Chapter 58

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Midoriya, Melissa and Moogle kept going. Even when the sound of gunfire intensified in Sora's direction, they kept going. When the three were far enough to no longer hear the gunfire, Izuku asked the young Shield "Melissa, are we close?"

"Yeah. We should be just up ahead, past the storage room." Melissa answered as they could see the central elevator up ahead.

The three stopped at the corner and looked towards the storage room, to see the door wide open and..."Someone's in there." Midoriya spotted two people.

Melissa recognized them both but paid more attention to one of them. "Papa."

"Whoa, it is." Izuku realized.

"Why is he up on the top floor though?" Melissa questioned.

"Maybe the Villains brought him here." Midoriya guessed. "They might need something from him."

"He would know about a lot of projects here, Kupo." Moogle pointed out.

"We have to help him." The young Shield silently pleaded.

"Right." Izuku replied before the three slowly moved out of the corner, and quietly made their way to the room the two scientists were in.


Said scientists in the room were typing away on the consoles until David managed to find what he was looking for. "I've unlocked it." He told Sam. "Block 11-47."

"Wonderful." Sam replied as he ran to go get what they were looking for.

"It's opening." Shield stated.

Sam retrieved a case from the block and then made his way back to David. "You did it professor." He opened up the case. "Look everything is here. It's perfect."

"Finally." David said. "I've got it back." He clenched his fist. "All my research, and they just took my device away from me. But now it's mine."

"Just like we planned." Sam spoke up. "And it looks like the Villains are holding things down."

"Thank you." Shield said as he went over to him. "I couldn't have done any of this without your help Sam."

"Papa..." A young female voice that was familiar to the pair uttered out. The two looked and saw David's daughter.

"Melissa..." The scientist realized that she heard it all.

"No..." Sam knew she heard it too. "Miss, what are you doing here?"

Next to Melissa was a shocked and confused Izuku, and a visibly pissed off Moogle, who was trying not to lose it right now.

"What does he mean that it's like you planned it?" The young Shield asked her father as she slowly walked towards him. "Don't tell me're the one behind this." Her father had a guilty look on his face. "That was all you? Just to steal something?" The adult Shield still didn't say anything. "No. It can't be true."

David finally broke after hearing her say that. "Yes it is." He told her.

Midoriya was even more shocked, and Moogle was even more pissed, while Melissa was just heartbroken as she said " could you?!"

"The professor was only trying to get back what was stolen." Sam tried to defend their actions.

"What...the in that case that would cause you to do this...Kupo..." Moogle kept his voice down, but there was clear anger in it.

"The invention in this case can amplify someone's quirk." Sam answered.

"Wait, is that even possible?" Izuku questioned.

"Yes." Sam confirmed. "It's still being tested of course, but unlike with drugs, this device can magnify a person's quirk without doing any damage to that person's body or brain."

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"Yes despite that..." Sam then told them why it was locked up in the first place. "Our sponsors confiscated this prototype and our research data. Then they demanded that the project be abandoned. They worried that something like this would drastically affect the structure of superhuman society, bearing chaos. Governments from different nations put pressure on your father to end it. That's why we did this."

Sam then went on to explain how they planned on having people come in and take over the island, but not kill anyone. How they would pull the strings in the background while the Villains would look like they took over the island, and then lastly how they would leave I-Island to continue their research somewhere else in absolute secrecy.

Midoriya and Melissa both shared the same horrified expressions on their faces as the young Shield said "I don't understand. There's something I'm missing right? You'd never do this..." She tried desperately to deny what was told to them.

"I'm so sorry." David said to the three of them.


"This doesn't make any sense." Melissa spoke up. "The papa I know and love wouldn't act like a Villain no matter what! So why then...why?!"

"I had to, for All Might." David told them. "You three probably aren't aware of this, but his quirk is..."

"Disappearing, fading, nowhere near as strong as it used to be, I know, Kupo!" Moogle interrupted. "And I can easily guess what your intention is too, Kupo. You want to give this pet project of yours to him so that he can get his former strength back, Kupo."

"Not even his old self, but even stronger than before." Shield corrected Moogle. "The Number one Hero, the symbol of peace, can get his strength and light back again! He can keep saving people, just like he always has!" He ran over to Sam and grabbed the case. "Please, please just let me hand this device over to All Might. There's no time to remake it! When he's better, I don't care what kind of punishment I receive!"

"They risked their lives." Melissa said to her father. "Deku and his classmates went through so much! Do you know how dangerous this was?! How hard we were trying to save everyone on the island!?"

"After what you've pulled, you're gonna rot in a cell in Tartarus for the rest of your life, Kupo." Moogle told the scientist.

David looked confused while Sam looked saddened, then Shield replied. "No. What do you mean? The Villains are fake."


Shield once again denied the idea that they weren't fake, shakily saying. "...It's all supposed to be an act..."


