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Disclaimer 2: This fic is a response to a challenge issued by Flower princess 11 in "The Many Dates of Danny Fenton" and is based on the alternate ending where Danny chooses Violet.

After the Dates: Danny and Violet

Chapter 1: The First Date

'Another day, another date.' Violet sadly thought while trying to remember why she even agreed to enter this dating service. "Let's see who I'm going to meet today."

Name: D-Fenton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5''4'

Weight: 120 lbs

Star Sign: Aries

Hometown: Amity Park, USA

Physical Description: Average 14 year old Caucasian boy with black hair and blue eyes and a slim built.

"Slim?" Dash Parr teasingly asked. "That means he's skinny."

"Shut up, Dash." She said and kept reading D-Fenton's profile.

Personality: Simple, easygoing teenage boy just interested in getting to know someone who shares my interests.

"He'd better share yours as well." Dash said.

"Dash, have you finished your homework?" The Parr siblings heard their mother ask. Dash quickly left.

'Thank you, Mom.' Violet thought while resuming her reading.

Likes and Interests: Bowling, listening to rock music, particularly Dumpty Humpty …Astrology and NASA …Video games, telling jokes, animals, especially dogs…nice, peaceful days…

Type of person I wish to date: I am looking for a smart, friendly, independent girl who likes animals, has a nice sense of humor and likes listening to music

After Violet left home to meet D-Fenton, Dash approached his father. "Dad, isn't Amity Park that haunted town?" He asked Mr. Parr, who grew worried upon hearing that.

"Why did you ask it, son?" Mr. Parr asked.

"Because Violet's today date is from that town." Dash answered.

"He's not TooFineTucker, is he?" Bob Parr asked in worry, since he knew of Tucker's infamy from the You+Me=Love's online forum.

"No, Dad." Dash answered. "He's D-Fenton."

"Well, to answer your question, yes, that town is said to be haunted but I'm not sure it's really haunted." Bob explained.

"But there's a ghost hero protecting the people who live there." Dash argued.

"Danny Phantom might be a superhero but I'm not sure he's a ghost." Bob commented. "I think he just has ghost-like powers. The NSA has been trying to learn his identity to ask questions. Speaking of questions, I have to call Rick to ask some of my own. Excuse me."

Bob then phoned Agent Rick Dicker. "Rick? I'm calling to ask about a D-Fenton…"

"No, he's not TooFineTucker under a new alias." Agent Dicker answered, knowing Bob well enough to figure out what Mr. Incredible would ask. "They entered the program the same day and D-Fenton has his past dates as alibis for when TooFineTucker met the girls he lured with his fake profile."

"Thank you, Rick." Bob said in relief.

Back at Agent Dicker's office, the man with him voiced a concern. "Rick, shouldn't you tell him that Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley are friends?"

"That's a need-to-know basis, Winston." Agent Dicker replied.

By the time Violet arrived at the movie theater, there was a boy matching D-Fenton's profile, wearing a heart sticker similar to hers and carrying some flowers and she figured out he's D-Fenton. Being too shy to start a conversation, she waited until he approached her.

"Hello there…you must be SweetViolet…' Danny said and the girl was looking at the ground.

"Yes but my real name is Violet…Violet Parr…"She said in a slightly shy voice.

"It's nice to meet you Violet, I'm D-Fenton… Danny Fenton…'Danny said as he handed her the flowers.

"Thank you…'Violet said as she took them.

Inside the theater, Violet was so shy it was up to Danny to break the ice. "So Violet, tell me about yourself?...'Danny asked, getting his shy blind date's attention.

"Well…I live in Metroville with my parents and my two brothers…I go to Western View High and I turned 14 about 5 months ago…"Violet said.

"So, what are your hobbies?..."Danny asked and she was surprised he still didn't sound bored at this point.

"Well…Usually I like reading a good book, listening to music, drawing when I am bored…"Violet said, getting his attention.

"You draw? That's cool…'Danny said.

Violet knew she probably should thank Danny for that compliment but she couldn't bring herself up to say anything.

"Violet?...'Danny asked out of concern and she flinched.

"Huh? Oh yes, Danny?...'Violet said, a little awkwardly.

"Are you alright?...'Danny asked.

"Violet?..."A boy with brown hair asked before she had a chance to answer Danny's question. She flinched almost violently upon hearing his voice.

"Oh…Hi Tony…'Violet said, looking away and fearing Danny wouldn't understand.

