowman's igloo. He blinked when he noticed a light emitting from it. By the time, Jesse, walked up to the door, his thoughts came up to him as he sighed. (We can't keep going in circles like this.)

The door opened to the one and only snowman he'd ever known. Jesse looked down for a second in thought before he looked back up at the snowman. Their gazed held for a moment before the snowman spoke. "Jesse?"

Jesse looked aside and starched the back of his head; he wasn't even sure where to begin. "Um…about what happened before."

The snowman opened the door wide enough to let Jesse in. "Come on, Champion, we can talk inside."

The moment Jesse stepped inside his body stiffed in place; whatever he was about to say was lost to him. Without notice, Jesse felt the snowman's arm against his back. He turned and looked up at the snowman. "Huh?"

The snowman gave a slight, encouraging push as he pointed to the bed. "Go ahead, take a set."

Jesse sat down with unsteady legs and fidgeted in place, before he let out a sigh. (Get a grip). "When is it going to end? I can't just keep taking off, and you can't keep destroying my town. There's no way we can at least met halfway."

The snowman turned around with a sharp turn and pointed at Jesse. "You're the only reason why I'm here, Jesse." Then he pointed the branch at himself. "I can go back into regular- golem any day." Thereafter, he slid up closer to Jesse and leaned in towards him lowering his voice. "Now, tell me, Champion, is that what you want?" He straightened and back away with a shrug. "It's not like I really have any other purpose being here."

Jesse's gaze never fell from the snowman. "You're alive. Isn't that not enough?"

The snowman raised his branch at Jesse again. "You're a part of that life, Jesse." And then he pointed to himself. "A part of my life."

Jesse just sat there in silence; he couldn't find the words. That's when the snowman picked up the red-stone blush that spread across Jesse's cheeks. "Ah." The snowman turned back and around and dug through his chest and turned to Jesse and out his branch. "Come with me, Champion, there's somewhere I wanted to take you."

Jesse sat there hesitant at first, but then reached for the snowman's branch. They headed out the door of the igloo, through the back, ice- plains yard, and eventually climbed a small, easy hill up toward the edge of the one of the cliffs. Jesse turned to the snowman. "Is this the place?" But before the snowman had a chance to answer Jesse caught hold of the scenic landscape before him. "Woah. Look at this view."

A relaxed smile grew on the snowman's face when he tugged gently on Jesse's hand as he led them to a snow- cover bench right behind them. More snow started to fall when the snowman turned to Jesse. "Isn't this what you want, Champion?"

Jesse blinked and remained silent, but his eyes couldn't tear away from the snowman's. The snowman scooted closer to Jesse and wrapped his arm around Jesse's shoulders. "I'm sure you already know that I wanna be here with you; just like this, Jesse." Right after that, the snowman leaned his head against Jesse and wraps his arm around Jesse as he lowered his voice. "See, Hero, this isn't so bad… now is it?"

Jesse felt the blush rise back to his cheeks when he noticed the snowman holding a bag out to Jesse. "For you, Champion."

Jesse and the snowman exchanged gazes when Jesse slowly opened the bag. Jesse blinked again with wide eyes; the item within the bag was one of the last things he was expecting. "Oh, hey. A scarf."

The snowman sat back up and turned in front of, Jesse. He gently pulled took the scarf from Jesse's hands and wrapped the scarf around his neck. Their gaze held together as the snowman fixed up the scarf in a nice, but derpy way. "Ah. Ah. There we go." After that, the snowman pulled the scarf, as well as Jesse, over closer to him. He lowered his voice. "You can't deny what's between us, Jesse."

Jesse's eyes flew open wide speechless.

The snowman laughed. "You're amazing." The snowman brought himself even closer as he placed on branch under Jesse's side-cheek. "I think we both know by now just how much I want you." The snowman tightened his grip on Jesse scarf and pulled him closer. "You're my one and only, Jesse." The snowman pulled even more until he was inches from Jesse's face. "I'll do whatever it takes to not lose you. I want to be with you forever, Jesse. For life."

A slight, unwanted gasp slipped through Jesse's lips. Shivers ran down his spine as his thoughts filled with chaos and confusion. "Huh?"

Snowman wrapped Jesse up in both of his branches; holding him tight. "Don't go. Stay with me, Jesse."

Jesse fighting grin took place and before Jesse knew it, he found himself wrapped his arms around the snowman. Jesse's eyes widened up to another surprise. "Huh? You're worm, snowman?"

Snowman smiled with some light laughter. "I know."

Jesse then felt lukewarm coal lips touch the side of his face as he felt the hug tighten even more. His heartbeat doubled in pace. "Okay then, I'll stay with you, snowman." Jesse knew he couldn't deny it any longer. "I"—he blushed— "I feel the same way…I mean…I love you too, snowman."

The snowman pulled back and gasped in surprise. "You do?" The snowman placed both of his branches on the side of Jesse's face and pulled himself close to Jesse again. "You really do?"

Jesse nodded. "I can't explain it yet, but I do. I know I do."

The snowman pulled Jesse closer again as he cozied up towards him. "Say it again. Say it again, my Champion."

"I love you, snowman."

This time their lips pressed against each other, and the kiss deepened as their arms wrapped up in each other again. For the sake of breath, Jesse and the snowman pulled out. Their gazed held together as did their derpy grins. They both shared another kiss before Jesse leaned himself against the snowman. The snowman wrapped one arm around Jesse in return as they looked out into the horizon of the ice- plains biome.

The End

[AN: This fanfic was built on facts and experiences obtained throughout the creation and play time of Minecraft Story Mode Season's One, and Two, and Minecraft all together. Some things (i.e. Names of Biomes, Items, Locations, and some facts), will more or less change depending on Minecraft updates.]

Happy Holidays, Enjoy!