Wolfram entered the room and heard the last part. "Of course it was a performance." He told them all. Everyone looked towards the man in the metal mask and the hacker next to him. "But the real act was pretending we weren't criminals."

"You're the boss!" Izuku activated full cowling, but before he could attack, Wolfram extended his hand to the side and made multiple metal rods bend and break until they were forced around the boy and restrained him on the wall across the room.

"Oh no! Deku!" Melissa ran towards him.

"Damn it, Kupo!" Moogle made a break for the security terminal, only for metal rods nearby to do the exact same to him. He was restrained on the stairs where the two scientists were, but unlike Midoriya, his metal restraints were much tighter, restricting his breathing by quite a bit, and nearly crushing the little merchant.

"You'd be smart not to resist." Wolfram told the pair he restrained before he spoke to his client. "Sam. Hand it over."

"Right." The assistant replied as he yanked the case away from David and went over to the Villain with it. "Here you go."

"Sam..." Shield realized it too late. "This was your plan? You were going to hand it over all along?"

"You're the one who tricked me professor!" Sam spoke up. "I've been your assistant for all these years, and YOU let them take our work. We could have had fame and fortune! But no! I deserve more. I need to be rewarded! Otherwise my entire career was a complete waste of time!"

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David was angered at Sam, but before he could say anything, Wolfram spoke up. "Here's the payment I promised you." He then pointed the gun in his hand towards the man and immediately shot him. Shocking everyone in the room.

"Sam!" Melissa yelled out.

"No! Why?!" Sam clutched his shoulder in pain as he spoke up. "This isn't part of the plan!"

"Is it not?" Wolfram replied in a sarcastic manner as he aimed the gun to finish him. "That's strange. Because it was always a part of mine." He pulled the trigger, and blood was splattered across the briefcase, however it wasn't Sam's. It was David Shield's as he got in the way of the shot. After taking the hit, he fell to the ground.

Melissa was mortified at what she just saw, her father shot right in front of her. Sam was equally as shocked. "Professor...why?" He uttered.

"Get...out of here..." David barely managed to say.

"PAPAAAAAA!" Melissa ran towards her father.

"Stay back!" Shield told her, but it was too late as Wolfram pistol whipped her, knocking her down/ "Melissa!..."

Midoriya furiously struggled to break free from his restraints, while Moogle was just doing his best to stay continuous and breathing. Wolfram stepped on David's body then mocked him. "Trying to play the Hero after all this? Too late for that. No matter what your reasons were, you've dirtied your hands now. Whether we were real Villains or actors is irrelevant. You planned and committed an actual crime here. You're exactly the same as we are. You can no longer remain a respected scientist, or continue your research without shame. Your life is forever tainted by the darkness of villainy." He let out a malicious laugh before he picked up Shield's body. "And if you want a future at all, you'll be a good scientist and mass produce this device so I can sell it." He then struck David with his pistol and knocked him out. He then turned to the Hacker. "Hey. Take him to the roof, and watch out for that spiky brown haired kid we were warned about. Swordkil's probably down by now."

"No..." Melissa uttered out, catching the Villain's attention. "Please no...Give him back..." She pleaded with tears in her eyes as she weakly began to crawl towards him.

"That reminds me." Wolfram pointed his gun towards her. "This'll be much easier if I get rid of the professor's attachments."

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Izuku had finally broken free, and not a moment too soon. The noise of the metal being forced off of him caught Wolfram's attention and when the boy went to attack, the Villain made a wall of metal in between them. That didn't stop Midoriya from hitting it, making a very large dent in the wall. He looked towards Melissa and his expression said everything for him. He would take care of them, while she reset the security system. She got up, picked up Moogle and ran out the exit. The Hacker pursued her.

Sora heard the sound of a struggle and sprinted towards it. He turned a corner and saw Melissa running towards his direction, with the Hacker attempting to follow her. Sora also saw her holding Moogle restrained in metal. The Keyblade wielder commanded his silver blade to cut through the metal that restrained Moogle while he ran past the pair, entered the room and kicked the Hacker away. "You're not getting away this time!" He told him and Wolfram.

Midoriya was glad to see Sora, but then saw Wolfram pull out what looked like a detonator of some sorts when he saw his friend. Izuku acted fast and blitzed towards the Villain, but Wolfram noticed and manipulated more metal to intercept the boy. Deku blocked the attacks, and Sora commanded his silver blade to attack Wolfram, swatting away the detonator from his hands.

The Keyblade wielder attempted to destroy it, but many walls of metal were erected between him and the detonator. Wolfram then yelled out. "Don't get cocky you brat!" He kept the pressure against both boys as Sora guarded the exit and Midoriya kept Wolfram's attention divided between the pair.

Melissa and Moogle made their way to the control room, and Melissa got to work rebooting the security system, while Moogle remotely locked the door to the room behind them, sealing them in and any potential Villains out. The Young Shield was able to gain control of the security system and ordered all robots in the central tower to power down, while also opening up all barriers and unrestrained every single Hero in the tower as well.