"Hi…'I…uh…didn't expect to see you here…"The guy said awkwardly.

"Me neither…'Violet said, looking down.

'So…who is your friend?...'He asked and it was Danny's turn to feel awkward.

"I'm Danny Fenton…'Danny said to the guy. He was upset at how Tony's presence made Violet feel but Danny didn't think Tony was a bad guy.

"I'm Tony Rydinger, nice to meet you.." Tony said as he politely shook his hand and then turned his attention to Violet.

"So…" Tony and Violet said to each other but couldn't come up with anything else to say.

"Uh…you two enjoy the movie…I'm gonna get to my seat…it was nice meeting you Danny…"Tony said shyly as he retreated to the far back of the movie theater.

Danny regretted coming off as nosy but he asked who Tony was. Violet explained he's her ex-boyfriend and broke up with her a few weeks ago. Danny apologized for asking and understood how she must be feeling. After she explained it all, she was glad he wasn't judging her. She also figured "Maybe he's not so bad…" when he offered to do something else.

After they got a refund from the movie theater, Danny offered to take her to get a bite to eat at the Nasty Burger.

"How are you enjoying your Nasty Burger?..."Danny asked after Violet took her first bite.

"Not bad but why do they call it the Nasty Burger?..."Violet asked, finding the name ironic.

"Rumor has it, the place was suppose to be called the Tasty Burger but on the grand opening, some vandals switched the "T" with an "N" and nobody bothered to correct it…"Danny said.

Both the laziness and the fact that no one cares about the name anymore were things Violet deemed weird. Things were finally going well until they heard An obnoxious voice calling "Hey Fentonowski!..."

Danny groaned upon recognizing the voice's owner. "Danny… who is that guy?..."Violet asked.

"Trouble…maybe if we ignore him, he'll go away…"Danny whispered but it didn't work as Dash approached them with a nasty look on his face and Danny sighed.

"Dash, what are you doing here? I though you and your folks were going to Mexico for the summer?..."Danny asked.

To Violet's confusion, the other guy's explanation somehow involved his father's workplace being attacked by a ghost with missiles. She decided not to think about it because she saw the bully about to take his frustrations on Danny. "Hey! Leave him alone!..."Violet demanded.

"Who the heck are you supposed to be?..."Dash asked rudely.

Violet introduced herself to him and told the bully to leave. Dash called her a dweeb and Danny grew offended enough to forget his fear of the bully.

Instead of leaving as Violet demanded, Dash advanced towards Danny until he tripped on something. Unbeknownst to either boy, that 'something' was a force field generated by Violet a.k.a. Invisigirl. Violet then grabbed Danny's neck. "Come on, while he's down…" She said and Danny figured out what she was planning and he was all for it…

They ran.

"HEY, get back here! I ain't done with ya!..."Dash shouted as he ran after them. Fortunately, he didn't see Danny and Violet hiding in an alley and ran past it.

Danny then identified the bully as Dash Baxter, most popular guy at his school, star quarterback and the biggest jerk in town. Violet had already heard the bully's name but only now she could stop to think about the coincidence. "Dash?..."


"It's funny, I have a ten year old by her named Dash too and as annoying as he can be, I can tell he's way more mature than that creep…"Violet said, making Danny smirk.

"I think I can see that…" Danny said and then thanked her for her help.

After Violet commented on how unreasonable Dash was since the incident Dash wanted to pick on Danny for wasn't Danny's fault and how she felt she was repaying Danny for being cool with what happened with Tony.

Upon Violet's suggestion, they returned to Nasty Burger. Danny and Violet were soon finishing their burgers and milk shakes at the park and learning more about each other.

"I think it's kind of cool that you want to be an astronaut Danny…"Violet said.

"Thanks…I'm already a junior certified astronaut and I'm always reading any news about it…"Danny said.

"I remember my folks telling me how they had witness the moon landing back in the day…"Violet said.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind…" Danny recited his favorite quote, making Violet giggle at his antics.

"You know…you're kind of funny…"


Just when it seemed nothing else could go wrong, both of them heard an alarm and gun shooting. Danny told her to "Get down…". A pair of guys in ski masks and guns were robbing a jewelry store. "Oh man…Violet…you go someplace safe and hide. ..I'll…go try and call for help…"Danny said and she agreed. "Sure…sure…"

After he left, she hid in an alley and turned into her heroic alter ego, Invisigirl. 'I hope Danny Phantom doesn't mind another hero entering his turf.' She thought while understanding the bully's tale. This was the haunted town protected by a ghost super. By the time she found the bad guys, Danny was already confronting them.

