No one's POV

'Tsuna' "Reborn, why did you not tell me about what the Nono was planning ?..."

'Reborn' "I didn't know if I was right or not and I didn't want you to get angry with me if I was wrong but you said earlier that your Intuition told you I was right..."

'Tsuna' "But still... I would have liked to know sooner and not in such a situation..."

'Reborn' "It was necessary... Anyway, I think they will help train you so that you can beat the Nono and his guardians but just so you know I learned how to train you and Dino because of how they trained me, I would say good luck but I don't do in wishing stuff so..."

'RM' "Was Reborn telling the truth ?"

'Suga' "He was, he let me go look in his head without trying to block me and what I saw matches what he said but there's something that I didn't like and it's not just in what I saw in his mind... He was cursed..."

'All' "WHAT !"

'Jin' "Explain ! I want to know what happened to my baby !"

'Suga' "He got the Arcobaleno curse on him, now that you know stop fucking shaking me dammit !"

'Jin' "First of all language and second I'm going to kill that asshole who's called Checkerface!"

'Suga' "It's not fair you can curse and I can-"

'RM' "Enough both of you, we need to decide what to do and I am not going to do that alone so get your ass here"

'Suga' *sigh* "Fine"

'Jin' "Alright but you have to admit I have a beautiful ass, not as beautiful as my face but still..."

'V, Jimin, JK, J-Hope' *laughing histerically*

'Jimin' *stop laughing* "We need to help Reborn, after all he is like family and we protect our family !"

'RM' "Jiminie is right, we need to help him and for the brats, if we help Reborn we need to help them especially if what Suga hyung said about how Reborn likes them is true, are you all agreeing with me on this ?"

'Suga' "Sure"

'J-Hope, V' "Yeah ! Let's help them !"

'JK' "Ok"

'Jimin, Jin' " We do"

'RM' "Good, Suga hyung go tell them and get them here please"

'Suga' "Got it"

He disapear in mist...