Wolfram could hear the mechanical whirring and correctly assumed "Damn! She got control of the security system?!"

Outside the tower on the wind power generator, the robots powered down. "What happened?" Katsuki questioned.

"They just stopped." Ochako commented.

Inside the server room, the robots also shut down and unrestrained the students there. "Sora, Moogle, Midoriya and Melissa must have made it to the top." Tenya realized.

Inside the party room, all of the restraints on the Pro Heroes were deactivated and dissolved, freeing the Pros, who then immediately got to work incapacitating the confused gunmen before any could even get a shot off. All Might ran out of the room as the other pros could handle business here.

As Wolfram was still trying to hold back Sora and Izuku, he asked the Hacker "Is it here?"

"Yes. It just landed." The Hacker answered as he grabbed the detonator for Wolfram and regrouped with him.

"Good!" Wolfram said as he used his metal manipulation quirk to make a hole in the ceiling. "We're leaving!"

"Yes sir!" The Hacker responded as he and Wolfram were quickly moving up through the opening with Wolfram's metal manipulation being used on the floor under them, taking them, a restrained and knocked out David Shield, and the briefcase up towards the rooftop.

Sora and Izuku regrouped and knew that they had to head up top, and they did so together. Midoriya was getting close to exhausted, but that didn't stop him from going with his friend. And Sora did not object to this. If Wolfram was warned about him, then he shouldn't go after him alone.


All Might was running through the halls of the upper levels when he received a phone call from the young Shield. He answered the call. "MELISSA. WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

"Oh thank goodness." She replied. "Papa's been taken by the Villains Uncle Might, and Deku and Light Heart have gone after them."

"DON'T WORRY." All Might assured her. "I'M GOING TO STOP THEM."

On the rooftop, Wolfram, the Hacker and the pilot were the only ones there and the pilot asked. "Sir, what about everyone else?"

"We're going before the security system is back online and targeting us." Wolfram told the pair.

They both nervously replied "Yes sir." before getting onto the helicopter and starting it up.

David was now continuous at this point and said "Kill me...just do it."

"I'll add a few more sins to your heart first." Wolfram told Shield. "But then I'll make your wish come true." The helicopter was ready to go and Wolfram threw David inside.

Sora and Izuku both made it up to the rooftop in time and Midoriya yelled "Stop!" gaining Wolfram's attention.

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Sora then demanded to Wolfram "You give that man back right now!"

"I wonder!" Wolfram spoke up. "Did you two come to bring this man back so he could pay for his crimes!?" Sora was confused and that caught Wolfram's attention. "Oh, you weren't told yet?! Long story short, the professor here orchestrated all this, so he could get back a lost trinket of his! He claims to have noble intentions, but he still hired me to do this for him! So tell me! Are you here to bring him to justice!?"

"Of course not!" Midoriya replied to him before he ran forward. "I'm here to rescue David Shield from the likes of you!" Sora soon followed suit, choosing to get the full story after the fight.

"Even though he's a criminal?!" Wolfram spat back as he used his metal manipulation quirk to attack them.

The pair of boys jumped over the first attack, then dodged the next few as they made their way closer and closer to Wolfram. "You watch!" Izuku told him. "We're going to save everyone! That includes the professor!"

"It doesn't look like that to me!" The Villain said as he kept sending out more metal erections towards the boys.

"This is what Heroes do!" Sora pointed out as the boys kept dodging the attacks and got closer to Wolfram. "They help those in trouble, no matter what!"

"How, exactly!?" Wolfram asked the pair as he pointed the gun in his other hand towards David.

Both boys almost immediately stopped in their tracks and Shield yelled out. "Save yourselves! Run away!"

The pair landed on the ground and glared at Wolfram and his tactic. "Geez. Being a Hero seems really inconvenient." The Villain remarked. "I didn't even use much of my power, yet you're both helpless!" He attacked them with more metal. Sora was quick enough to get a barrier up, and then the metal struck it, the barrier went flying back with them inside it. The pair were sent back a moderate distance, but the barrier took the damage for them, so they were unscathed. Suddenly many more metallic pillars were made and continuously slammed into Sora's barrier, over and over again, not letting up at all. The ground below then was even raised up into two more metal pillars that tried to crush them, only to be blocked by the barrier. "Doesn't sound like a very smart way to live to me." The pair inside the barrier crashed back to the rooftop floor, and while the smoke was clearing, Wolfram got inside the helicopter and into the cockpit. "Take off."

"Roger!" The pilot complied and the vehicle was lifting off into the air.

Sora stopped using the barrier and told Izuku. "It's now or never!" He and Midorya then sprinted up one of the metal obstructions that was made and swiftly managed to get close to the same altitude as the helicopter. The pair then jumped up as high as they both could. Izuku had managed to grab the helicopter's landing gear, while Sora managed to aerial dodge into the helicopter and grab David's body. "We gotta go!"