"Really guys, you do realize you're just wasting time and bullet's right?...' She heard Danny asking but the robbers didn't seem to realize. She generated a force field to stop their getaway car. "What?..."Danny questioned.

"Uh…hello there…" The ghost hero didn't seem to know what else to say.

"Hey there…I hope you don't mind but I think this car needs to be cleaned out…"The girl said and Danny, understanding what she meant, took the robbers away from their car.

The two heroes then exchanged introductions and Danny thanked Invisigirl for her help. One of the bad guys tried to shoot Invisigirl, who merely used her force field to protect her. However, a stray bullet made a truck go downhill without a driver.

Danny turned a crossbar into a restraint to hold the thieves while the two heroes went after the truck, with Danny carrying Invisigirl. Danny went from behind and used his ghostly strength to pull it, while Invisigirl was at the front and created a force field to try and push it back. Their combined forces managed to make the large and heavy truck eventually stopped before it hit anything or anyone at the bottom of the hill, causing all the citizens who witness it to cheer loudly for their heroes. They also saw the police arrive to take in the two crooks that Danny and Invisigirl had captured together.

Once again, Danny thanked Invisigirl. They then saw reporters approaching and decided to leave. After they exchanged goodbyes, Invisigirl turned herself invisible and returned to the alley to change back into Violet Parr. She then returned to the park and hoped her date didn't become too worried or worse, find out about her secret. 'He wouldn't understand.' She feared.

Upon arriving, she started looking for him until she heard his voice from near a statue. "Violet?..."

"Danny!..."Violet shouted as she ran to him and asked "Are you okay?..."

"I'm fine…I managed to find a payphone and call the cops…" He answered and then asked. "Are you okay?..."

"I'm fine…I hid…"

"I'm just glad you're alright…"Danny said honestly.

After what happened, she was not only alright but also more confident and they went through the rest of their date without any interruptions. Afterwards, he walked her to the stop where she'd take a bus back to Metroville (20 miles east of Amity Park). She and Danny got along so well she decided to allow him to call her "Vi". The last thing she said to him before leaving was "See ya later Danny, we should do this again real soon…". After the bus departed, she briefly grew worried as she recalled telling Danny Phantom practically the same thing but then figured out there's no reason to worry unless Fenton and Phantom were the same person and the idea a super would use a name so similar to his civilian self's was ridiculous.

20 miles later

At the Metroville Bus Station, the Parrs were relieved upon seeing Violet back. "Welcome back, Violet." Bob Parr welcomed his daughter.

"It's good to see you again." His wife Helen Parr added and then nudged Dash into saying something as well.

"Uh, hello, Vi." Dash said.

"Goo goo." Jack-Jack added.

"It's good to see all of you again." Violet commented. The whole family then entered their car.

"It must've been a short movie." Dash commented. "It ended soon enough for you to help Danny Phantom with those robbers."

"Good work by the way, Violet." Bob added.

"Danny and I didn't watch it." Violet explained. "Tony's presence made it awkward."

"Danny?" Helen asked.

"That's what the D in D-Fenton stands for, Mom." Violet replied.

"Was it hard to get away from him so he'd not find out you're Invisigirl?" Bob eagerly asked.

"He left to get a payphone to call the cops." Violet explained.

"Payphone?" Dash asked in confusion. "Didn't he have a cell phone?"

"Honestly, I was so glad to have chance to become Invisigirl I never stopped to think about it until now." Violet commented.

"Either way, it wouldn't be the time to question that." Helen stated.

"Maybe he's Danny Phantom and was just using an excuse to put on his Phantom suit without you knowing." Dash suggested.

"His name is Danny Fenton." Violet argued. "If he were a super, and I'm not saying he is, I'm sure he would pick something more different for a super name."

"Similar names worked for the Impossibles." Dash counter-argued.

"Dash, this isn't an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon." Helen told her son. "This is real life."

'The worst part,' Violet thought. 'is that he still is more mature than the other Dash.'

End chapter.

Author's note: The bold text used during Danny's date comes from the original fic.

Author's note 2: 'Invisigirl' is a name Flowerprincess11 used for Violet's alter ego in that fic.

Author's note 3: I wrote Violet using a force field on Dash Baxter because I think it's less likely to be noticed than her becoming invisible.