Dying Will Flames of the Sky: characteristics

Sky Flames : Harmony

Storm Flames : Disentagration

Rain Flames : Tranquility

Sun Flames : Activation

Lightning Flames : Hardening

Mist Flames : Construction

Cloud Flames : Propagation

BTS elements

Sky : RM

Storm : Jin

Rain : Jungkook

Sun : V

Lightning : J-Hope

Mist : Suga

Cloud : Jimin

Box Weapons

RM : an harmonizing nightingale called Ramony (using his song, he can make people feel harmony)

Jin : an exploding hamster called Hoeddeok (his skills is that he gathers his flames around his body and makes them explode around himself in a maximum of a 10 meter "circle")

Suga : a color-changing cat called Ophelia (she can changes her fur's color with her emotions or to camouflage herself)

J-Hope : an electricity deer called Visis (he can makes electricity current on and between his antlers)

Jimin : a size-changing cobra called Sora (by using her flames, she can changes her size)

V : an healing white tiger called Soleil (she can heal anything and everything)

Jungkook : a calming bat called Soondae (when biting people, he inject some of his rain flames into the person, calmimg them and making them feel drowsy)


RM : guns

Jin : fighting staff

Suga : bow and arrow

J-Hope : naginata

Jimin : metal claw

V : axe

Jungkook : two katanas