Melissa ran out onto the rooftop and saw the pair. "DEKU! LIGHT HEART!" She called out to them.

"Stop it." Shield pleaded. "You heard what he said. Let me go, Sora."

"Your daughter is back there." The Keyblade wielder told him. "She's waiting for her Papa. You shouldn't keep her waiting."

"I'll give you this. You act like real Heroes." Wolfram commented as he left the cockpit. "But you're both idiot's too!" He had the detonator in one hand and his gun in the other. He shot at Sora, who blocked the bullet with the black blade in his hand, and then he pressed the button on the detonator.


Elsewhere inside a large building somewhere in Japan, a man was with a scientist of some sorts, observing the creation of some creatures, before he heard a beeping noise and a flashing red light come from one small terminal. "It seems that Sora was there after all." He said before he turned on a monitor that showed a familiar bar on the screen, with the League of Villains inside it. "I received the signal. Now it is time to make your contribution, my anonymous ally."

"Hmph." was heard on the other end before the sound of someone snapping their fingers was heard next.

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Back on I-Island, Wolfram suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of pain, before a dark aura surged around him. That aura had enough force to knock Sora off balance and make Izuku lose his grip. The pair fell off the helicopter and Wolfram, who now had a dark red aura and a red shade in his eyes, grabbed David's body before it fell off with the boys.

Sora and Izuku were both equally shocked to see that Wolfram had the awakened power of Darkness, but while the Keyblade wielder was still processing this, Midoriya was trying to figure out how to get back there, only for them both to hit the landing pad hard. "NO! DEKU! LIGHT HEART!" Melissa ran towards the pair.


Wolfram threw Shield's body to the wall and knocked him out before saying "Have a nice nap." The dark aura around his body began to pulsate, but the Villain couldn't figure out why. The only thing he knew right now was that he felt much stronger and a bit more malicious than usual.

As the Helicopter got higher and higher, Sora struggled to get back onto his feet while Midoriya was still on his back in the crater the pair had made. "Come back..." He demanded.

"Are you hurt?!" Melissa got to them and asked.


At the base of the building, Sora could see multiple pools of darkness opening up and he realized what was happening. "Oh no."

Suddenly another voice was heard. "DON'T YOU DARE LOSE THOSE SMILES! ALL RIGHT YOU TWO!?" Both boys looked to see who said that and they knew who it was as All Might blitzed up into the air and above the helicopter. "IT'S FINE NOW! DO YOU KNOW WHY?"

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"BECAUSE I AM HERE!" All Might announced.

"All Might is free." Izuku realized.

"I'LL HAVE YOU RETURN MY FRIEND TO ME!" All Might told the Villains as he literally blitzed through the helicopter and grabbed David. The chopper exploded behind him while he descended to the rooftop floor.

"Papa!" Melissa exclaimed as the exploding chopper's debris was falling onto a section of the rooftop floor away from the group.

"...Melissa..." Shield saw his daughter in front of him.

"EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY." All Might assured him.

As The two Shield family members were reunited and Izuku was smiling from that, glad that he was able to help save this family from being separated, Sora spoke up. "I hate to interrupt this reunion, but we've still got a big problem."


Before Sora could elaborate, a giant metal obstruction was slammed into All Might, who was still holding David. The Pro got launched back and the scientist was grabbed by a metal rod before being pulled towards a massive hodge podge of metal and wires.

"All Might!" Izuku yelled out.

"PAPA!" Melissa yelled after the boy.

"Professor!" Sora also yelled out.

Shield was surrounded and buried inside dozens upon dozens of metal bars, wires and slabs. Wolfram's voice was heard as he spoke up. "I heard Sam. All Might's Quirk is failing him. He doesn't have the same unstoppable power he once did!" Wolfram now also had the quirk amplifier on him, which just increased his power even more so with the Dark awakening stacked on top of that.

"He's using the professor's device!" Midoriya realized.

"On top of awakening the power of Darkness!" Sora added.

All Might got back to his feet and coughed up some blood. "Damn...not much time...YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP DO YOU?" He blitzed towards the super empowered Villain. Wolfram sent out another metal attack. "TEXAS...SMASH!" All Might punched the metal attack, but he couldn't break through, not even make a dent, which shocked him and the two boys who saw that happen.

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"Is that all you've got?" Wolfram mocked as he went on the offensive, knocking away All Might before he began to manipulate the metal from all over the upper section of the entire building. Hundreds upon hundreds of metal slabs, pillars, rods and objects floated around the massive hodge podge of metal that Wolfram stood atop of. "David Shield's genius lives up to his reputation." The Villain commented as his eyes glowed a reddish violet color. "I can tell that my quirk is growing more powerful! HAHAHA! It feels amazing! I'm never taking this off!"

Sora then got a call from Moogle and he answered it. "Sora, we've got a massive problem, Kupo!"

"I know!" The Keyblade wielder spoke up. "There's Heartless coming, and it's all thanks to this guy!"

