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It was over. The darkness didn't prevail and the light was not expired. The second Keyblade War was over, and the seven guardians of light were now at the Destiny Islands, enjoying the peace that had been kept, thanks to them. Well, six of them were. After the final battle, one of the guardians could not come back, forever gone, but never forgotten. His name was Sora.

"You yourself, will vanish from this world. And without your powers, you can't return to the world you came from." Chirithy had warned Sora.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take." Sora had responded.

It wasn't a risk. It was a certainty. After everything Sora had gone through, who would have thought that his own kind spirit would be what ends his story in his world. However, not all hope was lost for the young keyblade wielder. Through his battles, struggles, and hardships, he had always powered through in the end, due to him wanting to protect, and save his friends. From that kindness and how he has touched the hearts of so many, their light had shielded him and gave him just enough power for one more thing. That thing, was another chance to do what he did best, protect the light wherever he went, from the shadows that had been cast by it. However this would be Sora's toughest challenge yet. While this power had helped him reach this new place, it had left as soon as he had arrived, with only his Kingdom Key, and the little amount of power he had left, he had set off, not knowing what this new world has to offer, until he had encountered a small boy with green hair and a skinny blonde guy who was riding something with wheels.


The Green haired boy had stumbled and fallen down, struggling to get back up. And the blonde guy noticed this.

"Hey hey kid, look alive now." The man said. "You've got three months left. What, are you gonna give up after all this work? Gonna flush it all down the toilet and take it easy?"

The boy was trying to get up, but seemed stuck, like his body was physically unable to continue, and the man noticed this.

"You're overworked." He stated, looking slightly annoyed, as he continued. "The Aim To Pass American Dream Plan was created with YOUR body in mind. It was fine tuned to ensure that your progress was swift but manageable, which means, you haven't been sticking to it."

The boy was still trying to get up, as the man continued speaking to him.

"You're overdoing things. That's gonna have the opposite effect of what we want."

"I have to work harder." The boy said. "Or I won't stand a chance against the other applicants."

As he said this, the man was surprised. The kid was starting to get himself back up as he continued speaking.

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"I don't just want in U.A. I want to excel." He said, slowly rising is face off the ground. "I want to be like you. I want to be the greatest hero in the world, so I'll keep on trying until I've got what it takes to do that!"

The man was taken aback by this statement and then somehow buffed up and grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt. Speaking in a very heroic and inspiring tone of voice.

"That fighting spirit is what I like about you Fanboy! It serves you well!" The now buff man had complimented. "I do get your concerns. That said, now is not the time to go and rush progress!" He slung the boy over his shoulder, grabbed the heavy object and started walking with him, continuing what he was saying. "Fear not! I can get you back on track! Leave it to this old man to adjust your plans!"

"You're not an old man...All Might." The Fanboy had said. Before the now named All Might had let out a laugh.

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"Wow!" An unfamiliar voice had spoken to them. The man had turned and saw Sora running up to him. "That was so cool!" He said. "How'd you do that sir? You were so skinny, but then you suddenly got really big and buff looking!"

All Might and the boy had both had a look on their face that screamed 'oh crap' But All Might had managed to play it cool.

"HAHAHA! You must have been seeing things young man!" All Might had said. "Clearly because you're probably excited to see me!"

"Uhh. What?" Sora said. "I was pretty sure that I saw you get bigger tha.." He was cut off when a swarm of small bug looking creatures in pitch black had surrounded the three.

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Sora had summoned his keyblade and got ready for a fight. "Even after that battle, the Heartless are still around?"

"Heartless?" All might questioned, while throwing the heavy object at one of the Heartless, and getting ready for a fight.

"Monsters that go after people's Hearts!" Sora had explained, swinging his keyblade at the three that had pounced towards him. "Get the guy on your shoulder out of here while I take them."

"You seem to not know who I am young man!" All might said, winding his fist back, and punching in front of him, making a shockwave that had blown back the heartless in front of him. "You're talking to the symbol of Peace!" He continued, dashing towards and completely taking down another group of heartless in front of him, while also keeping the boy over his shoulder.

After taking out another group of Heartless Sora had noticed some of them attempting to attack All Might's back, and rushed towards him, however when he was about halfway there, he saw All Might toss the boy in the air and then spread his arms. "Oklahoma..." He stared, as Sora was almost there, he ended up seeing All Might do something amazing. "SMASH!" ALL Might yelled out as he started spinning his entire body at incredible speed, blowing away all the Heartless in the area, than catching the boy he tossed in the air.

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Sora was barely able to withstand the force of that attack, but when the dust settled, he saw All Might and the boy completely unscathed in a manner of speaking. Sora had stars in his eyes and immediately ran towards and adored the man.

"Wow! You're so cool! Are you a Hero here?" He asked, getting a very confused look in response from both of them.

"Wait." The boy started. "You don't know All Might? The number 1 Hero, Symbol of Peace, and the one who saved over a hundred people with a smile when he first debuted?" He got a blank and confused look from Sora. "Are you not from this world?"

"Wait, You know about the other worlds?" Sora said, then almost immediately covering his mouth, but it was too late, as he saw both All Might and the boy look insanely confused at what Sora had just said.

"W-What did you just say young man?" All Might had stuttered to ask.

"Uhh, Um, I..." Sora couldn't speak clearly, trying to come up with something he could say to cover for what he just spilled, but was coming up with nothing.

"Other worlds?" The kid said just before hitting the ground as All Might had suddenly turned back into the skinny guy he was before. "Ow"

"Ha! I knew it!" Sora said, trying to change the subject. "I knew I saw you really skinny before!"

Hey guys. I'm back. After a very very long time I'm back. I'm gonna try this fanfic stuff one more time, but I'm gonna be doing this very differently. I'm only going to focus on one story and then when I either finish it or lose the spark to continue writing it, I'll move on to another story. I also won't be dead-lining any stories or putting it on a schedule like I tried to before. I'll write when I feel like it, and I'll take my time with these. I hope you all enjoy this prologue and until I decide to upload again. ;)