At the bottom of the building, dozens of Driller Moles, Pogo Shovels, Tireblades in their air modes, Pole Cannons, Mechanitaurs, Watchers, and Possessors crawled out of the pools of darkness at the base of the tower, while five Metal Trolls appeared shortly after.

"Now." Wolfram spoke up again. "I think I know the best way to raise the price on this device. I can charge whatever I want if this was used to kill the world's number one Hero!" He attacked All Might with multiple massive metal obstructions, while the number one Hero was forced to dodge until he could find an opening.

The destruction flung Melissa into the air but Izuku managed to get to her and held her close to him. He looked back to see All Might clearly struggling. Wolfram began laughing like a maniac as he sent out even more metal pillars to attack everyone in front of him. Sora had dodged a few, then put up a barrier, only for that barrier to severely crack when the attacks struck it to the floor of the rooftop. Midoriya was dodging as best as he could while he still held onto Melissa, who asked "Is uncle Might okay?"

All Might struggled to defend against multiple attacks coming from multiple sides, coughing up even more blood. "Why won't you just die already?!" Wolfram wondered as he put even more power into his attacks.

"ALL MIGHT!" Izuku called out to him.

"YAGI!" Sora called out to him as well.


Suddenly, the metal attacks were frozen by ice and when Wolfram tried to see who did it, Bakugo was in his sight as the explosive boy roared "GO TO HELL!" Before firing a barrage of massive explosive blasts towards the man, who made a metal wall to block the explosions.

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He then yelled at All Might. "How could you let yourself get beast by such a lame final boss?! HURRY AND TAKE HIM DOWN!"

"Thanks for the help, Young Bakugo." All Might uttered out.

"We'll do what we can!" Todoroki spoke up as he and the rest of the students joined up at the rooftop with them. "We'll help you!"

"Everyone!" Sora and Izuku exclaimed, very glad to see them all here to help.

"I'll help from here, Kupo!" Moogle told Sora on the phone. "I'm at the security terminal and I've already ordered all available drones to target any black skinned creatures with glowing yellow eyes, Kupo! And I'm looking for a weakness to David's pet project in the files I found on it, Kupo! Focus on the guy who's attracting them here and take him out before more show up, Kupo!"

"Right!" The Keyblade wielder replied as his body began to surge with light once more, before he had a silver glow around him and his blades hovered behind his back. He was now in Final Form, and ready to fight.

"Iida, let's knock those hunks of metal out of the sky." Ejiro suggested as he hardened his body and charged forward.

"Yaoyorozu, take care of things down here!" Tenya ordered as he charged forward with Kirishima.

"Right!" Momo replied as she prepared to support her classmates.

All Might could see the students' motivation as they came to his aid, with Iida and Ejiro taking out multiple metal pieces together, to Katsuki blasting away at others, to Shoto freezing even more, to Sora in his Final Form shredding through the Metal being sent towards him, and that had inspired him to keep going, to keep pushing, to show that he won't let Wolfram win the day. He broke through the attack that was holding him back and blitzed towards the Villain. "IT'S TIME TO BE PLUS ULTRA!" Wolfram broke through some of the ice to attack the Pro Hero, but All Might blasted through the attacks and kept going, getting closer and closer to Wolfram. "CAROLINA SMASH!" He screamed out as he blasted through another attack that came to him, almost reaching Wolfram's location. "PREPARE YOURSELF! VILLAIN!"


He was about to punch Wolfram in the face, but he got caught in many metal wires and they stopped his attack short. "NICE TRICK! BUT I..." He got interrupted when he was grabbed by the throat. He then saw Wolfram bulk up himself.

"Prepare myself?" He repeated. "Take your own advice." He smirked as he revealed that he had a second Quirk that bulked him up, which was also amplified by the dark powers and the quirk amplifier he was wearing. "You've underestimated me." As Wolfram gripped harder on All Might's throat, he then gripped the Hero's stomach, specifically where his unexposed injury was and squeezed hard, causing All Might to wail in pain.

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"All Might!" Izuku saw what happened and called out to his mentor, before he felt a sharp pain in his arm which caused him to collapse to his knees.

"DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Bakugo cursed out as he was beginning to get overwhelmed.

Todoroki was also getting overwhelmed as he couldn't defend against all of the metal attacks coming towards him.

Tenya and Kirishima were also getting overwhelmed, as well as the other 1-A students that were there. They couldn't hold out for much longer.

"NOOOOO!" Sora yelled out as even he was beginning to get overwhelmed.

All over the tower, the security drones were doing their best to fight off the Heartless, but they could only do so much against them. When the possessors came into play, it was even worse as they took over some of the drones and were using them to destroy the other ones.

All Might could see that Wolfram had multiple quirks and realized something. "No, wait. It couldn't be..."

"Oh yes." The super empowered Villain confirmed. "While we were planning this little plot, I received an intriguing phone call from the man himself. He said he wanted to work with me to help. When I asked him why he bothered. He was happy to explain his interest."

"All For One is behind this!?" All Might said.

"What's the matter?" Wolfram taunted. "Looks like you've finally stopped smiling!"

"NOOOOOO!" All Might struggled in vain to fight, but was sent back a good distance before getting slammed in between two massive metal chunks. Then more and more soon after.

"All Might NO!" Momo and the students behind her screamed.

"Please don't do this!" Melissa pleaded.

"FAREWELL SYMBOL OF PEACE!" Wolfram yelled out as he made dozens of metal spikes and sent them through the metal that All Might was trapped in.


"UNCLE MIGHT! NOOOOOOOOOO!" Melissa cried out.

But then two streaks of light whizzed past her and towards the metal clumps. It was Izuku and Sora. Midoriya had used a 100% Detroit Smash, while Sora had his dual blades corkscrew in front of him like a drill. Both attacks made contact and obliterated the metal that trapped the Number One Hero. Debris flew towards them, but Sora made a barrier around the three of them as they fell.

"Those damn brats!" Wolfram grunted before some debris went towards him.

The three landed on the rooftop, and the barrier was still around the three. As the two One For All users got to their feet, he heard Moogle's voice on his phone. "Sora, Kupo!" Moogle's voice came through on the Keyblade wielder's phone. "I found something, Kupo!"

"Found what?" Sora questioned.

"A design flaw in Shield's stupid trinket, Kupo." Moogle answered.

"You found a weakness?" Izuku heard that.

"Oh, good, Kupo. Green head is there with you, Kupo." Moogle was glad to hear that voice. "Is All Might there too, Kupo?"

The Number one Hero coughed before he answered, "Yes."

"Good, Kupo. Because for this weakness to be exploited, it requires all three of you, Kupo." the merchant told them.

"All three of us?" Sora questioned. "What's the weakness?"

"It can't handle amplifying so much power, Kupo." Moogle explained. "I can tell from all the commotion that he's abusing the device, having it dramatically amplify his power, Kupo. Top that off with the power of Darkness already giving him a boost before, and the device is amplifying that as well, which is extremely dangerous for the device, because if he keeps going, the device will fry its own circuitry and shatter, Kupo."

"So then where do we come in?" Midoriya asked him.

"The three of you are the strongest and most durable people here, Kupo." The merchant told them. "If all three of you do a combined assault, then not only will he be forced to defend himself and overload the quirk amplifier, but when that happens, you'll be able to get close enough to take him down, and for Sora to use his Keyblade to purge the dark powers from the Villain, Kupo."

"But, Young Midoriya's body can't handle One For All at its fullest potential yet." All Might pointed out.

"The gauntlet on his hand can, and he's used two full powered smashes before this." Sora retorted. "As long as he uses that to finish the job, then he can do this."

"Besides..." Izuku spoke up. "It's a Hero's job to save those in need, no matter what, right?"

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All Might could see the pair's confident smiles on their faces and he lightly laughed before he replied. "You both make good points. It looks like I'm in quite a bind without you two. Will you both lend me your aid once more, Young Midoriya, Young Sora?"

"Yes Sir." Both boys replied as Sora released the barrier around them and the three got ready to fight. Izuku activated full cowling once more, Sora had his blades in front of him and ready to shred, and All Might kept himself buffed up. The three of them were ready to take down Wolfram together and save the day. They all looked towards the Villain and knew what to do.

"LET'S GO!" The number One Hero told the two young Heroes.

"YES SIR!" Both boys said in unison as all three blitzed forward together, all going at the same speed.

Wolfram was beginning to struggle as he uttered out. "There's no way you can stop me..." He made hundreds of Metal chunks slam into each other to make massive metal projectiles to launch towards the trio. "You're insignificant pests! And you don't know when to lie down and be crushed!" He then sent all of the projectiles towards the trio, aiming to kill them before they could reach him.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW HE'S BEAT!" Bakugo roared out as he blasted at some of the projectiles, taking out a few and allowing the trio to keep their momentum as they charged towards Wolfram's body.

Dozens of metal pillars came towards the trio, but a massive amount of ice stopped them from reaching the three. "I WON'T LET YOU STOP THEM!" Shoto yelled out as he defended them, allowing them to continue making their way towards the super empowered Villain.

The three stayed the course, reaching the base of Wolfram's hodge podge of metal that elevated him. The two One For All users leapt in while Sora flew with them. "THIS IS OVER!" The super empowered Villain announced as he made hundreds of metal pillars, and attacked everywhere, knocking away Melissa and the other U.A. students. At this point, all they could do now was watch.

Dozens of pillars came towards All Might, but he kept running, moving so fast that the pillars couldn't keep up. Any that had gotten in front of him, he smashed through with ease, shattering the metal with his fists until there was nothing blocking him from his target.

Izuku kept running as well, dodging and avoiding every attack that came his way. The metal pillars that were put in between him and the Villain were taken out with a One For All powered flying kick straight through them, removing all obstacles in his path towards Wolfram.

Sora was flying through the air and dozens of Metal pillars and projectiles came for him, but he maintained his speed while firing off multiple Blizzard spells, to intercept the projectiles and then he used his dual blades to shred through the pillars that came for him, getting rid of everything that was in between him and the super empowered Villain in front of him.

The three of them then managed to regroup and Sora casted a large ring of fire around the three as more metal was flung towards them. The fire acted as a mobile barrier that completely destroyed the metal that was sent towards them. They weren't going to be stopped by anything now.

Melissa, as well as all of the Other U.A. students watched as the three of them were together, making their way up one of the metal pillars towards Wolfram's position. The young Shield had noticed just how alike Midoriya and All Might were, as they had the exact same form when they were side by side, running towards the danger so they could save the day from it.

Wolfram at this point was so angry that he went all out, throwing everything he had towards the three, but it was no use. He couldn't stop their advance, and he sure as hell wasn't going to be able to get away, even if he wanted to. The super empowered Villain merged all the metal he had under his control into a gigantic metal projectile and aimed to finish the trio with that.

The rest of the U.A. Students watched as the hundreds of pieces of metal were converging in to one piece, and knew that this was the last attack. Sora's Fire spell finally wore off, and he was forced out of Final Form, but that didn't stop him as he activated his flowmotion to keep up with the pair of One For All Users. Then all three of them prepared their combined ultimate attack.

All Might clenched his fist and was prepared to smash the Villain with all his might. While Deku clenched his fist and prepared to Smash the Villain with a confident smile on his face. And Light Heart held Two Become One in front of him. All three thought the same thing. "To overcome the crisis in front of you by giving everything you've got. To save people no matter the cost. That is what makes someone a true Hero!"

Wolfram then screamed out. "I'LL BRING DOWN THIS ENTIRE TOWERRRRRRRRR!" As he threw the gargantuan projectile towards the pair.

The three of them faced the attack head on, showing no fear, no sign of stopping. Only the confident smiles of unstoppable Heroes as they yelled out in unison "TRINITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!"

The three clashed with the massive metal attack. Wolfram tried to force it forward even more, but was struggling to do so. All Might kept up the pressure, even while blood poured out of his mouth. Deku kept up the pressure even while the full gauntlet was breaking in his arm. And Light Heart kept up the pressure, in spite of no longer being in his Final Form. And together, all three of them smashed through the Villain's ultimate attack.

David could see them reach Wolfram and watched the trio go beyond their limits.

"DEKUUUUUUUUUUU!" Uraraka yelled out.

"STOP HIM ALL MIGHT!" Kyouka and Momo screamed.

"GO, SORA!" Iida, Kirishima and Minoru exclaimed.

"DESTROY THIS GUY!" Todoroki and Katsuki roared out.

The three of them had a bright luminescent rainbow light around them. "LET'S..." Izuku began.

"...GO..." Sora continued.

"...BEYOND!" All Might finished.

Then the three smashed the Villain head on, screaming out "PLUUUUUUUUUUS ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

The quirk amplifier shattered, and Two Become One's tip was slammed into Wolfram's chest, removing both things that empowered his abilities at once before the metal that he forced together was completely obliterated by the three of them.

[Play Boku no Hero Academia Two Heroes OST Friends]

David for a brief moment saw a Young All Might in front of him, doing that heroic pose he had a picture of on his phone, then he saw Izuku Midoriya doing that exact same pose with the exact same smile in the air. At that moment, Shield saw something in the boy. A new hope. A new symbol. A new All Might. He then lost consciousness.

As the two One For All users began to descend to the ground, Sora still had his flowmotion on as he blitzed down the tower. There was still work to be done on his end. The work however was run of the mill for him, and after a few minutes of fighting alongside the security drones that Moogle commanded, all of the Heartless that were on the Island were destroyed. The students up above however, had never noticed the brief battle below, as they were too busy celebrating their victory over Wolfram, who was now a skinny unconscious man while the Hacker and the pilot were also knocked out next to him.

Toshinori, who was barely able to keep his muscle form up at this point had spoken to David, saying "I came to save you, my friend."

"Thank you." Shield uttered out.

Izuku and Melissa found each other in the rubble and met up. Shortly afterwards, Sora had gotten back up to the tower with his flowmotion and the three were standing together. Yagi then said "If you want to thank someone, you should thank those three."

Melissa was on the verge of crying when she saw her father still alive. "He's okay." She said. "I can't believe it. I'm so grateful. And it's thanks to you guys. You were how we saved the island."

"We did it together." Midoriya corrected her. "After all, the only reason we made it this far was because I had your full gauntlet on my arm."

"Not only that, but we would have surely gotten lost without you guiding us up." Sora added.

"Thanks so much for your help, Melissa." Both boys thanked her in unison.

The young shield smiled at the pair and said "We make a good team."

Izuku then noticed something. "OH! I broke it! Sorry about that."

"Oh yeah." Sora remembered something. "Melissa, he broke it. You told me to tell you when he did that, so...yeah."


Melissa giggled at that and said "Don't worry about it."

The three of them then heard Ochako call out "DEKUUUUUUU!" And when the three of them looked in the direction of where that came from, they saw the other U.A. students cheering the two boys and one girl from where they were. Except for Bakugo, of course, because why would he?

As the teenagers asked each other about how they were doing, with Sora going down to them, Toshinori covered David's wound and spoke to him. "I heard...most of what happened from Melissa."

"It's all true." Shield confirmed with shame. "I was so scared you'd lose your light. Scared that the peace you built as a Hero would fade away with you."

[Play Boku no Hero Academia Two Heroes OST From Me to You]

Yagi sighed as David continued. "But my ideas and that device were nothing more than ways to maintain the status quo. To ensure that nothing would ever change. Even though the future was standing right in front of me the whole time." He looked towards Midoriya as he and his daughter waved at their fellow adolescent helpers of society. "I just didn't notice it. Look at those two. She wants to become my successor, you know that? And you have Izuku Midoriya. He'll take your place one day too, won't he?"

"He still has a long road ahead." Toshinori stated. " him shines the greatest potential I've ever seen among those who would become Heroes."

"I can see it too, Toshi. Whole." Shield agreed with his friend. At this point the sun rose up and shined its light on the pair as they both smiled and looked at the sunrise. "A light like yours. That boy has the heart of a Hero."


Sora went back up to the pair and then asked a small question. "So what was the talk about David being called a criminal?"

"Oh...right...that." Midoriya realized that Sora was going to need some context.

[Play KH Concert -First Breath- March Caprice For Piano & Orchestra]

After a bit of explaining, Sora understood what had happened, and while at first he was understandably angry, considering what had happened and who was hurt, he didn't stay mad for very long. He actually got over it much faster than Moogle, and just suggested that Dave doesn't do it again and that he learns from this mistake and be a better person.

After that, Sora suggested that everyone should get themselves cleaned up and patched up if they were hurt, which everyone agreed to. The group then went back downstairs and got themselves checked up on by the emergency medical personnel that soon arrived to retrieve any wounded and check on everyone for any injuries. Nobody was hurt too badly and most people just needed a few patches, except for Dave and Sam, who had to be rushed to the hospital to have their bullet wounds treated.

After that, the students cleaned themselves up, got into some casual clothes and decided to just enjoy the now publicly accessible I-Expo. The U.A. group ran into the rest of Class 1-A while they were there and they all hung out together. All Might even joined them for a brief moment to make kebabs for the whole class, which everyone felt happy for, except for Bakugo, but that wasn't new.

Melissa Shield visited her father in the hospital, talking about what happened, but while David expected some ill will towards him, there was none. She still loved her father, and just told him that she'd do her best to become a scientist that was even better than him, to which he was happy to hear.

After some more time of the day passed on the Island, Melissa and Sora were sharing a drink at the tea shop from before. The young Shield was told by the Keyblade wielder how he never got to enjoy his drink, and she decided to make up for that personally, so the two of them went together to correct that mistake.

Moogle meanwhile was showing off some of the support accessories that Sora had on him, as well as the few he brought himself to other scientists, who were very much impressed by the fact that someone so small and chibi looking could be so smart. They also learned how scary he could be when they commented those things towards him and he didn't take those as compliments.

As the day was nearing its end, Sora, Toshinori, and Izuku were standing together on top of I-Island's perimeter wall, looking down at the Island. The three then looked at eachother and had serious yet positive looks on their faces as they looked forward, towards the future.


Days had passed and the news reached the T.V. The League of Villains was surprised that I-Island was taken over, despite the security being as good as Tartarus, but what was really interesting, to one specific member in a black coat, was some of the screenshots. One of them showed an exhausted Sora, which made him realize something. "If he can get tired that easily, then I can reveal myself to him, the next time we meet." He said quietly enough for nobody else to hear him. "Just you wait...Sora."

And thus concludes Two Heroes. I gotta say. I really enjoyed doing this. So much so that I finished making it before July ended. I know that it isn't perfect, and some people might disagree with the fact that while The Heartless showed up, they didn't really do anything. I'm just gonna say this. If the Figure hadn't been bust keeping the Heartless population in check inside remote areas, there would have been more. Also, since Sora taking out the Heartless is just run of the mill for him, the last bit of him taking care of them with the I-Island security drones commanded by Moogle backing him up was basically like someone doing one of the battle gates at the end of KH3. And all of them except for Dark Inferno are super easy. Now that Two Heroes is finished, the next thing on the list would be the first episode of Season three, then School Briefs Volume Two alongside the Forest Training Camp Ark in MHA prior to the Villain attack. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and until I decide to upload again. ;)